The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 488: Stone Statue of the King of Kyushu

Fei Laohuai glanced at Qin Yi in the crowd and was also quite a bit of a cry. He snapped and said: "Okay, let's all go inside, pick the time of martial arts on the second floor, or, like the first floor, is 30 minutes, 30 minutes later, whether you have picked martial arts or not, you must come out. ”

Fei Laohui's voice, everyone hurried to flutter the natural qi in the body, rushed to the martial arts court, and burst away.

Whoever first discovers the immortal martial arts that exists on the second floor, belongs to whomever it is, and no one can compete, not even the strongest Pucky Mai, otherwise, will be disqualified from the "winning” contest.

The scene on the second floor of the Wushu Pavilion is similar to the first floor, with rows of wooden shelves neatly arranged there, and each wooden shelf is filled with all kinds of martial arts.

These martial arts, which are often cleaned up, are still spotless despite the fact that no teenagers have been placed here.

This second level of martial arts is clearly one grade higher than the first level of martial arts.

As soon as we entered the second level of the Wushu Pavilion, Zhongwei looked at those martial arts in a hurry, constantly sweeping, hoping to find the immortal martial arts that existed here.


Just entering the second level of the Wushu Pavilion, Qin Yi's left hand was slightly trembling. The strange feeling of a long disobedience struck his mind again, as if in that very distant past, he had a very precious thing, which was lost here.

“I was right to deduce that the second level of the Wushu Pavilion, the immortal martial arts, existed, is definitely Type 5 of the Seven Types of Tenjin. ”

Qin Yi was ecstatic.

I finally suppressed the ecstasy in my heart. Qin Yi pulled Yang Shiqi and Long Yan around me and breathed out a slight sigh of air: “The two of you, like on the first floor, don't join them in searching for that immortal martial arts, focus on the martial arts suitable for your training. ”


Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are both surprised to look at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked at the strange colour on the faces of the two people and said with a smile: “I have already sensed that the immortal martial arts that existed on the second floor of this Wushu Pavilion, frankly, it is the same martial arts as the immortal martial arts that existed on the first floor - the" Seven Types of Celestial Demons ". At that time, it existed on the first floor, it was the" Seven Types of Celestial Demons "Semi-Formula 4, and the second floor, it should be the fifth. ”

- What? - What?

Yang Shiqi and Long Yan glanced at each other for a moment and stunned there.

With that charming glassy eye gently blinking, Yang Shiqi asked carefully: "Qin Yi, as you said before, the immortal martial arts called" Seven Types of Celestial Demons "can only be practiced by yourself. Even if someone else finds it, it can't be practiced? ”

“Exactly! ”

Qin Yi nodded and smiled.

“Very good.”

The dragon flame beside him grinned happily: "Hey, let them, try to find the immortal martial arts. ”

Next, Qin Yi threesome, ignoring the other Tingwei, Qin Yi began to carefully choose martial arts for Yang Shiqi and Long Yan.

“Sister Yang, I think what you need to improve now is strength. Your Flying Seven is very powerful on the move, but your power is a little out of step. ”

Qin Yi Meiyu slightly analyzed the situation of Yang Shiqi.


Yang Shiqi softened his beautiful head and placed unconditional trust in Qin Yi.

Qin Yi turned his face and looked at the dragon flame for a moment of contemplation. He said: "The power of dragon flame is superior in physical defense, but it is slightly lacking in speed, so I suggest you pick a speed martial arts to practice. ”


Dragonflame doesn't say anything, nods instantly.

“Qin Yi, what kind of martial arts do you think I'm better suited to? ”

A beautiful voice, but suddenly came from behind the three of them, slowly.

Qin Yi threesome, slightly stunned, turned around, saw only Xuanlan as if he were an elf. Somehow, he had already stood behind them, the clear glass eyes, gently blinking, looking to Qin Yi, hidden the colour of a prayer.

The girl suddenly smiled shallow and said: “Qin Yi, you have helped me so much, I will definitely make you feel better. ”


Qin Yi was forced to have a slight facial expression and showed a slight interest.

Qin Yi, according to the characteristics of Xuanlan himself, again carefully analyzed, a moment later, Qin Yi said: "Xuanlan, in fact, your strength, speed and physical defense are very balanced, I suggest you, you can choose a martial arts training to improve blood gas. ”

The martial arts of blood uplifting, although they are all ancillary martial arts, but sometimes a person's blood strength and weakness can also be the key to victory and defeat. A person with strong blood strength, like physical defense, is more resistant to attack.

Normally, there will also be a slight improvement in strength and physical defense after the martial arts of blood gas has been cultivated.

“Well, thank you, Qin Yi! ”

Xuanlan's glassy eyes completed two intoxicating moon teeth and sincerely thanked Qin Yi.

