The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 524: Men hiding behind women?

Summer feathers?

Qin Yi had to show a hint of interest. On his way to Greater Chu, Xuanlan told him that the six famous families of Greater Chu, including the Xia family, were also included.

“This Summer Feather doesn't seem strong enough, just fear that if you can't hold out for two minutes in the future in the battle flag competition, you will lose. ”

Qin Yi quickly snooped out his cultivation, couldn't help but be disappointed and shook his head gently.

Xuanlan next to him, but there was a helpless shallow smile: “Qin Yi, you are mistaken, this Xia Yu, in the Xia family, is only the third, the real strong Xia family, is Xia Fan and Xia Biao, Xia Fan in the Xia family, ranked second, Xia Biao Soo, ranked first, she is the ‘warrior' of the Xia family. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and felt it.

“Ink City two big family ‘warriors’, you're early, I've heard! ”

Xia Yu shook the bloody fold fan gently and led several generals to Qin Yi's four, smiling: “Xuanlan, is now the Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, Xiao Yan, not only the first master of the Xiao family, but also handled Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, both of whom are women among the Houjie. However, it is useless, this battle flag competition, the silver flag, will remain in the hands of the Hung family for a hundred years, while the gold flag will fall into the hands of our Xia family. ”

Between the words, a little arrogance appeared on his face, apparently confident in the “warriors” of the Shah family.

“Sherland, don't worry about it, just think of it as a fart dog. ”

Qin Yi was too lazy to even look at Xia Yu and turned to smile at Xuanlan.


Xuanlan, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning all opened their mouths stunned and almost laughed.

“Boy, what did you say? ”

Xia Yu's face instantly subsided. As the third master of the Xia family, there was always a bright halo over his head in the family. When had he ever been so humiliated?

“I said you were a fart dog. ”

Qin Yi looked at Xia Yu with a gentle look.

He always lacked a sense of kindness when looking for flowers to ask about Willow's goods. He didn't know how many good young girls there were, and he destroyed them into broken willows.

“You want to die! ”

Xia Yu was furious on the spot, and suddenly a powerful intra-partmental force burst into his body, holding a bloody folding fan, and bursting towards Qin Yi.

Qin Yi's eyes, slightly gazed, looking at the rapidly killing Xia Yu, was about to wave his fist towards the room, but he saw a white shadow, suddenly shook, directly in front of him, the next moment, the white shadow arm waved, a powerful path, from that arm emerged, hit Xia Yu severely, Xia Yu could not resist this strength, the whole person flew out, fell to the ground.

His face was pale and he was in his chest. His blood fluttered and he almost bled and erupted.

Qin Yiding glanced at this white shadow and found it to be Xiao Yan.

At this time, Xiao Yan, who has always had a clean and gentle temperament, has become as sharp as a treasure sword. His handsome face has been smeared with a thin anger, looking at Xia Yu on the ground, Xu Xu Xu said: “Xia Yu, listen to me, no one can bully my cousin! ”

She doesn't have a loud voice, or even a soft ear, but it gives a thunderous ear.

Qin Yi, behind Xiao Yan, was slightly stunned, looking at Xiao Yan's curve and wonderful back, in the heart, a strong warmth, slowly flowing past.

He had no idea that Xiao Yan would really take care of his “cousin”.

Xuanlan and Xiao Ning beside him, also for Xiao Yan did not hesitate against Xia Yu, some incredibly blinked.

“What's going on? ”

A cold drink sounds from not far away.

Only a middle-aged man in a blue robe slowly walked in. His steps, with a wonderful rhyme, were slightly distorted by the space around his feet every step.

Seeing this man, Xia Yu and the generals, his face was full of joy. Xia Yu hurriedly shouted: “Brother! ”

This man is much stronger than Xia Yu.

Qin Yi smiled faintly. He had already guessed that this person should be the second best player in the Xia family, Xia Fan!

In the face of Xia Fan, Xuanlan, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning, they are also divine.

“Xia Yu, what the hell is going on? How did you mess with Xuan and Xiao's people?” Xia Fan's face, shady and dreadful.

Xia Yu swallowed his saliva and stared at Qin Yi severely. He said: "Brother, I was just trying to talk to Xuan and Xiao's 'warriors’. Who wants to, this kid actually called me a fart dog. ”

Xia Fan was also slightly stunned by the rumor, and the anger gently appeared in her eyes.

He suddenly blurted his sleeves and blew Xia Yu out of many lengths. He burst and fell to the ground. He was angry: "Waste, let you look everywhere for flowers to ask Willow, don't think about cultivation, weakness like this, you deserve to be brutalized! ”


Xia Yu's face was bleak white, the color of God was only Wynono, he didn't even dare to look at Xia Fan. Those Xia family members, even more scared to stand there, Cersei trembled, even the atmosphere dared not to come out.

