The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 525: Conspiracy

Slimming his figure, he rubbed his hands with excitement and laughed: "He's still in charge of being wise. ”

Once the idea was settled, the two men looked away at Xiao Yan and had become fun.

At this moment, it is naturally impossible to hear the conversation between Qin Yi and Qin Yi in the distance.

Not surprisingly, Qin Yi, Xuanlan, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning lived in the largest "Dragon Gate Inn” in Grand Chu Royal City.

As soon as Qin Yi entered the inn, he threw the eyebrow, slightly. With a much more acute perception than ordinary people, he easily realized that there were many practitioners living in this inn.

However, between the turns of his mind, it was clear that this was the largest inn in Grand Chu Royal City, and most of the strong people who came from all over Grand Chu to compete for the battle flag were afraid to live here.

“Master cabinet, four good rooms, one each. ”

Xuanlan came to the counter and said softly, her slender jade finger, gently clipped, clamped the silver ticket out and left it on the counter at will.

“Okay! Good room, 80 taels a night. ”

Because of the battle flag competition, the inn's business burst into a shack. The master cabinet also smiled too closely, and handed over four keys to Xuanlan.

“Room 403. ”

Qin Yi took the key and looked at the license plate number of the key, slowly sweeping.

This room, sandwiched in the center of Xuanlan and Xiaoyan's rooms, while Xiaoning's room, is on the side of Xiaoyan's room.


Entering room 403, Qin Yi Chang sighed and walked up to the bed, completely relaxing himself.

Qin Yi has absolute confidence in Xuanlan in this battle for the Great Chu flag. If it is not an accident, with her strength, the gold flag is what is in her bag.

Xuanlan, even in Tingwei, the Holy See of Kyushu, is quite excellent, now majoring in martial arts, after a few points of her own, under normal circumstances, her chances of winning the Golden War flag are 100%, without any suspense.

Xiao Yan, however, still has some lack of confidence. Don't forget that the Hung family's "warrior" Hung Tianyang, even Xuanlan, is quite highly regarded.

Moreover, the Hung family is trying to do everything possible to continue to take charge of the silver flag and marry Xiao Yan back. By then, Hung Tianyang will surely defeat Xiao Yan at all costs.

“However, even if Hong Tianyang is stronger, it doesn't matter, I don't believe it, even I can't defeat him. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Therefore, the silver flag, which is also in Xiao's pocket, will not happen in the second situation.

Hu thought about it for a while. Out of curiosity, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to perceive the power and cover the inn.

Suddenly, all the scenes of the entire inn appeared in his mind.


With the whole inn scene, it came to mind, Qin Yi had to be surprised. The whole person sat up from the bed, and then, on that handsome face, slowly emerged a defilement.

In his mind, he saw the following scenario:

Room 302.

A slightly fat middle-aged man took a Dan pill out of his arms and gave it to a skinny young man: "This is an exasperated Dan, you keep it, Xiao Yan's in the number one room, you already know, by tomorrow night, you'll have a chance to sneak in, crush this Dan pill, dissolve it in his teacup, colorless, she can't even sense it, but in the day after tomorrow's game, her strength will somehow be reduced. ”

“Okay, I'll make sure this is done. We, the Yuan clan, will win the silver flag this time!” The lean young man was delighted and hastened to bring the exhalation into his arms.

Meanwhile, room 311.

An old man in a black robe, sitting at the front in a master's chair with a tight eyebrow, opposite him stood a woman in a green robe.

The appearance of the green robe woman is quite handsome, her figure is beautiful, the curve is touching, she is born there, afraid to disturb the old black robe, dare not make a sound.

After a moment of silence, the old black robe sighed slightly and his face was slightly bitter.

“Master, what happened?” The handsome lady asked carefully.

“Dear Master, I have just received reliable information on how powerful Xuanjia's 'warrior' Xuanlan is, whether he is a court guard of the Kyushu Holy See or a very good court guard. Looks like we invited the Moon Gate. If we want to compete for the Golden Flag in this competition, we must let Xuanjia's 'Warrior’ Xuanlan disappear from the competition. ”

“Let Xuanjia's ‘warrior' Xuanlan disappear in the race? ”

The handsome woman frowned: “How can you make her disappear into the game? ”

“It's simple.”

The old black robe's face appeared in a shade of harshness, and she swirled, removing a bamboo tube from her arms and handing it to the handsome woman: “In this bamboo tube, there is a kind of ecstasy hidden, until tomorrow night, you blow the ecstasy in this bamboo tube through the window into Shenlan's house, she will be in a deep coma for three days, no one can wake up, wait until the drug power disappears, the battle flag competition is long over. ”

“The teacher is wise. ”

A handsome woman with a slightly happy face hurried forward and respectfully collected the bamboo tube in her arms.

