The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 861: Crazy Pursuit

For a moment, all the movement in this range could not escape his senses of power, even if a mosquito flying a thousand feet away could perceive it.

“The man who hunted me is not within my power perception! ”

Qin Yi's mind is very uneasy, feels quite bad. The person is still outside the range of 1,800 feet, and the murderous intentions it emits have arrived here. How powerful is this person?

Right now.


Dozens of blue swordmen suddenly appeared from somewhere, splitting the void and coming towards Qin Yi.

With the appearance of this astonishing blue sword, the killing intent, as if it were a big wave of self-indulgence, sprang up behind Qin Yi.

“My grass, how can it be so raw? Hallucinations, this must be hallucinations! ”

Without turning back, Qin Yi had already sensed that the amazing sword behind him had struck against himself, and suddenly he was greatly dismayed.


He was struck hard by the sword. He was easily divided into two, two and a half Qin Yi, and slowly fell to both sides.

However, no blood erupted. Two halves of Qin Yi just fell in half and suddenly dissipated.

Without a doubt, this sword, struck, is only the shadow of Qin Yi.

The next moment, Qin Yi's figure appeared empty-handed outside more than ten lengths on the left.

“Mother's, it's horrible! ”

Qin Yi freaked out in cold sweat. The sword just now, just one line away, really divided him into two parts!

I can't imagine how powerful this man was to kill himself. Not only did the sword reach dozens of places, but the sword, 1,800 places away, was struck.

How powerful would it be to take a sword and split it it a thousand and eight hundred?


Qin Yi doesn't have the heart to speculate anymore. He doesn't have the mind to think about who is hunting him in the dark anymore. How could such a terrible strong man suddenly emerge on the Kyushu mainland? All he knows is, in front of the absolutely strong, fleeing is the best known option.


Qin Yi played the speed martial arts of "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme. The seeds of water elements in the Dantian field were soaring and burning. The whole person in this deserted mountain turned into a very faint shadow, constantly exploding.


Pursue, but follow the shadows!

Just a moment later.


Another dark, astonishing sword, appeared behind Qin Yi, with a tremendous killing intent, towards Qin Yi of the explosion, severely smashed, half of the sky, all mirrored a blue.

Qin Yi had long felt it. He lifted his legs to the side and made a faint and undetectable shadow. He rushed out and did not enter the void.


The huge blue sword mang again split Qin Yi upright, once again divided it directly into two parts, two half Qin Yi, Xu slowly reversed to both sides, when it was just halfway down, it suddenly dissipated again.

Without a doubt, this sword is exactly the same as the previous sword. It is also a shadow left by Qin Yi.

After the blue sword split Qin Yi's shadow into two pieces, he slashed into the ground, “chuckled," leaving a staggering sword mark on the ground that was deep enough.

Qin Yi sucked the cool air, and he dared not look back. Only at the speed of expansion, he fled to his death.

Who is so strong, he is definitely not his opponent, even if the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" type 5, can not be extended, from 1,800 feet outside, a sword split here, what concept is this? Just think, it makes people sweat and sweat.

Of course, Qin Yi is not without a chance to defeat each other, it is to activate the Gun of Evil.

But the question is, they can't even see the ghost.

Moreover, the Evil Gun has only three chances to use it. If it is not necessary, Qin Yi does not want to use it easily.


Another blue sword, suddenly appearing, brilliant, with a gruesome intent to kill, split the sky too long, suffocating, towards the young man who burst rapidly ahead, slashing.

The teenager did not dare to make a slight push and burst to one side.


The giant sword of the world struck the teenager's shadow once, splitting the shadow directly into two parts, and then smashing it hard into a tree that had to be surrounded by three adults, and directly into the tree.

“Wow! ”

Two halves of the tree, two sides each.

Qin Yi's body trembled.

It's so raw, raw enough to make people have nightmares at night!

Qin Yi did not dare to be slightly lazy, and continued to play the "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme, unfolding at the extreme speed, constantly exploding forward.

The next scenario is perfectly imaginable.

Whoo! Hoo!...

The astonishing blue sword of the strip continued to appear. It struck Qin Yi's back. Each sword struck his shadow. It was only a short line away from the real him.

After two full hours, Qin Yi has already escaped tens of thousands of kilometers. However, the pursuit behind him still hasn't disappeared. The strong man, who has never appeared, seems to have a cat claw mouse attitude, always not slowly followed behind Qin Yi, from time to time gave him a sword, making him miserable.

