The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 521: Intelligence agencies

In this regard, Qin Yi has always had some regrets.

Xuan Changsong didn't say much. He gave the Yan Yun Long Gun directly to an old white beard in a grey robe. He said softly: “Mr. Dong, look at this long gun. Is it possible to upgrade it to a Chinese holy weapon? ”

Mr. Dong, named Dong Fangzhuo, is a refiner hired by the Xuanjia family.

Refiners, like alchemists, are an extremely fragrance-eating profession, and the difference with alchemists is that they are scarcer than alchemists, because the weapons of low-level practitioners in general do not need a refiner, a brighter blacksmith, to build them, and only the weapons used by the strong need a refiner.

And many, if any, of the weapons used by the powerful are inherited from ancient times.

Thus, even if the refiner is scarce as the horn of phoenix, it is far less fragrant than an alchemist.

But, by legend, other worlds are different from the Hongmeng world, where refiners are more common, and far more fragrant than the refiners here.

Dong Fangzhuo, the refiner, stared slightly at the smoke cloud gun in his hand for a moment and said with a smile: “This was a pretty good elegant sacred object, even had the spirit, but that spirit, somehow disappeared again? ”

Yan Bi, he looked at Qin Yi and was obviously asking him.

Qin Yi touched his nose and frankly said: “The name of this long gun is called ‘Yanyun’. Predecessor Dong was right. He did possess spiritual knowledge before, but I broke it up myself. ”


Dong Fangzhuo stagnated and blew his beard straight into his eyes: “Junior, what good is it that you let me say to you? Do you know how precious it is that a weapon possesses spiritual consciousness, and the power doubles directly. Others can't even care enough, but you broke it up, causing it to fall directly from a high-grade sacred object to a low-grade sacred object. ”

Looking at Dong Fangzhuo's appearance, he couldn't help but jump directly and strangle the teenager alive in front of him.

Faced with Dong Fangzhuo's blame, Qin Yi could only laugh embarrassingly. Of course, he would not tell Dong Fangzhuo. At that time, if he did not disperse the Smoky Cloud Spirit Awareness, he, the disciple Xuan and the sword would have to die, and his soul would have been sealed in the smoke cloud gun.

Dong Fangzhuo went on to say, "Because of this long gun, you have had the spirit before, so it is not difficult to upgrade it, just restore it. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yidong was overjoyed, his eyes sparkled: “Senior Dong, can you restore the consciousness that he previously possessed? ”

If that's the case, that's a wonderful thing.

Qin Yi has seen how powerful Yanyun spiritual awareness is.

Dong Fangzhuo raised his head slightly, over his face, hidden and arrogant: “Of course, don't look who I am? Young man, I am the most famous refiner in the Great Chu Nation, and I am perfectly capable of doing this, but after the recovery of the cloud of smoke, it must have been so powerful at first that it did not disappear, so it can only be upgraded to a medium sacred object, and to be upgraded to a fine sacred object, even artifact, it must go through a long time. ”

It can be upgraded to a Chinese holy instrument, Qin Yi has been very satisfied, and it is delightful in his heart.

Once the Yan Yun Long Gun is upgraded to a Chinese holy weapon, Qin Yi believes that there will be another qualitative leap in its own power.

He analysed himself quickly and secretly, and by then his strength should have been among the top five in the Holy See's "Ten Great Court Guards”.

Of course, you can only barely be in the top five. There is still some difficulty in defeating the existence of four perverts: Pucky Mai, Yitai, Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan.

“Qin Yi, if you, Helen, successfully compete for the gold flag in the battle flag competition, and help your weapon upgrade to a Chinese holy weapon, is one of the advantages of our announcement, what other requirements do you have? ”

Shengchang chanted to Qin Yi, smiling.

Can I ask you something else?

Qin Yi flashed slightly, spinning quickly, ecstatic in his heart.

Xuanjia helped her smoke cloud gun to upgrade into a medium grade holy weapon. In fact, this has already been a huge reward. You know, medium grade holy weapon, even with money, is extremely difficult to buy.

Strongly suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, Qin Yi sighed for a moment. Then, he said carefully: "I also want to get a sword of war. In terms of quality, it must also be Chinese, I don't know... is there a problem? ”

He knew that the request was quite excessive, but Yang Shiqi was a supergenius of a sword, and the solo dragon's broken soul sword that he had been using was only a filthy sacred instrument, so Qin Yi took the opportunity to make this request.

As for the Sugar Gun of Dragon Flame, it is an ancestral family heirloom of the Dragon Warrior family. It is already a powerful weapon, but the power contained in the Sugar Gun has not yet been evoked.

