The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 489: Formula V

Although this information is unusually harsh, he is perfectly certain, indeed, that this information is the cultivation technique of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, Model 5.

As long as you can cultivate the Seven Types of Celestial Demons successfully, you will undoubtedly take a whole new step in your strength!

“Qin Yi, how about this stone statue with what you want? ”

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan walked up and asked in confusion.

Qin Yi finally suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and nodded with a smile: “Yes, and I've got what I want from this stone statue. ”

“Really? That's great! ”

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, they can't help but rejoice.

Xuanlan beside him raised his white jade hand and touched his forehead. Glass eyes emitted confusing eyes.

Thirty minutes, soon.

Undoubtedly, the other Tingwei, as they did on the first floor, did not find the immortal martial arts that existed on this second floor, and after hastily choosing an immortal martial arts, they left rather unhappy.

However, when they look at Qin Yi empty-handed, their hearts feel much better.

Lao Huai, the chief of the general affairs hall, remained outside the gate of the Wushu Pavilion.

“As is customary, you all have to report the martial arts of your choice. I have to register. Three months later, all the martial arts of your choice have to be returned to the Martial Arts Council. ”

Lieutenant Laohuai said.

“The martial arts I chose was" Soul Sealing Light. "”

“My choice of martial arts is Dance Six Changes. ”

“ …… ”

One Tingwei, all of his chosen martial arts, was reported to Captain Lao Huai.

Soon, it was Qin Yi's turn.

“Hmm? Qin Yi, why didn't you pick martial arts? ”

Looking at Qin Yi empty-handed, Fei Laohui blinked incredibly gently.

Qin Yi touched his nose. For a moment, he did not know how to answer. If he said that he had actually acquired the immortal martial arts that existed on this second level, he would surely cause a huge sensation in the Holy See, and would also attract the envy of many people. This scenario undoubtedly is extremely detrimental to him.

If he says no, then it can be imagined that Lieutenant Laohui will compensate him for 1,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. Last time, he had earned 1,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones for nothing. He was embarrassed to earn them again.

At a time when he was embarrassed.

Behind him, Cheng Ye's sharp and stinging voice sounded again: “Tsk, Captain Late Master, aren't you asking too many questions? Martial arts on the first level of the Wushu Pavilion, some people with ‘very high' knowledge, are difficult to understand, let alone the second level. ”

Fei Laohuai slightly glanced at the handsome teenager in front of him and sighed helplessly.

At this time, he, too, was quite confused in his heart. This teenager, with astonishing fighting power, was also incredibly talented in the field of alchemy. How could he not understand the martial arts of the Martial Arts Academy?

After a pause, Lieutenant Laohuai spoke softly and said: “Martial arts on the second level of the Wushu Palace is higher than the first level. This time, make up for 1,500 Kyushu Lingyuanshi. ”


1,500 Kyushu Lingyuanshi!

Qin Yi stunned there, thinking he heard wrong, incredibly hard to blink, he thought it was another 1000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones. Who knows, this time it was 1,500, 500 more!

Both Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame beside each other, also stunned with their mouths open and their chins shattered.

“There can't be any more, just 1,500, because it's your problem. ”

As last time, Lieutenant Lao Huai stressed.

That's it, I didn't do anything. In a blink of an eye, 1,500 Kyushu Lingyuanshi arrived!

Good for a while.

Qin Yi exhaled softly and forcibly suppressed the ecstasy in his heart. On the surface, he gently softened his head: “The problem is indeed with me, the Holy See compensates me for 1500 spiritual stones, I have no objection. ”

“... this idiot! ”

Behind the completion, he laughed directly.

The rest of Tingwei, too, looked at Qin Yi quite funny. Obviously, the martial arts that existed on the second level of the Wushu Cabinet, any one of which, once cultivated successfully, was worth far more than 1500 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi.

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders and did not care about the smile of completion.

“Ping-pong! ”

Upon returning to his stone house, Qin Yi closed the door, and Junyi's face was full of intense delight. This time, he earned a lot of money. Not only did he get the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" Model 5, but he also obtained an entire 1,500 Kyushu Lingyuan stones.

1,500 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, which is already a tremendous asset.

He never thought, entering the Kyushu Holy See, that wonderful things would happen to him in succession.

Last time I got 1000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones for no reason, this time, I got 1,500 whole pieces for once again, so much money, even if I buy a good sacred instrument, even a bad artifact, should be enough!

