The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 570: Heart Demon

As long as there is a Kyushu Demon Knife and the Dark Lord, there will no longer be immortality!

“Is this demon's left hand, which is compatible with my left hand, really the left hand that the Kyushu King chopped off at the moment of the final crash? ”

Qin Yi frowned and muttered to himself: “Why did I just see the last image of the Great War of Destruction, before endless years, is the memory of the mysterious left hand? But the mysterious left hand is obviously the devil's. Is it true that the King of Kyushu is the devil? ”

“And who is the so-called Dark Lord? Why is it so powerful? ”

Qin Yi's heart is full of questions.

After a long time of pondering, he still can't think, so what is the connection between the King of Kyushu and the demon? The so-called Dark Lord, who is it?

However, he already had a hunch that the mysterious left hand, compatible with his left hand, was the left hand that the Kyushu King had chopped off at the moment of the final meteor.

As for the demon and the king of Kyushu, he also had the implicit feeling that it should be the same person, although in the previous year's fairy tour, he had never heard anyone call the king of Kyushu a demon.

Shaking his head, Qin Yi will shake off the mess, his eyes swept off the scene, and found that the other Tingwei present, including Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and others, were all caught in extremely sad emotions, one full of tears.

Qin Yi prompted his left hand to elicit an ancient qi. He first came behind Yang Xiqi and gently pressed his left hand against the teenage girl's rather delicate back spine. He injected that ancient qi into Yang Xiqi's body slowly.

With this ancient infusion of Xuan Qi, Yang Shiqi's delicate body was a fierce blow. The next moment, the young girl's eyes filled with tears suddenly looked at Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, you were alive. I saw you die just now. You were beaten to death by a tall figure! ”

Yang Shiqi strove hard into Qin Yi's arms at all costs, two white snake-like soft arms, tightly surrounded Qin Yi's waist limbs, and was no longer willing to let go of half.

I was beaten to death?

Qin Yi stunned and opened his mouth, rubbing Yang Shiqi's hair gently. For a moment, an infinite amount of soft qin grew in his heart.

He figured that the sound of a white robe girl playing on the ancient Stone Mountain would lead to something deep inside the hearts of the listeners and then make them hallucinate and see the scene they didn't want to see the most.

Next, Qin Yi injected the ancient Xuan Qi in his left hand into the body of Dragon Flame and Xuanlan respectively. For a moment, the two of them beat a spiritual spirit and awoke from that extremely sad emotion.

“My grass, as an ancient family of war dragons, the purest descendants of war dragon blood, I actually wept, so embarrassed! Qin Yi, what's going on with us? ”

He woke up with dragon flame, touched an eye, his cheek rarely appeared a blush, quite awkward.

Xuanlan, who was awake in a big dream, was also a tearful woman. She looked incredibly at Qin Yi: “Yeah, Qin Yi, what the hell is going on? ”

Habitual touching of the nose, Qin Yi said: “I know, you all saw the saddest scene just now, but it's not true, it's just a hallucination, even to say, it's your demon, it's your heart, it's the weakest place. That's why you do it, because the white robe lady on Stone Mountain, the sound of the violin is not simple, it will confuse a person's mind, just now, your mind, is confused by this violin. ”

Yan Bi, Qin Yi pointed around again: “See? Not just you, all the Tingwei here, have fallen into their own demons. ”

Yang Shiqi's three eyes circled, looking around Tingwei, all completely trapped in a sad emotion, completely lost their self.

Even Pucky Mai, the head of the "10 Great Court Guard”, was no exception, and the whole person sat there foolishly, silent in his eyes and lost his soul, apparently completely trapped in some sorrow.


The three of Yang Shiqi stared at the ground and broke his chin.

“Tinker Bell...”

On the ancient Stone Mountain, the white robe woman played, didn't stop, a sad note, kept bouncing out, haunting the ears of everyone.

“Heart demon? ”

The Sky Spirit is like an elf-like Xuanlan, turning back to God, with a slight frown, and softening his head: “Yeah, maybe really, this sorrow can easily find out the demons of each of us, and then play them so that we can get caught up in them, it's hard to pull ourselves out. Fortunately, that white woman just now didn't do anything to us, otherwise it would be easy to slay us. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are all surprised.

