The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 539: The Wind of Xiao Yan


Half-moon machete in the air, drew a suffocating knife, returned to the back of Xuanlan, quietly suspended there, chilling on Sensen's knife, with trembling killings.


Xuanlan didn't fall under the Shapiro III!

This phenomenon has happened for the first time since the opening of the Flag Tournament!

“Shapiro, I'd love to have a look. What's your fourth version of" Kick-Ass "? ”

Xuanlan stood proudly there, looking at Xiabi Soo in front of him, slowly said.

She looked like an elf, like an elf, but all over her body, there was a hidden sense of war.

“As Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, you are indeed qualified to teach me formula 4, and if you lose under my formula 3, it is a great joke. ”

For Xuanlan to be able to take over his third formula, Xiabiluo was not surprised, the fiber brow was shallow and slightly picked.

All of a sudden, she drank angrily: "KANG KUNG TUTTLE IV - Silence Ceremony! ”

The blood sword in her hand, between them, soared to two lengths, the toe gently, the whole human meteor burst towards Xuanlan, in the void, suddenly appeared a dense and numb sword shadow, and each sword shadow was wide enough, the intent to kill.

“Ids_pjsd004_type_3 ”

Xuanlan's half-moon curved knife, similarly, cut out a dense and numb knife shadow, facing the infinite shadow of the sword.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ” ……

The infinite shadow of the sword and the shadow of the sword, between them, crumble apart.

“Cancun Slaughter Type 5 - Round Round! ”

Xia Bi softly whistled, the voice rushed straight to the top of the sky, the cloud fog swept.

Xuanlan undoubtedly dissolved her Formula 4 so easily that she was completely furious.

With her style, Shapiro and her bloody sword appear to have become endless, swimming fast around Xuanlan.


An individual Xia Bi Soo, with a bloody sword of war, stabbed Xuanlan hard, infinitely, let Xuanlan seem to fall back into the world.

“This formula is amazing indeed! ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and sighed in his heart. The Xia family on Xia Bixiao's body, indeed, gave the blood book.

And the people around them are all staring at each other, so powerful and weird swordsmanship, this is the first time they have seen it, if it is a general practitioner, they are afraid of moments, they will be shattered by this kind of circular attack.

“Ids_pjsd004_short ”

“Ids_pjsd005_short ”

“ …… ”

Shenlan, who was caught in a deep circle attack, did not panic, put the Martial Arts of "Anti-Sky Eight" to the ultimate. In the end, her people, as well as the Half Moon Machete, became faint and filled the whole gold field, which was the ultimate speed, forming a wonderful vision.

At some point.

“Break it! ”

Xuanlan's voice was not loud, but it seemed to ring in everyone's heart.

Her slender half-moon curved knife, that room, formed a huge knife shadow as wide as a length, squeaking, spinning around her, glaring, illuminating the entire arena, making people unable to open their eyes.

The infinite Xia Bixiao, suddenly disappeared, saw a delicate body in a silver robe, and suddenly flew out of the huge shadow, falling dozens of feet away.

And the original faint Xuanlan, in a flash, became real, and she had been born in place, a slender half-moon machete, hanging quietly behind her, chilling.

“Shapiro, you defeated! From now on, the Golden Flag will be owned by my Shenzhen family! ”

Her voice, quite gentle and beautiful, is like a spring breeze.

However, the audience here heard the same thunderbolt for nine days. The body was violently trembling, the face was different, shocked, stunned, incredible, and all.

This is incredible!

Ever since the opening of the game, Shabi Soo, who had defeated one opponent to the north with absolute strength, had actually defeated Xuanlan.

This situation is totally beyond everyone's expectations!

Those who started out screaming all of a sudden felt hot on their cheeks, as if they had been “banged” by a girl who was like an elf and slapped hard: Shut up!


Qin Yi smiled slightly. Although he had long anticipated this situation, he was still quite comfortable to see Xuanlan defeat Xiabi in the north.

Once Shenlan wins, then the Shenzhen family's promise to themselves should be fulfilled. From now on, both herself and Master Yang will be able to use the Chinese holy instrument. In addition, Shenzhen family can help herself free of charge if there are intelligence requirements in the future.

“Shapiro's defeated? ”

Upstairs across the city, there was also an incredible outburst of shock, and Xia Yanghe and other Xia family members stood up suddenly with anger and frustration on their faces.

It's hard for them to accept this!

On the golden course, Xia Biao's face, some miserable white, a little blood on her lips, not beaten, but bitten by herself, she looked as if she were a leopard, staring at the girl who was born there, she would jump over at any moment.

