The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 460: Pit you to death

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan heard the story, their faces were all slightly changed. If Qin Yi did not mention the matter, they really forgot about it for a while.

“I still said that, once we met the phoenix, we fled at full speed, without any hesitation, and with our strength now, it was definitely not an enemy of that phoenix. ”

When Qin Yi finished, he blew his body's natural qi into a slight surge. His body turned into a shadow and burst out toward Shennong Mountain in front.

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan did not speak, hurriedly followed.

With the shape of the people, Xu slowly landed on Shennong Mountain, a very ancient breath, the nose poured out. The whole Shennong Mountain, a green drip, a large tree of paradise, grew for not knowing many tens of thousands of years, some sufficiently tall to dozens of lengths, the diameter of the trunk must be three adults in order to embrace it.

“The spirituality of the heavens and the earth here is extremely intense. If it is here to clean up, the speed of the breakthrough is quite astonishing. ”

Feel the air, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth, the corner of Xuanlan's mouth, curved into a joyful arc, beside Yang Shiqi and Dragon flame, also greedy deeply sucked nose.


Qin Yi prompted the mysterious left hand to distribute the sensation of spirituality. In an instant, the range of about 2,000 square feet was covered by his sensation of spirituality.

“There are a lot of floodplain beasts here, about 2,000 feet in front of us, with a six-armed monkey with a body similar to that of a house. ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu said.

His handsome face couldn't help overcoming the shocking color, because the six-armed monkey reached dozens of heights, almost as tall as those ancient trees.

What a shock!

Such a wild beast, the power of a blow, I can't imagine how big it is.

“This Shen Nong Mountain is not a good place! ”

After breathing cool air, Qin Yi dared not be slightly careless. The three elements of water, fire and earth seeds in Dantian were burned violently, allowing his speed, strength and physical defense to reach their peak in an instant.

- What? - What?

A six-armed monkey with the same body as a house!

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan face each other, their faces are also slightly white, such a huge floodplain beast, several of them, I'm afraid are not their rivals, even if they can win, they are also extremely difficult.

“Fortunately, that six-arm has not found us now. ”

Qin Yi turned his face and smiled slightly at Yang Shiqi.

People, this is the only way to relax.

Sherlandon said: "In the old days, I learned in the mouth of His Majesty the Great Chukuo that in that very distant past, Shennong Emperor, where the heavenly treasures were planted, was on the top of this Shennong Mountain. All we had to do was rush directly to the top of the mountain. If there were any treasures left behind by the immortals, we would look at the top of the mountain. ”

“It turns out that this ancient mountain, called Shennong Mountain, and on the top of the mountain, there may be an ancient age of missed heavenly treasures and earth treasures, shudder, is a really good message. ”

Suddenly, a faint voice came from behind.

Listening to this voice, Qin Yi four people, all slightly flashed, the heart, gently bred an annoyance.

They turned around slowly, and all they could see was their dead pair, Frost Fai and Success. They stood not far behind them and looked at them with a smile.

In fact, Qin Yi's sense of inspiration spread out, covering their appearance long ago. Only the six-armed giant ape in front was so shocking that Qin Yi's idea stood, all concentrated on the six-armed giant ape, and no idea came to Frost Fai and Success.

“Thank you for sharing such good news. ”

Frost Fai and Cheng are both smiling faintly on their faces.

Qin Yi forcibly smeared the annoyance in his heart and suppressed it. His gaze slowly turned toward the six-armed giant ape existed. He glanced at it. On his handsome face, he gently emerged a warm smile: “You don't have to thank me, Shennong Mountain Peak, there is indeed this immortal Shennong Emperor, planted some heavenly treasure and earth treasure, it is no secret. ”


This man is so angry, he suddenly becomes so friendly!

Seeing the gentle smile on the teenager's face, Frost Fai and Cheng Cheng, all slightly confused in his heart, just don't know why, they always felt that the teenager's slightly raised beautiful mouth, hidden a dangerous smell.

But where the danger is, they can't think for a while.

The teenager's hands were behind his back, over the corner of his mouth, and the smile remained unchanged. “The question is, even if you two knew that there was a treasure planted by the Divine Nong Emperor, so what? Whoever rushes to the top of the mountain and gets these treasures will be able to do so. ”

That makes sense!

Frost Fai and Cheng Yi looked at each other, the Holy See had long established rules, and Pucky Mai had repeatedly emphasized that whoever saw the treasure first belonged to him, and that no competition should occur, otherwise, he would be disqualified from the "winning” competition directly.

“Come on!”

Yuanhui and Chengye suddenly had a loud and loud drink, each expanding at a very fast speed, their shapes directly turned into a shadow, and burst forward. Between blinking eyes, they disappeared into the sight of several Qin Yi.