This sudden scene also caused Qin Yi four people to open their mouths slightly by mistake.

Xia Fan no longer glanced at Xia Yu. Xu Xu turned around and looked at Qin Yi. Her eyes were terribly cold: “Are you calling our third master Xia family a fart dog? Do you know that no one can insult my Xia family. Since you have the courage to insult our Xia family, you must have the courage to stand up, hide behind women, always be protected by women, what kind of man is that? If you're a man, you have to be a man! ”

He sensed that Qin Yi was the lowest of the four in a row. A kid who had been repaired to only five and a half steps in the middle of the Zongdao realm dared to insult his third master in the Xia family. How angry he was in his heart, you can imagine.

“Shavan, what did you say? Qin Yi is my cousin. I am his cousin. It is my responsibility to protect him. Do you try to touch him with a hair? ”

Xiao Yanqing frowned slightly. At this time, she had long lost a little of her usual tenderness. Nathanna's delicate body had been hidden in a wave of warfare.

Am I a man hiding behind a woman? Not a man?

Qin Yi smiled slightly and shrugged her shoulders slightly.

Feeling the war spirit on Xiao Yan, Xiao Fan was also slightly stunned. In the end, he was sensible enough to suppress his anger. Xiao Yan was strong and was the “warrior" of Xiao's family. He was no match at all.

“Humph, Xiao Yan, teach your cousin well, fix it well, don't mess with him everywhere, you protected him for a time, but you couldn't protect him for a lifetime! ”

Xia Fan said slowly, swinging, and looking cold at Qin Yi behind Xiao Yan, this waved his hand, leading the Xia family and leaving angrily.

Looking at the Xia family, already far away, Xiao Yan's cold, frosty little face, this slowly eased down, and was replaced by a gentle color. He turned around and rubbed Qin Yi's hair gently. "Don't worry about Xia Fan's words. As long as I'm here, no one dares to hurt you with a sweat, huh? ”

Qin Yi, not only gave herself 10 three-pint Tian Ling Dan, let her make her own cultivation, then make a breakthrough, but also in martial arts, gave herself a careful pointer. How dare Xiao Yan forget this grace? Even if her life were spared, she would protect the handsome teenager in front of her.

“Yeah, Qin Yi, as long as I'm with Xiao Yan, no one dares to bully you. So what about the Nacchans? Scared of a ball! ”

Xiao Ning also patted Qin Yi's shoulder and smiled softly. His personality, and dragon flame, had some imagination.


Qin Yi softened his head, and Junyi's face turned up with a warm smile: “Thank you very much. ”

Qin Yi knew the root of Xuanlan without making a sound. It was like an elf on the face of an empty spirit. The divine color was always a bit strange.

This guy, he needs Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning, is he so cared for? You're afraid you won't find his opponent in the whole Great Chu kingdom?

Load up! Load up!

Xuanlan glanced at Qin Yi, suddenly she thought that with Qin Yi, this trip became quite interesting.

At this time, in the distance of a small inn, on the roof, two silent figures are standing, and everything that happens here is in sight.

“Did you see Xiao Yan, the" warrior "of the Xiao clan, at the moment of his hand against Xia Yu? She used only 20% of her strength, but she almost punched Summer Feather in the mouth to spit blood. This Xiao Yan is powerful and unexpected! ”

The slightly fat figure sighed.

“Yeah, and our Yuan clan, who wants to compete for the silver flag, will inevitably fight her in the next battle for the flag, which is obviously not too good, what we need is absolute certainty. ”

The lean figure beside him sighed: “My lord, I am afraid of this battle flag competition, we Yuan clan, fighting for hopelessness, what should we do? ”

Slightly fat figure, silent, for a while, Xu Xu Xu said: “The Hung family's 'warrior’ Hung Tianyang, has not yet appeared. We cannot know his true strength. For the time being, we ignore his presence in the Imperial City, and the Moon family's 'warrior' power. We have also secretly tested it. Slightly less colourful than Xiao Yan, it is not enough to suffer, and Xuanjia, what we want to contend with, is the gold flag, will not become our opponent. Some other masters of the sect, many of whom have not yet come here, we also do not care for the time being, this Xiao Yan is the one to deal with...”

He took a slight breath and went on to say, "This' Dragon Gate Inn 'is the biggest inn in the Imperial City. For a while, they will be staying in this inn. Then, you will find an opportunity to give this Xiao Yan some medicine, make her power disappear, so that our Yuan family has the hope of competing for the silver flag. ”