The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 470: Opponent Reveals

Of course, if he activates Type 4 of the Seven Types of Tenjin, he has half the certainty that Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan, if he uses the Gun of Evil, even Pucky Mai, will not be able to resist, in the time between, will be killed.

Remember, in the old days, even King Senroe, an ancient existence, almost died under the gun of all evil.

“‘The Great Master of the Five Peaks', assigning opponents to Tingwei in the competition is also in accordance with their respective strengths, and will not be randomly distributed. Therefore, the four perverts, Puqimai, Yitai, Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan, are unlikely to become our opponents. ”

Dragon flame on one side, grinning.

That makes sense!

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan, all lighten their heads.

Six days later, all contestants participating in the "winner" competition unveiled the announcement, naturally in the General Affairs Hall.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's line of four people appeared in the General Affairs Hall.

Only at this point, the square in front of the General Affairs Hall was crowded with people, and by the main entrance of the General Affairs Hall, a piece of red paper was affixed with the names of all the contestants participating in the "Championship” competition in ink.

Qin Yi opened the crowd and came there to reveal the announcement. He looked at those names and slowly browsed down.

In the first line of the bulletin, the name of Xuanlan is written, and the opponent's column is blank.

This means that Sherland did not have an opponent in this round of "winning” and was promoted directly to the “winning” competition.

“Hey, isn't this Xuanlan, the glorious new court guard from the last bidding contest? She didn't even have an opponent in this‘ take over 'contest! ”

“I heard that the last time the 30 Tingwei who participated in the 'Kui Takeover' entered an ancient divine site to visit the treasure, one Tingwei died accidentally and that the dead Tingwei was the opponent in this‘ Kui Takeover ’competition in Xuanlan. ”

“ …… ”

The proclamation was preceded by a plethora of discussions in the House of Representatives.

Hearing these arguments, Qin Yi several people will all smile.

“Thank you, Qin Yi! ”

Xuanlan raised his beautiful face slightly and looked at the young man's handsome face. In his narrow eyes, he was sincere.

Yes, Xuanlan is a "warrior" cultivated by a family with extraordinary potential, but Yu Wang, an apprentice of King Song Yu, ranked sixth in the "10 Great Court Guard”, the strength can be seen, if Qin Yi did not activate the Kyushu Demon Knife to kill him, this time, Xuanlan basically had no hope.

“You're welcome. ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “It just happened to be a big help for you. ”

The next few people's eyes fell on the announcement and continued to look slowly.

Pucky Mai, opponent: Cao Chengde.

Yi Tai, opponent: Cao Xiuqi.

Lin Xuanxuan, opponent: catch the sand.

Dongmen Yan, opponent: Xiahuotai.

Look at the opponents of these four, Qin Yi a few people, can't help but relieve himself. Fortunately, the opponents of these four people are not themselves.

At the same time, Qin Yi's several hearts and minds breed a little sympathy for these four opponents. With the strength of Puqimai's four of them, their opponents do not have any chance of promotion.

Everyone looked down, and at the end of the bulletin, they finally saw the names of several of their own.

Dragonflame, opponent: Xuan Hong Guang.

Xuan Hong Guang!

Qin Yi several people looked at each other, each other's eyes were a little confused. They were not very familiar with this Tingwei, but only slightly had some impressions. This person, in the Holy See, seemed to be quite understated.

“My opponent, Shengyu. ”

Yang Shiqi's charming glassy eyes curled slightly, looking at the word "Shengyu” behind his name, a light eyebrow, slightly raised, obviously really trying to remember Shengyu's appearance.

“Don't think about it, Yang Shiqi, your opponent, it's me, I'm Shengyu. ”

As a lazy voice rang from side to side, only in front of them, a young man in a white robe, Xu slowly turned his face and looked at Yang Shiqi with a faint smile. In that smile, he felt confident.

Qin Yi several people had to be slightly stunned. For this Shengyu, because of his looks, he was extremely handsome, which gave them a clear impression. In that visit to the Divine Demon Garden, Qin Yi even remembered that he obtained a bronze war spear inside the site of the Yin Gate.


Qin Yi's eyebrows were slightly intertwined, and Qin Yi had not moved his divine provocation to his left hand, detecting the sensation of spiritual power, and spying on this person's cultivation.

Sect Half Step 7!

Such a snooping effect caused Qin Yi's eyes to faintly pass over worries. No wonder, the smile of this person will faintly confident.

