The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 509: Sherland's Cousin

Qin Yi glanced, on the four medulla washing dan, Xu Xu Yi swept, immediately identified its quality: three products!

There is no better place than Yunwancheng. In this place, Sanpindan medicine is already extremely precious.

Four three-pin medulla washing dan in Xiao Yan's white palm, Xuanlan Yixi, you're welcome, when it comes to earning into the bag.

Next, Xiao Yan invited Xuanlan to go to her embroidery building, Qin Yi is a man, naturally entered a teenage girl embroidery building, can only stay in the Chamber of Commerce lobby.

Eyes in the lobby, boring sweep, when touching the naringlorious medicine, Qin Yi's heart had to move slightly: Why don't I refine some Dan medicine to help Xuanlan improve the cultivation?

This is true for any game, and the stronger you are, the greater your chances of winning.

And this Xiao's Chamber of Commerce sells the highest quality of Dan medicine, which is also three pints. In fact, the effect of three pints of Dan medicine for practitioners in Zongdao five or more countries is not obvious.

“Just refine some Tian Ling Dan to help Xuanlan improve the cultivation. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Tianling Dan, the 10 largest pharmacy competitions in the Kyushu Holy See, was designated for refining by the top echelons of the Holy See.

This is a fairly advanced Dan medicine, even practitioner cultivation, has broken through the five realms of Zongdao, also has a remarkable effect of upgrading to cultivation.

Of course, the quality of the Dan medicine must be at least three.

If it is under three, the effect is equally insignificant or even ineffective.

As soon as the idea was certain, Qin Yi did not hesitate, and immediately came to the natural medicine trading office. His eyes swept slowly among the many medicines.

He quickly found the medicines needed to refine Tian Lin Dan, but his vintage disappointed him slightly, basically, all below 5,000.

Ink City is not as rare as Yunwancheng, 5000's are already quite rare, unlike Yunwancheng, even 10,000's can be purchased.

“To produce high quality Dan drugs with materials less than 5,000 years old… it is time to really test my alchemy technology. ”

Qin Yi did not hesitate, his eyes were on those medicines that made Tianling Dan, slowly sweeping.

Blood Lotus: Two hundred taels of silver a share.

Forgotten grass: 150 taels of silver per share.

Sheng Xianlian: 230 silver.

Golden phoenix: 250 taels of silver per share.


“The same medicines, in the city of Yunwang, are a lot more expensive. ”

Qin Yi sighed herself.

You know, the value of cloud rough coins is twice as high as silver, 1 cloud rough coin, up to 2 taels of silver.

“Master cabinet, blood lotus, forgetting dust grass, sheng xian lotus, golden phoenix rain dew, condensed fruit, incensed grass, cold incense leaves, blue sky jade, each of these medicines comes in 100 servings. ”

Qin Yi said to the master cabinet.

“Okay. ”

The master cabinet was quite enthusiastic. He nodded to Qin Yi and quickly gave Qin Yi 100 copies of the medicines he needed.

Qin Yi casually took out two of the Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones and threw them on the table.

“Kyushu Lingyuanshi! ”

Looking at the Kyushu Lingyuan stone on the desktop, the eyes of the master cabinet flashed brightly. He was forced to take a fresh look and gauge the handsome teenager in front of him.

Qin Yi exhaled softly, carrying the medicines he had purchased.

The years of these medicines are under 5,000 years old, and he can't guarantee that every Tianjindan refined has more than three.

But that's all we can do now.

Still at the time of the miracle fairy trail, he had the layers to help Xue Bichen to hide in the village of the priesthood, the experience of the Holy Virgin, so he pondered a little and drew up a plan to help Xuanlan.

First, we refined a batch of Heavenly Spirit Dan and gave it to Xuanlan to take. We tried to get Xuanlan to make a breakthrough before competing for the battle flag competition.

Secondly, in martial arts, give Xuanlan some guidance.

At present, he is unable to know the true strength of the “fighters" of the other extended families, but can only help Sherland to improve his strength in the shortest possible time.

After a while.

Shenlan descended from Xiao Yan's embroidery building and the two stopped staying and turned away from Xiao's Chamber of Commerce.

“Sherland, what's wrong? ”

After leaving Xiao's chamber of commerce, Qin Yi sensed the divine color of Xuanlan, always appearing a little heavy. He had to put his eyebrows on, confused slightly.

Xuanlan sighed softly and said: “Many years ago, Sister Xiao Yan actually had an engagement with Hong Tianyang, the young master of the Hung clan. ”


Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay, which is quite surprising news.

Qin Yi remembered that on the way here, Xuanlan had told him that Hung family had won the silver flag in the battle for the flag 100 years ago.

In other words, the current Hung clan is actually a Hou Wang family, the chief of the Hung clan is a party Hou Wang.


Xuanlan nodded his head slightly, wanting to continue, but hearing ahead, suddenly came a noise.

In front of him, a handsome man in a silver robe, riding a tall white horse, headed straight for them both.

Behind Junlang men, hundreds of strong men with long knives, all embroidered with a red “Xuan” on the back of their chests.

Needless to say, these strong men, the general of the Sheng clan, came to greet Sheng Lan under the leadership of a man in a silver robe.

Qin Yi's eyes condensed slightly. In the moment, it was judging the way this pedestrian came. The man riding the tall horse's silver robe gave a sense of qi Yuxuan. The clothes on him were also quite noble. He should be in the Shenzhen family. He had some status.

“Cousin Sherland! ”

The handsome man on the white horse, above his face, instantly appeared a strong joy, shouting at Xuanlan.

“Cousin. ”

Seeing the flying silver robe man, Xuanlan was also happy, waving his snowy, delicate little hand towards the silver robe man.


The man in the silver robe led hundreds of generals, the wind generally rushed over. In between blinks, he came to Qin Yi and Xuanlan.


The men's silver robe slipped across one leg and moved unusually lightly down the horse.

“Wow, that's Xuanjia's piece of jade! ”

“Oh, it's been a long time. It's been a lot more handsome. ”

“Look at me, look at me, look at me...”

With the handsome horse of the silver robe man, around, an idiotic female voice immediately sounded.

However, the man in the silver robe did not care, only to keep his eyes like stars locked in Xuanlan's beautiful face, his eyes hot and his admiration overflowed with words.

Qin Yi only took a closer look before coming. Xuanlan's cousin was indeed unusually handsome, her skin was like jade, her nostrils were tall and her eyes were bright, like the stars in the night sky.