The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 535: One Punch to the North

Yan Bi, her delicate body turned into a silver glow. In between, it was not on the other side of the city building, and there was no more sound.

Shapiro's provocation to Xuanlan is just a little interlude.

Fighting for the battle flag continues unabated.

The next competition, the “warriors” of the Moon clan of the six most famous families, also appeared on the field. Last night, Qin Yi intercepted the middle-aged man in the gold robe, named Tsunami Cloud.

What the Moon clans competed for was the silver flag, and Moon Tsunami Cloud on the silver field, equally with absolute advantages, won five consecutive games, became the second highlight of this division.

In addition to this, Qin Yi encountered the battle to invite the Moon Gate last night, he also appeared. On the gold battlefield, he won five consecutive games and successfully promoted to the final.

The warrior who invited the moon gate was the teacher of the young lady in the green robe last night, the old black robe, her name is Li Jieluo.

Lee Ge Hao's appearance became the third highlight of the game.

Two hours later.

The first pitch is over.

After the end of this division, the Golden Stadium was promoted to three “fighters," in addition to the Xia family's Xiao Bixiao and Li Gejie, who invited the Moon Gate, as well as a scatterer named Low Heaven, who was also promoted unexpectedly.

On the silver field, only two warriors were promoted. They were the Tsunami Cloud of the Moon Clan and a blind Sect Master named Yuandong.

For the entire two hours of the competition, out of two stadiums, only five people in the district were eligible for promotion to the final, and the scene was intense, as can be seen.

There was no delay, the second race, followed by the opening.

The game in this division, more intense than in the first division, after a time, the silver field, only one promotion, while the gold field, no promotion.

Until near the end, Hung Tianyang of the Hung clan broke out of the city building opposite the course and slowly landed on the silver course.

Hung Tianyang, is the biggest popular battle flag championship.

“Wow, Hung Tianyang is finally here! ”

“Just look at him and you'll see that he's the champion of this flag contest! ”

“ …… ”

With the appearance of Hung Tianyang, there was a wave of noise throughout the course.

He stood proudly in the middle of the Silver Course, with a trembling breath, indifferent to the noise around him, always standing calmly there.

Suddenly, he slowly turned around and looked at Qin Yi in the crowd. “Junior, are you here to watch the game? Good. Next, watch my game. ”

As soon as he said this, everyone on the scene noticed the existence of Qin Yi. He looked at Qin Yi with envy.

It is an honor to be proactively picked up by Hung Tianyang. This handsome kid is lucky enough to let Hung Tianyang take the initiative.

“Qin Yi, what's going on? ”

Qin Yi was surrounded by Xuanlan, but with a slight frown.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning also looked at Qin Yi with confusion.

Qin Yi touched his nose and didn't explain much. He just casually said: "I have had an affair with this Hung Tianyang. ”

He glanced at Hung Tianyang in the middle of the Silver Course and smiled slightly: "Okay, I'll watch your game carefully. ”

Xuanlan three people, confused in their hearts, but seeing Qin Yi is unwilling to say more, the three of them are also difficult to ask.

“Xiao Yan, take a good look at my game. ”

Hung Tianyang then looked at Xiao Yan next to Qin Yi. In the eyes of the slight vulture, a colour of irrepressible adoration appeared. Xiao Yan, however, put that beautiful little face, slightly biased, did not look at him at all, over the corner of his mouth, hidden and despicable.

I noticed the smudge on the corner of Xiao's cigarette mouth. Hung Tianyang's face suddenly passed a faint annoyance: “Damn, this little bitch, this time, I must marry you! ”

“Hung Tianyang, everyone says you are strong, I want to see how strong are you? ”

A challenger, rushing from the crowd to the silver battlefield, was a middle-aged man in a grey robe.

“Well, you'll see how strong I am. ”

Hongtianyang's heart is burning. On the surface, it also maintains its due style, and smiles slightly.


He did it.

“Slaughterfist! ”

His tall body burst out like a leopard, punching the challenger hard.

This punch, fully integrated into the Nature Avenue, even seems to be the only one in the heavens and the earth, no matter how the man in the grey robe hides, cannot escape.


Hung Tianyang's fist, between blinking eyes, was staunch on the gray robe man, fast and fierce.

The man in the grey robe, just felt like a huge mountain, hit himself hard, could not fight this punch, the whole man flew out and fell to the ground.

