The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 463: Ganoderma Ganoderma

Soon, the rest of Tingwei, too, rushed up.

“Really? Doesn't that mean the show's about to start?” Dragonflame, a natural warrior, suddenly rubbed his hands with excitement, and his body boiled with blood.

Yeung Shiqi and Xuanlan, their eyes, are also very bright.

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.


“Ho!” “Ho!” “Psst!” “Whoo! ” ……

All sorts of roars of a floodplain beast came from the sky, shaking people's hearts and hearing their scalps numb.

Next moment.

“Boom! Boom!” “Knock! ” ……

The sound of a shocking battle came, and the whole Shennong Mountain was shaking violently for it, endless ancient trees in heaven, as if it were a green sea, and there was a tremendous green ripple.

“Fight! ”

Qin Yi several people, standing there staring at each other, incredibly hard blinking, this is a huge noise, as if it is really hard to imagine.

Qin Yi, who entered the emptiness state, could almost see the battle scene. At this time, going out with the four of them, as well as Frost Fai and the completion of the bitter battle with the six-armed giant ape, the rest of Tingwei, all with the fifteen floodplain beasts, fought wildly.

For a while, the court guard and the 15 floodplain beasts were not even close, 15 floodplain beasts, with unparalleled destructive power, and the court guard, too, existed at its peak in the Holy See and was far more numerous than the floodplain beasts.

For the first time, Qin Yi saw Puqi Mai at the head of the "10 Great Court Guards". This strong man from Yulan mainland, his weapon was very special, and it was actually a flag with a corner. The flag was stained with blood. Puqi Mai held the flag and swept it hard. It was a wave of blood, vast energy, and the wave came out, directly impacting a floodplain beast for dozens of years. One by one, the beast often fights, and Pucky Mai actually occupies the upper wind.

That's Pucky Mai's real strength!

It's the head of the Ten Kingdoms Guard. It's so powerful, one can resist a floodplain beast!

Qin Yi's mind was very uneven, and at the same time, he was quite curious about the weapons used by Puqimai. He was also the first to see such a strange weapon with a big flag stained with blood.

Then, he also watched the battles of Yitai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan and others, who also showed extraordinary fighting power. One person resisted a floodplain beast, but it did not fall out of the wind, and divided the autumn color with the floodplain beast.

“These guys are really strong! ”

Qin Yi felt sentimental. After this battle between the court guard and the floodplain beast, he had a general understanding of the court guard's true power.

After observing for a while, Qin Yi said to Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan: "The battle between Tingwei and the 15 Hung Huang Hua Beasts has come to daylight. According to the original decision, the three of you will wait here for me, and I will go get the 5 Lingzhi. ”

“Be careful. ”

Yang Shiqi grabbed Qin Yi's hands, her beautiful little face slightly raised, her eyes as gentle as water, and her pulse looked at Qin Yi.

“Don't worry, it'll be fine.” Qin Yi spoiled her with a warm smile.

After releasing Yang Shiqi, Qin Yi exploded towards the top of the mountain toward the five strains of Ganoderma.


Qin Yi's figure, turned into a shadow, traveled through the ancient woods, into a state of emptiness, and all movement here was perceived clearly, easily bypassing the battlefield of Zhongchengwei and 15 floodplain beasts.

Not yet.

He appeared on the top of the mountain, only about 500 meters in front of him, five Ganoderma lucidum, growing quietly there, each Ganoderma lucidum height, but 5 inches, the body emitted a faint fluorescence, which looked amazing.

A rich fragrance, since the distribution on those five strands of Lingzhi, Qin Yi took a few bites of greed and suddenly felt refreshed, seemingly full of veins, all of them were instantly active.

“It's a treasure grown by the Great Immortal Shennong. This fragrance alone is not an ordinary medicine. It can be compared. If you take it, it will definitely have an extraordinary effect. ”

Looking at the five strains in the distance, I don't know how many years of Ganoderma has grown, the teenager's eyes, refracted a raging enthusiasm and rubbed his hands with excitement.

While he was still in Lingyumen and Tianxing Mansion, he had taken a lot of Lingzhi, and he was well aware of the efficacy of Lingzhi, which is that he could greatly improve cultivation.

At this time, the whole of Shennong Mountain still comes with a fierce tremor, as if it would collapse at any moment, an astonishing fight, coming from the surrounding woods.

“Tsk, this is a war between man and beast. ”

Listening to that shocking fight, Qin Yi mumbled and smiled again with a pleasant faint smile: “You guys fight hard, hard, I'm going to harvest the baby, hey! ”

He exhibited "Praise Father's Step," and between them, he came to the front of the five Ganoderma.

