The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 518: Unconscious Lifting!

At the moment when the eye touches this teenager, the hearts of the people, all of a sudden, create a strange illusion, as if it were not a teenager, but a Gestapo who emerged from the immortal years, breaking through endless space-time and appearing here.

“Boo! It's just a hairy boy! ”

A lot of people, they take a dark breath and throw away that strange feeling in their hearts.

Xuanlan in the crowd, looking at the familiar voice of the teenager, over the calm face, suddenly emerged an irrepressible joy, the eyes of the sky became a little glowing.


Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He did not care about this “elegant” designation. His reputation as the Holy See of Kyushu has long been rotten. This has long been used to.

“Qin Yi, our whole Xuan family is waiting for you alone. I thought you were frightened? ”

In the center of the martial arts field, Duan Ziyu always held the position of forking his legs, because he felt this position, quite overbearing, he put that unusually handsome face, slowly raised, looking at the young man who walked away, said faintly.


His voice dropped, and around the martial arts, there was a laugh.

Xuanlan in the crowd, instead, blinked the eyes of the emptiness, appearing rather crying.


This is not the first time, people mistakenly thought it was a fright. Qin Yi smiled slightly and did not answer. He merely turned his body's qi into a slight surge. From the top of everyone's head, he burst past. Xu slowly landed in front of the jade.

“Brother Duan, show this toad a little color. It's best to defeat him with one move, so it's warm blood! ”

“I think it's better to beat him first and then defeat him! ”

“Kill him! Humph, a kid who has only five and a half steps of the pagoda wants to eat the swan meat of our Xuanhuan family. It's delusional! ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi's feet just touched the ground. Around the martial arts field, there was a loud noise, and the heat of the road was ridiculous and sharp.

In this regard, Qin Yi touched his nose, his face was light and cloudy, and he didn't care. It could be said that he came from the heat and irony.

Listening to the noise around, the jade of the section opposite the juvenile, but the subconscious chest, slightly strung up, the divine colour on the face, a few points of arrogance.

This opportunity, finally, came, Duan Ziyu decided to make sure to seize this opportunity, behave well, and abuse this teenager in front of him, so that his cousin could open her eyes clearly, herself, is the person she should be inclined to.

Xuanlan in that crowd, however, was embarrassed by the noise around him, so she couldn't help but find a place to get in. She begged Qin Yi to come and help herself compete for the gold flag, but he was treated like this. Her heart was filled with guilt.

“This is outrageous. This is not the hospitality of our Shenzhen family! ”

Xuan family elder Xuan Changsong, his face was slightly shady, but in those eyes, there was a clear flurry of pleasure. The road around him made a hot mockery of Qin Yi, which made him feel good.

Of course, as the chief of the Xuan family, you must do enough face kung fu to not leave the handle, making the world feel that Xuan family is incomplete. You know, Xuan family, is one of the six most famous families in the Great Chu country.

So he slowly stood up and pressed his hands down, quieting down at a pause.

In other words, the voice of Xuanxiang Song Hongliang was loud in the martial arts: “Today, it is the day of the contest between Ziyu and Qin Yi. I hope that Ziyu will not be too harsh in the next contest between the two of us. After all, Qin Yi, is a guest of our Xuanjia family or Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, this face we must give. ”

What he meant by that was, Don't make Qin Yi too miserable.

In other words, he has determined that Qin Yi will undoubtedly lose this battle.

“Yes. Ziyu understands! ”

Duan Ziyu is far away from Xuanzheng Song, respectfully nodded his head, the blood in his body has begun to boil, there is an impulse to push forward and defeat the teenager in front of him with a single move.

His gaze slowly shifted to Xuanlan's body, but he could see Xuanlan's gaze. He was still stationed on Qin Yi. In his heart, there was a glimmer of hatred.

Don't overwhelm Qin Yi?

Absolutely not. Abuse as bad as you can!

Duan Ziyu held his fist in secret, but on the surface, he smiled haughtily at Qin Yi and said: “Qin Yi, you are a guest of our Xuanjia family, let me let you do three things first. ”

“No need. ”

Qin Yi shook his head slightly. Xu Xu said: “Despite all your efforts to attack me, I also want to see how strong your so-called intended ‘warrior' is, how far is it from Xuanlan? ”


What's that supposed to mean?

Everyone around the game blinked incredibly, thinking they had heard wrong. The teenager refused to let him make a three-way proposal first!

This is insane!

Don't know how to lift it!


