The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 512: Hostilities

Obviously, this half-moon machete was only recently given to her by the Xuan family in preparation for the next battle flag contest. While still in the Holy See, Xuanlan's weapon was not as powerful.

When I think of Xuanlan layer, I told myself that the Shenzhen family, in Ink City, operates weapons. In Qin Yi's mind, there was some explanation. What kind of weapon would not be available in a world of weapons?

“Qin Yi. ”

Xuanlan finally discovered Qin Yi on the side of the martial arts field. Suddenly he was happy and his body was softly exasperated. In the blink of an eye, he came to Qin Yi's face: “Have you come to see me? ”

Duan Ziyu stood in the center of the martial arts field, looking at Qin Yi and Xuanlan. His handsome and unusual face gently appeared to annoy him: “This kid, like dog skin ointment, sticks to his cousin, is really annoying. ”


Looking at the young girl like a fairy, Qin Yi smiled slightly, then Xu Xu said: “Xuanlan, the other day at the Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, I purchased a batch of medicines by the way, unfortunately the year of the medicines, some low, the quality of the refined Dan medicines, some poor expectations, now I will send you the refined ones. ”

Qin Yi gave Xuanlan 10 of the 20 three pints of Tianling Dan.

Looking at the delicate palm, 10 three-pin Tian Ling Dan, Xuanlan's face was shaken with a strong joy color: "Qin Yi, thank you so much. With these 10 three-pin Tian Ling Dan, I am confident that in the near future, it will be repaired into the middle of the sixth realm of Zongdao. ”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile, Xuanlan's cultivation, once it reached the middle of the sixth realm of Zongdao, one of her qualifications, should be a very rare junior master.

However, the strength of other contestants contesting the flag was unknown, so he had no way of estimating how likely Sherland was to win the gold flag.

“Oh, yes...”

Qin Yi touched his nose and shifted the subject: “Xuanlan, the last time you said Xiao Yan, you had an engagement with Hong Tianyang, the young master of the Hung family, what happened? ”

Xuanlan sighed slightly and said: “The Hung family, as the Hou Wang Shi family, these years have been other non criminal, accumulated wealth and deceit people, especially Hung Tianyang, even notoriously, Sister Xiao Yan has already had the intention of remorse marriage. Therefore, she must defeat Hung Tianyang in this battle flag competition, win the battle flag, let Xiao family elder, become one Wang Hou, so that the Hung family can not escape the Xiao family, Sister Xiao Yan can escape the claws of the Hung family. ”

So that's what happened.

Qin Yi felt it.

He now finally understands why Xiao Yan's eyes are so deep that there is a sense of sadness hidden in them.

Obviously, this battle flag competition, for Xiao Yan, is a backwater battle, there is no way back, either to defeat Hung Tianyang, capture the silver flag, or fall into the claws of the Hung family. ”

A little bit of silence, Qin Yi asked: “What about the strength of Hung Tianyang? ”

“It's said to be strong. ”

Xuanlan touched the clean and full forehead and said bitterly: “In order to have the silver flag again, the Hung family kept the family flourishing, even marrying the Xiao family as long as possible, and fully controlling the Xiao family, thus becoming the first family of the Great Chu Nation. Over the years, the Hung family has been pushing to cultivate Hung Tianyang, and even some people have implicitly speculated that Sister Xiao Yan's chances of defeating Hung Tianyang are zero! ”

It's zero!

So powerful?

Qin Yi stunned and opened his mouth, so that it appeared that Hung Tianyang's cultivation had only broken through the peak of Zongdao Six Realms, or even Zongdao Seven Realms.

This time, Xiao Yan is afraid of tragedy!

After a moment, Qin Yi returned to God and shifted the subject to Xuanlan again: “Xuanlan, I saw your drill just now, I feel there are some places where I can improve...”

However, he didn't finish. Behind him, a cold voice suddenly came: “Cousin, didn't the chief tell you already, make sure you focus on practicing during this time, don't get too close to Qin Yi? ”

Qin Yi and Xuanlan stood still and turned back. Seeing that Shuang Ziyu was slowly walking towards this place, his face was a little gloomy.

What's that supposed to mean?

The Xuan clan chief actually asked Xuanlan not to come too close to me!

Qin Yi will look at Xuanlan in confusion and look at Xuanlan for a moment, his heart is confused and he doesn't know how to explain it.

“Qin Yi. ”

Tam Yu looked at Qin Yi and smiled slightly. However, deep in his eyes, there was a hint of flurry. Xu Xu Xu said: “We Xuanjia, you are very welcome to be a guest. You are the Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, you will surely be entertained. However, my cousin will make every effort to prepare for the battle flag competition recently. This competition is extremely important to our Xuanjia family. ”

“Brother Ziyu, I know what you mean. However, Xuanlan invited me to come to Xuanlan's house this time to help him compete for the Golden Flag. ”

Qin Yi smiled and said, maintaining due courtesy.

Now that Xuanlan has been promised and has followed her to this Xuanlan family, it is imperative to speak with confidence and complete the task of helping Xuanlan compete for the Golden Flag.

