The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 565: Magic Six Reproduction

Gan Tang's voice was not set, his eyes were staring, and he died. At the moment of his death, a glimmer of remorse suddenly appeared in his heart.

Together, the four of us will kill Gantung just as a photo!

“We killed a Tingwei who was promoted to the ’take position’ competition...”

Looking at the ground, the immobile body of Gantang glanced at him. Qin Yi's brain was also sober. He couldn't help but open his mouth with some stunning stunning.

“Yeah, we got 15 Tingwei in the ‘take the spot' race, only 14 of us. ”

Yang Shiqi, beside him, also blinked incredibly at the glassy eyes.

If the 14 Tingwei who participated in the "championship” competition are promoted by half, then only 7 Tingwei can be promoted to the “championship” competition, wait for the “championship” competition, and then promote to the Divine Guard by half, up to a maximum of 4, and eventually become the Divine Guard!

I can't imagine how fierce this competition is.

Ultimately, which 4 people will succeed in being promoted to the Divine Guard?

Obviously, everyone in the room had this problem in their head, and for a moment, they were staring at each other, and their faces were all kind of weird.

“It is too early to be promoted to the Divine Guard, and we do not need to think about it now. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly, paused, his handsome face gradually became a little cold, and said: "I think the next thing I want to do is greet us, it's a fierce war, so all we need to do now is prepare for a fierce war, especially to do well, next time, we may slaughter a lot of Tingwei ready. ”


Next thing you know, you could slaughter a lot of Tingwei?

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan were all slightly stunned. Unknown, so their expectations turned to Qin Yi.

Touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “I don't know if you guys got the idea. Before we killed Gan Tang, Gan Tang made a move, which was to take out a piece of jade briefly and quickly crush it. ”

All three of Yang Shiqi nodded and took note of this, but the color of the face became more and more confusing.

Qin Yi glanced, on the face of the three people, Xu Xu Yi swept, then said: “Gan Tang will dare to rush to crush Yu Jane before we kill him, which is obviously not normal. If I am correct, there is a spiritual brand in that Yu Jane, and all those who participated in this assassination of our Tingwei should have such a piece of Yu Jane, which contains a spiritual brand of Yu Jane, forming a well rope branded web. As long as one of the jade is crushed, all the other Tingwei with Yu Jane will feel it, so they will soon know where we are and kill us. ”

Qin Yi is not unfamiliar with Yu Jian, who has a spiritual brand. In the past, when the miracle fairy trace was still in place, the paternal ancestor and Qin Yi had given him a Yu Jian with a spiritual brand before he entered the demonic domain. However, the spiritual brand in that Yu Jian was not intended to perceive the location of Qin Yi, but the paternal ancestor and wanted to obtain the cultivation technique of the sixth change of "Magic Six Changes" through it.

Hearing Qin Yi say this, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan all stood still.

“I'm a grass, aren't I? Scared of a ball! ”

Dragon flames suddenly licked his lips excitedly after being stunned.

Looking at the appearance of this mad warrior, the three of Qin Yi smiled helplessly.

Xuanlan touched his glossy forehead with his hand and said: “The problem is, if it's the top ecclesiastical of the Holy See who knows we killed so many Tingwei, he's afraid to break us all to pieces! ”

The Holy See has long stipulated that the killing of each other between Tingwei will not be permitted and will be severely punished once discovered.

And now they're going to kill Tingwei!

“Forget it, if there are a lot of Tingwei coming to assassinate us, let go of the war, anyway, we are not the first to kill Tingwei. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Yan Bi, his subconscious look up and see the heavens, the higher echelons of the Holy See, really like God, looking over the Holy See, all the actions of the court guards? If so, they should see it all, but why didn't they stop it?

Qin Yi's mind was confused to the extreme.

All of a sudden, his eyes curled slightly, and a slaughter appeared: "They're here. That's fast. Get ready to fight! ”

He was always in a state of emptiness, and his senses of spirituality surrounded him. At this time, an individual Tingwei suddenly entered the range, from all sides, surrounded by as many as forty and fifty people.

And success, too, is in it.

Not long ago, these Tingwei appeared in the sight of Qin Yi's four people. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded the four of them.

“O ye men who are angry with one another! How dare ye kill Gandhal! We have executed you on the orders of the high ecclesiastical priests! ”

Cheng Ye said coldly, his face was full of killing air.

Since entering this magic, they have repeatedly assassinated several people in Qin Yi, but they have failed, and now he can only use extreme means to kill them together with all the buying Tingwei.

