The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 448: Breakthrough

“God is angry with you, you can't eat alone, you have to share equally! ”

Frost Hui was furious, and in his chest, the bear burned with jealousy.

It was difficult for him to accept that Qin Yi had found such a big cheap.

Unfortunately, however, his angry drinking voice was ignored directly by Qin Yi.


Stop dreaming!

Qin Yi couldn't even look at him.

Next, Qin Yi stood in the center of the palace. As he suddenly fluctuated the Xuan Qi in his body, a Xuan Qi that was several dozen times bigger than the previous one, it was on himself, and it came out as if it were a ripple, impacting all directions.


The ripples formed within this impulsive pavement, where all the objects gathered in the spirit of the heavens and the earth, were torn apart by the ripples.

Qin Yi took the power of pinching, which could be described as just right. Qin Yi's belongings were not damaged at all.

“Ha ha, great! ”

Looking around, it has become powdered heavenly and earth spiritual, the dragon flames excitedly a few long laughs.

Yeung Siqi and Xuanlan, those glassy eyes, were also full of fanaticism.

Normally, the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth is distributed only in the air, and solidifying them in this way obviously involves some special means.

So much spirituality in the heavens and the earth, if it is absorbed by traditional cultivation, is not necessarily absorbed by a person for just five years.

Next, Qin Yi will divide into four parts on average. He himself, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan will each share, and then each will sit on the floor.

As the four of them slightly fluctuated the cultivation technique, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which became powder, was once again transformed into the original gaseous form, and every pore in their bodies, like a demon, absorbed that spiritual energy of heaven and earth wildly.

That extremely intense spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, as it is sucked into the body of the people, through the great meridian veins, is conveyed to the Dantian field of the people, and then converted from the Dantian to the Xuan Qi, and sent back to the limb of the people.

And the functions of the people's bodies, as the pound of Xuan Qi poured in, climbed up at a very pleasing speed.

Seeing the four Qin Yi people, he delighted to breathe in the vast amount of heavenly and earth spirituality. The court guards outside the palace almost vomited blood. So much heavenly and earth spirituality, he watched them absorb.

Many are eager to rush over and compete for a hand.

Helpless, they are highly poisoned, immobile, they are all still alive, because, they are strong people above the six realms of the Path, and have extremely strong physical qualities. If they were to be replaced with practitioners below the Path, they would have died long ago.

The whole day went by.

Qin Yi's four finally absorbed their spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth clean.

And the cultivation of the people, they all climbed to a higher level.

“Nice, my cultivation, has broken through to the late fourth realm of Zongdao. ”

After carefully feeling the various functions of the body, Qin Yi grew up on the ground, and Junyi's face was huge, with a slight smile of satisfaction.

Such a modification, in the future of the "Capture the Queen” competition, he has some certainty that he will be promoted to the “Capture the Position” competition without enabling the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" formula IV. If he takes that bottle of sacral divine fluid again, he will be promoted with at least half the certainty.

Of course, if you don't encounter the perverted strong people of Pucky Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, Cheng Ye, Yu Wang, Jun Yan, and Malungham. Otherwise, his probability of promotion is still zero!

“Especially Pucky Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan, hoping not to meet these four people in the 'Kui Takeover’ competition.” Qin Yi darkened.

He estimated that, in order to beat Pucky Mai, ranked No. 1 in the "Ten Great Court Guards” without enabling the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", his cultivation would have to reach at least the middle, if not the late, of the five realms of the Patriarchate.

In order to defeat Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan, it is also necessary to break through the middle of Zongdao Five Realms at least.

But he didn't know that his opponent in the "Succubus" race had long been settled, and that was: Yun Hui!

“I also broke through the late fourth realm of Zongdao! ”

Yang Shiqina's delicate face was also an irresistible appearance of joy. Like Qin Yi, she could not measure their strength in normal circumstances.

Today, she has broken through to the middle of Path Four, and the average Path Six late strong is not necessarily their opponent.

“I, broke through the middle of the six and a half steps of the Patriarchate. ”

Xuanlan softly said that her cheeks were slightly red due to excitement. Her eyes turned and she looked at Qin Yi with gratitude.

It's a great miracle that in just one day, everyone breaks through a small situation!

It is not, of course, their absorption of these spiritual energies in the heavens and the earth that leads them to break directly into a small land, but what is the difficulty of breaking through the hemisphere with their present modifications.

