The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 581: Who's Behind It?

“Master Yang, what can I do for you? ”

Qin Yi came to Yang Shiqi's face, stretched out a finger, on the teenage girl's rather showy john nose, spoiled scratches, and asked.

Feeling the drowning of the teenager, Yang Shiqi's heart was sweet as if she had drunk honey. She lifted her hand and grabbed Qin Yi's nose, causing her to itch a little. The girl smiled shallowly and said: “It's my teacher, let me ask you to talk to her. ”

After Yan Bi, the girl naturally held Qin Yi's arm up again: “Let's go. ”

With this action of the teenage girl, the attractive two large white buns on her chest, hard on Qin Yi's arm, pressed into the shape of two large pancakes.

The teenager's divine colour, slightly stiff, was so refreshed to blink there, just felt the whole person, instantly elevated to the wonderful state of life, refreshing heart, some very unhealthy images, is also in his mind again, emerged.

It's fantastic!

The teenage girl held Qin Yi's arm tightly, her head slightly hanging, over her cheek, a smudged pale redness, just feeling Qin Yi's slightly stiff body, she didn't have to look up to know, at this time, Qin Yi's face, is how much to enjoy the expression.

“It's so... embarrassing. ”

The girl's heart trembled slightly, muttering herself. In the end, she couldn't help lifting the near-transparent curtain. She sneaked a peek at Qin Yi, and when she saw his face, she wrote the words "Really cool”.

“Qin Yi, you're getting worse and worse. ”

Yang Shiqi was ashamed of herself. Qin Yi glanced at her beautifully. However, he didn't mean to let go of his hands at all. He still held his arm to death and feared for his life. Once he let go, he would fly away.


“Cough, cough...”

Qin Yi returned to God from those very unhealthy images and suddenly awkwardly hurried to cough twice. At the same time, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart. My grass, my father was indeed becoming more and more corrupt.

But he has to admit, the more corrupt, the better!

Not yet.

The figure of the two of you, Nong Mei Nong, appeared in the dwelling of Hyun Wencheng.

“Qin Yi, you're here. ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Xian Wencheng's face, clearly passed a glimmer of joy.

However, the performance of dragon flame is even more direct. Long voice laughed: “Haha, Qin Yi, your battle with the Zong and Wang is so fast, you did a great job! However, slightly unfortunately, you didn't activate the Evil Gun, picking out the bastard Zong and Wang directly! ”

Selected Zong and Wang directly?

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xian Wencheng stared at each other for a moment. Dragon flame is a natural warrior. How dare you think of anything!

Xianwen smiled slightly embarrassed and said: “Directly activating the Gun of Evil and choosing Zong and Wang as a gun is naturally a very happy thing, but the trouble that follows is not easy to deal with. First, Zonghe Wang is one of the five peak archdeacons of the Holy See. If he were to be shot and killed by Qin Yi in a contest, the top echelons of the Holy See would still pay some attention. Even if not valued, Qin Yi made himself more at the tip of the wind, even if he was promoted to divine guard in the future, he was afraid of constant trouble...

“Secondly, the Gun of Evil is a Gun of Evil inherited from the immortal years. Once you reveal it, it is certain that you will not let those in the Holy See who have heart do so by making articles and framing you. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan all nodded.

There is also a point, the Gun of Evil, only three chances to carry out, not many, can not use, Qin Yi will try not to use.

After a pause, Hyun Wencheng shifted the subject, saying: “In total, only 14 Tingwei participated in this‘ championship ’competition. If, like the' championship ’competition, the promotion is halved, then only 7 Tingwei will have the opportunity to be promoted. Pooch Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, there is little chance of elimination, so who will be the remaining three promoted Ting Wei? ”

Rumor has it, all three of Qin Yi were forced to remain silent and stare at each other.

This issue, Qin Yi had thought about it before. If you add 3 of your own, there are exactly 7 of you, and you will be promoted to the "take over the king” competition.

But the problem is, Xuanlan, Chengye, Toshihiko, Maryangham, Naran Joran, Duan Yangqiu, Duan Jing are also quite strong.

In particular, Xuanlan is not only not weak, but also has a different relationship with Qin Yi three people. If she is to be eliminated, they are really impatient.

There are also two people, Toshihiko and Maryanhan, from Miao Peak, among the five alliance forces in Kyushu Mainland, the miracle fairy trace and Miao Peak, that is the recent walk, Qin Yi several people, in fact, in their hearts, also hope that they can be promoted to success.