Next, Qin Yi is helping Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan to seriously provoke martial arts.

Not yet.

Yang Shiqi picked out a copy of Blood Refining and Breaking.

"Blood Refining and Breaking", is a force martial arts, divided into three layers, early, mid-term, and successful. For each layer of training, the strength of the practitioner will be doubled.

Dragon Flame, is the selection of the "Royal Wind Holy Gospel".

"Royal Feng Holy Gong", speed martial arts, this speed martial arts, is divided into five layers, when practicing on the fifth layer, speed will be infinitely close to the instantaneous shift, can be described as quite astonishing.

Xuanlan's choice of martial arts is the Heavenly Pathway.

This ancillary martial arts in blood gas, like Yang Shiqi's Blood Refining and Breaking, is divided into three layers, early, mid-term, and satisfactory.

And surprisingly, once the Heavenly Pathway has been cultivated to its full realm, there is a certain chance that it will become immortal, just like Qin Yi's Return to Life.

After helping Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan pick up martial arts, Qin Yi exhaled softly and looked at the second floor of this martial arts pavilion, slowly sweeping.

“Buzz...” “Buzz...”

Qin Yi's left hand, constantly trembling, the wonderful feeling of his heart, at this time, to the extreme.

Seems to be driven by an unknown intangible force, Qin Yi's eyes. Finally, it landed on a stone statue in a corner. The stone statue obviously doesn't know how many years it has existed. It is full of the feeling of rustic mulberry.

“This is the statue of the King of Kyushu! ”

When Qin Yi's eyes fell on the face of the stone statue, the whole person suddenly held on. His chin broke the ground. In the teenager's heart, between the moments, a terrible wave rose.

Indeed, the appearance of this statue in front of you is exactly the same as that of the King of the Kyushu of Immortality that you saw on your previous trip to Immortality.

The first Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, was the Emperor of Time and Space. During that very distant fairy years, the King of Kyushu had a good relationship with the Emperor of Time and Space. Now, the statue of the King of Kyushu would appear in the Holy See of Kyushu, not surprisingly.

And what shocked Qin Yi was, why did the stone statue of the King of Kyushu give himself that wonder?

“Is the Seven Types of Celestial Demons martial arts created by the King of Kyushu? But on that trip to Fairy Ancient, I didn't hear that the King of Kyushu was the Heavenly Demon. Even on the whole trip to Fairy Ancient, I didn't hear the name 'Heavenly Demon’..."

Qin Yi was shocked, but also confused to the extreme.

“Legend has it that this stone statue is a certain Immortal Emperor. Hee-hee, Qin Yi, you don't choose martial arts, why are you stunned at this stone statue? ”

A smile, coming from behind, was Dongmen Yan, a pair of foxy eyes, confused.

Others are trying to find the presence in this Wushu Pavilion on the second floor of some Xianggu Martial Arts Tingwei, are also curious to look to Qin Yi.


Looking handsome, he laughed and said: "Dongmen Yan, have you forgotten that this man is an angry fellow," too tall "to understand the first level of martial arts. This level, too, is probably incomprehensible. Of course, he can only appreciate this statue of stone. ”

Words of completion, sharp ears.

Others present, rumours, were forced to Guan 'er, shook his head lightly towards Qin Yi's helplessness. This second level of martial arts is higher than the first level of martial arts, and Qin Yi is unable to understand and is also in reason.

Qin Yi, however, did not take the enthusiasm of completion to heart. At this time, his eyes had been concentrated on a finger on the left hand of the Wangshi statue in Kyushu, where he was wearing a stone ring.

That stone ring looks rather rustic, and even has several cracks, and it looks like it's about to break into pieces.

“Buzz...” “Buzz...”

When Qin Yi's eyes touched the stone ring, his left hand became more and more trembling. The feeling of wonder in his heart reached the extreme.

“… Type 5 of Seven of the Celestial Demons, hidden in this stone ring? ”

Qin Yi's heart had to jump. He slowly walked to the stone statue of the King of Kyushu, took off the stone ring on his finger and put it on his index finger on his left hand.

As the stone ring was worn on the index finger, Qin Yi's entire person suddenly stayed, because between the hectares, a lot of information, at this time from the stone ring, constantly emerged, through his understood left hand, appeared in his mind.

“Knock! ”

When the information contained in the stone ring, all poured into Qin Yi's mind, the stone ring also suddenly broke into several pieces, and when it fell on the floor, it instantly turned into powder.

Qin Yi ignored the powder ring, but quickly browsed through his mind, that a lot of information.

After a while, Qin Yi browsed all of this information, and he also became ecstatic and almost jumped up excited.