The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 502: Remembering the Hands

“It's really...”

The child's false face was like ashes, then he grabbed Dan Yao's hand and shook constantly.

Most of the people present, including Lieutenant Laohuai, do not know exactly what happened. Pharmacies 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 clearly use 5000 years old materials, but the quality of the refined Dan medicine is not as good as that of other pharmacies.

This scene is so weird!

“Oh, let me say a few words. ”

Suya, dressed in a purple cheongsam, smiled lightly and slowly stood up from the chair, at this time, she was undoubtedly extremely happy, even to say that such a strange game situation today was actually caused by her own hands.

Everyone's eyes are all focused on this beauty, and they are desperate.

They knew that the mystery was about to be solved.

Eugene, the charming foxy eyes, slowly sweeping in the scene, the crisp words into the bone, came from the charming red lips, “In fact, the competitors of the two major pharmacies, Nos. 2, 3, 5 and 10, the materials used to refine the Dan medicine used by Tianling Dan, are 10,000 years old. ”

- What? - What?

10,000 years of material!

Everyone here, including Lieutenant Lao Huai, broke his chin again!

It is naturally easy to win this Alchemy competition with 10,000 years of materials.

However, at the same time, the people were confused. In the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce, the materials for the refining of Tianling Dan over 5,000 years old, didn't you let Pharmacy 1 and Pharmacy 7 contract? 10,000 years of material, where did they get it again?

“That's right, our big pharmacies use 10,000 years of materials! ”

Qin Yi Junyi's face was always smiling with indifference. Xu Xu said: "In the Holy See, some people thought it was really despicable, disregarding the fairness of the game, and tried to trick them into dragging down the big pharmacies Nos. 2, 3, 5 and 10. It's just that people are not as good as day counts, so I bought a limited batch of 10,000 years of medicine, and when I got back to the Holy See, I sold this batch of 10,000 years of medicine to the big pharmacies Nos. 2, 3, 5 and 10, respectively. ”

“Son of a bitch, where the hell did you get this 10,000 year old pill? ”

A growl came, just like Gaohan.

At this time, he and Guqui and Euphan were particularly angry and confused.

On that day, when the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce purchased medicines, they happened to meet Qin Yi, Leaving Luo and Fu Qingqing, and also purchased medicines at the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce.

At that time, he had not forgotten to severely humiliate Qin Yi.

However, at a glance, this man, the angry fellow, suddenly bought a whole 10,000 years of medicine, which was just as untrue as a dream.

Qin Yi slowly turned around and looked at the wind lightly. Because of the extreme anger, the muscles on his face had twisted, Xu Goohan said softly: “Why should I tell you? ”

Gaohan choked, staring there, his face all suffocated into a pig liver color.

“Pfft! ”

Seeing such a scene, Suya, the "culprit", couldn't help but laugh out, she also didn't expect, this teenager, would refuse to answer so simply.

“Boy, how dare you deliberately drag our pharmacies down to hell! ”

The child falsehood, which had already broken his heart, suddenly lost his senses, drank a blast, his body turned into a huge white stream, suddenly burst out, a slap, toward the young man who had pulled it out, and slapped him hard.

He was all over his body and pouring a strong intra-partorial force, passing by, and the space was all heavily distorted.

“Son of a bitch! How dare you hurt my disciple! ”

A delicate drink filled with anger followed by a sound from the other side.

Immediately afterwards, a silver stream flashed in front of everyone's eyes. Between them, it was in front of Qin Yi, one hand protecting Qin Yi behind the other.

It is the memory of the Emperor in the silver robe.


With the Fiber Jade palm of Huang Fushang's memory, with the false hand of the child, he hit hard, a pounding wave of energy, swooping towards the surrounding area.

Around, the defenceless people, by this wave of energy, flew straight up, and rarely fell to the ground.

The whole scene was a mess!

“Outrageous! ”

Fei Laohuai had a sip of anger and an iron blue face. He was also affected by the energy wave. He just felt his chest was bored for a while and couldn't help rubbing his chest: “This is the Alchemy Contest. Do you want to taste the punishment of the Holy See? ”

“It's a little too much indeed! ”

An unusually male voice came, shocked the crowd in the presence, all of them a bloody shock in the body, numbness in the ears, this speaker, the sword river king at the head of the five peaks.