Apart from finding a chilly scene in rooms 302 and 311, Qin Yi is experiencing a similar occurrence in room 222.

A middle-aged man in a golden robe, standing in the middle of the room, middle-aged man in his 40s, white skin, excellent nourishment, on his body, hidden buoyed an ambitious intra-passage strength, looking like that, repaired to at least have broken through the five realms of the pagoda.

In front of the man in the golden robe, there are five young men standing on their heads, each of whom implicitly emits an ambitious patriarchal energy, all of whom, at first glance, have a certain strength.

“This time our Moon clan, after the negotiation decision, is competing for the silver flag. At present, Hung Tianyang of the Hung family has not yet appeared. For the time being, we do not care about the Xiao family's 'warrior son’ until we have abandoned it. ”

The middle-aged man Xu Xu said: “By tomorrow night, the five of you will lure Xiao Yan out of Xiao's family, and then join hands to severely traumatize him, even kill him. By then, I will be behind you. If you five are not Xiao Yan's opponents, I will show up. I don't believe you. The six of us will join forces and there will be no reason for Xiao Yan. ”


Five young men, all together, replied, each one's face was overshadowed.

At the same time.

Room 203.

Xia Fan, dressed in a blue robe, was standing right in the middle of the room, in front of him, also standing the three good Xia players, as well as Xia Yu.

“Xuanjia's 'warrior' Xuanlan, me and Xia Yu, have all seen it. My instinct tells me that she is not weaker than Xiao Yan. In normal circumstances, it would be difficult for our Xia family to continue to take charge of the gold flag. ”

Shavan Xu said, "Well, we'll have to use extraordinary means. We'll go together tomorrow night, lure Xuanlan out, join forces to severely traumatize him, or kill him, to make sure Biao has absolute certainty, win this game, let's let the Sha family stay in charge of the Golden Flag. ”


Xia Fan and the other three good hands of the Xia family all nodded their faces with excitement.



In room 403, Qin Yi exhaled lightly. In room 403, he did not take half a step, which was to bring the whole "Dragon Gate Inn” movement, as he knew it.

Thanks to the mysterious left hand.

Qin Yi roughly estimated that there were more than a dozen places in the whole "Dragon Gate Inn” where conspiracy schemes were being discussed, while there were four places against Xuanlan and Xiao Yan, respectively:

Room 302, Yuan family, target audience, Xiao Yan.

Room 311, Moon Gate, Target audience, Xuanlan.

Room 222, Moon family, for Xiao Yan.

Room 203, Sherlock's family, target audience, Sherland.

The Hung family, however, has never appeared in this “Dragon Gate Inn”, which is quite mysterious.

At this time, the whole "Dragon Gate Inn" appeared calm on the surface, but in the dark, like a wolf nest tiger cave, it was a dangerous anomaly.

With a faint smile, Qin Yi glorified herself. Fortunately, she inadvertently provoked her left hand to discover these conspiracies, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.

Even if you're stronger, you can't do it!

“What's the point of a game like this?” Qin Yi skipped his mouth and his face appeared a dashing colour.

He did not know that every battle flag of the Great Chu Nation competed for the game, the scene was similar to the current, gold and silver two battle flags, for the people of the Great Chu Nation, the temptation was too great, all the forces wanted to use all means to put one of the battle flags into the bag.

Any flag of war, once possessed, can gain endless power in an instant.

Not only that, they represent a glory.

“The Yuan clan, the Moon Gate, the Moon clan, the Xia clan, these four forces, want Xiao Yan and Xuanlan, I naturally cannot let their plot succeed. ”

Qin Yi frowned. After a moment of silence, he opened the door and left the "Dragon Gate Inn” alone to come to the street.

Not yet.

Qin Yi pulled out his figure and appeared at the door of a tailor shop. His eyes slowed.

“Palm cabinet, customized with a cloak, can be slightly larger in color black. ”

Entering the tailoring shop, Qin Yi said to the master cabinet.

“Okay, 200 taels of silver, you pick it up tomorrow morning. ”

The palm cabinet cracked open its big mouth and revealed a glittering silver tooth, smiling enthusiastically.

“Tomorrow morning, what's taking so long? ”

The teenager raised the eyebrow slightly.

“Sir, don't you know? The day after tomorrow is the Big Chu Centennial War Flag Competition, these two days, all over Big Chu, many people have entered the Imperial City, these people, some, came to participate in the War Flag Competition, of course, more, came to watch the competition, so, these days, all the shops and businesses in the Imperial City are very hot, we have a lot of clothes to make in this tailor shop. ”

The master cabinet laughed happily, but the way he looked at Qin Yi was hidden from the smell of an idiot.