The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 590: Broken Warpath

Yang Shiqi Yixi said nothing. When the animal skin was about to be taken out, he gave it to the middle-aged general: “Master Jiang, look, isn't it this animal skin? ”

The Master of the Jiangkou took over the skin of the animal, his eyes swept over it, his face, suddenly appeared a delightful color: “Look at this letter and content, it is probably it, I will bring it back to the intelligence cabinet later, study the content above carefully, then, the results will be told to you. ”

Qin Yi several people, naturally overjoyed, sighed in his heart, what a coincidence. The animal skin obtained in the magic field on that day, turns out to record the whereabouts of another gold broken sword.

At the same time, there was a strange feeling going up in their minds. It was an incredible coincidence, as if there was an invisible hand that was manipulating them behind their backs, treating them completely as chess pieces, and manipulating them in their palms.

Is it true that the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See are playing the role of God, taking them all as chess pieces and manipulating them?

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan looked at each other, obviously, they all raised this question in unison.

“Now, I say the second piece of information that we have obtained from the Intelligence Cabinet. ”

"The second piece of information is about the remains of the corpse tens of thousands of years ago," said Lord Jiang. ”

Qin Yilin hearted and listened carefully.

“Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the vagina door disappeared overnight, and in fact, no matter how clean it disappeared, it was well documented. After more than two months of work, we in the intelligence cabinet finally found traces of the remains of the vagina door, and the remains of this vagina door have entered the ghost. ”

Lord Jiangkou said.

“The Jedi? ”

Qin Yi frowned and was confused.

Siqi Yang, Xuanlan, Xuan Ji Shi, Zero Sword, and other members of the Xuan family in the palace also showed confusion.

“The Jedi, a cold place in the Arctic of Kyushu Mainland, are not far from the transmission line of the Hongmeng world into the wilderness. ”

The Lord of the Jiangkou continued with a slight pause: "In fact, with regard to the Jedi, there is a legend that it is a ruined conquest path. This ruined conquest path is actually another way into the world of the great wilderness. ”

War Path!

Qin Yi's whole person was like the top of the five lightning blasts. He stood there and could not understand it. In his heart, a terrible wave rose.

The word "war path”, which he could not be more familiar with, was a passage through which the immortal gods conquered mankind in the distant past, leaving the footprints of the immortal gods.

It seems that the demon of the heart that Qin Yi appeared in the magic of the past is true. In that battle, the Emperor of Time and Space, as the last to leave the human world, did destroy the path of war himself.

The path of war, that is the road paved with the blood of the great emperor. To date, Qin Yi remembers the scene there. The blood of the great emperor keeps pouring and will never be killed.

Now, endless years have passed, and the immortal gods who had stepped into the path of war and marched for mankind have turned into a cup of loess and never had a chance to emerge from the path of war.

Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Corpse Guardian has entered a ruined war path.


After a while, Qin Yifang returned from the extreme sense of shock.

“The broken path of war, the average man, does not know it exists, only those antiques that live indefinitely know its existence. In the ruined war path, there is the emperor's blood, which can not only quench the body, but also have a certain effect on healing wounds, so the only way to enter the ruined war path is through the ancient antiques, and the purpose of their entry is naturally to go towards the emperor's blood inside. ”

Lord Jiangkou said.

The people present, at the same time, are somewhat difficult to calm down, the blood of the Emperor of Immortal Great, what is so precious, if you can enter a ruined war path, you will gain a great deal.

But the peril is also conceivable, don't forget, there are some old antiques in there, who knows how tall they are?

“Now, I'm talking about our intelligence cabinet, the third piece of information that we have, which is about that bloody flag. ”

The Lord Jiang Gang glanced at everyone present. Finally, he landed in the eyes of Xuanlan, Ji Shixuan, and the sword. In his eyes, he hid a glimmer of sympathy: “There is no bloody flag in the Kyushu mainland. Then, it is highly likely that it exists in the Yulan mainland. ”

Jade Land!

Everyone here, stunned again.

Yulan mainland, in the eastern part of the Kyushu mainland, is much bigger than the Kyushu mainland, and you can imagine the difficulty of finding a bloody flag that is lost in an endless number of years on such a strange continent.

“The chances of success in searching for a corner of a bloody flag for no purpose in the vast Yulan continent are too small. So, Master Jiang, you arrange an intelligence team to accompany Langer into Yulan after entering the continent, and then start intelligence work to determine the location of that corner of the bloody flag. ”

Xuan Family Parent, after a moment of reflection, said.

That's a good way to go.

The Grand Palace, immediately nodded and agreed.

