The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 468: Too Good

“Seeing Senior Public Household! ”

Qin Yiweixi, hurriedly saluted the gift.

“Qin Yi, in fact, when we were in the General Affairs Hall, everyone saw it. The scene was quite strange. What is going on? You tell me. ”

Coming to Qin Yi's side, the public household Taili opened the door and said to the mountain.

According to the public household, Taili is naturally a change in the attitude of King Song Yu and Zong and Wang. The last two people left even had the smell of "Running away from the Kung Wang".

Qin Yi naturally wouldn't hide anything in front of the public household Tyree: “Senior public household, here's the thing...”

Qin Yi gave the whole story to the public Taylor without a word.

After listening to Qin Yi's narrative, the public household Tyree was shocked and angry. Her face was iron and blue. After a while, she sighed a long time: “You made the same mistake when the miracle fairy was only there, and you acted too well. If it wasn't for the will of King Song Yu and Zong and Wang, the three of you, Yunhui, Yuwang and Cheng Ye, would never have the courage to be rude to you, which is enough to show that King Song Yu and Zong and Wang have already taken a grudge against you. ”

Excellent work!

Qin Yi nodded profoundly. He had long realized this. One person is too good. Sometimes, it's actually a mistake, and it's still a serious mistake!

But what can be done if God doesn't let him be a low-key alchemist?

Qin Yi sighed helplessly and said: “Seniors in the public household, the two of them, as the Supreme Archbishop of the Holy See, why are you so constipated towards me? In fact, whether I behave better or not, it has nothing to do with them, right? ”

“Otherwise. ”

But Taylor shook his head and said, "Didn't I tell you before? At the level of Divine Defense of the Holy See in Kyushu, the five major alliance forces in Kyushu Mainland are all among the powerful. You are too good to be a Divine Defender in time. If you become a Divine Defender, you will only be afraid to pose a threat to the Divine Defender of other alliance forces. Therefore, they must suppress you and do not want you to become a Divine Defender. ”

Makes sense.

Qin Yi's eyebrow tipped, slightly lifted, and his heart was clear.

Spin, the teenager frowned lightly, silently for a moment, and said: "Seniors in the public household, then the question arises, once I become a divine guardian, why do I pose a threat to the divine guardians of other Alliance forces? Is there a battle between the gods and the gods? Well, maybe, once in the Holy See, rumours circulated, not rumours, the Holy See of Kyushu, raised the Circle of Divine Guardianship, and finally, in the way of gladiators, eliminated the weak, left the strong. ”

In Qin Yi's heart, he couldn't help but feel a chill. Once again, he felt that the peak force of this Kyushu mainland, perhaps, was extremely evil.

“Most likely so. ”

The face of Taylor in the public household is also quite ugly at this time.

Farewell to the public household Tyree, Qin Yi returned to his stone house, and stunned to ponder what kind of existence this Kyushu Holy See is. The longer he stayed here, the more he felt that the peak power of this Kyushu mainland was deeply unpredictable.

At the current height, Qin Yi naturally could not see the true face of the Holy See in Kyushu. After a moment of hard thinking, he could not think of a single one, so Qin Yi dumped his head, put this matter down and began to practice.

As is customary, he came to the courtyard first, practiced "Champion Fist", only felt full of spirit and full of energy.

Then, Qin Yi transferred out the Heart Book of the Vajra, Praise for Father's Step, Life Return, Massacre Type 3, Demonic Sound Six Changes, Da Luo Heavenly Hand, Ling Feng Palm, Tenjin Type 7, Types 1, 2, 3, and 4, all of which were practiced sequentially.

He couldn't get out of the door, didn't walk away, practiced, the whole person sat on the floor, as if sitting down.

Less than a month into the "take over” competition, the time was a little pressing, and he had to hurry up and try to fix it.

Today, Qin Yi's cultivation has broken through the middle of the five and a half steps of the Zongdao Realm. He now jumps out of the auxiliary martial arts of "The Arts of Life Return" and practises silently.

According to the cultivation technique of "Destiny Return", Qin Yi Xu Xu prompted the qi in the body, carefully cultivated, not a scrupulous.

With the passage of time, Qin Yi's blood qi, is slowly rising, that momentum, getting bigger and bigger. Finally, it is like the sea, in Qin Yi's body, pounding Pengtao.

Three days have passed.

Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes and withdrew from the practice state. His handsome face was full of disappointment. He sighed: “Today, my cultivation has reached the middle of the five and a half steps of the Zongdao Realm, but I still can't bring back the ancillary martial arts of" The Secret of Life "to cultivate the full realm. ”

After three days of cultivation, Qin Yi felt that just that half of the land, it was like a bottomless abyss, infinite Xuan Qi filled in, there was always no reaction.

