The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 556: Enemy Seduction

There was no delay. Next, Yu Yu and the two Tingwei, each poured out some bluish medicine from a blue jade bottle and applied it all over.

“Let's go, Brother Cheng, you wait here for the good news. ”

Yu Yu smiled and waved his hand toward the two Tingwei who were involved in the killing.


Yu Yu three people, immediately turned into three shadows, towards Qin Yi and others, exploded.

At this time, the mood of the three of them is undoubtedly extremely excited. Yuyu against Qin Yi has long been hated. Not long after Qin Yi entered the Kyushu Holy See, the two of them have consumed it. In the "fame taking” competition, the boy, who shared the anger of God, was even more powerful to defeat himself, and in the "pride taking” competition, he defeated his brother Yu Wang Bei, and even almost abolished him.

This time, he can finally clean down the man's co-angry boy and harshly vent his offense.

“At that time, make sure to chop off the kid's hands, then chop off his feet, and finally wake him up and execute him sooner or later, one by one, in order to relieve him! ”

Yu Yu violently thought, in his eyes, of the intense cruelty.

Zhao Xiong and Mu Rongyu, in their hearts, are undoubtedly also extremely happy. Kill Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, and you will receive a full 2,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones. If they divide equally, they are also 1,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones per person.

Such tremendous wealth, before they even dared to think about it.

Under the speed at which Yu Yu three unfolded, not so long ago, the ancient shoots and shoots appeared in their sight.

“In that shooting forest, there was an ancient breath that emanated, and there was only the blood of the gods of war. ”

Yu Yu burst into shape, slightly paused, and frowned.

“Whether there is a divine blood pool there or not, just go over there and find out. ”

Zhao Xiong rubbed his hands with excitement.

A whole 2,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, he can't be not excited. Although the opportunity to quench with the blood of the god of war was wasted for nothing, he gained such a huge fortune, worth it!

Murongyu around him, the whole person seemed much more stable, but in that eye, the same color of excitement flashed.

“Yes, let's go over there and see, if there really is the blood of the god of war in that shooting forest, the god of man and his anger must be in there. ”

Yu Yu will wave his hand.

The three men immediately proceeded to the speeds and burst towards the stone shoots in front of them.

In a few breaths, they came over the asparagus grove and looked down. Surely, only in the heart of this asparagus grove, there appeared a pool of blood that was not a big god of war, and the blood rolled, and the intense ancient smell, coming from the blood of the god.

And they are looking for Qin Yi and others, at this time immersed in divine blood, to quench their bodies.

The scene in front of him, as Cheng Ye said, Qin Yi several people, completely fainted in the past, without any sense floating in the blood of God.

Including Qin Yi, the bodies of several of them have been completely torn, the cracks are like spider webs, dense and numb all over their bodies, a strand of blood, out of that crack, erupted, looks quite tragic.

“I didn't think the blood of the god of war would be so fierce. The physical defense of these boys is quite good. I didn't think they would be so fiercely quenched by the blood of the god of war. ”

Yu Yu shrugged his mouth and had to chill from the bottom of his heart: “Quenched with the blood of the god of war, although not letting people die, the pain that must be endured is also the ultimate. ”

Zhao Xiong and Murongyu, both nodded profoundly, the faces of the two, a little miserable white.


What's that supposed to mean?

Hearing the voice above, Qin Yi, who was floating in the blood of God, had to be confused, because he had a mysterious left hand relationship. At this time, not only did he not faint, but he was rather comfortable soaked in the blood of God, like a sauna.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned when he opened his eyes slightly to see the rain in the sky and Zhao Xiong and Murongyu.

“These bastards are here to kill us. ”

Qin Yi quickly made a judgment. The whole person, still lying there motionless, let the divine blood of the immortal gods of war cultivate his body.

“So, these bastards, they've been following us, trying to do it to us. ”

Qin Yi's heart was clear, but at the same time, they were quite confused. They dared to come forward and kill themselves. Obviously, they knew beforehand that several of them would have difficulty counteracting the energy contained in the divine blood in the process of quenching it with divine blood, and eventually fainted.

How do they know that?

“Only fear that behind them there will be high men who will command them. ”

Qin Yi sighed at himself. Who is the tall man behind them?

Yuyu, Zhao Xiong and Murongyu landed slowly at the edge of Shen Blood Pool from high altitude as they harvested their natural qi.

