The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 554: The Last Beauty

“This magic blood refining clearly does not meet the common sense. With their present strength, they enter the magic for blood refining, and only half of the people are afraid to come out. ”

Knife River King, who has rarely spoken, Xu Xu said that his voice was extremely ambitious, he heard the blood in the human body and had a slight sense of shock.

“Yes, it is hard to understand that such a decision would be taken at the top of the Holy See. ”

King Lauro, King Song Yu, Zong and Wang were also attached and said.

“Otherwise. ”

But Fei Laohui shook his head slightly: “All you know is that there are thirty-six forms of magic, to preserve the spirit of the immortal god of war, immortality, and because of the existence of these thirty-six forms of magic, to make the magic almost a death jedi. But you don't know that these 36 methods of formation are rotating, not all of them exist at any time, and if so, even the imperial powerful will be instantly hanged by these 36 methods. ”

After a slight pause, Lieutenant Laohuai went on to say: "It was after some deductive calculations that the Holy See's high ecclesiastical level determined that the magic magic existed at this time, and it was not a fierce battle, which led to this operation. Of course, although it is not the Battle of the Great Homicide, the danger still exists, but as long as they are careful to cope, they can still avoid death and eventually come out safely. Moreover, the perils that exist in this magic are mainly in the ‘last splendour’, and when they refine with divine blood, they will only faint and will not really lose their lives, not to mention, the divine blood pool that exists in the magic, there are only a dozen places, only a small number of Tingwei, are lucky to meet. ”

The beauty of the end!

Knife River King and others, eyes cannot help but shine, breasts, a moment of hidden landing, obviously people's hearts, are a little uneven.

“Captain Latter-daughter, the high ecclesiastical of the Holy See, is there any hint this time as to what the 'final beauty’ is? ”

The Fiber King dressed in a red robe looked into the captain's lazy eyes.

The other four peak masters also had to look at each other.

With a slight exhalation, Lieutenant Lao Huai shook his head: “I'm sorry, this time, the high echelons of the Holy See, still haven't revealed, ‘the last gorgeous’, what is it? ”

Fiber King et al., heard the words, over the face, all couldn't help but show disappointment.

The last time they participated in the Magic Blood Refining, they saw “The Last Beauty” at the last moment, only unfortunately, that “The Last Beauty” was just a flash away, and there were ancient guardians.

Though they felt that the “beauty of the end” was extraordinary and that helplessness ultimately failed to reach them, leaving them with a lifelong regret.

“Rest assured, ‘The Last Magnificent’ is not so easy to appear, and now entering the magic of the Tingwei, there is no danger to life as long as you do not hesitate to obtain ‘The Last Magnificent’. ”

"I promise you, when we get them out, they will all be safe and sound. ”

In the end, it all came out safely?

King Song Yu and Zong and Wang looked at each other in a dark glance. In each other's eyes, there was a smile. Other Tingwei, they did not know, but Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, this time, there was no chance to come out.

This time Magic Blood Refining, they did not count on their disciples to obtain the quenching of the divine blood, let alone the “final glory” that they would eventually receive.

They just hoped that they could touch the fish, and then this operation killed Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan.

Especially Qin Yi!

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan entered the magic domain quite a bit into a hanging net!

“Let's go, wait 15 days before we come back and open the magic and let them out. After this Magic Blood Refining, the 'Succubus' Competition should be about to begin. ”

Lieutenant Laohuai waved at the Knife River King and others.

Immediately, a few people became a flurry in the direction of the Holy See in Kyushu, exploding, not long after, disappearing into the sky.

Inside the Magic Dome.

More than a hundred Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See are standing still.

“We are now in the head of the immortal gods of war...”

Qin Yi glanced, slowly sweeping around to the surrounding area, he found that all of himself, actually stepped on solid earth.

The head of the immortal god of war is a solid earth. This scenario, really thought of the extreme, is just as unreal as dreaming.

“No, the inside of a person's head must not be a solid piece of earth. It must be some form of formation that moves this piece of earth in. Remember, there are thirty-six forms of formation here. ”

After a moment of frowning, Qin Yi made this assumption.

With regard to formation, before the miracle fairy trace, some contact, understanding some extremely powerful formation methods, to move a piece of earth, can be done.

