The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 593: Mysterious Super Mastery

Qin Yi's eyes suddenly stopped, instantly there were signs of nosebleeds, over his belly, a fire of evil, soaring gently, somewhere, quite shameful standing up, angrily topped Xiao Yanna's flat belly.


Feeling some anger on her belly, Xiao Yan slightly stunned, her beautiful face revealed confusion. She lifted the near-transparent curtain gently, but saw Qin Yi's divine color, dementia.

What the hell is going on?

Xiao Yan's heart became more and more confused. He couldn't help but blush and think to himself. How could this guy hide his weapon and be so uncomfortable with others? This shouldn't be his style. And now, what does he mean when he reveals himself?

After all, however, she was in the Xiao Chamber of Commerce, rolling and climbing for many years, it did not seem like she had been in the memory of the Emperor of the Holy See of Kyushu. For some things, it was as simple as a blank sheet of paper. After looking down at her chest unconsciously, she quickly thought, what was that crushing on her belly?


Xiao Yan shouted delicately, his cheeks crystallized like eggs, suddenly so red that he could almost squeeze out the water.

What a shame!

Her heart, like a frightened deer for a moment, let Qin Yi go, looked at the dead ass, suddenly twisted, and fled to the second floor.

Looking at the empty embrace, Qin Yi had a slight feeling of loss. She spinned, and returned to God. She sighed herself. It was so disgusting. Why did she react so shamefully every time she hugged a beautiful woman?

When he raised his head, he found a handsome little girl with a ponytail, appearing at the entrance of the hall. This girl Qin Yi had seen before, when she first came to Ink City, the close-knit girl who led herself and Xuanlan to Xiao Yan of the Xiao Chamber of Commerce, her name was Yuehao.

Yuehue stepped down the stairs and came to Qin Yi. A pair of spiritual eyes blinked and looked at Qin Yi. A serious book asked: "Brother Qin Yi, have you bullied my lady? I said, Brother Qin Yi, even if you helped the Xiao family compete for the silver flag, you shouldn't bully my lady? Do you know, my lady, or Huanghua's daughter? ”


Huang Hua Daughter!

This little girl seems to know a lot!

Qin Yi stunned, stunned and opened his mouth. For a moment, I didn't know what to say.

“Come on, my lady, follow me, my lady. She said she was waiting for you in the VIP room. ”

Yuehuo drummed pink mumps on both sides. Qin Yi glanced at him and turned around and went upstairs.

Qin Yi grinned and laughed bitterly. He had to keep up.

Two hugs, led by Yue Hao, not long later, the two came to the door of the VIP room.

“Brother Qin Yi, go inside, my lady, already waiting for you inside. ”

Yuehue glanced at Qin Yi and said nothing more. Obviously, because Qin Yi had just “bullied” Xiao Yan, the little girl's opinion of him was quite large.

“Qin Yi, why are you in Ink City again? I'm sure you have something important to do. ”

In the VIP room, Xiao Yan sat on a beast leather chair, lowered his head slightly, some dared not look at Qin Yi's eyes. The shame on his cheek was red and not yet completely faded.


Qin Yi nodded and did not conceal it. He detailed this mission to the Holy See with Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan listened, the ashamed redness on his cheek has disappeared and replaced it with horror and worry: “Are you going to the extreme cold place in the North Pole of Kyushu Mainland? You know, it's definitely not as hard as you can imagine, and I know you're in strong shape right now, but it's a bit difficult to resist the cold there. ”


Xiao Yan's words made Qin Yi a little surprised. Before that, he really did not consider how cold it was in the cold areas of Kyushu mainland.

“Of course.”

Xiao Yan softened his beautiful head and said: "Don't forget, the Arctic of Kyushu is another world - the wilderness. Between the stars and the wilderness, there is a zone of chaos, influenced by a zone of chaos, where the cold is unimaginable. Fortunately, you didn't venture forward, otherwise, you were afraid it would be extremely dangerous. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi nodded herself. At the same time, there was some confusion in her heart. "But there can't be anyone there? And how did the people of the Jedi enter? ”

Xiao Yan sighed and said: “There are only two kinds of people who can reach the extremely cold areas of Kyushu Mainland. The first is that the cultivation has already broken through the Eight Realms of the Path; the second is to have the Fire Lotus. ”

Fire Lotus?

Qin Yi Junyi's face showed a puzzling color, this object, he had never heard of before.

Xiao Yan lifted up his small white hand and put a strand of hair in front of him. After that, he casually revealed the flair. He looked at Qin Yi, slightly stunned. For a moment, he remembered the scene. His eyes had to be in front of Xiao Yan's chest. The two huge drum bladders were secretly swept away.