Suddenly, she smiled: “The Holy See of the Kyushu Holy See, it is true that my name is not false, I am a leader today! ”

Yan Bi, she became a silver flower and disappeared into the city building across the street.

“Oh, Qin Yi, thank you! ”

Xuanlan returned to Qin Yi, his mouth emitted a series of silver bell-like laughter, that crystalline jade cheeks, a piece of red flutter due to excitement, Sha was touching.

“Don't thank me. You're strong. I'm just pointing it out. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and smiled slightly.

“Ha ha, Sister Sherland, congratulations! This time, your family has won the Golden Flag for a hundred years, and since then, your father, the Prime Minister of the Great Chu! ”

Xiao Ning Lang laughed loudly and sincerely congratulated Xuanlan.

With the end of Xuanlan's battle with Xiapiliao, the game on this side of the Golden Course came to an end.

But the silver field is not over.

Since Xiao Yan's appearance, he has fought until now. It is called a rainbow. With absolute strength, he defeated all the challengers who came up.

At this time, the eyes of everyone on the field are focused on the silver field.

“Ding Gaoxiang, you, defeat! ”

Xiao Yan stood in the center of the race, a slender half-moon machete, quietly suspended behind him, implicitly emitting a powerful killing intent.

Ding Gaoshan looked at Xiao Yan in a gloomy light and withdrew silently.

“Four games in a row! ”

Around the course, many people shouted at Xiao Yan and had to be impressed. Gansu, Zhuge An Yao, Wang Dahu and Yuandong, all four leading experts, were successively defeated by Xiao Yan.

Moreover, Xiao Yan was still defeated by Xiao Yan, with absolute advantages, no one held on to Xiao Yan for five minutes.

Xiao Yan stood quietly in the center of the race, and the white dress dressed her like a nine-day fairy. At this time, her gentle and elegant temperament disappeared and replaced it with an ultimate sense of sharpness.

Xiao Yan, Ink City's first beauty, wherever you go, will cause countless male fierce glances, but at this time, the males around the field, looking at this Ink City's first beauty, more, is unscrupulous.

“Xiao Yan, I know it's strong, but as long as I'm here, you can't create myths today! ”

Soon after, the “warriors” of the Moon clan stormed into the silver field.

Tsunami Yun, dressed in a golden robe, looked magnificent. Before the opening of the battle flag championship, he conspired to murder Xiao Yan, but unfortunately, at a critical moment, killed a mysterious cloak man and destroyed his conspiracy.

“Ping-pong! ”

The two of them didn't have any extra bullshit, and soon they went wild together.

The weapon of the Moon Tsunami Cloud is also a broad sword of war, however, his sword is blue, nearly two meters long, the path is light and flowing slowly on the sword body, looks quite hegemonic.

Swords, the most common colors, come in several colors: blood, blue, blue, ink, and pink.

Of these, blood and blue, the longer the sword, the rarest is pink.

“Dry Blue Fantasy - Formula 1! ”

“Dry Blue Fantasy - Type 2! ”

“ …… ”

Xiao Yan's attack, not at all ambiguous, is stronger than one and faster than the other.

Her major in martial arts was not weak, and after Qin Yi's fingertips, she took a whole new step.

At this time, her whole person blended perfectly with that slender half-moon curved knife, without any blossoming, endless knife, swung and rushed to all directions, even those watching from a hundred feet away, felt on their cheeks, scratched by that powerful knife, and hurt.

Wearing a golden robe, the moonbeaming cloud is not at all at a level of strength. Just fighting each other, it occupies the downwind, the festival is defeated, and the wolf is overwhelmed.

“Dry Blue Fantasy - Formula 5! ”

In the delicious sound, Xiao Yan's half-moon curved knife was brilliant, eye-catching, the killing machine was terrible, with a sharp whistling sound, in order to chop everything, towards the moon cloud in front, severely chopped off.

The spinning thin curved knife is still more than a dozen lengths apart, the moonlit cloud feels the endless intention of the knife, such as with a terrifying wave, towards himself, his full black hair always backwards, the golden robe on his body hunting.

For a moment, his mind was blank, and all he felt was the slim curved knife, like a big face coming out of hell.

“My mother! ”

The moonlit cloud shouted, the soul trembled suddenly, and the subconscious sword stood in its way.


The slender machete, chopped on top of the sword of war, made a loud sound of sharp stinging ears, the arms of the moonlit cloud were numb, and the tiger mouth of both hands were instantly shocked with flesh and blood.