The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 555: Divine Blood Pool

Qin Yi four people, slowly stepped into the shoots forest, an extremely ancient breath, came to the surface, making people feel as if they had fallen into the fairy years.

Several people crossed a root stalagmite and came to the center of the stalagmite forest. There was only one piece of blood in front of them, and the whole beach of blood was boiling, constantly bubbling up.

“Undoubtedly, this is the blood of the immortal god of war! ”

Looking at this divine blood pool in front of us, Qin Yi and his four people looked at each other. Everyone's face showed a strong color of joy.

“Haha, I knew if we followed Qin Yi, we would definitely step on the shit and get lucky! ”

Dragonflame laughs delightfully.

“Oh, great! ”

Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan are also extremely happy.

Qin Yi has an unusually powerful sensation of spirituality. Several of them have long known that as long as he disperses the sensation of spirituality and finds the blood of the god of war, it is not difficult.

“The blood of the god of war is more than that. After we absorb the essence of the blood of the god of war, we will look elsewhere. ”

Qin Yi's handsome face also revealed the color of fanaticism.

There was also a slight flurry of ancient airflow in the air here, and he guessed that here, there should be a lifeless form of formation, the essence in the blood of the god of war in front of him, once absorbed clean, because the lifeless form of formation existed, and after 300 years, these essences would recover and be quenched for later generations.

“After the meteor, use the blood of your god of war to strengthen the practitioners of future generations, which may be what the god of war is meant to do. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart.

Push! ……

Without hesitation, the four Qin Yi people immediately jumped into the blood of the god of war and quenched their bodies.


As the body invaded the blood of the god of war, over the skin, suddenly came a sharp pain like a knife cut, people couldn't help screaming and breathing cool air.

The physical condition of these four men is not necessary, but they are still unable to resist the blood of the gods of war and inflict damage. You know, this pond, is the blood of the immortal gods of war. Each drop contains an unparalleled amount of energy, inhaled into the body, and it feels like it's going to blow up in the body.

Over time, this pain has reached its limit, which is beyond purgatory. The energy in the blood, which impacted the five dirty lungs in their bodies, is directly torn open.

Whoa! ……

All four of Qin Yi felt a lick in their throats, a bite of blood, and burst out.

“My grass, the quenching of the blood of this god of war, is horrible, and now I feel like there's a pound of energy in my body that's going to squeeze everyone apart. ”

Dragon flames wipe the blood off the corner of your mouth, sighing.

His face was white as paper, and his face was covered with bean-sized sweat beads.

And Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are no better off. They can't resist the pounding of energy contained in the blood of the gods of war by sucking in cool air and driving Xuan Qi wildly.

“Blood alone contains such horrible energy, I can't believe how powerful the gods of war in the immortal years are. ”

Yang Shiqi's silver teeth bite tightly and hold on to it.

“The more energy there is in the blood of the god of war, the more significant the effect of the quenching, I believe that after this magic blood refining, we will all have the change of skimming bones, so we must persevere, this is a rare and good opportunity. ”

Qin Yi couldn't help but cheer people up.

Now, after all, they are terrified of the magic of blood refinement. No wonder, even the Knife River King was rather surprised by the decision taken at this high level by the Holy See.

The tortoise crack began in the body. Not long ago, it spread to the body surface. Qin Yi's skin quickly filled with cracks like spider webs. It looked quite harsh, red blood, from that crack, constantly sprayed out, compatible with the blood of the god of war.

It lasted another 10 minutes, and people had reached the limit of their bodies, and the whole person had come to the brink of crumbling.

“I grass, I am the purest descendant of the Ancient Wardragon family, I do not believe, I will not hold on to the quenching of the blood of this god of war! ”

The silver hair filled with dragon flames, because of the extreme pain, his handsome face was all twisted.

Suddenly he drank loudly and the whole person passed out.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan both screamed, their eyes black.

However, the three of them did not stop, although they fainted and their bodies absorbed the essence of the blood of the gods of war.

Every pore in them is like a thirsty demon, will contain the essence of the blood of the god of war, wildly inhaled into the body, under the quenching of the blood essence of the god of war, their bones and muscles, at a very pleasing speed, constantly strengthening.

“Ho!” “Ho! ”

Qin Yi did not faint. At this time, he, wearing blue muscle, burst like a strip of earthworm, yelled like a beast in his mouth.

It's too painful!

Absolutely immortal!

However, it is clear in Qin Yi's heart that the blood of the god of war, although it will cause extreme suffering, will not kill people. The blood of the god of war is unlikely to kill people.