He couldn't keep watching. He obviously had a discomfort on his face. Cold said: "This Alchemy competition is Pharmacy 1 and 7 first, Pharmacy 10 only followed the trick. It's just a trick, it's smarter, so I think this Alchemy competition is fair! ”

Even the Knife River King spoke, the child falsehood and others, however angry, can only be forcibly suppressed, secretly fisting, holding the bones to snap.

This Alchemy match, their big pharmacies, it's over!

“Well, this alchemy race is over. ”

"According to the competitors sent by the major pharmacies, the previous ranking of the major pharmacies will be readjusted, the original Pharmacy 10 will be readjusted to Pharmacy 1. The ranking of Pharmacy 2 will remain unchanged, Pharmacy 3..."

The big pharmacies of 2, 3, 5 and 10 are delightful.

The members of pharmacies 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are a dead face.

This game-like Alchemy game is over!

Everyone has dispersed.

Pharmacy 10. Oh, no, it's Pharmacy 1 now.

“Hee-hee, sis, you're amazing, not only for ranking our pharmacy, but also for winning an entire 3,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Fu Qing unforgivably hugged Li Luo, hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-

That's right, this Alchemy competition won the first place, not only the pharmacy ranked No. 1, but also the reward of 3,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, which can be called famous double harvest.

The Emperor's memory beside her has always been famous for her cold-handedness. At this time, it is as fine as a sculpture. It is also rich in delight and looks very touching.

Eight four-pin pills were refined, and even if she did it herself, it would not be possible to accomplish it.

Until now, she felt as if she was dreaming.

“In fact, I was able to refine eight four-pin dandrugs.In fact, most of it was thanks to Qin Yi. ”

Lifting his fair hands away from Lo, he touched his shiny, full forehead and looked at Qin Yi around him, smiling lightly.


What the hell is going on?

Isn't he just an athlete?

Wang Fushang's memories and Fu Qingqing's news, both had to look at Qin Yi in confusion.

The ability to produce a whole eight or four pieces of Dan medicine from Lo's Alchemy match is incredible.

“Oh, you didn't see that. In fact, the 10 Tian Ling Dan were made by me and Qin Yi together. While refining the medicine, he noticed all the changes in the medicine, and then secretly told me that I just had to control the fire. ”

Rare appearance on Lo's gorgeous face.

Spin, she smiled at Qin Yi again: “Go ahead, Qin Yi, you can just stand next to me and put the medicine warehouse in. All the changes in all the medicines are as knowledgeable and accurate as you can imagine. How exactly did you do that? ”

In fact, at the time of the competition, Leaving Lo also secretly asked Qin Yi this question, but at that time, Qin Yi refused to answer the question in order not to affect the competition.

Wang Fushang's memory and Fu Qingqing beside him also looked at Qin Yi in amazement.

Touching his nose, Qin Yi confessed with a faint smile: “It's very simple. Didn't I tell the two of you when I first entered the Holy See exam? I have an extraordinary sense of spirituality, and when I stand beside you when you refine Dan medicine, as long as you cover it, then everything in the drugstore will be clearly copied into my mind, and all I have to do is look at the images in my head. ”

- What? - What?

As soon as Qin Yi's words came out, Wang Fushang's memory, Leaving Luo and Fu Qingqing were all petrified. He stunned and slightly opened his mouth.

How can it be appalling to copy everything in the drugstore directly into your head?

“Oh, I remember, Qin Yi, when we were in court the day before yesterday, you could feel all the movement within a thousand people. ”

Fu Qing Qing suddenly enlightened.


Qin Yi softly smiled at the others. “I can copy everything from medicine to medicine directly into my mind, that's how it works. ”

After a slight meal, Qin Yi went on to say frankly: “In fact, I am able to make rapid progress in alchemy. A large part of the reason is also because I have a stronger sensory ability than ordinary people. I directly copy all changes in medicine into my mind. Naturally, it is much easier and more accurate than you rely on your palms to perceive changes in medicine through the walls of medicine. It's one of my secrets, and I want you to keep it a secret for me. ”

Qin Yi is frank and generally does not hide anything from his true friends.

The tempting breasts of Wang Fushang, Lilo and Fu Qing are all a massive rise and fall, enough to see why they are shocked and excited.

Wang Fushang's memories stared at Qin Yi, and his narrow, beautiful eyes lit up like two torches, looking quite moving.