“I know, you mean cousin practice, no problem, you just defeat me, we declare the family, you think you're qualified, point cousin practice. ”

During the conversation, Tang Ziyu's eyes had burned with a sense of war, all over his body, and a fierce sense of intra-partal strength.

The juvenile in front of him was only halfway through the five and a half steps of the Patriarchate, and he had absolute information that he had defeated the juvenile.

Moreover, he had long seen the teenager disgusted, taking the opportunity to teach him a lesson, even if he was offended, and at the same time let his cousin see clearly that the person she should love was herself, not the teenager in front of her.


Cousin actually directly challenged Qin Yi!

Xuanlan beside her, that attractive red lip, stunned open, her face was gorgeous, embarrassed and bitter.

Qin Yi, the peak forces in the Kyushu mainland, such as the Holy See, are all the presence of scolding wind clouds. Cousin Yu, although it has reached the middle of the sixth realm of Zongdao, but the real power of war is not as good as himself, Qin Yi wants to abuse him, easy!

Faced with the challenge initiated by Shuang Ziyu, Qin Yi herself, also blinked incredibly.

This scene is incredible!

After returning to God, Qin Yi exhaled softly. Junyi's face turned up and a warm smile reappeared: “I don't think it's necessary for me to fight between you and me. ”

Duan Ziyu is definitely a first-rate master in this great Chu country, but if he were to be placed in the peak court guards of the Kyushu Holy See, he would have to be quite different.

In the war against him, Qin Yi really lacked some interest.

Besides, now that I am a guest of the Xuanjia family, this situation is not very good, and Xuanlan will also be embarrassed.

Qin Yi smiled and said goodbye after a slight salute to Se Ziyu.

Looking at the figure of the teenager's departure, Duan Yu smiled slightly. Over that unusually handsome face, there was an arrogant color hidden.

Xuanlan next to him sighed helplessly.

In the distance, upstairs in the main hall of the Xuanjia family, the elder Xuanxiang song, immobilized standing there, everything that happened on the martial arts field was in sight.

“Ziyu did a good job this time, directly challenging the teenager to retreat. In the future, the teenager should not dare to haunt Lan easily. ”

Xuanzheng sings a quick smile, far away from Seung Ziyu, and cast a gaze of admiration.

Qin Yi did not return to his residence, but came out of the Xuan family.

More than twenty minutes later, Qin Yi's figure appeared at Xiao's Chamber of Commerce.

“Sorry, please show me your ID card. ”

Just at the main entrance of the Xiao Chamber of Commerce, a full-bodied guard reached out his thick arm and stopped Qin Yi from going.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. Just a moment of reflection, he understood. Entering the Chamber a few days ago, the guard did not go to show his identity card, because he entered with Xuanlan and Yuehue at the time.

“Kyushu Holy See, identity: Alchemist! ”

When he saw these words on the white jade card handed over from Qin Yi, several guards immediately raised their respects. His gaze at Qin Yi was already raging with fanaticism.

The four words “Kyushu Holy See”, wherever they go, give a sense of thunder and ear, while "Alchemist” is also a world-class and eye-catching profession.

Withdrawal of identity cards, Qin Yi smiled faintly at several guards, and it was with the flow of people, the fish entered.

His eyes swept slowly in the lobby. Qin Yi easily discovered that he was busy with his beautiful figure.

“Hey, Qin Yi, what are you doing here? ”

Seeing Qin Yi coming here alone, Xiao Yan's eyes swept past the unexpected color.

“As such, when I came here with Xuanlan from Kyushu Holy See, my teacher refined some Dan medicine and brought it to me together. I see you and Sherland are good sisters, and I happen to be competing in the battle flag competition, so I'd like to share some of this Dan medicine with you. ”

Qin Yi explained his intention and took out the prepared 10 Tian Ling Dan and gave it to Xiao Yan.

Inevitably causing unnecessary trouble, Qin Yi did not tell Xiao Yan that these Tianling Dan were just refined by himself, only that the teacher was refined in the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Three pints of Tian Ling Dan! ”

Looking at the 10 Tian Lin Dan on her delicate palm, Xiao Yan's delicate face suddenly appeared a raging color, even the crystalline jade cheek was excited and a slight redness appeared.

As the director of Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, she naturally has a certain understanding of Dan medicine such as "Tianling Dan”, which is a rather advanced Dan medicine, even for practitioners who have broken through more than five realms of Zongdao, has a significant auxiliary role.

Tianling Dan, this premium Dan medicine, in their Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, is all Cape Phoenix.

Tian Ling Dan, whose quality reaches three pints, is even more extinct. Even she herself had not seen it before.

“Qin Yi, thank your teacher, her grace, Xiao Yan is unforgettable. These 10 three-pint Tian Ling Dan helped me to break through the sixth and a half step of the pagoda, should not be a big problem. ”

Xiao Yan smiled shallow, because Xi Ji, the whole person, also became quite vividly seductive.

On the embroidery floor that day, it seemed unusual to see the relationship between Qin Yi and Xuanlan. In fact, Xiao Yan was in his heart at the time, and there were some slight words for Qin Yi.