The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 473: Madness 8

“Ha-ha-ha, that's good. That's what you want! ”

Frost Fai did not laugh back, the madness revealed, he was not handsome at all. At this moment, even more frightening, he shouted: “Crazy type 8 - type 2! ”

At this moment, the golden sword in his hand surged to the length, swinging quickly, forming a lightning-like sword shadow, actually stirring the endless ice blade, all of it.

“Crazy Type Eight - Type Three! ”

Frost Fai, who has completely entered the state of madness, has struck out the type 8 of madness, which is unparalleled, be it speed, power, or trajectory.

The swordsmanship of the pound, swooping to all directions, even dozens of watching guards outside, many people, on the face, suddenly appeared a bloodstain, which was injured by the sword.

The crowd was shocked and hurried back again, fearing that it would harm the pond fish.

“Broken Eight Wastes - Fierce! ”

After the rain held the World War Knife, the endless blades of ice appeared in the sky again. The theme of the "Blue Flame” knife was constantly flighting, killing the air.


Between the swords, the energy wave that struck out, as if it were that huge wave, hit them hard on the chest, directly impacted them dozens of lengths away, the next moment, the two quickly plundered back, and the battle was raging together.

“Crazy Type Eight - Type Four! ”

“Broken Eight Wastes - Destroyed! ”

At this time, in the chest of the two people, they were all burning with tremendous warfare intentions, their shadows interwoven, swordswords and swords, killing each other in madness.

It's amazing!

Tingwei, who watched the war from afar, all boiled hot blood in their bodies, opened their eyes, stared dead at the fierce battle between the two, blinked not blinking, afraid to blink, will miss a very good picture, regrettably for the rest of their lives.

Of course, there can be no doubt, at the same time, that his heart, shocked by the rain, which had always been low profile and had not even participated in the "bid winning” contest, was so powerful that it was an unexpected thing for the whole Holy See.

If Frost Fai hadn't challenged him today, no one would have understood the true power of raining.

On the fierce battlefield, Frost Fai had long gone into a state of madness. His eyes were red, his head was full of black hair and his mouth was constantly roaring like a beast.

And the way it fights is also insane, and every attack is raw and direct, as if it were going to tear the opponent apart directly.

Rain is always, as if it were an ancient resurrected demon, in the eyes, the blue flame is burning, there is as if it were two vast mysterious worlds, the whole world, full of blue flames, striking.

His "Shattered Eight Wastes" is clearly a very advanced patriarchal martial arts, one more powerful than the other, one colder than the other, and the spectators feel that the blood in their bodies should be frozen.

Over time, the battle between the two men has completely gone into white heat.

At some point.

“Crazy Type Eight - Type Six! ”

With Frost Fai's beastly roar, huge swordlight, splitting the sky, like a rainbow ray across the sky, severely smashed on the body through the rain, in front of the rainy chest, immediately appeared a huge wound of deeply visible bone, blood flowed between them.

And that huge impact, that big body of rain, was going to hit like a shell and burst out.

“Crazy Type Eight - Type Seven! ”

The soul has long been in the golden sword, the sealed madness of the soul has eroded Frost Fai, all reason is gone, chest full of madness war.

His red eyes stared, his orbits almost split open, with a golden sword, toward the rain in reverse flight, and rushed wildly.

Right now.

“Frost Fai, go too far! ”

A loud voice burst out of nowhere.

Next moment.

The tall Sect and Wang appeared in the sky between the rain and Frost Fai. He glanced directly at Frost Fai's golden sword.

“Fuck off, I'm gonna chop this guy up! ”

Frost Hui growled and tried so hard to draw the golden sword, but the tattoos didn't move, the muscles on his face, because of extreme anger, constantly twisted.

“Outrageous! ”

Zong and Wang had a cold drink, his hands shook, Frost Fai the whole person was just like a puppy, thrown out more than ten long distance, “blast” fell to the ground.

From that crazy state, Frost Fai suddenly woke up and saw that this visitor was his master, and suddenly he was frightened and shouted: “Respect your life! ”


Zonghe Wang snorted, all over his body, with the ultimate majesty, looking at the lessons of Frost Fai: “This is in the Holy See, the consultation between Tingwei, you actually want to kill Tingwei, you want to be severely punished by the Holy See? ”

He said so in his mouth, but in his eyes, it was an obscure glimpse of happiness. This kid is really good!

