The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 530: It's so tempting!

“How dare you hurt our people if you want to die! ”

The two foolish-eyed Summer masters finally returned to God and both growled, killing the cape man at all costs.

“If you don't get out of here, I promise you, in three minutes, the five of you will be dead. ”

The cloak man took a step forward and threw up the sharp knife, which was still dripping blood, slowly raising it, saying word for word.

The shape of the two Xia masters, suddenly paused, slightly sober them, the heart, suddenly unable to contain bred a strong fear, even the soul, couldn't help but suddenly a trembling chestnut.

In a blink of an eye, the three Xia masters were severely wounded, and the other party was obviously merciful, otherwise the three Xia masters were already in the wilderness.

Grand Chu, when did such a terrible master emerge?

Five Xia masters looked at each other, suddenly quite acquiesced while turning around, and fleeing was like leaving, even the three severely traumatized people, at this moment, as if the wounds were instantly better, so fast, winking, disappeared into the night.

And so you can see, at this point, how much fear is in their hearts.

Looking in the direction of the disappearance of the five Summer masters, the black cloak man exhaled gently, his handsome face covered by the cloak slowly appeared with a slight smile.

So far, all the threats to Xuanlan and Xiaoyan have been dismantled by themselves, and the two of them can finally compete successfully in tomorrow's battle for the flag.

“Who are you? ”

A gentle voice, suddenly coming from behind.

The black cloak man paused, which slowly turned around, and saw Xuanlan soaked in sweat, the delicate outline, highlighting the uninterrupted, black cloak man's eyes, had to lag slightly, secretly swallowed saliva.

Seeing the strange gaze of the black cloak man, Xuanlan remembered that he had been soaked by the Khan. He shouted softly and quickly covered the two huge contours of the chest with his hands. He quickly turned around.

However, as soon as she turned around, she could not take into account the back. The two flaps looked at the delicate buttocks that were dying. The same was the full outline. Qin Yi's eyes fell uncontrollably on the top. She just felt a dry tongue, over her belly, a fire of evil, and soared.

It's so tempting!

No wonder those five Xia masters showed off their wolves so shamelessly.

Women, sometimes more dangerous than any other!

This is not a good place to stay!

The black cloak man forcibly suppressed the evil fire on his belly, saying: “I am a man of the Great Chu Royal Family, the battle flag to compete for such a solemn race, the Great Chu Royal Family, is absolutely forbidden to conspire to appear, only the strongest are eligible to possess the gold and silver flags.

After saying this, Qin Yi painstakingly removed his gaze from Xuanliana's well-defined delicate buttocks, and then left without a head back.

“The Great Chu royal family? ”

Xuanlan frowned slightly, feeling that the black cloak man had left, slowly turned around and looked at the night. The figure of the black cloak man had to be caught in contemplation: “Dachu royal family, is such a master? And how did the Royal Family realize that those bastards were going to assassinate themselves? ”

There is no doubt that Xuanlan's mind is at the point of confusion.

Far away, she looked at the black cloak man. That was quite a shadow, but she was familiar with it!

This man, isn't he Qin Yi's guy?

She was intelligent enough to connect this black cloak man with Qin Yi in an instant.

If Qin Yi is the guy who can strike three people in an instant, she is not surprised at all, but Da Chu's royal master... She leaves the tempting red and moist mouth, with no shame. In her heart, she has confirmed seven or eight copies of this black cloak man, Qin Yi.

“Oh wait, why did he leave so hastily? ”

Xuanlan was slightly confused and suddenly thought of a problem. She glanced behind herself and only saw her dead buttocks, because the dress was soaked with sweat, not to mention the outline, even the flesh color at a glance, almost no different from naked.


Xuanlan thought of the reason why the black cloak man was leaving in a hurry, and suddenly he shouted, his cheeks on both sides, a red spot on each side, almost dripping water.

This time, it's really embarrassing!

It's heartbreaking!

After leaving Xuanlan's sight, Qin Yi burst into flames towards the "Dragon Gate Inn”, provoking the aura of his body.

Back at the inn, Qin Yi rushed into his room quietly and quickly took off the black cloak. After collecting it, this breathed out for a long time. He sat on the floor with his legs and started practicing.

Just after the martial arts was transferred out, the door suddenly opened, a figure of Nana, the fish penetrated, it was Xuanlan who had just waged a battle with the five masters of the Xia family for life and death.

At this time, however, the robe on her body had been dried by her strength.

“Sherland, are you all right? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly, her face revealed a different color, and her heart blessed herself. This Niko came quite quickly, but she just sat down, and her back foot followed her. As soon as she slowed down, this matter was revealed.

