The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 591: Twin Swords together (top)

Too strong!

Almost beyond Qin Yi's imagination!

However, his attack was not interrupted by this. At a point on the ground at the toe, his body was in a straight line with the smoke cloud gun, and the loss generally floated towards the disciple Xuanhe and the sword in front of him. He stabbed them hard, fast to the limit. Between them, he opened from dozens of feet and stabbed them in the chest.


Looking at the rapidly stabbed teenager, the disciple Xuanhe Sword did not panic, his two angers drank, and at the same time waved his sword to Qin Yi's long gun.

The two of them, obviously after years of rehearsal, acted exactly the same without any deviation.


Heaven and earth split sword, Qi Qi chopped on the long gun of the smoke cloud, Qin Yi's arm, in the scene shook numbness, the long gun twisted, lost his right head.

It was too late to say, then quickly, only Master Ji Xuan and the sword floated for two people. Both pairs picked the fairy sword smoothly, straightening Qin Yi's throat. The movements of the two are still exactly the same.

Feeling the sharpness of the heavenly and earthly rift sword, Qin Yi dared not be slightly lazy, beneath his feet, suddenly a row, in the moment, slipped out dozens of lengths.

However, the discipline master Xuanhe Sword has no attack, but it is like a shadow. He has not yet waited for Qin Yi to stabilize his figure, only to see them both drink with anger: “Heaven and earth are perfect - type 2! ”

The shape of the two men came up and down, holding a fairy sword, burst into flames, and the space around them, a sharp twist, seemed to be about to crumble.

The speed of their stabbing sword, near the limit, between the moments, was stabbed in front of Qin Yi. When the two men's long sword was about to be stabbed into Qin Yi's chest, Qin Yi lifted his leg to the side, a very faint fiction, was a flush, and then disappeared, as if he had not entered the void.

The other “Qin Yi" stopped there.


The sword pierced Qin Yi's chest!

Obviously, this sword, stabbing, is not really Qin Yi, just a shadow he left behind.

However, only the disciple of the stabbing sword declared one person, and the sword floating zero, has long been stabbed backwards, the blue heavenly cleft sword, as if a rainbow penetrated the long sky, the surrounding space, is stabbed by the sword severely distorted.

Qin Yi's figure just appeared in the sky. The blue fairy sword with zero sword has arrived. In between blinks, it stabbed Qin Yi's chest.

In Qin Yi's body, Xuan Qi fluctuated wildly. He played the speed martial arts of "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme. Once again, he lifted his legs to the side and took a step, a very faint shadow, swept out on the side, and then disappeared.


The blue fairy sword in the zero hand of the sword penetrated Qin Yi's chest. Of course, he stabbed, still only a shadow left by Qin Yi.

However, he had just appeared empty-handed at the other end. The long blood sword proclaimed by the disciple was between winks. He stabbed him again. Qin Yi was afraid and slightly lazy. He lifted his legs again, a very faint illusion, and after rushing out, he disappeared.


Ji Shixuan's long, bloody sword followed the hole through “Qin Yi" 's chest.

“Phew”, "Phew”...

The next scenario, it can already be imagined, the disciple Xuan and the sword floating zero people, the shape constantly intertwined, turning into a single flow, all the shadows of Qin Yi directly through the chest, each sword, just one line short, stabbed the real Qin Yi.


Qin Yi's speed is fast, while the disciple Xuanhe Sword is flying with zero and two people. The speed with which the sword is developed is equally fast and indescribable. If it wasn't for Qin Yi, he would have had a water element seed, and he would have been sworn!

Throughout the arena, the silence, even the fierce battle of the three central men, did not make a single sound of fighting.

The people who watched the war around them almost forgot to even breathe. These Xuan family members, when they had seen such a wonderful fierce battle, one with open eyes, one without blinking, looked at the scene, the three of them in a fierce battle, scared of blinking, would be stunned by an incredible image, but regrettably for the rest of their lives.

Even Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan were staring at each other. They had no idea that the two swords of the disciple Xuan and the sword were perfectly combined and could be so powerful.

Even Qin Yi's presence in the Kyushu Holy See is difficult for a while!

In the center of the martial arts field, the scene of intense battle at this time is quite strange, only one Qin Yi was seen, directly pierced by the long sword, then suddenly spread out, all the time, there was no blood.

With the passage of time, the fierce battle between the three men also gradually reached the shadow of white fever, the discipline master Xuan and the sword drifting zero, completely turned into a shadow, and it is no longer clear who.

The space of the entire stadium is centered around three people, forming a circle of space ripples, constantly fluctuating and distorting towards the surrounding silence.

At this moment, Qin Yi's heart is also quite shocked, but also very joyful. The more powerful the disciple Xuan and the sword float together, the safer they will go to Yulan mainland this time.

