Suya beside her was proud of her state of mind, and her eyes filled with delight.

Not long after the young girl went out, she reappeared in Yama. She had already taken 100 copies of the blood lotus, dust forgetting grass, Xuelian lotus, golden phoenix rain dew, coagulated fruit, incense grass, cold incense leaves, blue sky jade. According to Soya's request, each of these medicines came from 10,000 years.

After the deal was concluded, Qin Yi was no longer delayed. He said goodbye to Soya and got up and left Yama.

“Little brother. ”

Soyana's crisp voice rang from behind her.

Qin Yidong stopped and looked back confused, but saw Soya holding the arrogant balls in her chest. She pushed herself quite hard and smiled. “Little brother, don't think too much about your sister! ”

This Sister Soya, she's always so fierce!

Qin Yi almost fell to the ground and left like a runaway.

“Here we go! ”

Looking at Qin Yi fleeing in the wilderness, Soya laughed and climbed on the leopard leather chair, making fun of this little brother, it was a lot of fun!

Outside the lobby, only two people were seen to be away from Lo and Fu Qing. They were still in the lobby, waiting for themselves with anxiety. On both cheeks, there was a tempting blush.

Looking at the looks of both of them from a distance, Qin Yi smiled slightly. The two nieces obviously left with Soya, and the misunderstanding was extremely serious.

“Come on, hit the road back home. ”

Qin Yi came to the side of Fu Qingqing and Lilo, smiled slightly, no doubt, at this time, he, in a very pleasant mood, between eyes, was able to purchase a batch of 10,000 years of medicine, this Alchemy competition, their Pharmacy No. 10, won.

“Done? ”

Fu Qing shyly lifted the near-transparent curtain, glanced at Qin Yi and asked shyly.

“It's over! ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly. For a moment, the whole person was very happy and said: "I was still extremely satisfied with this trip to the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce. I didn't expect that, there was such a gain. ”

Fu Qingqing looked at him rather despicably. “You must have had a great time seeing how happy you are." ”

Leaving Luo beside him, his face was already thin. At this moment, he listened to Fu Qingqing's question. He was even more ashamed of both cheeks. Both sides were about to drip out of the water. He lowered his head to death and dared not look at Qin Yi.

Very nice?

Qin Yi opened his mouth slightly stunned and gently nodded his head: “It's really cool! ”

- What? - What?

This guy, he admitted it himself!

Fu Qingqing and Lilo were ashamed to find a seam and went straight into it.

“Qin Yi, can you be a little more shameless? ”

Fu Qingqing suddenly raised his ashamed face and looked at Qin Yi in anger and drank: “Huh, I didn't expect you to be such a person. Having a good time, you admitted it yourself. There was no taboo at all. I felt so worthless for Yang Shiqi. She was so in love with you, but you are here looking for flowers to ask Liu! Shameless, nasty, vile! ”

Her anger, the eyes of the whole hall, suddenly brushed on Qin Yi, every look, is full of despicable color.

With that despicable look on his body, Qin Yi suddenly had a haircut and screamed in haste: “What are you talking about? ”

He couldn't help but say that he hurriedly grabbed Fu Qingqing and Leaving Lo. He rushed to the door of the Chamber of Commerce. Outside the door, he spread the speed and burst towards the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Kid, you let go of me, you touch that foxy's hands so dirty, don't touch me! ”

Fu Qingqing was ashamed and angry, and struggled all the way.

In this regard, Qin Yi ignored, only the two strong arms, one on the left and one on the right, clamped Fu Qingqing and one on the left and the other from Luo's slender waist, stepped on his father's foot, rushed straight out of Yunwancheng, and into a wilderness mountain ridge before putting them down.

“Fu Qingqing, what are you talking about? Did you see which hand I touched Sister Soya? ”

Qin Yi was so angry and funny. Fu Qingqing could be so real, but it was quite a surprise to him.


Fu Qing Qing was quite a show john nose, snorted coldly, and his butt twisted. Turning around, he was too lazy to look at Qin Yi: “You yourself admitted it, it was great! If you didn't even touch it, how could it be fun? Where does it come from? ”

Her snow-white, delicate back neck clearly had a seductive redness.


Leaving Luo beside her, she had long been ashamed, turned her face and took a sip. However, she was calmer and calmer than Fu Qingqing. After all, she looked shyly at Qin Yi and said: "Qin Yi, you plundered us here because you couldn't help but say so. However, we haven't even bought the medicine yet. If we went home empty-handed, Master Honor would certainly blame us. ”

“Ah, medicine! ”

Fu Qingqing's delicate body trembled and suddenly remembered the matter. He hurriedly turned around and said: “What now? ”

Saying, she glanced at Qin Yi with dissatisfaction: “Huh, you are the bad guy, rushing to plunder us out, even forgot to buy medicine. ”

Lifting the white and delicate jade hand away from Lo, he touched his forehead habitually and quickly calmed down. “What can we do now? Return to the Chamber of Commerce to buy medicines from under 2000, but I will try to produce high quality Dan medicines in the Alchemy Contest after 10 years. ”

“Then why are you still standing there? Go back.”

