The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 608: Zongdao master

Yan Bi, the young girl Nathanna's figure, gently twisted, walked straight to the cabin behind her.

Looking at the girl's back, Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen, they were all slightly stunned, smiling, fixed on their faces, spinning, Xu Xuyin subsided.

They looked at each other, and in each other's eyes, there was a gentle surge of slaughter.

“Do it! ”

Yantian was very decisive when he even waved his hand.

The two men were all over each other, and between moments, there was a buoyancy in the sect, and their faces were killing each other.

Next moment.

The two suddenly slaughtered the girl in the white robe in front of them, very quickly, between the eyes, behind the girl in the white robe.

However, the white robe girl poetry, but the person did not turn back, a curved blue light, suddenly appeared from its body, ruthlessly cut to Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen.

Suddenly, Yantian and Zhuge Zhengzhen suddenly chopped, felt the quick chopping of the curved blue light, the strong killing intent, they did not dare to be slightly lazy, their pairs rushed to the sky, the curved blue light against their feet, cut past.

Just one line away, cut over their legs.

The girl in the white robe turned around and her beautiful little face was already the color of slaughter. Liu Hai, in front of her forehead, slowly floated. In her white slender hands, sometime, she had held a half-moon curved knife.

Half-moon machete, slim and streamlined, as charming as her little barbaric waist, above that knife, a blue flash, slowly floating, implicitly sending out an extreme chill, endless killing, also accompanied by a permeation of every inch of space here.

“What, you two seniors, want to sprinkle wild in my Immortal Bamboo Peak? ”

The white robe girl's face was frosty and cold, she said.

Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen were sitting in the same place. They stood there for a while, and each other's faces appeared in a horrible color.

They never thought that this apprentice of the Heyun Alchemist was a master, but just now, they had already felt it. This man is quite remarkable.

“Miss Poetry, how could you be so powerful? So in front of the world, you've been hiding your identity. Who are you? ”

In Yantian's heart, it was very uneasy. In Kyoto, the two of them were considered first-class masters. However, the white girl in front of them, after just one blow, drove them both back.

Zhuge Zhen beside him also looked at the white girl in front of him with horror.

“Let me tell you something, I'm from Daliang Royal Family. ”

The poetry faintly said that Nathanna's moving delicate body was brimming with a fierce patriarchal energy.

- What? - What?

The White Robe Girl, from the Daliang Royal Family!

Yan Tian and Zhuge really stunned open their mouths, the chin broke the ground, screwed for half a day. Turns out the apprentice of Heyun Alchemist, was not from the Kingdom of Baidan at all, but came back with him from the Royal Family of Daliang.


Yan Tian and Zhuge's real face, Xu Xuyin subsided. Yan Tian snorted coldly and quickly, the pairs took out their weapons.

Yantian's weapon is a long white sword with a wide sword and a wide palm of adults. It is also one meter and five long. Overall, it looks quite hefty.

Zhuge Genuine's weapon is a nine-knuckle whip made of iron. The handover between each knuckle is flexible, and the random movement is a loud noise.

“Miss Poetry, I don't care where you come from. Today, if Mr. Tsuruo refuses to come out to see us, we'll have to kill him. ”

Yan Tian raised his sword, pointing away to the poetry rhyme, coldly said.

Zhuge Zhen beside him, over his face, also appeared a strong killing intent.

Next moment.


Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhenzhen both drank loudly, each carrying his own weapon, towards the girl in the white robe in front, and burst away.

The white robe girl stood there arrogantly, her eyes slightly curled, looking at the burst of Yantian and Zhugezhen, a trembling stretch of inner strength, from her delicate body, burst, the space around her, all squeezed and distorted.

Her delicate jade feet stamped the ground suddenly. With this stamping force, the whole person was like a dragon out of the sea, holding a half-moon machete, rushing towards Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen.

In the flying room, she drew a half-moon curved knife in her hand. On the sharp blade, she suddenly drew a stacked blue knife, with the bursting sound of a thorn ear, and slashed into Yan Tian and Zhugezhen.

That layer of stacked sword, has not yet been cut, Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen are feeling the knife, as if it were a big wave, rushing towards them.

So powerful!

Yan Tian and Zhuge were shocked by the darkness. They waved their weapons and struck hard at that layer of stacked blue knife.


The knife is broken!

An enormous wave of energy suddenly swept away and hit hard on all sides.

