The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 536: Another Fist

Sometimes, the stronger a person is, the more challenging it can be.

“Well, I admire your courage. ”

Hung Tianyang looked proudly at the young man in the yellow robe and said softly: “You and the previous challenger are only slightly stronger, but I will end your challenge to me with one punch. ”


The young man in the yellow robe smoked his mouth and swept over his face with defilement.

“Slaughterfist! ”

Hung Tianyang no longer said anything, spoke with strength, suddenly punched out, or like the last war, with his punch out, the space around the fist, violently twisted, the fist seemed to be the only one in this heaven and earth, no matter how the young man in the yellow robe avoided, it was inescapable.


No accidents occurred. Hung Tianyang's fist struck the young man in the yellow robe firmly. The young man in the yellow robe could not resist the power of this fist. He fell to the ground with a "blast”.

Another punch, and you knock your opponent to the ground!

The noise, again four.

Everyone watching the war in the place, feeling all this, is as untrue as dreaming.

Two consecutive games, Hung Tianyang is a punch, defeat the opponent!

This kind of game is really pleasant and bloody hot!

“I told you, beat you, just one punch! ”

Hung Tianyang single-handedly held behind him, looking down at the young man in the yellow robe on the ground, over his face, full of disdain.

The young man in the yellow robe lay on the ground for a moment, his brain was a little hairy. He raised his face and looked up at Hung Tianyang. He just felt like he was a god.

“Hung Tianyang, I won't let you be so brilliant! ”

Another challenger rushed into the silver field.

“Slaughterfist! ”


“You, defeat! ”

Another punch and defeat!

“Hung Tianyang, get me out of the field! ”

Another challenger rushed into the silver field.

“Slaughterfist! ”


“You, defeat! ”

Still a punch to defeat the enemy!

At this moment, Hung Tianyang, who was in great shape, was as if he were the reincarnation of the immortal god of war. He was incredibly powerful. The four challengers that came in were all defeated by just one punch.

This kind of game scene, when it's really hard to see, all the people around the spectators, they're all so excited, cheering, a wave higher than a wave, there are no adjectives anymore, they can accurately describe, their excitement.

Qin Yi in the crowd also stunned his mouth and stunned Zhang. Such a contest scene is very similar to his own previous years at Ling Yumen Gate, when he first joined the Zongmen Wu Guild.

When the Zongmen Wu Guild was a lot of times, the opponent was defeated as soon as the champion punched out.

“Xiao Yan, don't be under psychological pressure, these people who enter the silver field to challenge Hung Tianyang, in fact, are not strong enough. ”

Qin Yi turned his face and said to Xiao Yan 'an, who was around him.

He was always in space, watching the whole silver field carefully, and as he said, these challengers, though not weak, were not very strong.

However, Hung Tianyang was able to do just one punch and put them down, which surprised him a little.

As for the golden field, Qin Yi doesn't need to pay any attention. With Xuanlan's strength, let alone get promoted to the final, even if he eventually competes for the golden flag, he won't have much suspense.


Xiao Yan nodded her head gently. At this time, she had no expression on her face, nor did she know what was going on in her heart.

On the silver field, the fifth challenger has already stood in front of Hung Tianyang: “Hung Tianyang, I consider it an honor to be able to challenge you as the number one expert. ”

“Daechu's number one expert? ”

Hung Tianyang stagnated slightly. In his heart, he gently bred a touch of comfort. Then, he raised his face slightly and gently raised a little arrogance.

“Well said, Hung Tianyang, our first master, up and down the country, can no longer find the cultivator who can shoulder him! ”

Around, there was a wave-like echo of attachment.

There is no doubt that Hong Tianyang's strong defeat reached his peak.

However, some people, when they heard the phrase "first master of the big chu", had to appear in their minds as a mystery man in a black cloak.

Who is stronger and weaker than the mysterious cloak man who claims to be a master of the Great Chu royal family?

Such questions arise in the minds of those people.

You know, the mysterious cloak man, all over and down, was a wonderful soul, and he couldn't help but tremble.

“I like that! ”

Hung Tianyang smiled lightly and said: "Very well, then I will make you feel this glory - slaughterboxing! ”

Hung Tianyang punched out, still full of hegemony, the space around the fist, violently twisted, as if to crumble directly.


Without any accidents, Hung Tianyang still punched, knocking each other to the ground.

“How do you feel about this glory? ”

Hung Tianyang said arrogantly.

“Yes, thank you for teaching! ”

His opponent admired him and looked at him like a tower. He stood proudly there in Hung Tianyang, almost worshipping.

So far, he has persisted in five challenges on the silver field, advancing to the finals with absolute advantage.

In five games, he beat only five punches and defeated five challengers!

Such a performance can definitely be found in a vast history book.

