The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 519: Heavy Warfare

Around, there was also an angry drunk scream.

Duan Ziyu, after Xuanlan's presence in their hearts, was absolutely unacceptable, and a foreign teenager was so kind to him.

“Tai Chi Sky Gun Type 2 - Running Water Long Sky! ”

Furious Segment Jade stabbed his second gun, this gun, faster than the first gun, and the trajectory of the gun, is also more intelligent, one shot stabbed, seemingly natural, as if it was the only one in this heaven and earth, directly blocking Qin Yi's way back.


Bronze long guns, empty voices!

In the blink of an eye, the head of the bronze longgun was already lit on Qin Yi's chest, touching his collar. Just a little further forward, it could pierce his chest.



Qin Yi's figure swayed again, and the whole person turned directly into a shadow. It burst from the ground. It swept past Seiyu's head and fell behind Seiyu.

- What? - What?

Everyone around them, including the chanting song, opened their mouths stunned and blinked incredibly.

“What's wrong with my grass? ”

Someone couldn't help screaming, very mad.

All the members of the Proclamationist family feel quite sorry for themselves.

“Brother Duan, come on, you can't always let such accidents happen! ”

“My grass, my heart, it's all pulled up! ”

“ …… ”

The noise, in the martial arts field, sounded again. Such a battle was insane. The toad was killed by both gunshots, but at the last moment, the toad escaped.

Yes, in the eyes of the Xuan family, Qin Yi is escaped from death!

“This gun is empty again! ”

At this time, Tang Ziyu was also stunned. I thought this scene was incredible. His gun clearly sealed Qin Yi's way back. But he was too hard to tear his own blockade apart and hid dangerously.

“Qin Yi, I have to admit, you have incredible luck, but I'm telling you, luck will not always stand by you! ”

Duan Ziyu said coldly.

That's right, he has analyzed himself. The gun, back and forth, left and right, was sealed to death, only above, slightly broken. The kid just came out of his own slight bloom.

He didn't believe that it was so tiny that it could be ignored that someone could tell between them.


Only Xuanlan in that crowd, her face is funny and bitter. She has a certain understanding of Qin Yi's strength. Naturally, it is clear that it is not any luck at all. Qin Yi just wants to get involved with his cousin for a while, try to give his cousin more face, and not make his defeat too ugly.

Otherwise, cousin now, has been properly laid on the ground.

“Tai Chi Tian Gun Type 3 - Tai Gu Lai Gun! ”

Duan Ziyu stabbed his third gun, the bronze gun suddenly emitted a bloody light, the whole long gun, as if it was filled with the blood of some too ancient strong man, red, strong and mysterious.

And the Tai Chi images around the gunhead came out more violently, toward Qin Yi in front, quickly covering the past.

With that Tai Chi image, it quickly covered up. In the moment, Qin Yi felt a powerful sealing power and seemed to want to seal himself in place.

And that already blood-red bronze spear, it comes right next to the Tai Chi image and bursts.

Everything is obvious, the Tai Chi image seals the opponent, the bronze gun follows the others, and defeats the opponent.

“It is truly a hallowed relic. It is much more powerful than a hallowed relic. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart, and the longer this bronze gun of Duan Ziyu, the more terrifying, he hid the feeling that the sealing power emitted on the Tai Chi image, with a hint of ancient breath, seemed to come from the Immortal Years.

At this time, the water, fire and earth seeds in Qin Yi Dan Tian are all burning wildly, bringing his strength, physical defense and speed to the strongest state.

“Break it! ”

In a cold drink, Qin Yi punched and punched at that rapidly covered Tai Chi image.

This punch directly activated "Massacre III". He felt the sealing power contained in the Tai Chi image, quite unusual, and did not dare to entrust the use of "Massacre Boxing".

A simple, simple punch, but unparalleled in strength, the air, is a loud bang.

The incomparable fist, when it touches the rapidly covered Tai Chi image, the Tai Chi image crumbles apart.

With the collapse of the Tai Chi image, that powerful sealing power, as it disappeared, and the head of the long bronze gun was also followed, again dotted on Qin Yi's chest.

As soon as the Tai Chi image was crushed at a slight speed at night, the bronze gun had pierced Qin Yi's chest.

Qin Yi was not strong Bronze Long Gun sharp, inside the body of the Xuan Qi burst, the whole person once again meteorically pointed to one side, burst out, avoiding the gun.