“I'm losing it, I'm going to faint. ”

Under the extreme pain, Qin Yi's consciousness, in a quick blur, at the moment when he was about to faint, he tried to push his left hand.


With the slight tremor of the mysterious left hand, a hint of ancient Xuan Qi, from that left hand, rushed into his body, compatible and harmonious with the essence of the blood of the god of war.

In an instant, the essence of the blood of the god of war is to soften, turn into a warm stream, in Qin Yi's body, constantly wandering, past, the pain disappeared in that room, comfortable.

“It worked! ”

Feeling the body, it has become the blood essence of the warm current god of war, Qin Yi ecstatic.

Thus, the blood of the god of war, which is so terrible in the eyes of the world, is a joy for him.

However, at the same time as the ecstasy, Qin Yi's heart was a little confused. What is the existence of the celestial demon's left hand? Why can even the divine blood of the immortal god of war be reconciled?

And who the devil is, how powerful he is, his left hand alone, seems to contain all the magic in the heavens and the earth.

Qin Yi opened his limbs and floated comfortably on the blood of the god of war. He recalled all the ancient fairy emperors he had encountered, but never remembered a fairy emperor named Heavenly Demon.

“If there is any chance of entering the Immortal Years, I must find out, Heavenly Demon, who is it? ”

Qin Yi's heart was filled with regrets.

In fact, in the beginning, Qin Yi had some doubts about the mysterious left hand, which belonged to the King of Kyushu, but after knowing that it was the left hand of the Tian Demon, he ruled out such doubts.

Just when Qin Yi several people, with the blood of the immortal god of war, quenched their bodies.

Around a thousand feet from them, Yu Yu and Chengdu appeared there, in addition to several Tingwei of the Holy See, who followed them.

But Frost Fai, because even the power has not been restored, this time the magic blood refining, he did not participate.

“Gantung, are you sure that the man who shared the anger led Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan to the right? ”

Chengye had some shady eyes and looked toward Gan Tang, who was tall and dressed in a black robe.

Gan Tang, one of the 15 court guards who successfully promoted to the "take position” competition in the last "take over” competition, repaired to have already broken through the road half-step seven, only half way, was officially entered the road seven, strong.


Gan Tang nodded slowly, on a dark face, some mune of divine color, giving people a feeling of bad speech.

Cheng Yi and Yu Yu looked at each other, and the faces of both of them showed a slight smile.

With their last experience of planting and fighting in Shenming Gardens, this time, they are no longer in a hurry to get close to Qin Yi, but watching them in a distant and hidden way, waiting for the best opportunity to do so.

“Very good!”

In the eyes of the finished industry, it was obvious to pass through the color of the shadow, spinning his hand into his arms, and take out a blue jade bottle, saying: "Before entering the magic, my master told me about the blood of the god of war in this magic, because of the extremely horrible energy, the cultivator below the imperial temple will take the quenching, although it will not kill, but it will not be able to counteract that energy, and faint. In my opinion, they are looking for a divine blood pool. ”

Divine Blood Pool!

Everyone in the room had a bright eye and greed.

“What? ”

Capturing the greedy, successful face in the eyes of everyone, suddenly sinks: “Remember, your deal with us, kill Qin Yi, you will get 1,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, kill Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, you will get 800 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones each. ”

Everyone stood still and quickly suppressed the greed in their eyes.

“At this time, I believe that Qin Yi several people, under the quenching of the blood of the god of war, have long passed out, and now is the best time to kill them. And the liquid in this jade can resist the quenching of the blood of the gods of war. ”

Cheng Ye shook the blue jade bottle in his hand and gave it to Yu Yu: “Yu Yu, you pick three people, apply the medicine in this jade bottle to your body, then go ahead and kill them. If the chick from Xuanlan gets in the way, kill them all together. ”

Qin Yi several people, have fainted in the blood of the god of war, no longer have any fighting power, Yuyu led two Tingwei forward to kill, enough.


Yu Yu squeezed the blue jade bottle in the shake of his hand and gently appeared in his eyes.

Yu Yu soon selected two Tingwei.

The two Tingwei, one wearing a blue robe, the name Zhao Xiong, the other wearing a yellow robe, the name Mu Yongyu, the strength of the two, in the Kyushu Zhongting Wei, extremely ordinary, still in the previous "fame” competition, was ruthlessly eliminated.

Killing a few faint people, even ordinary people, can be done easily.