Yan Tian and Zhuge Jinton felt like a huge mountain, hit hard on their chest, they could not fight it at all, their bodies flew out more than 10 lengths to stabilize in front of them.

Poetry, on the other hand, is fierce and then takes a giant step back, the white robe hunting sounds, the full head of the silk, always backwards.


Her beautiful eyes burst with killing intentions. Zhuge Zhuge Zhengzhen and Yantian swept forward once again.

Right here.

“Rhyme, stop! ”

A little old voice, suddenly coming out of that old cabin.

The poetry burst into half of his body, and he had to live, floating down, looking back, over that beautiful face, suddenly appeared a glimpse of joy: "Master, are you out? ”

Only at the door of the wooden house, sometime already standing an old man in a grey robe, the old man's eyebrows and beard have all been white, but his eyes are gorgeous and his waistplate is straight.

Undoubtedly, this man is the famous Crane Cloud Alchemist in Hehe, Kyoto, Bydan.

Seeing Heyun Alchemist, Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhenzhen, is also a joy, the old man, fortunately, appeared in time, otherwise, it is inevitable to fight with his apprentice, and the power of poetry is obviously too much higher than the two of them, even giving them a sense that the dragon can't see the end.

They now finally understand why the Heyun Alchemist has been hiding here, never in sight of all the forces in Kyoto, the country of Bydan, turns out to have a super expert beside him.

Obviously, this young girl named Poetry in front of us, who used to be the Royal Family of Daliang, must have been the close guard of the Crane Cloud Alchemist.

“Ha ha, Mr. Crane, you're finally showing your face! ”

Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen received their weapons and hurried forward, respectfully said.

The reaction of the crane cloud was quite faint, his eyes were casually on the two of them, and Xu slowly swept away: “Why are you two chiefs teasing me about Fairy Bamboo Peak together today? If you want me to become an alchemist in one of your two provinces, don't bother, go back. ”

Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen glanced at each other, both smiled and shook their heads. Yan Tian said with a smile: “Mr. He, I and Zhuge Fu Master, this visit is not about your old husband, becoming an alchemist in one of our two provinces, we just want to ask Mr. Tsuru to prove one thing. ”


Zhugezhen on one side said, “We have received reliable information in both provinces. Mr. He has become an alchemist in Xia Fu, Mr. He, you have sworn that you will no longer participate in any kind of dispute in the capital. Now, you have secretly become the Alchemist of Xia Fu, so that the three-legged standing of our three provinces in Beijing has been joined by Mr. He, and broken. If there were time, Xia Fu would have overtaken the heads of our two provinces because of Mr. He Lao, and the stakes among them, Mr. He Lao, would you consider understanding? ”


He Yun Alchemist apprentice, heard the rumors, all stared at each other in there, the colour of his face blinded.

“What are you two talking about? When did I become an alchemist in Natsumi? ”

He asked the cloud frown.

The poetry around him is also slightly picked by the shallow eyebrows. On Xiu Beautiful's face, there is already a rage: “What do you mean by this, you two lords? You're trying to frame the innocence of my master? ”

Yentian smiled with dismay. He said: "I don't think you two apprentices should act here. Our Yan Fu home general is already in Xia Fu. Just this morning, Mr. Tsuruo Yun wore a broad black cape and went to Xia Fu to refine Dan medicine for Xia Fu. ”

Looking at the divine colour of the sky, it doesn't look like it was faked, the crane cloud and the poetry were held together.

A moment later, Heyun sighed softly and said: "Now, Lord of the two houses, do I not stand before you? How did you end up in Summer House? ”


This is a very simple question that they didn't even think about before.

Yan Tian and Zhuge Zhen could not help but be stunned.

“But this morning, our home general in Xia Fu, did see Mr. He Yun Lao, has gone to Xia Fu, which is absolutely true. At that time, our home general in Yan Fu, not far from Xia Fu, could not have misheard. ”

Yantian said.

The atmosphere fell into silence for a moment, and the four of them were standing there, looking at me, looking at you.

Good for a while.

Heyun Alchemist exhaled once again, his face became extremely gloomy. Xu Xu Xu said: “If it was your Yanfu home general who did see me enter the door of Xia Fu this morning, then there is only one situation, that is, someone took my place and entered Xia Fu. ”


The other three were suddenly enlightened.

He Yunton continued: “This man is so disgusting that he dared to take over my identity and ruin my reputation. I'm sure that Xia Fu, at this time, must also be blinded by this person, I thought this person was me. ”