The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 492: 10,000 Years of Medication

With the emergence of Soya, the original loud lobby, in a moment, was quiet. All the male eyes in the lobby were slightly hot and concentrated on Soyana's sexy white legs.

In this regard, Soya has long been accustomed to looking at the slightly hot males around her without giving a shred of thought. She still looks at the front without oblivion. She is quite a handsome teenager, twisting her delicate hips and shaking her figure.

“What a monster! ”

Looking at Suya coming towards her model, Qin Yi's heart sighed slightly.

Both Fu Qing Qing and Li Luo were also shocked by Soya's demons and opened their mouths slightly.

“Qin Yi, are you here to buy medicine? ”

When Suya came to Qin Yi, she smiled shallow and her voice crept into the bone: “Hip, you little guy, it's been a long time since you've come, so I've been expecting you every day. ”

As soon as she said that, in the lobby, the eyes of many males suddenly moved from Soya's sexy legs to Qin Yi. In that eyes, there was obvious hostility.

Bearing the eyes of the males, Qin Yi's horn, a cold sweat, silently slipped down. This fox genius is really a scourge to the people!

Looking at Qin Yi's embarrassment, Fu Qingqing and Lilo beside him, but they all kept their hands under their mouths and smiled silently. They were quite fortunate and happy.

Qin Yi rubbed off the cold sweat flowing down the corner without a trace. He helplessly whitened Fu Qingqing and Zhiluo. He looked at Soya and said: “Sister Soya, you are so serious, I am just an ordinary court guard of the Kyushu Holy See. How can you let the noble Sister Soya hang my stomach? ”

“Pfft! ”

Looking at Qin Yi's authentic appearance, Soya directly smiled and sounded. This smile pulled the two massive groups in front of her chest. A beautiful ripple appeared, and the divine colour of Qin Yi was slightly dazed, and she secretly swallowed a sip.

Stop smiling. Soya glanced at Qin Yi in a beautiful way and said: “Little brother, you've been talking a lot for days. How do you know I didn't think about you? Come on, sister, I'm gonna take these days and think about you, and let it all out on you. ”

After Yan Bi, Soya twisted her delicate ass and walked straight ahead. Suddenly, she smiled back at Qin Yi: “Little brother, come on, sister, I can't wait. ”

To think about my Dynasty Twilight, spill it all on me!

Sister, she can't wait!

Why is it so easy to think about grass?

Qin Yi stood there stunned and opened his mouth.

This Soya sister is really nasty, but also exciting!

And Fu Qingqing and Lilo beside him, their cheeks were red, even a slight sip: “Boo! ”

And in the eyes of the surrounding males, hostility suddenly became a few points, almost killing people.

“You two wait here for me, I'll be right there.” Qin Yi turned around and said to Leaving Luo and Fu Qing.

“What, Qin Yi, are you really going? ”

Fu Qingxuan asked differently. Leaving Lo, he also raised his head suddenly. He looked at Qin Yi with astonishment. On the cheeks of the two people, they were red.

Qin Yi sighed for a moment and gently lowered his head. He did not delay any longer and went straight with Suya.

Looking at Qin Yi's distant back, Fu Qinghong rugged his tempting little mouth. He leaned slightly without hesitation. His nose hummed and muttered: “Surely, men stink. ”

Qin Yi naturally couldn't hear Fu Qingqing's dissatisfaction. He followed Suya, who was the victim of the evil country. In the chamber of commerce, he turned seven times and went around. In a short while, he came to the last Yama.

The two entered the elegance one after the other, with a faint fragrance. Qin Yi suddenly fluttered his nose and felt only a short spiritual exhilaration.

Suya trapped Nazhana in that broad leopard leather chair and adjusted to her most comfortable position. She softened her sexy legs with elegance. That was not a long cheongsam. The skirt slipped slightly with her stirrups.

Suddenly, her attractive legs like coagulant grease were all in Qin Yi's sight, even the rich and mysterious leg root was hidden.

Qin Yi's gaze, uncontrolled on those sexy legs enough to make any man crazy, slowly sweep, for a moment, is a sign of a nosebleed.

“Sister Soya, what is wrong with you?” Qin Yi touched his nose and felt like a needle felt as he painstakingly removed his gaze from the pair of beautiful legs that seduced private indemnity.

“Pfft! ”

Looking at Qin Yi's appearance, Soya seemed quite happy. Once again, she smiled and shouted. She put her mouth aside again. She glanced at Qin Yi in a glorious way and said, “Sister Soya, do I really leave you without any impulse? Did you know that your heart is broken when you act so serious? ”

“Ah, Sister Suya, how can I be a little... Oh, no, Sister Suya, where have you been? ”

Qin Yi was incapacitated and embarrassed to find a sew into her. Her face was all red. This beauty was really hateful. She teased me like this. I really wanted to press her on the chair and arch her hard!

