The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 607: See Old Crane

This time, Xianing Frost's delicate little face finally filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Uncover, Qin Yi penetrated the pharmacy with two slender fingers. As he slightly fluctuated Xuan Qi, the Dan medicine in the pharmacy jumped suddenly and was caught between Qin Yi's two fingers.

“The quality of this Green Lingdane is a pint. ”

Based on the color and surface smoothness of the Dan medicine, Qin Yi quickly identified the quality of this Dan medicine and nodded definitely to Xianing Cream: “Although I have just experienced a burning experience, the first time to refine a premium Dan medicine like Green Lingdane, it has not been refined to waste Dan, it is already quite good. ”

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Xianing Frost's face was a little thick again.

“Well, now, Xianning snow to try. ”

Qin Yi turned his face and looked at Xianing Xue.


Xianing Xue was a little excited. Before coming to the medicine, he refined a few ingredients needed for green Lindane and threw them into the medicine warehouse according to a certain amount. Then, he added some purple charcoal to the coal warehouse.

Qin Yi noticed one detail, is that when doing these, Xianning Snow's actions are more proficient than Xianning Cream just now. Obviously, Xiangfu's pharmacy is usually mainly responsible for the refining of Dan medicine, Xianning Snow.

After completing the first two steps, Xianing Xue stretched out her fiber jade hand and gently pressed it into the ignition port on the medicine wall, then led a hint of Xuan Qi in her body to the palm of her left hand.


As Xianing snow brings the four Xuan Qi in his left palm, it fluctuates slightly, and suddenly, the purple coal in the charcoal bin burns violently.

Xianing Snow began to concentrate on perceiving the changes in the medicine bin, the corresponding control of the dan fire.

Her Green Lingdane, however, was well refined, and there was no such low-level error as burning.

It is also a time when a freshly refined Green Lindane lies quietly in the pharmacy.

Qin Yi took it out and gently smiled at his head: “Nice, the quality of this Green Lingdane is also a product. I'm sure I was right. The two of you, in fact, have some talent in the field of alchemy. ”

Normal alchemists, advanced dandrugs-like Green Lindane refining, first-time refining, chances of success are very slim.

Xia Ningxue snored, her delicate little face with a shallow smile of excitement.

At the same moment…

Kyoto, Bydan, sits in another mansion in a bustling area, at the head of the gate, with a plaque with the word "Yanfu" written on it.

A middle-aged man in a dark green robe, a middle-aged man, with a white face like a jade and deep eyes, was sitting in that spacious and magnificent hall.

This man, the head of the Yan Mansion, is called Yan Tian.

Beyond that, other senior members of the Yan Mansion were present, and the atmosphere throughout the lobby was quite concentrated.

This ranking is enough to show that something important is going to happen in this swallow house.

“Father, our home general in Yanfu, has investigated Xia Fu. The recently sold Dan medicine called ‘Green Lingdane' came from the hands of the Crane Cloud Alchemist. ”

Wearing a red robe, Yanlan, Ting Ting Yu stood in the center of the lobby and paid tribute to Yantian, the master of the Yan Mansion.

Everyone in the lobby, including Yantian, heard stories, all couldn't help but stare at each other and reveal incredible colors on their faces.

Yan Lan continued, “Father, in fact, this is not serious. Seriously, our Yan Fu home generals, also secretly discovered that Heyun Alchemist, has become a Alchemist in Xia Fu, often wearing a black broad cape, entered Xia Fu, to help Xia Fu refine Dan medicine. ”

- What? - What?

Everyone in the hall, shocked, stood up and broke their chins.

Heyun, the most prestigious alchemist in the capital of Baidan, is undoubtedly a first-rate alchemist. Rumor has it that in earlier years, he also served as an alchemist in the Royal Family of Daliang.

Such a person, once green in Xia Fu, becomes an alchemist in Xia Fu, the consequences are undoubtedly unimaginable, it will not take long, then the whole Dan Pharmaceutical business in Beijing will be firmly controlled by Xia Fu, not to mention the quality of Dan Pharmaceutical, the head of Jinhe Yun Alchemist is enough to make many practitioners, so henceforth, Yan Fu and Zhuge Fu can only look at Xia Fu only the head of the horse.

“This should not happen, the style of Heyun Alchemist, in Kyoto, but it is well known that it will never join any major forces. ”

“Yeah, the Heyun Alchemist did it, it's amazing! ”

“ …… ”

Going back to the high echelons of the Divine Yan Mansion, everyone was talking about it, and I felt it was amazing.

“Ranger, is this the house general in our palace? Is this a mistake? How could Heyun Alchemist be invited by Xia Fu to become an Alchemist in Xia Fu? ”

Swallow's eyes were burning and he drank and drank.

When he heard the news, at this moment, it was really shocking and angry.

