The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 466: Alchemy


After a slight exhalation, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to elicit the sensation of spiritual power, covering Jade Jane. At the moment when the sensation of spiritual power covered Jade Jane, the heart branded therein was described, and it appeared in Qin Yi's mind.

Qin Yi quickly browsed.

Two minutes later, Qin Yi two refined five pints of Dan medicine, all browsed, then began to seriously analyze and experience.

“It's really too hard! ”

Two hours later, Qin Yi only felt a headache. He learned to make five pints of Dan medicine. He didn't even understand a little fur.

To produce five pints of Dan medicine, you have to reach the level of a super alchemist.

The super alchemist, which is a species in the whole lower realm of alchemy, is the peak of existence, and its work is far more profound than those of immortal martial arts.

“Ultimately, the problem is still too little experience with me, so many principles, pharmacology, I don't know where it comes from. ”

Qin Yi calmly analyzed, and finally exhaled softly: “Looks like we still have to ask for help with Master Wang. ”

Once the idea was settled, Qin Yi left the stone house without further delay and went to Pharmacy 10 overnight.

The figure of the teenager, walking under the moonlight, is steady.

Not long.

He's already in pharmacy 10.


Just entering the pharmacy, the scene in the pharmacy was Qin Yi, slightly stunned and opened his mouth.

It's already late at night, but Huangfushang, Lilo and Fu Qingqing are still busy. This situation is really rare.

“Qin Yi, you're here! ”

Seeing Qin Yi arrive, Huang Fushang's delicate little face suddenly appeared a faint joy.

Leaving Luo and Fu Qingqing beside him, he also smiled shallow towards Qin Yi.


Qin Yi's attitude was respectful. This time he went to visit the treasure in the Divine Demonic Garden. In the Divine Demonic Garden, he delayed nearly a year, and saw the three people again. Qin Yi's heart gently bred a sense of affection.

After a pause, Qin Yi asked: "Master, it's so late, why are you still busy in this pharmacy? ”

Wang Fushang remembered the messy hair on his forehead and said behind his ears: “Just a month ago, the top echelons of the Holy See, the message came, between the top 10 pharmacies, will hold an alchemy competition two months later, will re-rank the top 10 pharmacies, now rank the top 10 pharmacies, still 300 years ago, 300 years, out of the top 10 pharmacies, has long changed, so the current ranking is no longer in line with the actual situation. ”

Qin Yi felt it.

Now the number of pharmacies from 1 to 10, in fact, is the ranking of the top 10 pharmacies, and they are now pharmacies, number 10, in other words, the strength of their pharmacies, the weakest of the top 10 pharmacies!

“Qin Yi, although your alchemy technology is the strongest of the three of you, I am not going to let you participate in the alchemy competition in two months. I am prepared to do my best to cultivate Leo to participate in this alchemy competition. You know, Leo is also quite talented in the field of alchemy. ”

After a pause, Wang Fushang continued: “As for you, rest assured and prepare for the ‘take over' competition in a month's time. ”

“Yeah, Qin Yi, trust my sister, back in the old years, she was the first alchemist genius in the zongmen, hidden the alchemist of the floating peak. ”

Fu Qing beside him, hip-hop room, on the pink mumps on both sides, two shallow little bars appeared quite pure, she turned around and photographed Lo's delicate shoulder: “Am I right, Sister? ”

From Luona's snow-white, delicate cheeks, a shy red appeared: “Qingqing, don't be ridiculous, there is not as exaggerated as you said, there was still a gap between me and the alchemist of Misty Peak. ”

“With Lo's Alchemy talent, coupled with my full cultivation for several months, it should be in the top five, and the problem should be small. ”

Wang Fushang remembered, that was a sculptural delicate face, but also hidden a confident, swirling, and looking at Qin Yi with narrow eyes: “Yes, it's so late, what are you still doing here in the pharmacy? ”

“There are some issues that I would like to ask teachers to respect. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said softly.

In a spin, he began to ask Wang Fushang's memories about something he could not parse in the "Heart of Refining Five Pin Dan Pharmaceuticals".

“What are the specific boundaries between teacher honor, four pindants, and five pindants? ”

“In which season do you collect the most powerful medicines? ”

“Is there a certain connection between the drug pring and the medicine? ”

“ …… ”

These questions, even Huang Fushang's own memory, have not been touched before. Now asked from Qin Yi's mouth, she feels quite confused. How can so many strange problems arise in this guy's brain?

Fu Qingqing and Lilo beside him also looked at the handsome teenager with that incredible look.

This guy, he's not going to have the after-effects of a brain being stuck in the door, is he?

But how do they know that these questions raised by Qin Yi are the key to the refining of a five-pint medicine.