Mainly the previous five pints of mild medullary dan, they benefited greatly, so that at this time, they broke through a small situation.

Dragon inflammation, due to his special physique, after the absorption of the heavenly and earthly spiritual gas that will belong to him, did not improve at all, but made the major meridians in his body a lot tougher.

This is also quite a gain.

“Just one more small breakthrough, the Patriarch Five, and I will be able to, by then, unseal the sealed Gun of All Evil. ”

Qin Yi rolled up his sleeve and looked at his arm. It was like a gun mark branded on it, full of anticipation in his heart.

Now he also has a batch of Tianfeng Dan and a bottle of sacral divine fluid. He is absolutely confident that in the short term, he will break through the five realms of Zongdao.

As for the Gun of Evil, he was familiar with it, but not only on that fairy trip, he saw the power of the Jade King when he used it, but he himself fought with it when he had fallen into the Senroe Palace in previous years.

However, although the gun of all evil is strong, Qin Yi's mind is still quite constrained about its taboo.

The gun of all evils is so evil, once fired, the person who fired the gun will be controlled by the gun of all evils. In a very short period of time, the three guns “All evils stand”, “All evils stand” and “All evils stand for heaven” must be stabbed. Otherwise, the soul will be completely eroded by the gun of all evils and become an ancient demon.

“Hey, Qin Yi, what's that branded on your arm? ”

Looking at Qin Yi's arm, he actually branded it with a long, lifelike gun. Yang Shiqi frowned slightly and wonderfully.

Dragonflame and Xuanlan beside him also looked at Qin Yi in confusion.

“This is an evil gun. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and did not hide it. He said: "In the past, when the miracle fairy tracked, I had entered the Senroe Palace by mistake and fought the Ancient Senroe Wars. At that time, I defeated Senroe with this long gun. Then King Senroe gave me this long gun. But because this long gun is too evil, King Senroe sealed it on my arm and had to wait for my fix to reach a certain height before I could use it. ”

- What? - What?

This teenager defeated King Senroe once!

Yang Shiqi three people, completely stunned, stunned open mouth, looked at Qin Yi like a monster, especially Xuanlan, the whole person directly petrified, chin broken ground.

The three words, "King Senroe”, is a taboo name, born in the east of Kyushu, almost no one knows, however, the juvenile in front of him has defeated this ancient existence, this juvenile, is it man or God?

For a moment, Xuanlan felt only the young man in front of him, powerful, mysterious, unable to climb...

The young man touched his nose and said, “Don't look at me so surprised. I didn't defeat King Senroe with strength. If it wasn't for this long gun, I wouldn't be able to do three tricks in King Senroe's hands. ”

Qin Yi estimated that, although King Sen Luo slept endlessly and was even cut off half his head, his strength was still comparable to that of Emperor Dao.

It was only with an evil long gun that King Senroe was defeated!


Xuanlan breathed out in secret and felt a little better.

If this teenager, by her own strength, loses King Senroe to him, Xuanlan will be heartbroken, only under 18 years old, will defeat King Senroe, then she was a supergenius in the family, a thousand years of misfortune, before him, becomes a piece of shit!

“Oh, wait a minute. ”

Dragon flame eyes, bright, full of fanaticism, said: "Qin Yi, you said that King Sen Luo sealed this evil gun on your arm, must wait for you to repair it, reach a certain height before it can be unsealed, then repair it, what height must it reach to unseal it? ”

“Patriarchal Five Realms. ”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

Zongdao Five!

Dragonflame, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan all had to stand still again and look at each other.

Zongdao Five, isn't this teenager about to break through?

In other words, will he soon be able to use this evil gun?

Thinking of this teenager, with this evil gun, the presence of King Senroe was defeated, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan's face had to appear strange color.

And the Dragon Flame, the fanaticism in the eyes of the mad warrior, is a few points thick, and the light flashes: “So, the problem is, when you fix evil to break through the five realms of the pagoda, can you carry this evil gun, in the Holy See of Kyushu is perplexing, directly kill the Divine Guard, what kind of sword River King and Fiber King, if half dissatisfied, is one shot to directly kill them? Oh, my God, this world is crazy! ”

One shot killed all the swords and river kings, if such a picture really appeared, I can't imagine what kind of sensation it would cause.