“Most likely so. ”

Qin Yi's inference was immediately endorsed by everyone.

“Before I came in, my teacher honored me and Dongmen to tell me something about magic blood refining. ”

Wearing a moon-colored dress, the sober dust, like a fairy Lin Xuan, the voice is gentle and beautiful, intoxicating: “Blood refining, as the name suggests, is to quench the body with blood, to allow one's physical defense, to take a higher level, and in this magic, what exists is the blood of the god of war in the ancient god of war, in other words, we enter here to quench ourselves with the blood of the god of war. ”

Immortal God of War, the blood of God of War!

The eyes of the people in this room, all of a sudden, get hot.

Blood of the Immortal Emperor, I can't imagine how powerful the quenching effect is.

It's really exciting.

Qin Yi in the crowd, his eyes were also bright, because he remembered one thing. Now, he has taken the martial arts of "Life to the Arts" to cultivate a half-step full state. Once cultivated in the full state, there is a certain chance that he will become immortal.

He suddenly had the feeling that if he could use the blood of the immortal god of war to quench it, and wait for the Martial Arts of Returning Life to the Realm, he would not have a certain chance to become immortal, but 100% immortal.

Will I never die?

Though it's just a feeling, it's enough to make Qin Yi ecstatic.

Qin Yi rubbed his hands.

“Sister is right. ”

Dongmen Yan in a red robe smiled: “However, the blood of the immortal god of war is scattered all over this magic. If you can find it, let's see if you can step on the shit and get lucky. ”

“Find it, whoever finds the Divine Blood Pool first, belongs to whoever, no one can compete! ”

Dongmen Yan's voice had just fallen. In the courtyard guard, it spread suddenly and disappeared for a while.

Throughout the scene, between winks, there were only four left: Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan.

“I grass, these bastards move so fast? ”

Dragon flames stunned there, blinking incredibly.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan were also standing still. They opened their mouths stunned and could not help but laugh.

After returning to God, Yang Shiqi said: "If the blood of the immortal god of war is quenched with it, it has unparalleled efficacy, and they react in this way, it is normal. ”


Xuanlan on the side, softly his head: “It's just, I don't think, the blood of the gods of war is that easy to find. It's vast, but the blood of the gods of war is quite limited. ”

“Let's also look, what if we step on shit and encounter the blood of the gods of war? ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

If the blood of the god of war is quenched, and after he has cultivated the "Return of Life" to the full realm, he will be able to become 100% immortal, and he will receive the blood of the god of war at all costs.


He directly provoked his left hand to elicit a sense of spirituality, enclosing a range of less than 1,500 husbands around him, and for a moment, all the wind in this range could not escape his senses of spirituality.

With the constant improvement of cultivation, Qin Yi's sensitivity, not only became wider and more acute. Today, he can appear in his mind almost all the movement around him, directly in the form of a picture.


Qin Yi's four figures, in this vast and endless magic, continuously explode, with no purpose.

Obviously, the earth, which was quite ordinary, has changed in quality since it was moved into the head of the immortal god of war, where the land is brown, grass is barren, and no bird can be seen walking up, as if it were a dead Jedi.

Within the confines of his spiritual perception, there are many other Tingwei, just like the four of them, like a headless fly, there is the blood of the gods of war without purpose.

Qin Yi can acutely feel that there is a hint of extremely ancient airflow fluctuations in the air.

“There are some quite powerful formations in this magic domain, and now that endless years have passed, these formations have not been damaged much. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

Purposeless search for an hour.


Qin Yi's figure, slightly lagged: “There is a stone shoots forest at about 1,300 feet on the left. There seems to be an extremely ancient smell flowing there, let's go check it out. ”

Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan heard the story. All three faces suddenly appeared in a delightful color.

Without delay, Qin Yi and the four of them immediately turned to the left and exploded.

At a distance of about 1,300 feet, you blink.

The stone shoots in front of us are not large, the square circle is less than a hundred feet, a root shoots, like a handle of a sword, pointing straight to the sky dome, because these shoots have been around for too long, they have been weathered quite well, some places, even holes, windbreakers have blown, a "woo” sound, sounds a little bluffy.