“Shennon the Great, I'm sorry, the younger generations are about to reap your labor. ”

Qin Yi faded slightly, knelt down, reached out his hands that were shaking slightly due to overexcitement, pulled the five Spiritual Arrays, one by one into the sac, and then expanded back along the speed.

Five minutes later.

His figure appeared in the anxious sight of Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan.

Seeing Qin Yi reappear, a few people suddenly relaxed their breath and hurried to catch up. Long Yan asked with anticipation: "Qin Yi, what do you think, have you got those five Lingzhi? ”

Qin Yi smiled and softly nodded his head and waved at them: “This is not a good place to be a Shennong Mountain. Now I will take those five Ganoderma strains. The 15 beasts who guard them against the flood will surely go mad. Let's go! ”

“Ha ha, just let those brushes fight the Flooding Beasts here, let's retreat! ”

The dragon flame laughed delightfully, and the whole person had a good temper.

Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan, with their beautiful faces, are also full of joy.

Next, the four people did not make any further delays, rushing down the mountain quickly, because Qin Yi always entered the state of space, along the way, even if they occasionally encountered one or two floodplain beasts, the four people could easily bypass.

Ten minutes later, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan finally washed down the ancient mountain of Shennong Mountain.

Not long after, they came to the safe zone.

“Well, the five Ganoderma, each of us, divided into one, the remaining one, will remain in stock with me first, then, who is in a hurry to upgrade to. ”

Qin Yi said with a faint smile, taking out five strands of Lingzhi, a rich fragrance, suddenly scattered away, let Yang Shiqi three people, the spirit is a formation.

Looking at the teenager's hands, the five luminous Ganoderma luminescence, the eyes of the people, even brighter, the color of fanaticism.

“Dragon flame, because you are the purest descendant of the ancient warrior dragon family, special physical condition, so far, all we know is that Tianfeng Dan, effective for your physical condition, now, look at this divine Nong Emperor, planted heavenly treasure and earth treasure, effective for your body. However, I think it should be effective, Shennon the Great, its planting technology, the only thing in heaven and earth, the treasure he planted, should be suitable for any kind of body. ”

Qin Yi threw one of the Ganoderma lucidum into Long Yan and said in silence.

“Try it and you'll see.” Dragonflame grinned, his face full of excitement.

Next, Qin Yi threw one Lingzhi each to Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan, one to himself, the remaining one, and put it back in his arms.

Sitting on the floor, Qin Yi looked at the lightly fluorescent Ganoderma in his hand. Inevitably, there was some emotion in his heart. This is the Ganoderma grown by Shennong Emperor. If he threw it into Pharmaceutical Mill City, he would only cause a mad competition.

Now, the rest of Tingwei is still at war with the 15 wild beasts.

Interestingly, however, Tingwei, who fought the floodplain herd of giant beasts, was afraid that he still did not know that the five strands of Lingzhi had fallen silently into Qin Yi's bag!

It was quite pleasant to fantasize for a moment. After the fierce battle of the court, it was discovered that everything was an empty expression. Qin Yi stopped hesitating and took Lingzhi directly into his hands.

As Ganoderma lucidum entered the abdomen, the faint fluorescence did not dissipate, but formed a fluorescent mass in Qin Yi's body. This phenomenon is quite similar to Five Pindan Medicine.

“This phenomenon, doesn't it say, this Ganoderma, is equivalent to a five-pint medicine? ”

Looking at the fluorescence in the body, Qin Yi's mind was difficult to calm down. A single pill is equivalent to a five-pint medicine. I can't imagine how high this cultivation technology has reached?

The immortal god, the Nong, is truly famous!

That fluorescence, that's the power of medicine.

At this time, Qin Yi's body, like a thirsty demon, transported that group of fluorescent, crazy absorption, through Qin Yi's major meridian veins, to Dantian, then via Dantian, converted into Xuan Qi, and sent back to Qin Yi's limb carcass.

A day goes by.

The fluorescence was finally absorbed clean by Qin Yi's body.

“Nice, the five and a half steps of Zongdao. ”

I felt the various functions of my body carefully. Qin Yi Junyi's face turned up with a slight smile of satisfaction. At the same time, I also had some emotions in my heart. A Ganoderma lucidum made me fix it. I just broke through a small situation. Such a power of medicine is really hard to imagine.

Of course, if we're going to break through the middle of the road, a Ganoderma like this is obviously no longer possible.

Remember, the more you practice upwards, the more difficult it is to break through.

Four strains of Lingzhi, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan, all benefited greatly.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, Hu Hui directly broke through a small state, while Xuanlan's repair had reached the middle of six and a half steps, only a Ganoderma lucidum, obviously could not help her to break through a small state, but it also made her breath, obviously powerful a few points.

Qin Yi inferred correctly before. The Ganoderma planted by the Immortal Shennong Emperor is certainly suitable for any kind of body.