At some point.

Qin Yi's figure appeared directly outside of nearly a hundred people, disengaging the disciple Xuanhe Sword Flying Zero attack.

“Master Xuan, Brother Floating Zero, your two swords are perfectly combined and their power is indeed quite impressive. I think that even at the Tingwei level of the Kyushu Holy See, there is not much that can fight you. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly at the disciple Xuanhe Sword. The smoke cloud gun in his hand was still trembling in the "buzz”, implicitly emitting a powerful killing intent.

“Qin Yi, you are so proud. ”

Qin Yi received such a high praise, the discipline teacher was delighted, the crystalline jade cheeks, the red flutter was quite moving.

Even around her, the stabilising sword has always floated zero, between the eyebrows is an irrepressible appearance of joy, Xu Xu said: "The Holy See of Kyushu, me and the disciple sister do not know anything about it, but they know that it is Kyushu mainland, the peak force, is the cultivator's ultimate dream, Qin Yi, you say that, we are truly flattered. ”

Qin Yi shook his head slightly: “I was just saying the fact that the most peak of the Tingwei level in the Holy See of Kyushu was the Great Master of the Five Peaks, respectively: the Knife River King, the Fiber King, the Song Yu Wang, the Lo Luo Wang, the Zong and the King. And King Rollo is from your feathered sect. If you are to be separated, with your present strength, let alone King Lauro, even in front of the king and the king, you will not be able to walk out of five moves, but your swords are perfect, but you should be able to be at peace with King Lauro. ”

The disciple Xuan and Sword looked at each other and listened carefully. They never doubted Qin Yi's judgment.

“Next, I will do my strongest martial arts to see if my judgment is correct. ”

Qin Yi smiled.

He estimated that his cultivation, after breaking into the late realm of Zongdao Five, should be slightly stronger than King Loro, unlike King Song Yu.

Qin Yi will do his strongest martial arts!

Master Xuanhe and the sword are nil, they are both slightly flat. Both faces show incredible colors. Turns out the fierce battle just now is not his strongest strength.


Both men soften their heads, and the color of the divine becomes a little heavy.

And the Xuan family watching the war around them all shocked the extreme. Just a few people fought hard, turns out it was just a prelude, real fun, still behind!

How powerful is this handsome teenager?

Even the upper echelons of the Shenzhen family couldn't help but suck in the cool air. They just felt that the young man standing as straight as the spear gun in the center of the field was a fairy emperor who came here from that very distant past, shattering endless space-time!

No more bullshit, Qin Yidang suddenly surged even with the work of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons".

“Pfft, pfft...”

In an instant, in Qin Yi's left hand, was the sound of a bone transformation. His palms burst to full width, pitch black, a hint of ancient magic, haunting it.

At the same time, Qin Yi's body is also haunted by a hint of ancient magic. His eyes have become indifferent and constantly magical, in which it slowly floats.

At this time, he, like an ancient monster, is no different.

Everyone present, outside of Yang Shiqi and Xuanlan, has never seen Qin Yi exhibit the "Seven Styles of the Tian Demon", even the disciple Xuanhe Sword floating two people, none.

“My God, how did this teenager get demonized in the blink of an eye? Was he the reincarnation of some monster? ”

“I suddenly felt like an ant and had to look up to him! ”

“I grass, I feel my soul trembling right now! ”

“ …… ”

Around the martial arts field, a shout sounded, looking at the day the demon's left hand had appeared, the magical teenager was pouring up and down, his chin smashed the ground.

And the disciple Xuanhe and the sword floated zero, and the two hearts were also rolling up a terrible wave, they could feel it. At this time, Qin Yi, really strong, grabbed them unimaginable.

However, because of this, the more they burned the battle of the bear in their chest, no one in the Sect was their opponent, even the master of the feathered sect, not. Today, it is easy to meet a powerful and incredible teenager, they must seize this opportunity, fight hard to see how strong their two swords are.

Next moment.

“Double Sword Perfection - Style 3! ”

The disciple Xuanhe sword drifted zero, the two hands of anger drank once, and the long sword in his hand worked hard to cut out, the red and the blue swords, once again merged into one, forming a 20-year-old seven colored swords, tearing the sky apart, tearing the earth apart.

Swordsmanship, killing planes!

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

Looking at the astonishing sword that broke into the sky, Qin Yi quickly greeted him, and Zhuangkuan's celestial demon took a hard shot with his left hand. The action was simple and direct.


Jong-fuan's left hand, the wind rolled up and shot out hard towards the seven colored swords, the palm seemed slow, but in fact it was fast to the limit, the process seemed strange, from that very far away immortal era, a palm shot, directly smashed the endless time and space, photographed the current Hongmeng era.