The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 547: Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce

The delicate toe rose, Xiao Yan's tempting red lips slowly reached the teenager's ears, and he was angry as Lan, whispering: “Qin Yi, in this battle for the flag, you saved me from Hung Tianyang, and finally helped our Xiao family to compete for the silver flag. On the way back, I've thought about it, and if you want, I can give you my word in return for this great favour. ”


Qin Yi stunned, those unhealthy images in his mind, that room disappeared.

In fact, Xiao Yan would say such a thing, which is completely understandable.

First, the significance of the silver flag is extraordinary, helping Xiao family to compete for it. In the eyes of Xiao family, so much grace, no substance is enough in return.

Secondly, Xiao Yan and Hung Tianyang had an engagement. This time, he defeated Hung Tianyang on behalf of Xiao's family, helping them to retire successfully, so that Xiao Yan had some kind of wonderful heart for himself.

Qin Yi exhaled herself in secret and tried to calm herself down. She smiled slightly at Xiao Yan: “Sister Xiao Yan, you are the first beautiful woman in Ink City, and you are still tall, and you are still a character in the business world scolding the wind, who can marry you, that is definitely a blessing from the third lifetime. But if I marry you, I won't be able to go back to Kyushu Holy See. You know, now Sherland and I have two more games to play, so I'm sorry. ”

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Xiao Yan's eyes faintly disappointed, swept past, and smiled lightly: “Okay, you have extraordinary potential, future achievements, incalculable, I will not be your stumbling block. But you must always be my cousin, let me take care of you. ”

“No problem.”

Qin Yi's heart was warm and flowing.

Waving Xiao Yan and other Xiao family members, Qin Yi returned to Xuan family with Xuanlan and others.

This trip was smooth, not only helped Xuanlan compete for the gold flag, but also helped the Xiao family to compete for the silver flag. Next, it was time for the Xuanlan family to keep their promises.

Now, myself and Sherland, leaving the Holy See, have been on vacation for more than a month, but that is the only way.

Qin Yi estimated that neither the trial mission nor the "take over” competition should have begun. Otherwise, the Holy See would surely send someone to hurry himself and Xuanlan back.

As long as you miss the trial mission and the "take a seat” contest, even a few days off, it doesn't matter, and the Holy See can't possibly pursue this little chicken garlic matter.

“‘Takeover' competition...”

Qin Yi frowned slightly: “What kind of game is this? Why, the high echelons of the Holy See, have been delaying the announcement of the time of the race? ”

Only 15 Tingwei were promoted from the “winner” competition to the "winner” competition. If promoted in half, then these 15 Tingwei, up to a maximum of 8 Tingwei, could be successfully promoted from the “winner” competition to the “winner” competition.

Fifteen Tingwei, who participated in the "championship” contest, were among the Holy See's most supreme beings, each of whom possessed considerable strength, and it is perfectly conceivable how fierce and cruel this will be!

Fifteen Tingwei participated in the "championship” competition: Puqimai, Yitai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, Cheng Ye, Jun Yan, Malanghan, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan, Naran Jolan, Duan Yang Qiu, Gantang, Duan Jing.

“Of these 15, Pucky Mai, Yitai, Lin Xuanxuan and Dongmen Yan will not have any suspense in successfully promoting to the 'King's Championship' competition. So, then, up to four can be promoted, or even only three. Of the rest of us, which four have the greatest prospect of promotion? ”

“Even if there were ultimately eight Tingwei, they were promoted to the 'King's Championship' competition, and by the time the 'King's Championship' competition was over, a decisive victory and half of them had become Divine Guards, that is, of these 15 Peak Tingwei, only four, or even three, could eventually become Divine Guards. ”

In calculation, Qin Yi's heart has already developed a chill, and Shen Wei's competition is too cruel and fierce.

If the next match, the rivals he has drawn are Pucky Mai, Yitai, Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan, he is not sure that he will win at all.

These four, they're perverts!

Or can one of Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan let go of the war?


Qin Yi exhaled softly and his heart was extremely tangled.

Giving up on being a god guard?

That's absolutely impossible!

“In any case, I must make myself, Master Yang, Dragon Flame, and eventually become Divine Defense! ”

Qin Yi held his fist in secret and reflected a rock-like light in his eyes.

“Qin Yi, are you in there? ”

Outside the door came a familiar soft voice.

Qin Yi's eyes were slightly tender. He returned to God and opened the door. He saw only Xuanlan the spirit of the sky as an elf. He stood there positively.

Seeing Qin Yi, the young girl's beautiful face suddenly appeared in a delightful color.

