The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 444: Guardian Escape

Undoubtedly, he, at this time, was in a very pleasant mood, even excited, that the Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, cultivated to the highest level, had broken through the Path 7 realm, and the blood of these people, cultivated by themselves, would surely recover a great deal in a very short time.

I have to say, stepped on a piece of super shit today and got super lucky!

The next moment, however, the eyes of the Heavenly Corpse Guardian, again slightly stiff, that extremely pleasant mood, all of a sudden, became a little irritable.

Because he suddenly discovered that before that, because of excitement, he ignored that there were still four kids, not falling down, but standing there quietly.

“These four big people have been standing there quietly, and this seat will actually ignore it, this seat… is ridiculous! ”

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardian was slightly stunned and scoffed at himself. However, he did not pay special attention to the four younger generations. “The four younger generations, you should have a smaller range of touch weapons and relatively less poison immersed in the body, but not long after, you will be like them. ”

Smaller range of touch weapons?

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan were all stunned.

They didn't touch the weapons in the palace at all.

Of course, this has to be attributed to Xuanlan, if it wasn't for her reminder, Qin Yi several people, like other Tingwei, would already be on the ground.

“True, ‘Corpse of Heaven' protection, you are ridiculous. ”

A faint voice, from that slightly side-faced teenager's mouth, slowly, exhaled.

“Yeah, this is a rare comedy, admittedly, but what does it matter? You little ones, you can only supply me with blood refining, and there won't be a second situation. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” protection doesn't care to smile lightly, bloodstains flood the room, a violent breath, exuding.


He suddenly remembered another thing.

“Well, Ignorant, how do you know my name is Heavenly Corpse?" Who are you? Turn your face around and let the seat see. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian frowned slightly, and his mind was confused to the extreme.

Not only was he, including Yang Shiqi, who was closest to Qin Yi, but everyone on the scene would look extremely confused, looking at that juvenile who stood up straight there like a spear.

“'Heavenly Corpse' protection, you said yourself to remember me. Why, how long has it been since you've forgotten me? ”

The teenager slowly turned around, and the handsome face, the beautiful corner of his mouth, slightly raised, outlined a carefree slight smile.

The last time Zhao Fu tragedy, the “Heavenly Corpse” defense disappeared, left a message: I remember you, son. I hope we meet again!

Now they do meet again, and so soon!

This scenario, which made Qin Yi a little bit stunned, until this moment, he was a little unbelievable.


Seeing the juvenile's familiar handsome face, the "Heavenly Corpse” body guard shocked, shouted directly, and blinked incredibly hard there: “Xiao, how can it be you, you, how are you here? ”

For a while, the "Corpse of Heaven” shield was too shocked to even speak.

Hearing the question of the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian, in the presence of the court guard, all stared stunnedly at Qin Yi and the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian. In everyone's heart, such a question arises. How does this man know the remnants of the vagina door?

Yang Shiqi and Long Yan next to Qin Yi quickly remembered after being stunned. Qin Yi participated in the Zhao Fu tragedy in the past year.

At that time, things were still in Sect. It was quite noisy. Bai Xianzhen even took advantage of the issue to play, with the intention of framing Qin Yi, but was eventually dissolved by Qin Yi.

“What, are you surprised to see me here today? ”

The slight smile on Qin Yi's face remained unchanged, saying: "Actually, I am not surprised at all, because I am now also a Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Speaking, he slowly walked towards the Heavenly Corpse Guardian.

Juvenile body and down, a majestic patriarchy, suddenly burst out, his steps, some kind of rhyme, as if incorporated into nature avenue, every step of the way, the earth trembled.

“Sir, you have entered the Kyushu Holy See? ”

The face of the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian revealed a strong shock, slightly faint. In the tragic Zhao Dynasty of the past year, he realized the juvenile was extraordinary. Indeed, this was only a short time apart. Now the juvenile actually entered the Kyushu Holy See.

The Holy See of Kyushu, the highest being in Kyushu!

Moreover, he felt that the juvenile in front of him was much more powerful than at the time of Zhao's tragic death.

“Junior, don't come here! ”

After returning to God's “Heavenly Corpse” protection method, he suddenly noticed that Qin Yi was walking towards him step by step, all over his body and down, and a powerful killing intent flourished, suddenly surprised.

The last time he fought the teenager, the terrible mysterious left hand, until now, he remembered vividly, three hands shot, almost killed himself.