Qin Yi asked these strange questions in the eyes of the three of them. Although Huang Fushang's memory had not been touched before, she was, after all, an alchemist with extensive experience in alchemy.

Seeing Qin Yi's eyes, the refracted obsession, Wang Fushang's memories, though full of doubt, were still slightly frowned upon, trying to think hard, and all of Qin Yi's “weird” questions were answered one by one.

“Teacher honor is teacher honor, it's amazing! ”

Qin Yi was delighted and quickly remembered the answer given by Wangfushang.

Qin Yi asked more than a dozen questions. In the mouth of Wang Fushang, after obtaining the answer, he also realized a lot.

Leave Pharmacy 10 and return to your own stone house.

Qin Yi pulled the "Heart of Refining Five Pin Dan Medicine" out of his mind and carefully analyzed and understood it again. Indeed, two hours later, he already had a vague concept of refining five pin Dan Medicine.

“Now that I've got the Five Pints of Medicine, and some extremely tough stuff, I also get answers from my teacher, as long as I persevere and become a super alchemist, it's only a matter of time. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and was delighted.

The biggest reward of this visit to Shen Di Ling Garden was gaining "Heavenly Corpse” protection, "The Heart of Refining Five Pin Dan Medicine".

According to Huang Fushang's memories, even the Holy See of Kyushu had appeared a super alchemist 10,000 years ago, and it was no longer known how long he had not appeared. The people of the Holy See, even suspicious of the super alchemist, had left the Holy See of Kyushu.

After thinking about it, Qin Yi threw his head away, threw his confused thoughts away, and started practicing.

One night passed.

The next morning, Qin Yi was taken to the General Affairs Hall by the chief of the General Affairs Hall, Lao Huai.

As soon as Qin Yi entered the hall, Qin Yi's eyebrows rose slightly. Only the five peak masters of the Holy See were present. Moreover, everyone's face was quite gloomy, even the Fiber King and King Lauro, who had always been friendly to Qin Yi, were no exception.

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi glanced, slowly swept away, a slight bad feeling appeared in his heart, but he did not show any panic. His steps came steadily to the palace, and his divine color was not overwhelming.

“The youngest have seen the seniors! ”

Qin Yi, though confused in his heart, respectfully bowed down to pay tribute to the Archbishops.

This kid, in the face of the five peaks of Tingwei, still behaved so impatiently, so irritable!

Zong He Wang and Song Yu Wang looked at each other, and they all saw a defilement in each other's eyes.

And the three kings of Knife River, Fiber King and Rollo, in their hearts, could not help but admire the teenager in front of them: good!

“Gentlemen, I have brought Qin Yi. Ask him if you have any questions. ”

Fei Laohuai turned to the five peak archdeacons, waved his hand gently, and quickly came to sit on an empty chair, sitting flat with the five peak archdeacons.

Listening to Lieutenant Laohuai's words, Qin Yi's heart became more and more confused. He respectfully asked: "I don't know what you seniors have to ask. ”


“Humph, Qin Yi, you colluded with the evil of the vagina and mixed it into my Holy See in Kyushu. According to the rules of the Holy See, you deserve to be sentenced to death. Do you know your sins? ”

A cold drink, rang from the hall, was the king of Song Yu in a silver robe.

At this time, his face was shady and dreadful.

In front of him, he cut his disciple Yu Wang three times to death. Now he is seen, and King Song Yu has the urge to shoot him to death.

“Exactly, 10,000 years ago the vagina door, according to life like grass mustard, evil is not forgiven, everyone can be killed, you collude with the vagina door of evil, which is the same as the vagina door of evil, the body should be shattered, then the soul should be withdrawn, sealed into the weapon, the eternity will never last! ”

Zonghe Wang followed the peace, his voice was bright, and it contained strong intrazonal strength. Qin Yi's eardrums were all numb for a while.

With Zong He Wang and Song Yu Wang, it was like a real sword glance, shot at Qin Yi, Qin Yi felt a powerful and spectacular spiritual pressure, as if it were a huge mountain, coming towards himself.


The seeds of earthly elements in Qin Yi Dan Tian burned up violently, allowing his physical defense. In an instant, it reached its peak, resisting the pound of mental pressure.

The teenager stood proudly in the center of the palace and looked at the Zong He Wang and Song Yu Wang. He did not take half a step back.

And Knife River King, Fiber King and King Lauro and others, at this moment, are all like water.

The plot of this matter is too serious. If it is Qin Yi, when it is truly the remnants of the Yin Gate, Fiber King and Lo Lo Wang, even if they usually have a good impression of this juvenile, and there is absolutely no ambiguity in handling this matter.