The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 557: Fighting

He stood proudly there like a spear gun, Junyi's face on his face, always smiling slightly: “But you, Song Yu Wang and Zong He Wang, two bastards, should instruct you to sneak up on us in this magic blood refining, right? Tell me, besides the three of you, who else was involved in this sneak attack? ”

You don't have to think about it. There are definitely more than three people involved in this sneak attack plan, because King Song Yu and Zong He Wang can't be so big.

This magic blood refining is the perfect time to get rid of their own people, who will seize it firmly and try to kill as many of them as possible without fail.

The image of this boy's late execution did not show up. Yuyu's heart was angry and unwilling. He snorted coldly and said: "Just the three of us, is it enough to kill you, do we need anyone else to participate? Zhao Xiong, Mu Rongyu, I don't believe this kid. He has been quenching with the blood of the gods of war for so long, nothing will happen. He must be dead! Do it and destroy him. 2,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones will be yours! ”

2,000 Kyushu Lingyuanshi!

Qin Yi stunned and opened his mouth. He didn't expect that King Song Yu and Zong He Wang would give out the price of 2,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, and invite someone to kill several of their own people. It's really not as wide as usual.

That's enough. How much do they hate themselves? I'm afraid it's all hard to wash!


Yuyu, Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu, like three brutal leopards, went towards Qin Yi wildly to kill. Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu took out their weapons respectively during the explosion.

Zhao Xiong's weapon was two silver hooks. As he pumped Xuan Qi into the silver hook, the silver hook suddenly surged to a full length. It was quite frightening.

And Murongyu's weapon is a silver sword, a silver sword, brilliant, endless swordsmanship, havoc, every inch of space.


Yu Yu's pitch-black sickle, Zhao Xiong's silver hook, Murongyu's silver sword, with a sharp thundering whistling sound, all turned towards Qin Yi and went hard.

His eyes curled slightly, looking at the three holy instruments that had attacked him. Qin Yi's body was brisk, and his toes fluttered. The whole person rose to the sky. He easily avoided the joint blow of Yuyu and Yu. His toes were pointed on a stone shower tip, and he looked down over Yu and looked at the three people. He smiled slightly: “With the three of you, trying to kill me, I was afraid of a certain difficulty. ”


During the conversation, the three main elements of water, fire and earth seeds in his Dantian field, under his dark urging, followed by burning, allowing his speed, strength and physical defense, all reached their peak instantly.

At the same time, he darkly motivated his mysterious left hand to enter a state of emptiness.

Yu Yu's cultivation reached more than the middle of the sixth realm of Zongdao, and he didn't dare to go too far.

“I don't believe it, this man who is angry with God, after being quenched by the blood of the god of war, will surely be unharmed, destroy him! ”

Yu Yu sickled angrily, carrying a pitch-black sickle, took the lead to slaughter Qin Yi again, Qin Yi's palm flipped, the green smoke cloud long gun suddenly appeared in his hand, towards that slaughtered pitch-black sickle, sweeping hard.


The sickle intersects the long gun and makes a huge collision sound, almost puncturing the eardrums of people!

Yuyu only felt the smoke cloud gun, the power passed over, as if the platoon fell into the sea, his arms were numb, the mouth of the tiger was cracked, a piece of blood blurred, pitch black sickle, even more almost went out of vulgarity.

“Yu Yu, I remember saying before the ’fame’ competition, your sickle, to me, is just a piece of scrap iron, it can't kill me at all. ”

Qin Yi stood on the shooting tip with one leg. The breeze blew past him. He could not speak briskly. He single-handedly fired a gun, pointing to the rain on the ground.

Zhao Xiong and Murongyu were slightly stunned, so unknown.

The corner of Yu Yu's mouth was obviously smoked, and his face was filled with divine shame: “Man, today I will prove to you that my sickle, to you, is a sickle of death! Kill--”

He carried a pitch-black sickle and again burst towards Qin Yi.

Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu also dared not slack, their feet suddenly stamped the ground, with this strength, carry their weapons and kill to Qin Yi.

The reward of exactly 2,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones is so tempting that they can forget the gap between themselves and Qin Yi and struggle with it.

“Ping-pong! ”

In an instant, the four were in a wild battle, pounding waves of energy, and in a fierce collision between the four, they swept away and impacted on all sides.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

The surrounding shoots were completely irresistible. The wave of energy that swept out of the war between the four men, a single shoots, was torn apart by the wave of energy and fell into flames and became a rubble on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, this shooting grove is destroyed as many times as possible.

