The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 578: After Three Knives

“Hung Wan Jiu - the second knife! ”

Zonghe Wang had a sip of anger and tried his best to break his second knife.

With this knife cut out, the bloody knife, doubled directly, up to ten lengths, with a sharp whistling sound, seems to want to divide this heaven and earth into two parts!

The endless knife, the whole scene, the people watching around, the cheeks are all scratched by this knife, it hurts.

Qin Yi stood proudly there, stunned, full of dark hair, madly dancing, he could feel the power of this knife, enough to be twice as powerful as the first one!

But strength and physical defense reached a terrible height, he had no fear of it, he did not hide, still a simple punch and greeted him.

At this moment, Qin Yi's fists even emerged a faint golden ray, like gold casting.

“Knock! ”

The scene is exactly the same as the first knife, the full length of the blood knife, the moment it touches the blood knife, it suddenly crumbles open.

Qin Yi slowly harvested his fist and stood proudly there. He remained idle and smiled slightly in his face.


“I still haven't got what I wanted, this knife, and I haven't been able to chop this man up and kill him! ”

Zonghe Wang slightly blinked, some incredibly blinking.

What a surprise!

This scenario, which he didn't want, was a little hard for him to accept, and his breasts started to fluctuate.

“Zong He Wang, how do you feel about me still standing safely in front of you after two knives? ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and said.

Watching the young man in front, Zong and Wang couldn't help but jump forward and tear his handsome face to pieces!

However, Zong He Wang is finally a giant that the world must look up to. He has an unusual nature. He forced the anger in his chest and suppressed it. Sigh said: "Son, your strength exceeds my expectations, but you need less, now it is only two knives. The next knife, you will not stand in front of me as safely as you are now. ”

Yan Bi, wearing the tall body of the gold robe, once again turned into a golden ray. He burst out as if he were a leopard. He held the blood knife in his hands, facing Qin Yi in the open air, and cut it out hard.

This knife has reached 15 lengths!

With the knife cut out, the people watching around the field shouted, even the existence of the sword River King and Fiber King couldn't help but open their mouths with dismay.

Meanwhile, Huang Fushang's memory, Leaving Lo, Fu Qingqing and others in the crowd couldn't help but stand up suddenly, his face was gorgeous, and he was shocked.

The power of this knife can definitely kill any practitioner who has not yet broken through the Seventh Realm of Path!

However, Qin Yi in the fierce battlefield still did not show a slight panic, punched out, facing the 15-length bloody knife.

It's simple and straightforward, and there's nothing fancy about it.

“Knock! ”

The 15-length knife still broke open at the moment of encountering Qin Yi's fist.

The whole stadium suddenly calmed down, one staring at the other.

Zonghe Wang tried his best to cut the third knife, but he was still directly smashed by Qin Yi's simple and simple punch.

“Zong He Wang, I'm so sorry that after your three swords, I still stand safely here. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, his face was gorgeous, and he was always at ease.

How is that possible?

Zong and Wang had some incredible blinking, mouth corner, hidden smoking, a hot and spicy cheek, as if they had been “banged” and slapped.

“This teenager seems to have gained a lot in the magic blood refining of the day. He is obviously better at strength and physical defense than he was at the last competition. ”

The Knife River King, who has always laughed so hard, couldn't help but sigh.

Qin Yi can crumble the knife split by Zong and Wang for three consecutive times. If there is only strong and horizontal physical defense or strength, it cannot be achieved. It must be combined with physical defense in order to achieve such a strong and horizontal effect.

Naturally, this can easily be seen in the eyes of the Knife River King.

“Yeah, this teenager, I'm getting confused with him. ”

The fiber king beside him, with his white hands, touched the glossy and full forehead, some helplessly shook his beautiful head, twirling, hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip- ”

“That's true. ”

King Lauro, not far away, also exhaled lightly, Xu Xu said: “Based on the strength Qin Yi is currently demonstrating, Zong He Wang wants to take this opportunity to kill him, only afraid of unrealistic, I even suspect that the teenager has passed the divine blood quench at least five times in the magic. ”

King Luo Luo, from the five major alliance forces of the Kyushu mainland, given the relationship between the five alliance forces, this war, King Luo Luo is naturally biased towards Qin Yi.