Indeed, just as she was caught in the demon, she was going to kill several of herself. That was a minute!

“In other words, only those with demons of the heart will be controlled by the sound of the harp, and those without demons of the heart will not be controlled by them! ”

Yang Shiqi seems to be enlightened.

And Qin Yi, at this time, was inevitably caught in contemplation, and the scene of the falling of the immortal gods that he had just seen himself, was it his own demon?

Why would your demon be that scene?

Normally, only something around you, or something that once existed around you, could become your own demon!

But how is it possible to become one's own demon when that scene takes place in a very distant and immortal age?

Was... the scene of the destruction of the immortal gods, when they themselves were present?

With this in mind, Qin Yi's mind suddenly rolled up a huge wave. If that is the case, it can only be explained that he is now reincarnated by a certain immortal emperor!


Qin Yi quickly shook his head and denied this strange idea.

“Hey, now, these Tingwei, they're all trapped in their own demons, hard to pull themselves out. This is a rare opportunity, why don't we just let them stay in their own demons, and then the few of us, rush to that ancient rock mountain, take that artifact away! ”

Dragonflame licked his lips and said excitedly.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan's eyes couldn't help but shine.

Indeed, as Dragon Flame has said, this is an excellent opportunity.

"In fact, the white robe woman," Qin Yi said with a slight indulgence, "is not a consciousness of an artifact, but an elemental seed, and this elemental seed can only be received by me. ”

Elemental seeds?

Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan all heard the fog in the clouds, so they stood there unknown.

Elemental seeds, they have naturally heard of, and what they cannot understand is why only Qin Yi can receive them.

Looking at the confused eyes of the three people, Qin Yi said: “I can't explain it to you right now. When I get there, you'll know what's going on? Let's go up now, maybe there's something there besides an elemental seed. ”


The faces of the three Yang Shiqi people all showed an exciting color.

In fact, in the current scenario, it is perfectly conceivable that the last magic blood refining of the Holy See, those who came in and the High Court Guard, eventually saw “the last gorgeous”, just a flash, the scenario is exactly the same as now, with the white robe woman, will play the sorrow, the people fall into their own demons, naturally it will not be possible to see her again, by the time they wake up, the white robe woman, long gone!


Once the idea was settled, the four Qin Yi people, there was no delay. Immediately, they each burst into the air inside their bodies, slightly fluctuating, towards the top of that ancient stone mountain.

This range, which has been removed from the array of restricted flights, has allowed them to fly unhindered.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's four feet have stepped on the top of the ancient stone mountain.

Standing on the top of an ancient stone mountain, the eyes of four people swept slowly, discovering that it was unusually large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

And that seven-colored glow, from the center of that rocky mountain, is mysterious, ancient, gorgeous.

“Hey, you guys, you can't be introduced to the demon by my music! ”

In the seven colors of Xia Guang, the windy white robe woman, looking at the four Qin Yi who appeared on the top of this stone mountain, seemed a little surprised.

Her voice, extra soft and beautiful, intoxicating.

“Buzz...” “Buzz...”

Faced the white robe woman, Qin Yi's left hand, trembled constantly, that wonderful feeling, to the extreme.

Indeed, in that very distant past, Qin Yi once lost a woman in an endless white robe here. This woman in white robe was his.

“Of course not, because I'm your master, and you're the one I lost here before endless years. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, vomiting word for word.

What's that supposed to mean?

This white robe woman, was lost here before Qin Yi's endless years ago. Qin Yi is his master?

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan stood still and broke their jaws.

“Are you my master? ”

In the seven colors of daylight, the white robe woman holding the ancient qin was also obviously stunned, swinging, shaking her head gently: “Impossible, I was born here, so far I have forgotten when I appeared here, I do not have a master at all, how can you be my master again? You go, or I'll do it to you. ”

Let's go?

How can Qin Yi walk in the face of a seed of elements that are readily available?

He looked at the white woman and shook his head with a smile.

“In that case, I'll have to kill without pardon! ”

White robe women's fiber ten fingers, suddenly facing them on the string, pushed hard, hectares, a huge golden sound wave, like the same round of golden half moon, towards Qin Yi four people, quickly chopped.

With this golden sound wave cut out, the entire space on the top of the mountain is heavily distorted.