The blood pool of the god of war, which exists in the stone shoots forest, seems to have intangible form of protection, but it has not been destroyed. The three Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan still faint there, floating on the divine blood, there is no sense of the fierce battle with Qin Yi and Yu and others.

Qin Yi held a long gun with a smoke cloud in his hand. With one enemy and three, he was still quite accommodating. He played the "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme. Between Yuyu and Zhao Xiong Murongyu, he kept shuttling. After a wild battle, Yu three people, even his coat, were not touched.

Over time, the four of us fought wildly, and the collar went into white heat, four shadows, constantly interwoven, and we couldn't tell who it was.

“The gods of man are angry, this is a sickle of death! ”

During the fierce war, Yuyu mouth kept drinking, the muscles on his face twisted, revealing a state of madness, obviously to Qin Yi in the past said that his sickle was a piece of scrap iron, has been difficult to forgive.

His arm shook hard, the pitch-black sickle turned into a dark shadow, dashed through the long sky, facing Qin Yi in front, slaughtered the past harshly, with the breath of death.

That pitch-black sickle looked a little weird. When it just came off, it was the same size as a regular sickle. In the process of chopping to Qin Yi, it grew rapidly. When it came to Qin Yi's front, it had become two lengths wide enough, as if it really was the sickle of the reaper who had been chopped out of hell.

Qin Yi was not strong his sharp, his body rose sharply, his toes gently on the broad sickle, with this power, burst out, his whole man and Yanyun long gun in a straight line, flowing arrow burst towards the heart of the rain, speed to the limit, as if directly pierced a void, between that, was stabbed into the chest of the rain.

Skin has touched the cold gun head, Yu Yu was shocked, hurried to flutter the qi in the body, the whole person leaned out and escaped the deadly shot of Qin Yi.

Just for a moment, he was already in a cold sweat, on the back of his spine, a cold sweat.

This perilous shot caused Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu beside each other to see even the heart mentioned the voice eyes, they dared not to be lazy at all, hurried to drink with both anger, held their weapons, and slaughtered towards Qin Yi.

The silver hook silver sword swings quickly between, reflecting the heavens and the earth into a silver color.

Faced with Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu coming from both sides, Qin Yi did not panic. From the beginning to the end, they all behaved freely. With their current strength, it was more than enough to resist the attacks of Yu, Zhao Xiong and Mu Yongyu.


Smoky clouds and long guns shook, dramatic killing intentions, and people's souls could not help but tremble chestnuts.

Qin Yi held a gun and stabbed Zhao Xiong suddenly to the left. Like a Qinghong across the sky, the space around him was all severely distorted by this gun.

The gun was completely natural, as if it were the only one in the heavens and earth. No matter how Zhao Xiong avoided it, he could not avoid it. The sharp gun head remained inside his heart. Zhao Xiong raised his hands to a silver hook.


The silver hook shotgun collided and struck a sparkling flame.

Zhao Xiong could not fight the power transmitted on the Yanyun gun. The whole person was suddenly struck by this power and fell to the ground.

His chest was stuffy for a moment and his breath and blood fluttered in his cavity, causing an irrepressible bite of blood to erupt.

Late, at that time, while Qin Yi shot Zhao Xiong to the ground, Mu Yongyu's attack, has arrived, the silver sword of war, paddled too long, straighten Qin Yi's vest.

The silver sword has not been stabbed yet. Qin Yi's vest is a little painful. This is due to the extremely sharp swordsmanship. Today, Qin Yi's institutional defense is not necessary. Murongyu's silver sword can still achieve this effect. See how sharp his silver sword is. I fear that it is only a practitioner below the five realms of the Zongdao. This sword alone will directly punch through the hole and kill him.

Feeling the sharp sword behind him, Qin Yi was not panicked. He didn't even return to his head. He shot him in the back and swept Murong Yu, who burst into the back.


Qin Yi's hand was too fast. Mu Rongyu couldn't even stop the offensive to escape. The long blue smoke cloud gun sturdily swept over Mu Rongyu's body. At a moment, Mu Rongyu only felt the power contained in this gun. It weighed ten million yuan. Even the bones in the body were swept away by this gun.


Murongyu flew directly across the street and fell to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi took the absolute upper hand!

Looking at the long smoke cloud gun in his hand, Qin Yi Junyi's face was an irrepressible delight. He could feel that this long smoke cloud gun had become quite powerful after being upgraded by the refiner of the Shenzhen family to a Chinese holy instrument.