Soya laughed and leaned back and twitched.

After laughing, Soya threw a messy hairline on her forehead. After that, she kept a red on her crystalline jade cheek. She said positively: "I'm not teasing you. Qin Yi, are you sure you don't want to come to the Chamber of Commerce as an alchemist? We can give you an annual salary of 1,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, and that doesn't delay your practice, as long as you come from the Kyushu Holy See to refine Dan medicine when we need it at the Chamber of Commerce. Otherwise, you can still stay in the Kyushu Holy See to practice. ”

1000 Kyushu Lingyuan Stones Annual Salary!

Qin Yi's divine color, slightly dazed, inhaled a sip of cool air, really deserves to be the largest chamber of commerce in Yunwancheng, really rich and coarse, the target, is the annual salary of 1000 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi!

This number of salaries is enough to move any alchemist.

However, Qin Yi is not here.

After a slight indulgence, Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “Sister Su Ya, dissatisfied with you, we, the Holy See of Kyushu, still have two games, one ‘take the seat' competition and one 'take the king’ competition, both of which are extremely important to me, I have to go all the way, so I'm afraid I really don't have time to come to your Chamber of Commerce to refine Dan medicine. ”

“I see...”

Soya snorted, her beautiful face couldn't hide her disappointment for a while. She paused and spoke softly: "Well, in that case, I won't force you. ”

“Sister Xie Soya understands! ”

Qin Yi's divine color was slightly pine, respectfully said.

With that delicate jade hand gently swayed, Suya stopped getting involved in this matter and shifted the subject. Then she looked at Qin Yi's foxy eyes and glistened: “This time you came to our Chamber of Commerce to buy blood lotus, forgetting dust grass, Sheng Xianlian, golden phoenix rain dew, condensed fruit, incensed grass, cold incense leaves, blue sky jade, these medicines? ”


Qin Yi softly turned his head and said, quite helplessly: "It's just that in your chamber of commerce, the remaining products of these kinds of medicines are somewhat unsatisfactory in the year, the largest is only the year 2000. ”

When I think of the three people, I premeditated to buy all these 5000 vintage medicines. In Qin Yi's heart, I couldn't help but breed a smear of annoyance.

“Who said that? ”

Sitting opposite Suya, she lifted the beautiful corner of her mouth slightly to outline a beautiful smile and looked at Qin Yi without blinking.


What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi looked at this demonic woman in confusion.

The laughter on the corner of Soya's mouth grew stronger. Her upper body slowly moved forward and looked straight at Qin Yi. She was angry as if Lan: “Qin Yi, those kinds of medicines you need, I actually have a little survival here, and the price is not expensive. Most importantly, the years of these medicines are all 10,000 years old. Excuse me, do you need to buy them? ”


Qin Yi's entire person instantly petrified, his chin smashed the ground.

10,000 years...

“Pfft! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Soya smiled happily again and said: "Little brother, please answer my question, do you need to buy? ”

Qin Yi returned to God and was ecstatic in his heart. He nodded urgently: “Need, need, need too much! ”

He suddenly realized that Soya would appear demonic this time, the main purpose of which was to help herself.

For a moment, Qin Yi's heart gently flowed through a strong warmth and said wholeheartedly to Soya: “Thank you so much for this time. ”

Until then, he had intended to pass on the rest of "The Heart of Refining Five Pints of Dan" to Jiro, but even if he did, he was not sure at all because time was too short.

Now that he doesn't have to do it at all, one of Suya's demons shows up and solves all the problems easily.

“You don't have to thank me, I'm just not used to the arrogance of your alchemists in the Holy See of Kyushu, the other pharmacies. ”

Suya smiled shallow and went on to say: “Of course, the point is Sister Suya, I think about you son, hip-hop! ”

Qin Yi shenzhen, slightly lagged, slightly embarrassed to touch his nose.

Next, Soya tapped her little hand like a jade. Even when there was a young servant with a long body and a beautiful face, she opened the door and asked Suya respectfully: "What can I do for you, Mr. Su? ”

“Bring blood lotus, dust grass forgetting, sheng xian lotus, golden phoenix rain dew, condensed fruit, incensed grass, cold incense leaves, blue sky jade, each of these medicines, 100 copies, and they must be 10,000 years old.” Soya waved her hand and said casually.


Young servant nodded, as she left, glassy eyes slightly flowed, glancing at the teenager beside her, over her face, hidden a shallow smile with an unknown meaning.

Catching the shallow smile on the girl's face, Qin Yi's heart sighed slightly helplessly. The girl must have thought of herself as Su Ya's lover.