“You defeated! ”

Hung Tianyang stood proudly there, not even looking at the grey robe man, behind his back said faintly.

One punch and your opponent is defeated!

The game just started and it's over!

The people around us don't even know what's going on.

The whole scene was quiet all at once.

All of them, stunned, opened their mouths and broke their chins.

You know, it's not just a junta race, it's a centennial battle flag championship, and all contestants must have unparalleled power.

However, in such a match, Hung Tianyang still punches his opponent and knocks him down.

“Am I… blinded? ”

A careful questioning broke the silence on the field.

The scene was suddenly loud and shouted constantly, deafening like a wave.

In the silver arena, Hong Tianyang's tall body stood proudly there. It was so tall, invincible, and could only worship. In his eyes, he burned tremendous warfare.

And his opponent, the man in the grey robe, lay on the ground, the divine color darkened to the extreme, he knew that Hong Tianyang was strong, but he didn't expect to be strong to this point, the moment Hong Tianyang punched himself, he even felt the threat of death.

“My grass, the silver flag contest, is there any need to go on? Hung Tianyang has arrived, the silver flag is clearly in the bag of the Hung clan! ”

“Idols are idols. They're so great! ”

“Ha ha, it's bloody hot! ”

Indeed, in one punch, the opponent is defeated, and the scene of the match, the blood in the human body, is boiling!

Above that huge city building, the Hung family members, one of them is very happy and in a very pleasant mood. They have been cultivating the Hung family for more than 20 years without wasting their time. Today it sounds amazing!

The two Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning in that crowd, above their faces, appeared bitter, Hung Tianyang's performance was amazing. Now, we can see Hung Tianyang's hand, they are not sure about the battle for the silver flag.

“Cousin Xiao, don't be frightened by Hong Tianyang's momentum. Silver warfare flag, you still have a earning power. ”

The faint voice, but from the ear, sounded gently, it was Qin Yi.

Junior Junyi's face, with a warm slight smile, said to Xiao Yan: “Don't be afraid of Hong Tianyang, you just have to do the best you can. Silver flag will eventually fall into the hands of your Xiao family, trust me. ”

“Yes, Sister Xiao Yan, Brother Xiao, don't worry, since Qin Yi said you would compete for the silver flag, you can surely compete, I believe him. ”

Xuanlan beside him also said softly.

Although she saw Hong Tianyang excellent, she also felt that Xiao family, to compete for the silver flag from the Hung family, is quite hanging, but she has an unconditional trust in Qin Yi.

Qin Yi said Xiao Yan would eventually capture the silver flag, and she concluded that Xiao's family could surely compete for the silver flag.

Hearing Qin Yi and Xuanlan, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning were also a little relieved.

Xiao Yan softly his head, in the heart, an unnamed message emerged, she put a little messy hair on her forehead, casually behind her ear, her eyes, with a gentle firmness, said: “Well, I will definitely do my best to fight, I would rather die on the track than marry Hung Tianyang as a scum! ”

No matter how strong Hung Tianyang behaves, she will only win this battle and will not lose, because if she fails, the consequences will be unthinkable.

“Very good.”

Qin Yi smiled lightly and then turned his face and said to Xuanlan: “Xuanlan, now you are in the game, while everyone's ideas are concentrated on Hong Tianyang, you are promoted to the final in a low profile, otherwise, in your capacity and strength, if you do not take this opportunity to compete, when you come out later, you do not know how much excitement will be caused. ”

Xuanlan is competing for the Golden Flag, entering the Gold Arena without having to meet Hung Tianyang.

“Well, that makes sense. ”

Xuanlan's sexuality was also relatively low-key, and when he didn't say anything, he burst into a slight surge, towards the golden field.

Because Hong Tianyang's energy was too hot to attract the attention of everyone in the place, leading to Shenlan's appearance, even Shenlan's strongest opponent, the Xia family, was not noticed.

On the silver court, Hong Tianyang stood proudly there, openly accepting the surrounding area. His stunned and worshipping gaze slowly turned his face. He glanced at Qin Yi and Xiao Yan several times from afar. Over his face, he hid an unknown smile.

“Hung Tianyang, you are incredibly powerful, but I still want to teach! ”

Another challenger rushed into the field and stood in front of Hung Tianyang, a young man dressed in a yellow robe, all over his body and pouring strong intra-partorial strength.