And across from Qin Yi, Yu, the corner of his mouth, obviously smoked, his face suddenly appeared annoyed: “Okay, since you want me to fight all the way, I will fight all the way. ”

In the cold drinking sound, a bronze long gun suddenly appeared in the hands of Sekiyu. Around the long gun head, there was a Tai Chi image hidden. The Tai Chi image hidden rotation room, a rather strange force.

“Another hallowed object! ”

Seeing this long bronze gun of Duan Ziyu, Qin Yi sighed in his heart. The world of weapons is the world of weapons, I really envy it.

Teng! Teng!

Seeing that the weapon of Zhangziyu was a Chinese holy instrument, Qin Yi also did not dare to overdo it. The three main elements of water, fire and earth seeds in the Dantian field burned violently. At the same time, he prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness.

In an instant, he entered the optimal state of combat.

He stood proudly in the center of the martial arts field, impeccably impeccable, and stared faintly at Seiyu.

Next moment.

“Type-1 Tai Chi Sky Gun - Fall Water! ”

Duan Ziyu drank loudly, the bronze long gun in his hand, as if it were a meteor, towards Qin Yi, stabbed hard, the powerful road strength, it was from the long gun, spreading out, pressing the space around the long gun, all severely distorted.

And the speed at which the gun was fired was even faster to the limit, but it was rare to fall into the eyes of Qin Yi, who had entered the state of emptiness.

His eyes curled slightly and he looked at the speedy bronze gun, his blouse hunting, his head full of dark hair, always backwards.

“So powerful! ”

As this shot of Seiyu stabbed out, there was a sudden shout, and many of them, for the first time, saw Seiyu do it.

In their view, this shot by Sekiyu is undoubtedly flawless, in terms of speed, power, and the trajectory of the shooting.

It really is Xuan's original “warrior". When the long gun comes out, it overwhelms the other party in an absolute way, causing the blood to boil in the body.

The top members of the Xuan family also smiled and nodded to affirm: “This gun is good. It looks like Ziyu has done some hard work over the years. ”

Only in that crowd, the girl, as if she were a fairy and empty, faint, could not bring up any interest at all. In the Holy See of Kyushu, she watched too many supergenius moves. Cousin's shooting was too sparse and ordinary.

The center of the martial arts.

The teenager with tiny eyes looked at the bursting bronze gun, the air in his body, suddenly fluttered, and stayed until the head of the forest, about to stab him in the chest, but his body was pulled out, but suddenly shook, leaning out, avoiding the bullet.


How could this boy be so subtle? I can't believe I dodged this shot from Seiyu!

Everyone around them was stunned and opened their mouths and felt this scene as if it were a fantasy.

In their consciousness, Qin Yi was right only to make a five-and-a-half-step cultivation of Kansai Road. This gun of Duan Ziyu should stab him in the face.

And Tang Ziyu himself, too, was slightly stunned. This gun, he obviously felt like he was about to stab Qin Yi, but at the last critical moment, the teenager skewed away.

“Just a coincidence! ”

Duan Ziyu quickly figured out the “reason”, and his heart was released for a while. He didn't believe that he could escape the gun he had stabbed with all his strength by repairing it to Qin Yi, who was only five and a half steps in the middle of Zongdao's realm.

“Unfortunately, it's just one line away, and it's stabbed! ”

Everyone around them sounded a shout of regret.

“Brother Duan, try and defeat this toad next time! ”

“Ha ha, two shots put him down, it's bloody hot! ”

“ …… ”

Hearing the noise around, the banjo in the center of the martial arts field, also heard the hot blood boiling, the next shot won't happen again, because the next shot is much stronger than the first shot.

Any martial arts is more powerful than any other.

He fired a gun, pointing remotely at Qin Yi, and there was a mad war on him. He looked proudly at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, you now admit to losing. From now on, you will no longer be treated like a VIP guest under the excuse of 'pointing to martial arts'. You will be close to your cousin in time. We Xuanjia will still treat you like a VIP. ”

Do I want to approach Sherland on the pretext of "pointing to martial arts"?

Qin Yi didn't think she shrugged her shoulders. The wind was light and cloudy: “If you want to fight, why are you talking so much nonsense? ”


The corner of the mouth of the section jade, once again violently smoked, his potential, although slightly inferior to that of Xuanlan, but in Xuanjia, is also the number one and two existence, in the family, has always been a bright light over the head, has been so disdainful at times.

In an instant, his face became unusually iron blue: “Qin Yi, you are really arrogant! ”

“Brother Duan, kill this arrogant toad so hard! ”