The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 474: Challenging Zhuang Gaoyi

“Frost Fai, your performance over the past few days has been quite good. Now, the whole Holy See knows that you have quite an amazing force, and your popularity has climbed to an unprecedented height and momentum, and that's exactly what we want. ”

Zonghe Wang looked at Frost Fai and smiled. “The most important thing is that now, all of us know who you are. Once you enter the state of battle, you will go mad and lose your mind. There are two advantages to your performance: first: Anyone who understands you will have a sense of consternation, so that you can beat each other more easily; and second: the people in the Holy See, since they already know your state of battle, will not blame you even if you kill Qin Yi in the next 'captivity' competition, because it has nothing to do with your ‘intention'. ”

Frost Fai was also an unstoppable joy, saying: "All of this, it is Master and Uncle Song, arranged wisely! ”

Zong and Wang Xu Xu nodded and sighed softly: "You, Uncle Song, do have the means that ordinary people have difficulty with. Since then, even if you kill that boy Qin Yi in the 'Kui taking’ competition, they have no place to complain. ”

After a slight meal, Zong and Wang went on to say, “It's just confusing to me, why haven't you seen Qin Yi's whereabouts in the last few days of crazy challenges, he's really so angry? ”

“Master, maybe this man's co-angry boy was scared by the momentum that his brother has shown over the past few days. Perhaps at this time, he is hiding somewhere, shaking all over himself.” Yu Yu smiled happily.

The frost glow beside it is also a joy.

Zong and Wang muttered for a moment, saying: "It is possible to be frightened by the momentum displayed by Frost Fai in the past few days, but it is absolutely impossible to be frightened, otherwise he will not bear the title of ‘noble and elegant’, in the shadow and snow mountains to play the court guards, even Yu Wang dared to kill in the mausoleum garden, enough to see this boy, with extraordinary courage. In fact, I prefer to believe that after seeing the momentum of Frost Fai, he hid and practiced wildly. ”

Hiding and practicing?

Frost Fai and Yu Yu's eyes were all softly lit up, so that the two of them gently nodded their heads for a reason.

“Since he will hide from the madness of practice, then, that is, he has developed a fear of Frost Fai, once a person has developed a fear, psychologically, is very susceptible to collapse. ”

Zong and Wang smiled, surely said: “Next, we just need one more impressive note, this kid's psychology, definitely collapsed! ”

Another shocking note?

Frost Fai and Yu Yu similarly glanced at each other, and each other's eyes had a confusing color.

“What does the master mean? ”

Frost Fai asked the frown slightly.

“Challenge Zhuang Gaoyi, and defeat him. ”

The smile on Zong and Wang's face remained unchanged, he said faintly.

- What? - What?

Challenge Zhuang Gaoyi and defeat him!

Frost Fai and Yu Yu, stunned open his mouth, his chin shattered the ground, standing there, incredibly blinking his eyes.

They didn't expect that Zong and Wang would let Yunghui challenge Zhuang Gaoyi!

You know, Zhang Gaoyi, that's a great master!

Since he is a great master, he is naturally much higher in strength than the average Tingwei, otherwise he would not be eligible to become a great master at all.

Even though Zhuang Gaoyi ranks last among the 30 archbishops of the Holy See, his strength cannot be underestimated!

“Both of you, don't doubt your ears. If you hear me correctly, I want Frost Fai, challenge Zhuang Gaoyi, go now, and, in this war, Frost Fai will only win, don't lose! ”

Zong and Wang smiled.


Frost Fai and Yuyu Yu, finally came back from the shock. On the corner of the two, challenging the archdeacons, they all slipped silently down a cold sweat. This decision of master respect is so crazy!

“Frost Fai, you don't have to worry, Zhang Gaoyi, as a great master, ranks, but is the end. If you do your best to defeat his grasp, you have to believe in yourself, and more in your Golden Sword, in conjunction with the power of Madness 8. ”

Zonghe Wangton went on to say: “You don't need to be frightened at all by the three words' Archdeacon '. In fact, your' 10 Archdeacon 'strength is very unusual, but nobody has ever challenged the Archdeacon before. In my estimation, if it's really challenging, the Pucky Mai at the top of‘ 10 Archdeacon 'will succeed in challenging at least the 15 Archdeacon. ”

After listening to him, Frost Pfizer gained a lot of confidence, and even became a little overwhelmed.

Ordinary Tingwei, challenging the Archbishop, that was an unprecedented event in the Holy See. If the challenge succeeded, I can't imagine how exciting it would be in the family.