Looking at Qin Yi, sitting on the ground, Xuanlan Empty Eyes, obviously passed by a stunner, instantly returning to normal, said: “Oh, nothing, I just came to see if you were asleep. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly and grew up on the ground. He said: "It's time to see the game tomorrow. Can't you sleep? ”

I just went through an exciting scene, and even without tomorrow's battle flag competition, Xuanlan couldn't sleep, and Xu slowly nodded: “Hmm. ”

“Don't be too nervous, Xuanlan, trust me, with your present strength, to compete for the Golden Flag, without saying anything. Remember, you are a very good Tingwei in the Holy See. ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered one thing and took a Ganoderma from his arms and handed it to Shenlan: "If you still have no confidence in tomorrow's game, take this Ganoderma garment down. ”

This Ganoderma lucidum was acquired in the past on Shennong Mountain on the third floor of Shennong Ling Garden. It was cultivated by the Shennong of the Immortal Emperor. At that time, it received a total of five shares, divided among Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan, and the last remaining shares.

“Ah, this, I can't. ”

Seeing the Lingzhi in Qin Yi's hand, Xuanlan was surprised and waved his hand in haste: "You deserved to get these five Lingzhi first. You owe the most to me. The last remaining Lingzhi belongs to you. I won't bother you anymore, just get out. ”

She turned around, walked straight out the door, came to the door, and took a slight pause. She turned around and said: "Qin Yi, you've been practicing all night, haven't you been out? ”


Qin Yi lowered his head and asked: “Is there something wrong? ”

“Oh, no. ”

Xuanlan smiled shallow, but in his heart, he was confused to the point. Qin Yi didn't go out. So, who is the mysterious cloak man who saved himself? Are you really from the Royal Family?

Looking at the Qian shadow of Xuanlan's departure, Qin Yi sighed at himself. This Xuanlan is really intelligent and scary. Fortunately, he moved fast enough.

With the next day in Hao Hui, the battle flag competition in the bustling Grand Chu Imperial City, Grand Chu every 100 years, also began with a prelude.

The magnitude of the rare Grand Chu Imperial City is also overnight, the flow of people is many times more than ever before. From the clothing of these people alone, you can see that they come from all over the Great Chu Country to come to this Grand Chu Imperial City to watch this century-old battle flag championship.

On this day, the Grand Chu Royal Family, also fully deployed hundreds of patrols to maintain law and order in Grand Chu Royal City. An individual patrol, dressed in silver armor, with spears in his hand, walked neatly across the street without losing sight of it.

Dragon Gate Inn.

Qin Yi rose from the ground and sat and practiced overnight, leaving his spirit, unusually full, his eyes glistening.

Outside the house, I saw only Xuanlan, Xiaoyan and Xiaoning, who had been waiting there for a long time.

“Qin Yi, are you out? ”

Xuanlan sperm's face revealed a pleasing shallow smile. His eyes were still hidden with a sharp glance. He seemed to want to see the young man in front of him.

Wasn't he the mysterious cloak man who saved himself last night?

But why do they look alike?

I noticed that in Xuanlan's eyes, Qin Yi's heart was a little faint, but on the surface, he tried to keep calm. Xu slowly nodded: “Sorry to keep you waiting. ”

“Oh, it doesn't matter, anyway, it takes two hours before the fight begins. ”

Xiao Yan beside him smiled softly, spinning, came to Qin Yi's front again, habitually reaching out a small white hand, gently rubbing Qin Yi's hair: “Today's Great Chu Imperial City must be a mix of fish dragons, the people of the Ninth Class Trinity are gathered here, but it's okay, I will protect you. ”

She did not know that Qin Yi had protected her several times in the dark last night. Otherwise, she would most likely not be able to stand here safely at this moment.

“Thank you cousin. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose.

Though she didn't need her protection at all, looking at this beautiful girl, she showed that she was taking care of herself. In Qin Yi's heart, there was still an unstoppable surge of warmth.

Xiao Ningwang introduced Qin Yi, "It is about ten miles from the palace of Da Chu, and this battle flag competition field is next to the Imperial City, then, Minister Wenwu of Da Chu, and His Majesty the Great Chu, will all go to watch the game. We face the north gate of the Imperial City, after walking five miles, there is an army to lead us into the race field, no ticket is required, anyone can enter to watch the game. ”

Qin Yiran.

“Come on, we're going to the track. ”

Xiao Ning will wave.

Qin Yi, Xuanlan, Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning, a line of four people, left the Longmen Inn.