A full two hours of speedy explosion still failed to get rid of the other party. Just this, it can be judged that the other party's practice in speed martial arts, compared to Qin Yi, is only strong!

After being chased for two hours, Qin Yi's heart also burst into an anonymous fire. The whole person rushed to the top of a big tree and stood proudly there: “Who, exactly, is trying to kill me? Come out if you have the guts, we'll fight first! ”

His voice was filled with an extremely ambitious patriarchal energy, and the clouds above the sky were overwhelmed.

In the talking room, he has darkly wrapped a glimmer of Xuan Qi, causing his arm to wrap that sealed Evil Gun around his arm. As long as he slightly pours this glimmer of Xuan Qi, the Evil Gun will come out and manifest itself in the world.

He couldn't care less. He had to activate the Evil Gun and kill the other party directly. Otherwise, by the other party's repair, he would really let him get it.

However, there was no movement around, and the other side sounded as if he was sure to activate the Gun of Evil, and none of his buttocks rang.

Wait a while.

Around, there was still no movement, and the man who chased him all the way, he never showed up.

“Who is this man? ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and tried to calm himself down. He frowned and pondered.

But unfortunately, for a long time, he still couldn't figure out who he really was, so obsessively pursuing himself in this wild mountain hill, and fixing it, so powerful as to dare to imagine.

The other party did not show up, Qin Yi sighed helplessly and had to continue on the road.

However, he had not yet plundered far away, and behind him, a blue sword suddenly appeared, heading towards his back and slashing him hard.

“My grass, who is it? Don't be so annoying! ”

Qin Yi was angry, but also helpless. He had to flee again desperately. The other side did not give him a chance to fight in front of him at all. He did not even enter the scope of his spiritual perception. He was always only 1,800 feet away, and followed far away. From time to time, a sword broke into him, leaving him with no choice.



Qin Yi, who exploded rapidly, was suddenly slightly overshadowed because of his sense of spirituality and perceived that there was a merchant team ahead of him, and was slowly moving forward.

The merchant team was huge, more than 30 carriages, plus two hundred men on horseback escorts.

“There was a merchant team in this wilderness...”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and was delighted.

The appearance of such a large merchant force, the one who has been hunting himself in secret, should no longer dare to target himself at will, otherwise his identity will be exposed unless the other party kills this entire merchant army of more than 200 people.

And the ordinary cultivators are unwilling to attack some mortals.

Indeed, as Qin Yi expected, when this merchant team appeared, the person who chased him along the way was completely silenced and there was no more movement.


Qin Yi exhaled softly, such as relieving himself of his burden: “That bastard in the dark should have left quietly. ”

And what's incredible is that he hasn't seen each other's shadows for so long, and he can't think of the identity of the other, and what's the reason for pursuing him?

Even more surprising to Qin Yi, the other party's cultivation actually came directly from 1,800 people, waving swords at him and chopping him to death.

The whole pursuit was filled with weirdness, as if it were a dream.

As the supreme power in the Kyushu mainland, such as the Holy See, who has always been a scolder, it is incredible that he would still face such an incredible pursuit.

“The Holy See mission to exterminate the Protector of the ‘Corpse' does not appear to be so easy to accomplish. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly. Likewise, his eyes lit up again: “Is this man after me the remnant of a vagina door? My mission to hunt down the Corpse Guardian leaked, and they came to stop me? ”

If that's the case, then it's not surprising that the other side has such a tall cultivation, you know, endless years before the pubic door, it's a master like cloud, some remnants, when the door is destroyed, it's just a serious injury, not a reduction, as long as they recover the wound, then strength can be restored to the peak of the old years!

After a while of reflection, Qin Yi just felt his head was as big as a battle. He shook his head and simply stopped thinking about it. He went straight to the merchant team.

As long as the merchants are there, the men who chased him won't show up.

Now, the Merchant Corps is his only hope of getting out of danger.

Squeak, squeak!

A whole team of over two hundred people, in this wild mountain hill, slowed down.

The leader, a middle-aged man wearing silver armor and wearing a knife, rode on a horse, pressed the knife handle with his right hand, sharp eyes, swept constantly around: “Now, we have entered the Mountain of Burial, the Mountain of Burial has always been famous for its ferocity, there are often fierce animals out there, you all give me twelve spirits, as soon as we cross the Mountain of Burial, we will soon be able to enter the capital of the Kingdom of Bidan, then, our task, will be accomplished. ”