And as the opponent of Frost Fai, Qin Yi, in the "seizure of the Kui” competition, what will be his reaction once he sees Frost Fai defeat both Zhuang Gaoyi? This time, even the soul will tremble, right?

“All right, do as your teacher tells you. Next, challenge Zhuang Gaoyi! ”

Frost Hui said word for word, at this time, he, in the body, was already hot blood boiling, in his eyes, hidden burning wild warfare.

Once the idea was settled, no delay was made. Frost Fai immediately took his golden sword and said goodbye to the King and walked to Zhuang Gaoyi's residence.

“I'll go and see if I can help Brother Sukewick.” Yuyu said excitedly.

“Go on. ”

Zonghe Wang gently waved the sleeve and smiled. “I'll be there shortly, Frost Fai challenged Zhuang Gaoyi. Such a big thing, in a moment, basically everyone in the Holy See will watch it. ”

“Tap!” “Tap! ”

Frost Hui's footsteps, sounding in the Holy See, echoed on the walls between those structures, his steps, extremely steady, with some wonderful rhythm, every step, the whole earth, following a slight tremor, and the space beneath his feet, as if it were rippling in water, swinging in circles.

Undoubtedly, at this time, he, in his chest, was pouring with tremendous warfare, which could be deduced from his wild eyes alone.

His original yellow robe, previously torn to pieces in the war against the rain, is now wearing a golden robe, which makes him look noble and powerful.

The golden robe, constantly buzzing, was caused by the presence of an ambitious patriarchal energy, in the distance, as if it were a giant radish of gold, moving forward.

At a distant glance, that mighty aura, it's gone, but it's rather ridiculous.

With his golden sword, he walked step by step to Zhuang Gaoyi's residence, steady and slow.

Perhaps he feels this way, looks a little more audacious.

“Look, Frost Fai is here! ”

With the emergence of Frost Faith, it was soon discovered by Tingwei, and now Frost Faith's momentum in the Holy See is so vigorous, I don't want to be unnoticed.

In fact, he himself, too, was eager to be noticed, and the more people noticed him, the stronger his aura, in invisibility, would be.

“My grass, looking at this madman, seems to be challenging someone again. ”

“Ha ha, follow me. This time, who will Frost Fai challenge? What kind of masculinity will he show in this battle? ”

Even when there are a lot of Tingwei, quickly catch up with Frost Fai.

Not long ago, this team became haunted, and there were hundreds of people, which is also enough to see how popular Frost Fai has been in the Holy See over the past few days.

However, while these people are excited, their minds are full of confusion. Who is Frost Fai going to challenge this time?

Such a huge team, almost in the Holy See, all the people were astonished. The great masters, the great alchemists, all flushed out curiously. Even the existence of the Knife River King appeared, and frost glow moved forward as if it were a golden radish, and cast a curious eye on it.

“This Frost Fai, this time the situation, is so huge, who exactly is going to challenge? ”

The memories of the Emperor in the silver robe raised the shallow eyebrows slightly, confused in his heart.

“This bastard, with such a big platoon, is afraid that no one else will know he's going to challenge the same, Master, why don't we go check it out. ”

Fu Qing was surrounded by an obvious disgusting color on his face.

Wang Fushang's memory sinked a little, Xu Xu nodded: “Well, let's go see how strong this bastard is, so that we can have a bottom in our hearts. ”

Immediately to open the prelude to the "claw" competition, Frost Hui's opponent, is Qin Yi, as Qin Yi's master esteem of her, very eager to know how strong Frost Hui is.

Immediately, Huang Fushang's memory was no longer delayed. He led Fu Qing and Leaving Lo, and headed in the direction of the disappearance of that haunting team.

“Hey, what the hell is this Zonghe Wang disciple trying to do? Go check it out.”

In a pavilion, a charming woman in a red robe appeared. She was the second-largest Fiber King among the five peak masters, shaking and rushing out.

Everything, just as Zong and Wang thought, was not going to happen. Almost everyone in the Holy See was attracted, because such a great challenge had never existed.

Only Qin Yi, at this time he, still hid in his residence, earnestly understood "The Heart of Refining Five Pin Dan Pharmaceuticals", not interested in the noise outside.

Perhaps he didn't notice at all, because at this time, he was completely attracted to the book "The Heart of Refining Five Pints of Medicine".

Soon, Frost Fai came to Zhuang Gaoyi's attic, stood still and suddenly had a big drink: “Master Zhuang, I, Frost Fai, want to challenge you today! ”