Turning to the front of the rain, he lifted up the rain falling on the ground, took out a medicine to heal the injuries from his arms and handed it over to the rain, apologizing slightly: “Sorry, my disciple, since obtaining the golden sword, every consultation will go into a state of madness, irrationality, not knowing how heavy it is, and hope that you do not compare with him. ”

Until then, there was a loud noise from all around them.

After the rain was strong, the powerful people have seen it all, but it was just a resistance to Frost Fai's "Mad Eight" formula 6. If it weren't for the timely appearance of Zong He Wang, he would now only be afraid to have died under "Mad Eight" formula 7.

Everyone looked at Frosty and became more and more enthusiastic and admired.

The battle between Frost Fai and the rain is undoubtedly in the Holy See, causing a huge wave, making it difficult for everyone in the Holy See to calm down.

First, the rain, which has been practicing in low key, is surprisingly strong.

Secondly, the power shown by Frost Fai is incredible.

The crowd was shocked, and they carelessly remembered that Frost Hui's opponent was Qin Yi!

For a while, some Tingwei, to the handsome teenager, had to sympathize, of course, more, but it was a disaster and joy. This man, the man who shared anger, was actually the opponent in the "take over” competition, was Yung Hui. His steps toward the divine guard will definitely end, and it is difficult for a second situation to happen.

“This Frost Fai is so strong that it is so unexpected...”

Pharmacy No. 10, dressed in a silver robe, sighed slightly, that sophisticated, suffocating face with a worrying color.

When she learned that Yuanhui, with absolute strength, would defeat after the rain, the first thing that came to mind in her mind was undoubtedly the forthcoming competition of "seizure of the Kui”, Qin Yi's opponent, is Yuanhui!

“Over these days, Frost Fai has been in the Holy See, everywhere crazy challenges, undoubtedly trying to give Qin Yi a downward horseway, psychologically defeating Qin Yi. ”

The temperament is elegant and pleasant, sighs softly, in the clear eyebrows, also hidden worries.

“Until Master Luo is right, they just want to psychologically defeat Qin Yi first. Once Qin Yi's psychosocial breakdown, then in the 'Kui taking’ competition, Yuanhui can basically defeat Qin Yi easily. Hmm, this Frost Fai is a little insidious. ”

Fu Qing Qing on one side, he grunted softly, some despicable remarks.

“In fact, I still have some confidence in Qin Yi's psychological qualities. It is not easy to defeat him psychologically. What I'm worried about is Frost Fai's golden sword. ”

The colour of the worries on Wang Fushang's face weighed a few points, and he paused: “The golden sword, combined with the" Crazy Eight "practiced by Frost Fai, allows Frost Fai's power to play out perfectly, and, once he fights, he will go into a state of madness, lose his mind, and want to kill each other uncontrollably. ”

Without Luo and Fu Qingqing, they all had to be stunned and stare at each other.

Yes, that's the point!

This time, Qin Yi was afraid of misery...

Qin Yi knows nothing about the fact that Frost Fai is in the Holy See today, stirring up the wind, madly challenging everywhere, and will eventually be defeated by rain.

Over the past few days, he has been hiding in his own stone house, concentrating on the "Heavenly Corpse" Medicine Refining Heart "obtained from the“ Heavenly Corpse ”method.

As the Emperor recalled, in another month, there will be an alchemy competition between the top 10 pharmacies in the Holy See, ranking the top 10 pharmacies according to strength.

Although Qin Yi participated in a series of competitions to become a Divine Defender, he was finally the disciple of the 10th largest pharmacy. He wanted to do his best to rank himself in the pharmacy and try to move forward.

Although Huang Fushang remembers that the contestants of this Alchemy competition have been positioned to leave Lo, as long as they have the ability, they can fully coach him.

“Hoo-hoo... it's so hard! ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi Junyi's face appeared with a bitter slight smile.

After several days of trying to analyze, Qin Yi still has less than one-tenth of what he mastered. This "Heart of Refining Five Pin Dan Medicine" can be described by the word "Heavenly Book”.

This is true for him, and if he is the average person, the hardship and the difficulty are perfectly imaginable, for fear of every hundred years, difficult to grasp.

The teenager's slender finger rubbed the swollen temple for a little while, then again, "Refining Five Pin Dan Medicine Heart" was pulled out of his brain, carefully analyzed, carefully understood, the door could not come out, the second door did not go.

Between the turns, there have been the last three days, coming to the fourth day, one day before the "take over” competition.

At this time, Zong He Wang is old but not lacking a luxurious loft, the tall Zong He Wang, sitting on the straight end of the hall, on his face, with a hint of delight.

And his two disciples, Frost Fai and Yu Yu, stood there with full respect.