Their sudden move made Qin Yi four people, all stunned and slightly opened their mouths and stood there.

“I grass, come on, let's get up there too, don't let these two bastards get on first! ”

Dragonflame returned to God and shouted, about to rush towards the top of the mountain, but Qin Yi grabbed him and shook his head gently at him: “Not in a hurry. ”

What's that supposed to mean?

Dragonflame, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan will all look at Qin Yi in confusion.

“Frost Fai and the direction of completion are exactly where the six-armed giant ape exists. Let them meet the six-armed giant ape first. We'll take the opportunity to sneak over.” The teenager touched his nose and said softly.

- What? - What?

Dragon flame, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan stood still and laughed happily at each other again.

Is there anything more strange in the heavens and the earth than fighting for fear and then dying?

What Qin Yi just said to them was clearly intentionally seducing Frost Fai and Cheng Yu, rushing towards the six-armed monkey!

The three Yang Shiqi people looked at the innocent teenager with a laugh. For a moment, they just thought that the teenager was really “shameless”. At first sight, he would be treated with anger by God, and he was not wronged at all!

This move by Qin Yi is called an arrow double sculpture. Not only did he ruthlessly pit Frost Fai and Cheng Yi, but he also removed obstacles for them. Otherwise, a floodplain beast was blocked in front of them. It was really hard for them to pass. If they didn't want to fight him, they could only go a long way around. This would waste a lot of time.

The teenager stood with his hands down, his eyes slightly curled, looking in the direction of Frost Fai and Chengdu disappearing, over the corner of his mouth, with a slight smile.

That smile, like a ripple in the water, gets bigger and bigger...


The teenager couldn't help but laugh out loud.

My grass, my pit man feels so good!


Both Yuanhui and Chengcheng, each speed martial arts, to the extreme, it has to be said that the strong at the peak of the six realms of Zongdao, once the speed martial arts is fully practiced, that speed, is terrible, hundreds of feet distance, a few breaths into.

“Fine, finally the boys got rid of it! ”

After a short rush, Yuanhui and Chengye looked back and saw that there was no one behind them. Qin Yi and several others did not catch up. Both of them were relieved in a dark breath, with a happy smile on each other's faces.

“This is the top of Shennong Mountain, but the immortal Shennong Emperor, the heavenly treasure and the earth treasure planted, how precious it is. Let's go. Don't let any other Tingwei get on first. ”

The cultivation handle waves and the face is full of fanaticism.

Heavenly treasures and treasures cultivated by the immortal Emperor Shennong, even without mentioning their medicinal power, are remarkable in their significance alone.


Frost Hui rubbed his hands with excitement and smiled.

They dared not slacken a bit, spreading the speed again, rushing to the top of this mountain of Shennong.

However, they had just begun, the happy smile on their faces was a sudden rating, the whole person was like a thunderbolt, stunned to move there, with his mouth stunned open and his chin smashed to the ground.

Just ahead, a six-armed monkey as tall as the ancient trees surrounding Sunset, standing there quietly, bright blonde hair, all over and down, with an ancient and powerful aura.

The height of the six-armed giant ape alone is enough to break Yung Fai and her successful heart into pieces!

Seeing two small human beings that suddenly appeared in front of them, the six-armed giant ape, was also slightly stunned, and then it cracked its mouth.

The animal's cleft mouth seemed to smile, revealing two rows of mortal teeth, while in those ancient eyes, it was slowly smearing.

“Seems to be, Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong, the wild beast...”

In front of him, the six-armed giant monkey, Yung Hui's body, suddenly trembled, even talking to a disadvantage.

Suddenly faced a huge beast, the graduation couldn't get any better. His scalp was numb, his face was pale and his mouth muttered to himself: “I told you this time, how could we get rid of those kids so easily? Turns out they didn't catch up at all. We, it seems, were pitted by that man's mutual anger! ”

- What? - What?

Frost Hui's body, once again violently trembled, that very handsome face, all of a sudden, was filled with tremendous annoyance.

And his eyes, staring dead at the six-armed monkey not far ahead, didn't dare to blink, swallowed his breath nervously: “Yes, you are a great discovery, but this great discovery seems to be coming a little late, now this wild beast is right in front of us, damn, this animal's eyes are still full of malice! Success, escape, to destroy a floodplain beast, with our strength now, it is obviously impossible to accomplish such a great feat. ”


This heartbreaking situation, escape, is clearly too late!

Because in the next moment, only the six-armed giant ape with the ancient trees in the heavens suddenly lifted wide ankles, toward Frost Fai and Chengdu, stomped hard, his eyes still full of malice.