Fu Qingdang will return to Yunwancheng even if he brings his body's natural qi.

“Wait a minute! ”

Behind Qin Yi, suddenly waved at them, bluntly saying: “To produce a high-quality Dan medicine, the year of the medicine, is of the utmost importance. Leaving Lo, I know that your current alchemy technology is completely a standard alchemist, but in the Alchemy 10 days from now, with less than 2000 drugs, you want to stand out, but it's still a bit of a challenge, isn't it? ”

From Luo Weiwei, the spin, the handsome face obviously had to emerge a bitter bitterness, Qin Yi said that with her current alchemy technology, she wanted to stand out in the competition with less than 2000 years of medicine, it was simply Tianfang Night Tan.

“But in the Chamber of Commerce, 5000 years of medicine has been bought by all three of us, what else can we do? ”

Bitter than Los Angeles.

“No problem! ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. In turn, he took out a blood lotus from the prepared storage bag and threw it at Leo randomly. He said: "Leo, I'll take the opportunity to test you. Look, how old is this Xuelian? ”

Away from Luo Qing's shallow eyebrows, he slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at Qin Yi in confusion. Even his eyes slowly fell on the blood lotus in his hand.

The moment her eyes touched the blood lotus, she was moved away from Ronaldona's delicate body, but suddenly trembled, the whole person stayed for a moment, the pair of elevated breasts, a sharp rise and fall, obviously her mood at this moment, extremely uneasy.

“Sister, what's wrong? ”

Looking at the appearance of Lo, Fu Qing beside him had to be confused to ask, her eyes, too, fell on the blood lotus in Lo's hands, but with her current creation in the field of alchemy, she could not see the year of this blood lotus.

“It's a 10,000 year old bloody lotus! ”

Breathe out loud, glassy eyes, shock coexist with ecstasy.

“10,000 years…”

Fu Qingqing, the whole person, instantly petrified, that attractive red moist mouth, grew into a round “O” type.

“Nice, Leo, your creation in the field of alchemy, with another welcome improvement, you can actually see this blood lotus year at a glance. ”

Qin Yi appreciated gently, he had to admit that this departure from Lo, a rare alchemy genius, the identification of the drug year, even his own, was only mastered before he went to the Divine Demon Mausoleum.

After a slight meal, Qin Yi went on to say: “Actually, when I was at the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce, Suya asked me to go and trade the 10,000 years of medicine with me. And she's going to help us for two reasons. First, she's not used to the arrogance of Gaohan and others. Second, she's kind of interested in hiring me as an alchemist at the Chamber of Commerce. ”

A whole batch of 10,000 years of medicine!

Fu Qingqing and Leaving Lo, suddenly stunned, incredibly lightly blinked his eyes, Fu Qingqing asked carefully: “So this Alchemy competition, our Pharmacy No. 10, isn't it a steady win ticket? ”

“Exactly! ”

Qin Yi slowly nodded, if you have a batch of 10,000 years of medicine, you can't even play the winning ticket steadily, then dammit!

Fu Qingqing and Lilo looked at each other, followed by the dance of the winners!

Looking at this as a dead end, no one thought that this kind of divine turning would happen all of a sudden, it was like a dream!

After ecstatic, Fu Qingqing's face was delicate and red. He came to Qin Yi with caution. The curtains lifted gently. He glanced at him. Cherry whispered a few times. He said: "Qin Yi, it seems I misunderstood you. I asked if you were very happy. You said it was very pleasant. I thought you were kind of pleasant. I'm sorry! ”

“What kind of fun? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Fu Qingqing's pretty face, as if it burned, blushed red. Qin Yi glanced harshly: “Go to hell! Shameless!”

The three of them then proceeded without further delay, each at extremely high speeds, towards the Holy See of Kyushu, and exploded.

Without a doubt, the mood of the three of them is extremely comfortable. This ranked alchemy competition of the top 10 pharmacies, they are going to win Pharmacy 10!

When I think of the three of them, I actually bought all the 5000 year old medicines directly. This shameless act made Qin Yi naturally quite annoying. He even had the urge to drag them down to the pharmacy where they were located.

The pharmacy where the three of them are located: Guqui, Pharmacy 1; and Takaohan and Euphan, Pharmacy 7.