I noticed Qin Yi's eyes, Xiao Yan's cheeks were slightly red and shameless. However, in my heart, it flowed through a sweet spot. I put those two seats on a rather large scale, without traces, and they were still light and tender.

“Fire Lotus, a very hot medicine, does not react to other discomforts at normal temperatures after people take it, but once it enters the extreme cold, it can resist the extreme cold. ”

Xiao Yan withstood the shame and said.

Qin Yi pulled out of his mind the medicine book he had previously viewed during the miracle fairy trail and quickly browsed it again. Indeed, he saw the medicine like Fire Lotus.

Fire Lotus: For the world's wonder drug, extremely precious, growing in a place of great ferocity, the entire Kyushu mainland has no more than 1,000 shares.

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi Xu Xu asked: “Fire Lotus, how do I get it? ”

“If you deliberately come and go to those fierce places to collect Fire Lotus, the chances of encounter are minimal, but I do know that in the northernmost Daliang royal family in Kyushu mainland, you have this kind of magic drug, but the number is also small. ”

Xiao Yan sighed for a moment.

She is in charge of Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, and the information about medicines is naturally much more intelligent than the average person.

Daliang's royal family!

Qin Yi slightly rejoiced. In his eyes, he gently raised a glimmer of hope.

Fortunately, I came to visit Xiao Yan this time to get such an important piece of news, otherwise, this mission of the Holy See, the odds of completion, are zero!

Even in extreme cold weather, it's difficult to get in, so how do you accomplish your task?

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately rose to bid farewell to Xiao Yan and prepared to travel to Daliang Country, the northernmost part of the Kyushu mainland.

“This farewell, next time I see Xiao Yan, I don't know about the monkey years. ”

Out of Xiao's Chamber of Commerce, Qin Yi sighed softly. Xiao Yan's love for himself, even if he was a fool, could be seen.

Only unfortunately, he is a man with a heavy mission, gathering five elemental seeds, re-condensing the Kyushu magic knife, summoning the nine lamps of the Kyushu mainland, and returning the immortal gods to power. Before entering the war path, the King of Kyushu gave himself this mandate, and Qin Yi dared not forget it for a moment.

Otherwise, it would be nice to have a strong rear palace!

After shaking his head, Qin Yi threw these shameless thoughts away, and out of Ink City, he slightly poured the gas inside his body, spreading the speed, towards the Arctic of Kyushu mainland, and exploded.


Qin Yi's figure, in that wild mountain ridge, became a shadow of a road.

The journey began again, and this time, Qin Yi traveled directly from the southeast end of the Kyushu mainland to the north end of the Kyushu mainland, almost across the Kyushu mainland.

So many hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, the average practitioner, even if the speed of expansion, is difficult to reach, but unlike Qin Yi, he has already practiced the martial arts of "Kwafu Bao" to a half-step level of completeness, the speed is much faster than that of ordinary people.

More importantly, he practiced the martial arts of "The Arts of Life Back", which was a half-step success, able to keep his body at its peak for a very long time, rarely appearing to exhaust.



At some point.

In the wild mountains and mountains, Qin Yi, who was traveling at great speed, had to take the eyebrow, slightly flashed, and the bursting figure, too, slowed down.

Indeed, Qin Yi acutely perceived that a hidden intent to kill was slowly spreading towards himself.

His handsome face, his divine color became a little heavy, his eyes swept around him with vigilance, however, the surrounding area was empty, not even half a figure, none.

“Who's going to kill me? ”

Qin Yi was confused to the extreme. At the same time, at the moment, he made a judgment. He was blind, but could feel his intent to kill, indicating that he was powerful and powerful.

“When did I start messing with a big guy? Are you from the Chuhong family? ”

Soon Qin Yi shook his head lightly: Impossible, Hung family, impossible, there is no such strong person in the Hung family. ”

“Is... King Song Yu? This bastard has left Kyushu Holy See and hunted me down here? ”

Quickly Qin Yi shook his head again: “It is also impossible. In order to leave the Holy See for more than a few days, it must be reported to the General Affairs Department. Even the Great Master of the Peak is no exception. Now, the 14 Tingwei who participated in the" take over ”competition have left the Holy See to complete their task. King Song Yu left the Holy See on this occasion, and it is extremely easy for the Holy See to suspect that he had a bad purpose. ”

“So who the hell is after me? ”

Qin Yi hurried along and thought bitterly, but thought bitterly. He still did not think bitterly of the results.


Qin Yi darkly activated his left hand, powerful sensation of spiritual power, directly covered a range of about 1,800 square meters.

That's right, after the late five realms of the pagoda that was repaired as a breakthrough, Qin Yi's spiritual perception dissipated, and the enclosed range was about 1,800 characters.