Nice, Qin Yi's a few people, very strong, but he doesn't believe it. Dozens of Tingwei will not be able to kill these people?


Dragon flame laughed and said, "Can you make more fun of it? My grass, your master honored King Song Yu and Zong and Wang Wolf as traitors, bought so many Ting Wei to murder us. The one who should break the corpse is you and your master, as well as Zong and Wang! ”

Yan Bi, he pulled a gun and burst into business.


At this point, there is nothing to say. Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan are also carrying their own weapons and killing the past wildly.

Those around them, though all the Tingwei of the Holy See, had quite a good repair, the lowest, also broke through the five realms of Zongdao, but with the strength of Qin Yi's four men, the scene of the slaughter of the past was still like a bomb, and it blew up in the crowd.

In an instant, a limb flew across, and several Tingwei were killed on the spot.

In the turmoil, Cheng Yang avoided the shooting of Dragonflame. When he looked back at the scene, he was shocked and angry. He drank loudly: “Kill them, 2,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones each! ”

“Kill him! ”

I can't imagine how many Tingwei fought together. It was like a huge wave of energy, squeezing space and twisting wildly. The earth quickly cracked a huge gap and spread far away.

On the side of the industry, despite the large number of people, their own strength is far apart. The siege does not play any role at all. On the contrary, Tingwei is occasionally killed by several people in Qin Yi, without any courtesy.

“Sister Yang, Long Yan, Xuanlan, all three of you back off, let me deal with them alone! ”

Qin Yi suddenly swept up into the sky. From the surrounding circle, he swept out and shouted at Yang Shiqi several people.

In the talking room, over his head, a sudden sip of the clock appeared. The clock was ancient, with a hint of antiquity.

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame in the fierce battle. Looking back, he saw the Devil's Clock over Qin Yi's head and instantly understood what was going on.

Magic Six Changes!

“Magic Six Changes! All right, Yang Shiqi, Xuanlan, let's retreat. Just leave this to Qin Yi alone. ”

Dragonflame smiled.

Qin Yi's "Demonic Sound Six Changes", they have seen it, it is kind of a pretty good group attack martial arts. Today's scene, this martial arts is the most suitable.

Xuanlan had not seen Qin Yi perform "Demonic Sound Six Changes" before. At this moment, she looked at the demonic clock above Qin Yi's head. Her beautiful face revealed confusion.

However, she did not hesitate at all, when even with Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, she burst out of the circle and came behind Qin Yi.

This time, Zong He Wang and the others secretly contacted the forty and fifty Tingwei, ready to take advantage of this magic blood refining opportunity to kill Qin Yi, such a huge number of people, when truly astonishing, enough to see Zong and Wang et al., the determination to kill Qin Yi, what is so great!

Though there are clear provisions in the Holy See that Tingwei cannot kill each other, clandestine killings are absolutely unavoidable, such as the Kyushu Holy See.

And a massive slaughter like this is absolutely unprecedented.

Qin Yi and others killed nearly a dozen Tingwei, and now there are about 40 left.

Qin Yi's head was topped by an ancient demonic clock. He pulled out his body. He stood there arrogantly as if he were a spear gun. He faced the dozens of court guards in front alone. He was calm and had no fear at all.

“Tsk, Tseng, you actually secretly contacted so many Tingwei to kill me, you really can see me. ”

Smiling gently, Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Looking at the ancient demonic clock on top of Qin Yi's head, Cheng Yi and other Tingwei, his face was bewildered. Qin Yi had never seen him perform this method since entering the Holy See.

For a while, Cheng Yi et al., the more and more he felt this man's mutual anger, the more mysterious.

“Man, I don't care what the ancient clock over your head is, but you want to fight so many of us with your own strength. Looks like you've had the after-effects of a door clip on your brain, and you've committed it again! ”

Success did not hesitate to laugh, in the gloomy eyes, a strong killing enthusiasm flowed.

“Not against you people, but against you people. ”

After hearing the second half of the completion, Qin Yi slightly cried, shook his head slightly and said softly.

- What? - What?

It's not a fight, it's a kill!

There is an intrinsic difference between confrontation and direct killing!

Cheng Ye et al., stuck.

“This man is a man of common anger. He's so arrogant and rare to see! ”

“Haha, one person, wants to kill so many of us, I grass, like he's the Great Immortal! ”


Around the maturity, a laugh, a diffuse laugh, a Tingwei, are like the best jokes in the heavens and the earth, laughing with disdain.