The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 507: Ink City

No more stays were made, Qin Yi rose and said goodbye to Qian Lan Fiber, Qin Mu and Zouqin.

Before leaving, Qin Yi gave Souqin 100 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones at will. She took care of her parents and needed to spend a certain amount of money. The remainder was as a reward for Souqin.

Exactly 100 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, if converted into Huaxia currency silver, how much is it?

Seeing so much money, the whole soothsayer person, completely stunned there, couldn't return to God for half a day.

Out of Ling Yumen, Qin Yi and Xuanlan, the speed is again expanded, towards the southeast of Huaxia, bursting.

Almost another day passed.

Qin Yi and Xuanlan finally came to Xuanlan's homeland, the Great Chu Nation.

Because it is a realm, therefore, the humanistic scenery of the Great Chu Nation is not very different from the Chinese Summer Country, human clothing, street buildings are not much different from the Chinese Summer Country.

Coming here, Qin Yi even had the illusion that he was still in Huaxia.

The Sheng clan, in the northern frontier of the Greater Chu Nation.

“Oh, Qin Yi, this is the ink city of our Greater Chu Country. This is close to our Shenzhen family, we Shenzhen family, but there is a Chamber of Commerce here. Let's go, I'll show you to our mall. ”

Xuanlan smiled happily at Qin Yi. Returning to her hometown, this elf-like girl also seemed to have let go of her steadiness and become happy and leaping. Her cheeks were crystal clear on both sides. She was excited and red. She looked quite moving.

The size of Ink City is several times larger than that of the Cloud Waste City of the Cloud Waste Country. Its prosperity is also comparable to that of the Cloud Waste City. In the Greater Chu Country, it is one of the best, second only to the Greater Chu Imperial City.

From Xuanlan's mouth, Qin Yi learned that Ink City alone houses the six famous families of Greater Chuguo, two of them: the Xuan clan, and the Xiao clan.

And the main businesses in Ink City are medicines and weapons.

The pharmaceutical market here, although slightly inferior to Cloud City, is quite famous for weapons, so long as you have enough money and better weapons, you can get them.

It is important to mention here that the common currency of Greater Chu is silver, just like that of Huaxia, because of its neighbourhood. Of course, Kyushu Lingyuanshi, which can also be seen here occasionally, mainly appears in some big deals.

Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi is the common currency of the Kyushu mainland. As long as it is within the scope of the Kyushu mainland, any degree is common.

Of course, if you are going to another continent, it is naturally necessary to exchange Kyushu Lingyuan stones for the common currency of another continent.

As the two people exchanged, Qin Yi also learned from Shenlan's mouth that their Shenzhen family's chamber of commerce, mainly dealing in weapons, while the Xiao family also had a chamber of commerce in this ink city, mainly dealing in medicines.

It can be said that the Sheng clan and the Xiao clan control the main economy of Ink City.

The two walked on crowded streets to the Sheng family's chamber of commerce.

In the appearance of Xuanlan, and her elf-like spirit, nature focuses on the streets, many males, that stunning and fiery gaze.

Xuanlan is accustomed to this and does not care.

“Oh, my God, isn't that the ‘warrior' of the Sheng clan? ”

“Legend has it that she was sent by her family to the Holy See in Kyushu a few years ago, so why did she show up in Ink City again? ”

“You are really lonely, the court was listed six months ago. The centennial battle for the flag is about to take place. As a 'warrior’, can she not rush back to participate in the battle for the flag competition? ”

“I hope that she and the ‘warriors' of the Xiao clan will both compete for the gold and silver flags in this battle flag contest, respectively, for the light of our Ink City. ”

“ …… ”

Soon someone recognised Xuanlan's identity. Everyone looked at Xuanlan and it became hotter and hotter.

In other words, these fierce eyes, again slowly migrated to the teenager next to Xuanlan, and in the meantime, they were filled with extreme colors.

Who's this guy? Accompanied by the warriors of the Xuan family.

Must have burned eight lifetimes of tall incense!

Faced with his envious eyes all around him, the teenager gently touched his nose.

All around Xuanlan, in the face of the noise around, some helplessly wrinkled that pretty good john nose without a trace.

“Excuse me, excuse me. ”

Many people watched, Qin Yi had to hold Xuanlan's delicate incense shoulder with one hand and open the way for her.

Xuanlanzhana's moving delicate body followed the teenager's warm and firm embrace. The slight odor of the opposite sex made her confused, fragrant, like a deer, with crystalline cheeks and a hint of shyness and redness.

“Who's the boy? How dare you embrace Sister Xuanlan so much? Has Sister Xuanlan been in the Holy See in Kyushu for several years?”

In the distance, a gorgeous embroidered building, a girl dressed in a white robe with an extremely gorgeous appearance, immersed that immersive and beautiful eyes, looked at Xuanlan and Qin Yi in the street, brows like willow leaves, slightly raised, into contemplation.