Though his strength has been restored, with the juvenile's present mending, he may not be able to resist the horrible three hands on himself again.

And what if he had a scarier fourth or even fifth?

“‘Heavenly Corpse' protection, let me tell you, the four of us, did not touch anything in the palace at all. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. He continued to walk slowly towards the “heavenly corpse” protection method.


They didn't touch the weapons in the palace!

In other words, they're not hurt!

“Heavenly Corpse" guard stunned.

“Junior, stop! ”

Thinking of Qin Yi's terrible left hand, the "Heavenly Corpse” protection panicked.

“The rest of the corpse's doors. Everyone can do it! ”

Qin Yi shook his head gently, the smile on his face remained unchanged, his heart was in a dark estimation, with the “Heavenly Corpse” protection now recovered the strength, his own three hands of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", to kill this demon head, it is a certain difficulty, but it doesn't matter, because "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" type 4, he has cultivated successfully.

“Ignorance, bad luck, I will remember you, I hope to see you again! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, he always walked towards himself in no hurry, “Heavenly Corpse” protection said harshly.

Next moment.


The figure of the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian was directly transformed into a shadow and burst forward.


He actually fled directly, enough to see how harsh the "Heavenly Corpse” protective law was on Qin Yi's "Seven Types of Heavenly Demons".

Qin Yi stunned and opened his mouth, rather crying. This situation completely exceeded his expectations. He was originally planning to fight the “heavenly corpse” defense law.

In other words, the teenager was not delayed. The water element in the Dantian field burst into flames. He stepped on his father's foot and chased fast in the direction of the disappearance of the "Heavenly Corpse” protection.

All the court guards present, including Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, were all stunned by this scene. The remnants of a vagina door, how can Qin Yi be so cynical?

No one understands that.


Qin Yi and the shape of the "heavenly corpse” protection method, on the first floor of this magical mausoleum, became the remnants of the way, fast and tongue-in-cheek.

However, it is clear that Qin Yi, who owns water element seeds, is much faster than the Heavenly Corpse Guardian.

“Ignorant Little Man, although I am the remnant of the vagina gate, by the way, there is no real hatred between us, do you have to kill it all? ”

Behind you, the rapidly approaching teenager, the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian, was angry, and at the same time, his heart was stunned. How could this teenager be so fast? When it's really shocking.

Such an astonishing speed should not appear on a practitioner who has been cultivated only in the middle of the Patriarchal Four Realms.


Suddenly, Qin Yi disappeared directly in place.


What's that supposed to mean?

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardian thought he had lost his eyes and blinked vigorously. Indeed, that impatient ignorant junior suddenly disappeared somehow.

The frown, slightly raised, in the mind of the "corpse of heaven” protection, was confused to the extreme.

“Bang bang!” “Tap! ”

Heavy footsteps, suddenly coming from the front.

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardian was shocked and all trembled. He shouted as if he had seen a ghost: "Ignorant, are you a ghost? Ah, I remember. It's a transient. How could you possibly have a transient? ”

In the mind of the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian, for a moment, is a huge wave of rolling waves, difficult to calm.


Qin Yi smiled faintly. He knew very well that it was just his own speed. In infinite proximity to instantaneous shifting, the effect of real instantaneous shifting was not achieved.

“‘Heavenly Corpse’ protector, you are the remnant of the ancient evil sect, with blood on your hands, now murdered the crown guard of the Holy See of Kyushu, when you killed him! ”

Qin Yi's face smiled unchanged. However, the light reflected in his eyes was cold as a blade. His pace was steady. He stepped to the “Heavenly Corpse” protection method step by step. He was all over his body and down, and there was a tremendous killing intent.

“Teng!” “Teng!” “Teng! ”

During the slow steps, the seeds of the three elements at Qin Yi Dan Tian burst into flames. At the same time, he slightly surged his mysterious left hand, and the whole person instantly entered the state of emptiness.

“Heavenly Corpse” protection method, that is an ancient existence, one of the eight great protection methods of the Yin Gate in the past years, although it was heavily damaged and the strength of the battle has not been restored, but the lean dead camel is bigger than Ma, Qin Yi does not dare to have a slight hostile heart.

Seeing the slow coming teenager, the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian is frightened and angry. The speed of this ignorant younger generation is too amazing. Today he has to escape in his hands, only to fear a certain difficulty.

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian suddenly angrily drank: “Ignorant generation, you really are afraid of you, if I were at the peak of thousands of years ago, this seat could destroy you! ”