“Back to my father, based on what the families would have seen at the time, I was afraid that this matter could not be falsified. ”

Taking the previous step, Yan Lan respectfully replied: “At that time, the housekeepers, under my command, lurked for several days in the immediate vicinity of Summer House. Finally, this morning, at the door of Summer House, an old man in a black cloak, the old man, said himself that he was the Heyun Alchemist. ”

Hearing Yanlan's report, Yan Tian was like a five-lightning blast. He was stunned there, unable to move. It took a while before he sat back in his chair. The whole person seemed to be ten years old in an instant.

The whole hall, a silent, almost smelly needle drop.

A while later, a senior Yanfu, sighed a long time: “Before this, we Yanfu and Zhuge Fu were still planning to join forces to crush Xia Fu a little bit, and eventually forcibly seize their base industry. Who thinks, Xia Fu actually made such a jedi fight back, I have to say, they are smart enough, in an instant, to put us Yanfu and Zhuge Fu, all under the feet. ”

Another senior also sighed: “I really don't know, what means did Xia Fu use to eventually let the Heyun Alchemist move? ”

“Now, there is no point in discussing these. ”

Yan Tian remained silent for a while, his face was shady to the extreme, and he said: “Party business is urgent, only I go to Zhuge province, with Zhuge Zhen, the owner of Zhuge province, to visit Xianzhufeng, to visit Heyun Alchemist, to find out what is going on. If the Heyun Alchemist is really the Alchemist in Xia Fu, then we have only one plan. ”

Xianzhufeng, the place where the Heyun Alchemist lives.

Because he was so quiet, he chose to hide away from the hustle and bustle of Xianzhu Peak after returning from the Royal Family of Daliang.

“Next move? ”

All of you present at the summit of the Yan Mansion will cast a bewildered eye on Yan Tian.

“The next step is to find an opportunity to assassinate Crane Cloud Alchemy. ”

Yan Tianxu said, "In the eyes of the unusual God, it slowly swept past the slaughter intent:“ In any case, we must not let Xia Fu step on the head of our Yan Fu and Zhuge Fu. ”

Hearing this, the spinal bones of all of us couldn't help but get cold, but no one spoke out against it, because it was obvious that the only way to do this was to assassinate the Crane Cloud Alchemist, and eventually nobody would get it.

The situation was serious. Immediately, Yan Tian did not delay. In addition to Yan Fu, he went to Zhuge Fu and invited Zhuge Zhen, the owner of Zhuge Fu, to go to Xianzhufeng together to ask the Crane Cloud Alchemist for clarification.


Immortal Bamboo Peak, a certain distance from the thriving area of Kyoto, is filled with green bamboo.

The crisp birds scream, sometimes coming out of the bamboo forest, not only didn't break the tranquility here, but made it look more like a world wide peach garden.

Built in a wooden house in the green bamboo grove, the wooden house looks a little old-fashioned and stylish, but has some kind of charm.

At this time, Yan Tian, Lord of the Yan Mansion, dressed in a dark green robe, and another middle-aged man in a black robe, short and fat, from outside the green bamboo forest, extended into the stone trail, to the front of the wooden house.

A middle-aged man with a short, fat body, is undoubtedly the head of Zhuge Province, Zhuge Zhen.

“I'm sorry, my teacher. I won't be seeing any guests. Please come back. ”

A young girl in a white robe blocked them from the house, looking like a young girl, quite beautiful, as if a fairy had flown out of the bamboo forest.

Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen, naturally it is impossible to leave.

Yan Tian looked at the white girl in front of him and smiled slightly: "Are you Mr. Tsuruo's apprentice poetry? The world knows that Mr. Tsuruo has been hiding in this Immortal Bamboo Peak since he came back from Daliang Royal Family in the past years. He does not ask questions and does not participate in all disputes. However, this time I came with Zhuge Fu Master, it is really very important to see Mr. Tsuruo, so please also poem to you to inform Mr. Tsuruo. ”

“Yeah, this time, we want to ask Mr. Tsuruo to prove one thing, and ask Miss Poetry to accommodate. ”

Zhuge Zhen, beside him, also smiled, said that he was fat himself, this smile, the whole face, immediately turned into a live gourd.

White robe teenager poetry, but still playfully blocked in front of Yan Tian and Zhuge Jin, shaking the beautiful head: “Please go back, my teacher, when I came back from the Royal Family of Daliang in the past years, I swore that there will be no more disputes in the world. ”

Girl's voice, quite beautiful, as in the surrounding bamboo forest, birds screaming crisp and delightful.

Yan Tian did not relent, took a step forward, smiled: “Miss Poetry, this is a matter of honor of your teacher, please think twice. ”

“My teacher will not care about any honor. ”

Poetry smile: “In the past days, my teacher honor did refine a batch of Dan medicine for Xia Fu, but at that time, my teacher honor had declared that, for once, no other example, the two seniors, no matter what you say, my teacher honor, would not come out to meet. Of course, if the two of you want to enjoy the scenery, there will be no one to stop you, excuse me. ”