Dodging again!

They were all stunned there, for a moment, unable to return to God, with their mouths open and their chins shattered.

The third shot stabbed by Tatsuyu clearly opened up the mysterious power of the bronze gun itself, and the power was conceivable. However, Qin Yi still “risky and dangerous" avoided the gun.

Isn't he just a five-and-a-half-step fix?

Everyone in this room, including the chant song, feels this kind of battle scene, and it's weird.

“Brother Duan, why are you so close? ”

“What a surprise! Brother Duan, you can't let such an accident happen all the time. This is heartbreaking! ”

“I can't believe my eyes. How could I have been so close? This toad should be lying on the ground by now! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone in the Xuan family is going crazy. Every shot of Duan Ziyu is clearly going to stab Qin Yi, but always at the last critical moment, Qin Yi “risky and dangerous” avoided.

Each shot is just one line away!

In a fierce battlefield.

At this time, Segment Jade was also holding his heart broken. His bronze gun had been lit to Qin Yi's collar every time, but it was stiff to be avoided by Qin Yisheng.

He looked back at Xuanlan next to the martial arts field, but he could see Xuanlan. He didn't even look at him. The eyes of the sky were motionless and looked at Qin Yi. There was a clear surge of worship.

Cousin, it's me you should worship!

Tatsuyu growls in his heart!

“I will spare no effort, your boy's luck has always been so good that he can escape under my long gun every time! ”

The heartbroken man, having lost his last bit of reason, was completely insane, full of dark hair, suddenly stood upside down, as if he were a beast, suddenly bursting with a fierce and violent atmosphere.

Until now, he still did not believe that Qin Yi, who was only halfway through the five and a half steps of Zongdao, had too much strength over himself. Qin Yi simply did not want to defeat him two or three times, leaving him as much face as possible.

Until now, he still thinks that Qin Yi is just lucky and happens to be dangerous and dangerous to avoid attacks he thinks are overwhelming.


His feet stamped the ground suddenly, making a loud and dull noise, even the ground, between hectares, a huge crack appeared.

Tatsuyu then slipped, holding a bronze gun, as if he were a mad leopard, facing the young man who had always had a light face in front of him, and killed him severely.

“Tai Chi Heavenly Gun Type 4 - Heavenly Killer! ”

“Type-5 Tai Chi Sky Gun - Flood Fall Next Month! ”

“Tai Chi Heavenly Gun Type 6 - Flood Fall to Heaven! ”

“ …… ”

The broken piece of jade was completely broken. There was no reason at all. He launched a wild attack on Qin Yi. The bronze gun in his hand almost shattered the real estate.

It has to be said that the power of Seiyu is actually good. It is well deserved by the Shenzhen family. He is second only to Shenlan in qualifications. The bronze gun is in his hand, as if it gave life. As if it were in the shape of a shadow, it always stays within Qin Yi's heart.

The Tai Chi Heavenly Gun is stronger than one. The pressure emitted on the long gun even caused Qin Yi to have a slight feeling of breathlessness.

An endless wave of energy swept away on a bronze gun, squeezing the air into a huge circle of ripples to the surrounding area.

On the edge of the martial arts field, some of the members of the family who had been repaired to be low were directly struck by this wave of energy to spit blood.

Back off!

Everyone around them was terrified, hurried back, afraid to harm the pond fish.

However, no matter how powerful, how fast, the trajectory of the shooting, how subtle, in the eyes of Qin Yi, who has entered the state of emptiness, is just plain loose.

His water element seeds in the Dantian field were constantly burning, his foot complimented the father to the extreme, each time, on the tip of the gun of the stage jade, “dangerous and dangerous” hiding away, he sometimes burst out, sometimes leaning, sometimes floating like a leaf, and his figure was subtle to the extreme.

He seemed to be in danger, but in fact, he was dressed up without letting the jade pierce the halfway point.

Not yet.

Duan Ziyu majored in martial arts "Tai Chi Tian Gun". After all the construction, he held a long gun and his chest rose and landed dramatically. That unusually handsome face had been twisted and became scary at this time.

“Brother Duan, what do you think, am I qualified to point to Xuanlan practice? ”

Qin Yi's hands were behind him, he stood proudly there, staring down at Zhangyu, Junyi's face on his face, and smiling with an indulgent smile.

Duan Ziyu blinked and felt that the teenager standing in front of him was not a real being, but a hallucination!