“Qin Yi, before Sister Xiao Yan, what are you whispering about? ”

Entering the attic, Xuanlan smiled lightly and opened the door to the mountain. In the slightly blinking eyes, there was a hint of cunning.

Qin Yi obviously didn't expect it. She would suddenly ask such a question. She had to be stunned for a moment. She said frankly: "Nothing. She just said that I helped Xiao family to compete for the silver flag. If I wanted to, she could agree with each other. ”


Xuanlan stood still, on her cheek, and appeared a shy light red: “Why, why is she so direct? So, what do you mean? ”

Qin Yi shrugged and said positively: “Sister Xiao Yan, indeed, is a woman who can make any man covet three feet for it. However, it is obviously unrealistic for the two of us to be together. She is going to take care of Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, and I, too, will be the Holy See of Kyushu. Prepare for the next 'take over’ competition and the 'take over the king' competition. ”

“Well, that's true. ”

Xuanlan touched the glossy forehead, nodded, paused, and said: “Qin Yi, the mysterious cloak man who rescued me from several black men that night before the game, it must be you, right? Though you were fast enough, by the time I ran into your room price, you were already pretending to practice. ”

Qin Yi once again shouted, he didn't expect that Shenlan would miss this matter.

With Xuanlan's wisdom, it seems that this matter cannot be hidden from her. Qin Yi touched her nose: “It is indeed me. ”

“My clothes were soaked with sweat, you weren't on me...”

Xuanlan's head was slightly lower, and he looked at Qin Yi in a shameful and sneak glance. I was soaked in sweat, wet on my body, and the whole person was almost naked.


Qin Yi coughed softly and said frankly: “If you say you don't see this situation, it is a lie with your eyes open. ”


Xuanlan Jiao shouted, his cheeks were almost dripping out. He twisted his seemingly dead ass and ran out shamelessly. In the blink of an eye, he ran blind.

Seeing Xuanlan running faster than the rabbit, Qin Yi stunnedly opened his mouth, twirling, and sighed at himself. This nipple's face is really not ordinary thin. What's so shy about this? Every inch of skin on your body, I've seen it all before.

At the Dragon Gate Inn that night, Qin Yi's inspirational perception, to monitor the actions of the few people, covered the entire Dragon Gate Inn. At that time, Xuanlan and Xiaoyan were bathing.

“Seeing Xuanlan and Xiao Yan in the shower must not be said, not even killed, otherwise there will be no way to face them in the future. ”

Qin Yi made up his mind.


The next moment, he confused his eyebrows, slightly flashed. He saw Xuanlan, who had just fled and left, and appeared at the door. His cheeks were still red. He lowered his head slightly and said: “I just ran and forgot everything. I came to you to take you to our Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce to honor the promises made to you by our Shenzhen family. Come on, Uncle Dong is waiting for us at the Chamber of Commerce. ”

Yan Bi, she didn't dare to look at Qin Yi. She twisted her dead ass again and left.

Xuanjia is about to honor her promise!

Qin Yiyi was happy and immediately left the loft. With the shyness of Xuanlan, he went straight to Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce.

The redness on Shenlan's cheek did not fade until he came to the door of the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, and the divine color returned to normal.

In front of it is a huge building, on both sides of the gate, standing four full-bodied guards, from which the business of the Chamber of Commerce can be judged by the constant customers, which is quite good.

“Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce. ”

Looking at the gate, the plaque hung, Qin Yi's eyes, became a little hot.

In fact, when Xuanlan first came to Ink City, he wanted to bring Qin Yi to the Chamber of Commerce to see it. He was only called by Xiao Yan and then busy preparing for the battle flag competition, so he hasn't nearly come back.

“Ma'am! Qin Yi!”

Seeing Xuanlan and Qin Yi, the four guards on both sides of the gate immediately went forward and nodded.

Xuanlan slightly lightened the beautiful head, sort of a response, swirling, with Qin Yi, with the flow of people, the fish entered.

Entering the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, Qin Yi glanced, Xu Xu Xu swept, found that the business here is not only weapons, but also spying, armor, iron boots, etc. In short, all equipment can be found here.

Of course, the equipment here is high and low, expensive and cheap.

“Qin Yi, this hall is full of mortal instruments. Come on, Uncle Dong is waiting for us in the sacred pavilion. ”

Xuanlan turned around and smiled shallow at Qin Yi, waving his little white hand.

As Xuanlan entered the Hall of Holiness.

As soon as he entered here, Qin Yi felt a hidden intention to kill. He spread every inch of space here. His eyes swept, his face suddenly appeared fanatical.