Hung Tianyang's appearance undoubtedly pushed the atmosphere to its peak today's battle flag championship, until the end of the five trials, many people, still can't get back to God, feel that all this is as unreal as a hallucination.

Of course, the whole scene is the happiest, naturally counting the Hung family members, the silver flag, undoubtedly has steadily fallen into their Hung family bags, it will never happen unexpectedly.

“Junior, how's my game? ”

Hung Tianyang was not in a hurry to leave the scene and enjoyed the cheers around him. Suddenly, he slowly turned around and looked far away at Qin Yi in the crowd and asked arrogantly.

He never forgot the four words he said to Qin Yi in the tailoring shop that day: "See you on the field”.

Qin Yi had no idea that, at the end of Hong Tianyang's departure, he would suddenly ask himself such a sentence. He had to open his mouth stunned and nodded Xu Xu: “It looks good, it looks pretty good. ”

“But why didn't I hear your applause? ”

Hung Tianyang's eyebrow tip, slightly unhappy and slightly picked.

Qin Yi stood still again and sighed in his heart. How could this be so funny with Hung Tianyang?

“Pfft, pfft! ”

Qin Yi clapped softly, but in the dark, he couldn't help but cry.

“Very good!”

Hung Tianyang enjoyed Qin Yi's applause and smiled slightly: “I heard that you are a distant relative of the Xiao family and have been living in the mountains. This is the first time you have come to the Great Chu Imperial City to watch the battle flag championship. Before the game, we met at the tailor's shop, and it was obvious that we had cause, and it seemed, your cousin, I made up my mind. Tell your cousin that I will eventually defeat her gently and then marry her through the door. ”

Yan Bi, Hung Tianyang smiled at Xiao Yan next to Qin Yi, and he burst out slightly, turning the whole individual into a flurry, towards which he made a huge city building, and burst out.

Qin Yi was stunned like a wooden bird. She couldn't stop crying there. This Hung Tianyang, is it... is it really the monkey who invited the comedian?

He was surrounded by Xiao Yan and Xiao Ning, and his face flashed with defilement.

“Well, two hours are up, and the second field game is over! ”

The man in the golden armor announced.

In this second race, there were three of them who were promoted to the finals: Xuanlan of Xuanjia, Hung Tianyang of Hung Jia, and Wang Dahu of the twelve villagers.

Among them, Xuanlan, belongs to the Golden Stadium, Hong Tianyang, Yuankui and Wang Dahu, belong to the Silver Stadium.

There was no delay, the third field of the game, followed by the opening.

At Qin Yi's suggestion, Xiao Yan rushed into the gold battlefield at the beginning of the third field of the game. No surprise, she also promoted to the finals with absolute advantage.

Though not as fierce as Hung Tianyang, the entire game only hit five punches, but it also won the cheering sound of the battle, pushing the atmosphere on the field to an orgasm again.

Looking at the silver field, Xiao Yan in an endless wind, Hung Tianyang's gaze, a fiery heat, the stronger Xiao Yan showed, the stronger his desire to conquer.

Two hours later, the third field game ends.

This is the end of the first phase of the entire flag competition, followed by the finals.

In the third pitch match, including Xiao Yan, a total of five people were promoted to the finals: Xiao Yan, Ding Gaoxiang, Ganzhen, Ying Fox Record and Zhuge An Metallurgy.

Of these five, only Xiao Yan is from the six most famous families, and the other four are from the most famous factions.

Moreover, in the gold battlefield, only one person can be recorded by the fox, Xiao Yan, Ding Gaoxiang, Gansun, Zhuge An Yao, all four belong to the silver battlefield.

All contestants promoted to the finals were counted as thirteen: Xuanlan, Xiaoyan, Hung Tianyang, Xia Bixuao, Ding Gaoxiang, Gansun, Jianzheng Fox Record, Zhuge An Yao, Li Gejie, Hate Tian Low, Yuandong, Tsunami Yun and Wang Dahu.

And the gold flags are: Xuanlan, Xia Bizhuo, Your Fox Record, Li Gejie, Hate Heaven Low.

The battle flags for silver are: Xiaoyan, Hong Tianyang, Yuandong, Moon Xiaoyun, Ding Gaoxiang, Ganshi, Zhuge An Yao, Wang Dahu.


A golden stream, from the city building, burst into the center of the field, which was the host of the race in gold armor.

“The final of the Flag Tournament will be scheduled for tomorrow, and as for the final system, it will remain a winning and losing match, as will the field matches, in the way that we prepare two 'Flag Booking Winners’ each to pull the prelude to the final, at which time the two 'Flag Booking Winners’ will stand on their respective tracks to accept the challenge, the loser, the elimination of the game, the winner, the challenge to remain on the field, and the two people who will finally stand on the field will receive the Gold Flag and the Silver Flag respectively. ”