“Yang Shiqi, right? ”

When Shengyu smiled, he revealed a row of white teeth, and the whole person looked quite sunny. He said faintly: “Because of your beauty and potential, let me have noticed you in the last 'bid winning' competition. You are very good, but I must warn you that I am not the gentle pack of jade. It is not easy for you to succeed in promoting to the 'position grabbing’ competition in my hands. ”

“Thank you for reminding me that I will try to beat you. ”

Yang Shiqi was not inferior. She threw a little hair on her forehead and gently rubbed it behind her ears. She smiled lightly at Shengyu. Heaven and earth suddenly had a sense of discoloration. In a flash, Shengyu felt slightly asphyxiated.

“Well, I can feel it, you're a super genius, and I'm looking forward to fighting you.” Shengyu smiled, spinning, even without further delay, opened the crowd and turned away.

Qin Yi's eyes gathered in the shadow of Shengyu. A moment later, Xuanlan habitually touched the glossy forehead and sighed softly: “This man is very strong, afraid to be second only to the '10 Great Court Guard’. Even Yu Yu is not his opponent. ”

Her whole person is like an elf, giving a sense of emptiness and a clear mind.

“Yes, Master Yang is afraid of a bitter battle in this competition. ”

Qin Yi also laughed bitterly. Now, Master Yang's cultivation, like his own, was only in the middle of the five and a half steps of the pagoda, while Shengyu's cultivation reached the seven and a half steps of the pagoda.

It's too big a gap!

“Qin Yi, if you fail in promotion, I will fail with you. If you succeed in promotion, I will do whatever it takes to succeed in promotion.” Yang Shiqi glanced at Qin Yi, and his eyes glanced at the pulsating tenderness, but at the same time he was as strong as a rock.

Qin Yi nodded slowly, a warmth in his heart, slowly flowing past. Although there was no sea oath mountain alliance between the two, life was already compatible.

The last name on the announcement, Horan, is Qin Yi.

Qin Yi, opponent: Yuanhui.

“It turns out... Frost Fai! ”

Qin Yi's eyes fell on the name "Frost Fai”, all slightly stunned and opened his mouth. For such a result, it was obviously quite surprising.

Frost Fai is currently ranked 9th in the "10 Great Court Guard”, while Qin Yi defeated the 10th ranking Yu Yu in the "10 Great Court Guard” at the last “Bid Winning” competition. If it is hard to rank, Qin Yi should currently be ranked 10th in the "10 Great Court Guard”.

According to common sense, the Holy See will try to promote the strong, while Qin Yi and Frost Fai, both of the Holy See's court guards, are among the peak beings. If they confront each other, one of them will surely be eliminated.

In other words, Qin Yi's opponent, if arranged under normal circumstances, should not be Frost Fai, but weaker than Frost Fai.

“It's a conspiracy! ”

Qin Yi exhaled slightly and quickly judged the nature of the matter.

“Yes, it is. It's a conspiracy! ”

Dragon flame, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan are all angry.

Dragonflame licked his lips and said: “Last time in the ‘bid winning' competition, Qin Yi defeated Yu Yu. This time, Frost Fai became the opponent of Qin Yi. Obviously, they just let Frost Fai help Yu find the scene. ”

“Just looking for a place? I'm afraid it's not that simple. Don't forget, while I was still in that magical mausoleum in eastern Kyushu, I would have killed Yu Wang, most likely, Yunhui would play tricks on me in this game. ”

Qin Yimi said.

Playing tricks?

Dragon flame, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan all heard a slight rumor. Obviously, Qin Yi said this possibility, it is huge!

“Play tricks, at best pretend to miss and get rid of you. This is ridiculous! ”

Dragonflame shrugged his shoulders. Still at the time of the miracle fairy trail, the disciple under the door of Bai Immortal had tried to “fail” Qin Yi in the competition. Unfortunately, Qin Yi ended up defeating the other party with an absolute advantage!

“How come?" Isn't it a surprise to see my opponent, Angry Boy? ”

Suddenly, a faint voice came from behind.

Qin Yi, Long Yan, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan were forced to turn around slowly.

Surely, only two people, Frost Fai and Cheng Ye, sometime, have stood behind them not far away. Both of them have a slight smile on their faces.

“Not surprisingly. ”

Lifting his hand and touching his nose, Qin Yi glanced directly at Yuanhui's very handsome face, Xu Xu said: “With Zong and Wang's despicable, don't play with any means, let us meet at the 'seizure of the prince’ competition, that was an accident. ”

As soon as the teenager said this, all the people present were stunned to look at it. The eyes of Qin Yi and Yung Hui became quite amusing.

“Kid, if you want to die, you dare insult my master! ”

Frost Hui's mouth corner, violently smoked, and a powerful breath emanated from his body. His breasts rose and landed violently. Qin Yi actually scolded and Wang despicable in front of him. Frost Hui felt his face swept, and he had the urge to jump over and strangle the boy directly.