After ecstatic for a while, Qin Yi's mood finally calmed down slowly. He began to focus his energies and bring out the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" Model 5, browsing and understanding.

Exactly three days later, Qin Yi, in the case of integrating all the potential of King Sen Luo into his body, still understood only some fur for the fifth formula of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons".

“It's so hard! ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly. His handsome face was a little bitter.

Based on past experience, once the cultivation method of Formula 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons has been comprehended, an illusion of the Immortal Celestial Demons will appear in the mind, and Formula 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons will be shown to himself.

If we fail to understand all the cultivation methods of Type 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, the phantom of the Immortal Celestial Demons will not appear.

In other words, it cannot be cultivated unless the cultivation methods of Formula 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons are fully understood.

“Anyway, the cultivation method of Type 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons has been obtained, and there will be plenty of time to cultivate later. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, not in a hurry.

Temporarily put down the fifth version of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" and Qin Yi left the stone house.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's figure appeared in Pharmacy 10.

Over time, the ranking alchemy competition between the top 10 pharmacies is getting closer and closer, while the interior of the top 10 pharmacies is getting ready with tension.

There is no doubt that the top 10 pharmacies attach great importance to this Ranked Alchemy Competition, which is not only a matter of honour, but also of interest. In order to make this Ranked Alchemy Competition more competitive, the top echelons of the Holy See, likewise, set a very rich reward for this Competition.

And the higher the ranking pharmacy, the richer the rewards will naturally be.

“Qin Yi, are you here? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Liu and Fu Qing Qing are both happy. Especially Liu, the crystalline jade cheeks on both sides are very exciting and red. They look quite moving.

“Leaving Lo, what do you think of that Alchemist I gave you the other day? Is there anything you don't understand? ”

Qin Yi opened the door and asked.

He appeared at Alchemy 10 this time to learn about Leo's progress in Alchemy.

“Fortunately, there are some tough places where you've annotated, so it's not too hard to understand.” Shallow smile away from Luo said, holding the wonderful breasts without a trace, slightly stretched out, with a rub of breast on his face and bamboo confidence.

Qin Yi smiled slightly, and began to ask Lilo the question about that part of "Refining Five Pints of Dan Medicine": “Each Dan Medicine cannot be made of only one medicine. Some Dan Medicines, even more than a dozen medicines, must be refined in order to make it. How do you accurately grasp the relationship between the medicine and Dan Fire? ”

“The timing of each drug change is different. When the first drug changes, the flame must be controlled slightly less, and when the second drug changes, the drug must be controlled less, and so on, in order to maximize the power of each drug without being refined. ”

Lifting his little hand away from Lo, he touched the glossy forehead without any flaws. Without thinking much, he smiled lightly and said, her voice was extremely soft, making people feel like spring wind.

Qin Yi nodded herself and paused, asking the second question: “How do you make a high quality Dan medicine? ”

He still didn't think much about it and spoke out: “First of all, in the choice of medicines, it is necessary to choose the medicines that are as old as possible, because the longer the years of the medicines, the more essence Qin Yi contains. Secondly, it is necessary to improve one's alchemy technology and experience as much as possible. Once again, one's energy is extremely demanding. The better one's energy, the greater the chance of producing high-quality Dan medicine. ”

“ …… ”

Next, all of Qin Yi's questions were answered by Qin Yi. Qin Yi's heart was shocked. This Qin Yi was so talented in the alchemy field that he said he was a super genius and could not be overstated.

You know, that's what it's like to refine five pints of Dan medicine. Even if Qin Yi marked annotations in a number of places, it's impossible to do the right thing like leaving Lo and replacing it with a regular alchemist.

Seeing the hidden sense of frustration on Qin Yi's face, he smiled lightly from Luo Di. He was delighted in his heart. He really rarely saw this guy and revealed the color of frustration.

I think of this handsome teenager in front of me, usually in the Holy See, the look of the scolding wind cloud, but at this moment, in front of me, there is a slight feeling of frustration, away from the eyes of the Spirit of Luona, look at him, heart, more and more happy.

“Qin Yi. ”

A beautiful voice, suddenly coming from behind.

Qin Yi Shenzhen, slightly lagged, turned around and saw only the memories of the Emperor in the silver robe, Zhengting Tingyu standing there, a silver hair like dragon flame, natural cape down, beautiful wheel.