A despicable cold drink came from not far away. It was King Song Yu from the peak of the moon. He only saw him faintly say: "Zong He Wang's" Hung Fall Nine Knives "is not general martial arts. It is a Zong Dao Peak martial arts. He has studied this martial arts for centuries and has cultivated this set of martial arts to the best of good. Now Qin Yi is strong in his performance, at most, he can only support five more knives. ”

Hearing him say this, the swords and river kings, they all had to be beaten.

They had to admit that King Song Yu was presenting a fact.

Qin Yi, even if he is stronger, is ultimately only a regular Tingwei who has only the middle of the five realms of the Patriarchate. How can he resist the Patriarch and Wang as the culminating archdeacon?

On the other hand, Wang Fushang's memory, Leaving Lo and Fu Qingqing several people, saw that Qin Yi, with absolute strength, directly crumbled the third knife of Zong and Wang, all relieved the breath, a few people tall and moving breasts, hidden fall, but the divine color, not much easier.

After all, Zonghe Wang was only able to cut three knives!

Behind you, there are many knives that haven't been cut out!

However, Xian Wencheng, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xuanlan and several people in the crowd, the color of the face has always been quite calm, there is no wave.

They know too much about Qin Yi's base card. That was the weapon of the Yulan King of Yulan in Yulan Mainland during the Immortal Age - the Gun of Evil!

Once the Evil Gun comes out, who's up against it?

Even the Immortal Powerful are not enough to see, more fortunate is the Zone of the Union and the King!

The battle, before it began, they already knew the end: the King and the King defeated, there would not be a second situation!

The center of the martial arts.

Zonghe Wang was very uneasy. He had no idea. After three swords he had done his best, Qin Yi, a man who was angry with God, could still stand here safely, even the fur, could not be hurt.

Such a battle scene, it's not what he wants.

At this time, he was shocked and angry, but he still forced himself to maintain the style he deserved: "Boy, you certainly exceed all expectations, but the end result of this war will surely break your heart! ”

“If you want to fight, you can't fight. Where's all that crap? ”

Qin Yi said faintly.

“You want to die! ”

Zonghe Wang growled, completely furious, and could no longer maintain any style.

Next moment.

He carried the blood knife and killed Qin Yi maniacally again.

“Hung Wan Jiu - the fourth knife! ”

“Hung Wan Jiu - the fifth knife! ”

“ …… ”

Furious Zong and Wang, one sword after the other, every time a knife is cut, the blood knife is bigger than the previous knife, the foot is five feet long, the end is raw and fierce.

Endless swordsmanship, raging the field, filled with no inch of space.

The people around them, even their souls, were a trembling chestnut, an endless knife that they had never seen before so fiercely attacked.

In the blink of an eye, Zong and Wang cut out three knives in one breath.

In the face of the frenzied sect and Wang, Qin Yi has always been quite calm. His battle was very direct, which was to wave his fists up and face a more powerful bloody knife.

At this moment, his fists, as if they were punched by the Immortal Emperor, smashed everything, and the bloody knife of Zong and Wang were all smashed apart.

Too strong!

The whole martial arts field, quiet to the extreme, only Qin Yi and Zong and Wang fighting sounds, everyone on the field, all stunned open mouth, chin shattered ground.

Even Knife River King and Fiber King, both of their faces showed horrible colors. They knew that Qin Yi was strong, but did not expect it. Unconsciously, the teenager had already crossed this stage, fisting with bare hands, and took the six knives in the King's "Hunger Nine".

Besides, it's nothing.

If this power and physical defense alone, even the two of them feel bad about themselves.

Looking at this scenario, Huangfu's memory, Fu Qingqing and Luo few people in the crowd finally felt a little relieved. They could feel that this magic trials did make Qin Yi, there was a lot of improvement.

However, they did not completely relieve themselves of it. The King and the Sovereign, not the average Tingwei, but the culminating archbishop of the Holy See, his "Nine Knives of the Flood", only broke six knives, and there were three.

The next three swords are absolutely powerful and unimaginable. You know, this is Zong He Wang's strongest three strikes.

“Kid, your excellence is beyond everyone's imagination, but I still have three knives, and if I don't cut them out, I'll see if you can resist my last three! ”

Zong He Wang's breasts, a fierce rise and fall, at this time, no adjective can describe the shock in his heart. Above his face, there was a strong rush of killing.

The better Qin Yi performs, the stronger his harshness, the more he wants to strangle him in the cradle.