“Do your best. ”

Xian Wencheng smiled faintly and said: “In fact, it has come as a surprise to me that the three of you have been able to advance to the 'take position' competition. We have fought for our miracle fairy trail. Especially Qin Yi. In the Holy See, it can be said that there has always been a scolding wind and cloud. Of course, it would be best if the three of you could be promoted to the rank of 'King' and even eventually to the Divine Defense. I heard that our magical miracle is not strong at the level of Divine Defense. ”

Do what you can?

Qin Yi's gaze, the obscure slight firmness, he has long decided, in any case, he must become a divine guardian, God defeats God, Buddha oppresses Buddha!

Only by becoming a Divine Guardian can he reach out to a wider cultivation world, better grind himself up and become the strongest in the shortest time!

Yeung Shiqi and Long Yan, with their extraordinary potential, Qin Yi also believed that they would eventually become divine guardians.

However, Sherland and others are also strong!

This is an extremely troubling issue!

The next day.

As instructed by Lieutenant Laohuai, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan arrived at the General Affairs Hall this morning.

At this time, the General Affairs Hall Hall, Puqimai, Yitai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, Cheng Ye, Jun Yan, Malang Han, Xuanlan, Naran Joran, Duan Yang Qiu, Duan Jing and others, were also present.

Pucky Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, the divine colour on his face, is naturally comfortable, seems to be for this “take position” competition, his chest is bamboo.

Cheng Ye, Toshihiko, Maryanhan, Xuanlan, Naran Joran, Duan Yang Qiu, Duan Jing and others, are obviously some of the divine colors.

Especially when Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan came in, the faces of these people even became a little bitter. Qin Yi's strength. Everyone present already had a common vision. The chances of promotion in their hands are minimal.

“Qin Yi, you're here. ”

The Sky Spirit is like a fairy Xuanlan, the style moves round sexy long legs, Nana, comes to the three of them, smiles shallow, but smiles somewhat reluctantly.

She considered herself strong and placed herself in the Tingwei of the Holy See as a whole, quite leaning forward, but in front of the three Qin Yi, she still sighed a little less.

Qin Yimingcha Qiumli rubbed Xuanlan's hair gently and said soothingly: “Xuanlan, don't be too nervous, just try your best. ”

Looking at the teenager's face, that warm smile, Xuanlan felt a moment of unknown relief and nicely placed a beautiful head: “Hmm. ”

She is just a new Tingwei, able to succeed in the promotion to the "take position” competition, it has been extremely difficult, among the 14 almost peak Tingwei, to stand out to the promotion to the "take the king” competition, she no longer dares to have any fantasies.

“The God-fearing boy, not even Zong and Wang are your opponents, it seems that you are promoted in this‘ take over ’competition. ”

A faint voice, coming from behind.

Qin Yi several people, all slightly flashed, turning, Xu Xu Xu, indeed, can only see the completion of the business, just behind.

At this time, Cheng Zheng's handsome face was smiling with an unknown smile, shook his head and said: "But even if you succeed in the promotion to the championship competition, so what? Even in the end, you succeeded in being promoted to a divine guardian. So what? You think defeating the King and the King is over? No, far from it. ”

At the time, the Sovereign King and King Song Yu were instructed to plot the murder of Qin Yi in magic. That was a divine guard in a black cloak.

Zong He Wang? It's just a little shrimp millet!

Defeat a little shrimp millet, but there's a big guy in the back. So far, the big guy hasn't shown up!

What's that supposed to mean?

As soon as this speech of completion emerged, Qin Yi and others suddenly frowned slightly, revealing the colour of confusion.

Even Pucky Mai, Yi Tai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan and other people present were surprised to see the completion.

“In this way, before in the magic, you made such a big move, you were undoubtedly ordered by the king and the king of Song Yu, but the king and the king of Song Yu were also ordered by others. ”

Or did Xuanlan react agile, touching the forehead, the eyes of the emptiness became a little sharp: “By whose orders were Zong He Wang and Song Yu Wang? ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi's eyes all had to shine.

Successfully, she shrugged her shoulders slightly and said: "Xuanlan, it seems that your head melon is still very good, but unfortunately, I won't give you any answers. ”

Black Robe Divine Guard, had already warned you that if you reveal her identity, you will kill her without forgiveness, so even if you die, you will not speak of success.

“Tsk, it turns out that even Zong and Wang and Song Yu Wang were just ordered. Qin Yi, it seems that there are a lot of people in the whole Kyushu Holy See who are very embarrassed about you. ”

It will always be Dongmen Yan dressed in an attack red robe. He cast that rather interesting gaze towards Qin Yi.

Pucky Mai, Yi Tai and others, their faces are also overwhelmed with horror. They have a hidden feeling that they really want to deal with the teenager in front of them, it seems to be the Divine Guard!