“Moonshine. ”

The girl in the white robe suddenly shouted softly and her voice was soft and round, sounding extremely comfortable.

As she whispered softly, a beautiful little girl dressed in a ponytail appeared in front of her. “What can I do for you, miss? ”

“Sister Sherland has returned from the Holy See in Kyushu. We have been gone for several years. You go ask her to come over and I will tell her how old I am. ”

The white robe girl said.

“Yes, Moon Ho will be there soon. ”

When she heard the name ”Xuanlan", the maid named Yue Hao, her eyes were also bright, her beautiful face appeared, she responded with a smile, and she turned around and left.


The girl in the white robe called Tsukuba again.

Yue Hao had to pause and turn his suspicious gaze toward the white girl.

“Call the teenager next to her. ”

The White Robe Girl sang for a moment and said softly.

Xuanlan, she used "please”, while Qin Yi, she used "call”.

She had a different attitude towards the two, at first glance.

Yue Hao nodded slightly. “Yes, ma'am, I'll be right there. ”

Moon Ho dropped the embroidery building, still some green figure, appeared in the bustling street, heading in the direction of Xuanlan and Qin Yi, rushed to go.

“Yue Ho! ”

Xuanlan is obviously quite familiar with Moon Ho. He sees Moon Ho in the crowd. The eyes of the sky are bright and joyful.

“Hee-hee, Sister Sherland! ”

Moon Ho saw Xuanlan, was also a joy, took a broken step, hurried up to come, and grabbed Xuanlan with affection.

“Qin Yi, let me introduce you. This is Miss Xiao's closest maid. ”

Xuanlan turned around and looked around at Qin Yi and smiled shallow.

“Miss Xiao's maid? ”

Qin Yi's eyes gazed slightly and said, "The Xiao family in your mouth is the Great Chu Nation, the Xiao family of one of the six famous families? ”

“Exactly. ”

Xuanlan twinkled his beautiful head, his moving eyes, and said with a light smile: "And Miss Xiao's family is the ‘warrior’ of Xiao's battle flag this time. ”

Qin Yi heard that he had to be slightly stunned. Xiao's “warrior" was also a woman.

On the other hand, the moonlit on the side, without a trace, put the green breasts that have not yet fully developed, gently stand up, handsome face, with an arrogant color.

After Yue Hao's explanation came, Xuanlan did not hesitate at all. He led Qin Yi, followed Yue Hao and walked forward.

After a moment.

Yuehaek led Xuanlan and Qin Yi to the front of a magnificent building, on the front door of the building, hung a huge plaque, on the plaque, branded with four golden and brilliant large letters - Xiao's Chamber of Commerce.

At the doorstep of the Chamber of Commerce, customers are constantly reaching out and the business seems to be quite hot.

Four full-bodied guards guard around the gate.

Not yet into the Chamber of Commerce, a faint smell of medicine, came the nose, which made Qin Yi feel a little refreshed, subconsciously sucked the nose.

With Yuehuo, entering the Chamber of Commerce, Qin Yimei's gaze slowly swept away, and found that the internal settings of the Chamber of Commerce were very different from those of the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce, all divided into “Dan Pharmaceutical Trading Office” and “Natural Pharmaceutical Trading Office”.

However, the size of the Xiao's Chamber of Commerce is slightly weaker than that of the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce, and the quality of the Dan drugs sold therein, as well as the vintage of natural medicines, is also generally slightly lower than that of the Yunwancheng Chamber of Commerce.

You know, Yunwancheng, which is the whole Kyushu continent, is a famous city of medicines, and many other imperial practitioners go there to buy medicines or Dan medicines.

The Shaw Chamber of Commerce, naturally, is incomparable.

“Qin Yi, Sister Xiao Yan, not only has a fairly high talent in cultivation, but is also extremely powerful in business. This Xiao Chamber of Commerce has always been handled by her. ”

Xuanlan was beside Qin Yi, smiling.

Qin Yi stagnated slightly. In his heart, he had to begin to admire this Xiao family lady.

Soya's means, he has already seen, to take care of a huge chamber of commerce, extremely difficult, without certain abilities, not really.

“Sherland, you're talking about me again, aren't you? ”

A soft voice, all of a sudden, coming from one side.

Xuanlan and Qin Yi, both of them slightly paused, turned around and saw only a beautiful girl in a white robe. She stood there beautifully, with a quiet shallow smile on her white and delicate face.

Xiu Mimei's eyes twirled slightly without a trace. She glanced at Qin Yi next to Xuanlan.

“Sister Xiao Yan. ”

Seeing the girl in the white robe, Sherlandon was happy and happy to welcome the past.

This girl is the “warrior” of the Xiao clan?