“No problem.”

The chanting song smiled lightly.


Qin Yi was stunned, I didn't expect such a request, Xuanjia answered with joy!

Seeing the divine colour of Qin Yi, all the senior members of the Xuan family, all smiled faintly. This mysterious teenager from the Holy See of Kyushu could reveal this divine colour. In their hearts, they had an unknown joy.

The chanting song was slight, and went on to say: "In addition to the two advantages, we can give you a third advantage. ”

And the third advantage?

Qin Yi's eyes lit up again.

“Juvenile, you don't know, we declare that in addition to being a world of weapons, we have a specialty, which is intelligence.” The chanting song said.

“Intelligence?” Qin Yi showed a slight interest. In this area, he is quite strange.


Sheng Changsong nodded slowly: "In fact, the development of intelligence agencies, our Sheng family, has only begun in recent decades. Dissatisfied that you said that we would do this, and of course, we are preparing for the future. Think about it. Once Langer competes for the gold flag in the battle, I will enter the Grand Chu royal family to support His Majesty's reign for a hundred years. At this time, the role played by our pronouncer's intelligence agency will be difficult to estimate. ”

Qin Yiran had to admire the sight of the chanting song for such a long time, and the planning.

Even if Xuanlan can't compete for the gold flag in the battle flag competition, Xuanlan's song eventually fails to enter the Great Chu royal family, supporting His Majesty's ruling for a hundred years, and Xuanlan's vast intelligence agency can bring great benefits to Xuanlan family.

“So, our third promise to you is to help you gather information for free. ”

The chanting song smiled and said.

This third commitment, currently Qin Yi, is naturally unnecessary, but in the future, it will be difficult to say.

“Senior Xie Xuan! ”

Qin Yi was delighted with his heart and respectfully thanked him.

He did not expect to receive such a generous reward for coming to Sherland this time to help him compete for the Golden Flag.

First, help yourself with the smoke cloud gun and upgrade to a medium grade holy weapon.

Secondly, send a sword of war, and it is also a hallowed object.

Thirdly, help yourself gather information for free once.

Of course, all three of the above rewards are premised on helping Sherland compete for the Golden Flag.

If Xuanlan fails to compete for the gold flag in the battle flag competition, Qin Yi's reward is zero!

Now, more than a decade has passed since the battle flag was fought, and time is running out.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately came back to the martial arts field with Xuanlan.

Around the martial arts field, surrounded by members of the Xuan family, they were all curious. Qin Yi, a juvenile with only five and a half steps of Zongdao, pointed out how Xuanlan cultivated.

“Xuanlan, take your martial arts major and practice it for me. ”

Qin Yi didn't have much nonsense. He opened the door and said.

If Xuanlan cannot be helped to compete for the gold flag in the battle flag, then his reward is zero. Qin Yi also felt some pressure in this regard.

Although Xuanlan's own strength is quite good, and in the crowd guard of the Kyushu Holy See, Qin Yi wants Xuanlan's absolute victory.


Xuanlan Qisheng stood in the center of the martial arts field, gently her head. At this time, she was undoubtedly extremely happy in her heart. This time Qin Yi pointed to the opportunity to practise herself, it was very difficult to come by. Almost, she was screwed up by Seiyu.

Slim half-moon curved knife, quietly suspended behind Xuanlan, like a round of fiber moon, hidden in an ultimate cold light, with an invisible killing intent.

“Qin Yi, my major in martial arts, is a martial arts handed down by our Xuanjia family, called" Anti-Heavenly Eight ". ”

Xuanlan looked back and smiled shallow at Qin Yi.

Qin Yiran.

Xuanlan, as a “warrior," the Xuanlan family will naturally do whatever it takes to build her, and in martial arts, the best martial arts in the family will be taught to her.

Qin Yi is not the first time to point to others to practice martial arts, naturally the car is lightly familiar road, do not move the color of the left hand, let yourself into the state of emptiness.

In an instant, every pore in Xuanlan's body, Qin Yi was clearly visible. The speed of each of her movements, also in Qin Yi's sight, slowed down a lot.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo ”

Xuanlan began his martial arts in front of Qin Yi.

As she fluctuated the air in her body, for a moment, her moving delicate body became as sharp as a sheathed sword, all over her body and under her breath of warrior power.

Her whole life was like a dragon out at sea, bursting out into flames, her figure was exquisite, and her body was beautiful and she looked like a drunk person.

As her delicate arm suddenly probed, the slim curved knife suspended behind her drew a beautiful arc towards the front, smashing it to its limit.