“Is it possible… to cultivate the ancillary martial arts of" The Arts of Life Return "to a successful state of affairs? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly.

Once he has cultivated a satisfactory realm, there is a certain chance that he will become immortal. At this time, he desires himself immortally and is able to remain immortal.

However, he was incapable of practicing this ancillary martial arts, cultivating a satisfactory state of affairs and gaining immortality.

Speaking of, the ancillary martial arts of "The Art of Fate Return" is still Qin Yi himself when Ling Yumen was back in the day. The ultimate "Qi Return Art" continues, or he can say that he created an ancillary martial arts.

“I created martial arts myself, but even myself, I can't cultivate the realm of completeness. Is there anything more strange under the sky? ”

The teenager smiled helplessly.

Next, Qin Yi began to focus on the speed martial arts of "Praise Father's Step".


Qin Yi's legs were completely tied to nearly 10,000 kg of objects. Even so, his figure was still in the courtyard and turned into a shadow of the same road.

It was also a whole three days of painful refining. Qin Yi fell to the ground and gasped. He had already been soaked with sweat. There was a feeling of pain and pleasure that his body had reached its limit.

When Qin Yi gasped, he felt his speed function carefully. The colour of disappointment appeared again over his handsome face: “The speed martial arts of Kodabu is still unable to cultivate the full realm. Do we also have to wait to cultivate the full realm when it breaks through the imperial road? ”

Successful boundaries of "Praise the Father", effect: instant shift!

This is also what Qin Yi dreamed of.

It's just a pity that the more he wants to get, the harder it is to get, only half the world, which he can't practise anyway.

“Next, practice the ancient martial arts of Magic Six Changes...”

After being stunned, Qin Yi transferred this ancient miracle fairy trace, which took the strength of nine bulls and two tigers to obtain the immortal martial arts, and practiced it.

This immortal martial arts science has not been carried out by Qin Yi since it was carried out on the battlefield between the dragon family and the blood ape family.

Mainly because of the first five changes in this martial arts, which were all mass assault martial arts, he had not encountered a battle scene in which mass assault martial arts had to be carried out since entering the Kyushu Holy See.

However, this does not mean that we will not encounter it in the future. Therefore, Qin Yi does not want to leave this immortal martial arts school behind. Especially the sixth change, which is quite astonishing. Qin Yi estimated that the sixth change of "Magic Six Changes", with his current modification, should not fall under the power of "Tenjin Seven Formulas", type 3.

During the days of Qin Yi's intensive training, other Tingwei who participated in the "Kui capture” competition were also practicing painstakingly to prepare for the next "Kui capture” competition.

With the exception of some of Tingwei's teachers who participated in the "winner” contest, who deliberately revealed to their disciples their opponents in the "winner” contest, Tingwei, basically, did not know who his opponents were. Such a scenario made him enter Tingwei, under stress in his heart.

What if your opponent is one of the top 10 court guards?

So, Tingwei, you can only fix it madly!

And of course, in fact, whoever Tingwei is in the race, against the top of the "10 Tingwei," the prospect of promotion, to say the least, is zero.

Pucky Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, these four people, in the Holy See's ordinary court guard, were at the peak of existence, and there were even a number of archbishops who lamented themselves. Anyone who touched the four of them could only consider themselves unlucky.


At this time, in a wild mountain forest.

A Tingwei with a golden sword is madly practicing swordsmanship, and as he constantly waves the golden sword, the golden sword, a large piece of dense numbness, as if it were a wave, continues to gush.

The endless swordsmanship swept away, and all the trees within the twentieth length of the circle were directly stirred by this sword.

In the distance of the sword practitioner, there are three people standing, carefully observing and analyzing all the moves of the sword practitioner.

“Roar, you angry boy, you die! ”

All of a sudden, the swordsmith's mouth shouted like an animal and heard a numb scalp.

Next moment.

His whole man burst out suddenly, his hands held the gold sword and split, only the gold sword could be seen. In his hand, he suddenly surged to a length, a huge gold sword, from the cutting of the iron and muddy sword blade, as the swordsmashing trajectory of the practitioner, burst into the sky.

“Wow! ”

Only ahead, a large tree a metre and a half in diameter, was suddenly split apart by the amazing golden sword, divided into two parts, slowly reversed to both sides.

The sword practitioner's clothes hunted and shouted, took the sword away, his breasts rose and landed violently, that very handsome face, an iron blue, eyes red, like a bloodthirsty beast, flourished with mad anger and warfare.

His sword hands, a stripe of green, a terrible drum burst, like a giant earthworm, can be deduced from these hands alone, how powerful his sword is!