Qin Yi summed up three pieces of intelligence in a dazzling fashion:

Article 1: Master Yang's other Golden Broken Sword, the location of the existence, is recorded on her beast skin, must wait for the content on that beast skin to be researched before determining.

Article 2: The whereabouts of the “heavenly corpse” guardian after the vagina gate has entered the Jedi, that is, the broken war path, which contains some ancient antiques that have been repaired to unpredictable depth, and the act is extremely dangerous.

Article 3: The blood flag proclaimed by the disciple is lost in the Yulan mainland. They must enter the Yulan mainland in order to have hope of finding it.

Things soon settled, Qin Yi will leave immediately to go to the extreme cold in Kyushu mainland, enter the ruined war path, and find the “heavenly corpse” protection.

He had the shortest time, less than 10 months before the one-year deadline.

While Qin Yi went to the ruined war path, Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, and the sword were flying, leading an intelligence team into Yulan Mainland to find the whereabouts of the blood flag in that corner.

Yeung Shiqi, on the other hand, continued to stay with the Sheng clan for the time being, awaiting news from the Intelligence Cabinet.

However, before everyone left, Qin Yi decided to go perfectly with the discipline master Xuanhe and the sword floating zero two swords, to try a match to see how powerful the two of them were.

Early this morning, in the martial arts field of the Sheng clan, there was a loud voice. Almost all members of the Sheng clan, all members of the family, came here and surrounded the martial arts field.

Even Xuanxiang Song, as well as other Xuanjia executives, were curious about the battle between Qin Yi and the discipline master Xuanhe and Sword Zero, and came to the martial arts field.

The center of the martial arts.

At this time, Qin Yi stood proudly there. He had a smoke cloud gun in his hand, all over his body. He had an impeccable atmosphere. He had a wonderful rhythm, as if there was complete compatibility between heaven and earth.


Under the slight urging of Qin Yi, the four elements of gold, water, fire and earth seeds in his Dantian field burned violently, allowing his strength, speed and physical defense to reach their peak.

At the same time, Qin Yi also prompted his left hand to enter a state of emptiness.

In an instant, he reached his optimal state of combat.

The disciple Xuan and the sword are perfectly combined. He does not know how strong they are at present, but they are definitely not weak. He dares not hold on to the big, more feasible, only one full battle can see both sides, real strength.

Opposite Qin Yi, the disciple Xuanhe Sword floated with zero pairs standing there, the disciple Xuanna was touching, Ting Ting Yu Li, and the sword floated with zero. The genius of the head of the five great descendants of Phoenix in the past was quite an anomaly, and the English martial arts were extraordinary.

In the hands of the two men, they held the ground sword and the heavenly sword, and each other's body emitted an audacious patriarchal strength.

“Master Xuan, Flying Zero, do it. ”

Qin Yi single-handedly fired a gun, pointing to the disciple Xuanhe Sword Floating Zero. Faced with these two masters, at this moment, his chest burned with the will of the bear, full of dark hair, no wind automatic.


As he pumped Xuan Qi into the smoke cloud gun, the smoke cloud gun started to tremble violently and shook a terrible killing intent.


After nodding his head, the disciple Xuan and the sword looked at each other and suddenly moved. The sword of immortality in their hands also followed the sword magnification, the red beam mirror, the endless swordpower, the outpouring, filled with every layer of space here.

“The heavens and the earth fit perfectly - the first! ”

There was no excess bullshit, the disciple Xuanhe and the sword flew zero and two people, the feet on the ground at the same time, suddenly stamped, the pairs like leopards, burst out, the heavens and the earth in the hand split sword, followed by severely.

In an instant, the red and blue swords came out of the sharp sword blade, splitting apart, with a sharp whistling sound.

Not yet halfway, the two swords of red and bismuth suddenly merged, forming a ten-year-old, colorful sword to split the heavens and the earth, severely smashing the teenager in front of it.

With the splitting of this spectacular sword, the whole arena, instantly a flying sandstone, pounding sword, as if to eliminate the great wave, penetrated to all directions.

Qin Yi's eyes condensed slightly, looking at the raging sword, his heart was darkly surprised, his swords were perfectly combined, really strong, definitely not under the Zong and Wang.

His blouse, hunting, dark hair all over his head, swordsmanship from the pendulum, shocked backwards all the time.


The teenager shot, the whole man burst out, and the smoke cloud gun in his hand swept hard towards the ten colored swordmen.


The long gun collided with the seven colored swords and made a sharp thrill, almost puncturing the human eardrum.

The ten-length, colorful swordsman broke apart. At the moment of its breakdown, the transmitted power was unimaginable. The arms that shook Qin Yi were all slightly numb, and the foot was also a big step back.