Looking in the divine blood pool, that Qin Yi floating on the divine blood, Yu Yu's face, gently emerged a strong killing intent, this boy finally let himself be slaughtered today!

“Zhao Xiong, Mu Rongyu, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan, give it to you. As for Qin Yi, a man of common anger, let me handle it. This kid slapped me the last time, I had to execute him myself before I could relieve my hatred! ”

Yu's face was shady and terrible, and his eyes lit a fierce fire of hatred.

On that day, he intercepted Qin Yi for half a day, intending to take his divine liquid. Who thought, Qin Yi slipped so fast that he could easily escape the slaughter of his sickle, and finally even slapped himself.

That slap was an unforgettable shame and humiliation of his life. Now, after so long, he still felt his cheek, a hot piece, trance, and heard the crisp sound of a "bang” slap.

When Yu Yu spoke of the last slap, Qin Yi in the Divine Blood Pool almost laughed.

He was dying to hold his smile and even his face was red. Fortunately, it was in the blood of God and hard to detect.

That slap was a disgrace to Yu Yu, but it was quite pleasant to him!

“What, this man, the co-angry boy, ever slap you? ”

Zhao Xiong beside him blinked incredibly: “Isn't this clearly insulting you? When did this happen? ”

Murongyu, dressed in a yellow robe, also stunned to open his mouth, and looked at Yu Yu weirdly. Now, they finally know why Yu Yu would want to break Qin Yi into pieces.

Yu Yu's cheeks were red and he was ashamed to find a stitch to go in and bite his teeth and say: “This happened before the 'fame' competition, but God still has eyes, let him lie up in front of me today, let me handle it, hum, that slap humiliation of the day, today I want to return ten times more defeated and defeated. Do it!”

“Push! ”

When Yu Yu waved his hand, the three jumped into the Divine Blood Pool immediately, because all three of them were coated with blue medicine. The Divine Blood in the Pool had no effect on their quenching.

“God-fearing boy, I'm going to make you die today! ”

In Yu Yu's hand, he had already added a dark sickle, one step at a time to the center of the Divine Blood Pool, where Qin Yi was still lying on his back, his eyes filled with fierce light.

Coming to Qin Yi's side, looking at the young man with a handsome face, Yu Yuyin smiled: “Kid, I will chop off your arms first, then chop off your legs, then kill you with one knife at a time! ”

He slowly lifted the broad, pitch-black sickle, in the blade, infinitely murderous.

Then, it instilled all the hatred and power into the pitch black sickle and smashed it down toward one arm of Qin Yi.


The teenager's eyes were always closed, but suddenly they opened up, above his face, suddenly a slight smile appeared.

Yu Yu struck a common sickle, suddenly stiff, shocked and drank: “Boy, you...”


Before finishing his sentence, Qin Yi's floating body stood up suddenly, punched out, right in Yuyu's chest, Yu Yu only felt his chest, all almost by this punch, blown out a big hole, the whole person flew out and fell to the ground.

Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu, who had already come to Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, were about to attack them. They heard the noise and looked back and were shocked.

“Want to hurt Master Yang and Dragon Flame, die! ”

Qin Yi smiled coldly. Between them, he rushed to their front. His hands were as fast as lightning. He punched Zhao Xiong and Murongyu out, respectively.

“Yu Yu, this man is an angry boy, he didn't faint, what the hell is going on? ”

Zhao Xiong was furious and angry. Gray head climbed up from the ground and asked Yu Yu drinking.

Murongyu beside him, over his face, also revealed a strong color of anger.

The punch Qin Yi just made them smell of death.

In Yuyu's heart, that is, angry and confused, his eyes stared at him as if he had seen a ghost. Incredible look at Qin Yi: “Son, you quenched with the blood of the god of war, there is no syncope, how did you do that? How is that possible? ”

At this time, he just felt that the man in front of him, the co-angry boy, when it was truly mysterious, even the Holy See's five peak great masters, unanimously recognized that in this world, no one can resist the quenching of the blood of the god of war, and then he will faint.

However, Qin Yi was safe and sound and pretended to faint, luring them to attack him.

“Why should I tell you how I did it? ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Naturally it is impossible for him to tell them that he has a mysterious left hand.

Because the ancillary martial arts of "The Arts of Life Return" has been cultivated into a half-step complete quiet, the wounds from the tortoise cracked on him, just a few breaths, are completely healed.