The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 612: Lectures (top)

The other party has definitely chosen to attack me today!

Qin Yi delighted herself.


In other words, he darkened his left hand, bringing out the sensation of spirituality, covering a range of about 1,800 feet.

“In this context, there is still no special human being, in other words, that mysterious master in the dark, who is still outside the reach of my spiritual perception. ”

Qin Yi darkly frowned.

He regrets that he has not been able to witness the truth about each other.

Outside Xia Fu, a luxurious number of carriages are waiting there, while Xia Changqing, the head of Xia Fu Fu, as well as Xia Ning Frost, Xia Ning Snow, and several other Xia Fu executives are present.

In addition, there are outstanding young people in the summer palace, numbering dozens.

Seeing that Qin Yi came out of the gate with Xing Mu, Xia Ning Frost in the crowd, obviously between the hectares, was reminiscent of some “artifact”!

The delicate face of the young girl, a red, looked into Qin Yi's eyes, more than that, burning a fierce rage, high and moving breasts, a sharp rise and fall.

Had it not been for the snow around Xianning, holding her hand tight, she would have jumped at all costs now.

Touching Xianing Frost almost killed people's eyes, Qin Yi's body, shaking in obscurity, a cold sweat, again in his corner, slipped silently.

“Ha ha, Qin Yi, I haven't seen you these days. I'm sure you've been hiding in the house practicing? Normally, I have the heart to visit you, but I fear to disturb your practice. How are you feeling these days in my summer house? ”

Xia Changqing, president of Xia Fu, asked warmly.

“Comfortable, extremely comfortable, thank you for your attention, and thank you for the hospitality extended to the younger generations since these days in Xia Fu. ”

Qin Yi respectfully replied. At the same time, he wiped off the cold sweat in the corner without a trace. In these days in Xia Fu, he was extremely comfortable. He made Xia Ning Frost feel his “artifact” again and again.

I noticed Qin Yi's move to wipe cold sweat, knowing that Xia Ningxue knew the bottom of it, I couldn't help but cover my mouth, “Pfft” a smile and shout.

Her eyes fluttered, she looked at the angry Xianing cream all over her face, and she looked at Qin Yi like a needle felt. She just thought it was really fun for the wrongdoers.

“Ok, Qin Yi, you are the benefactor of our Xia Fu. You can be comfortable these days. I will be relieved of Xia Changqing. ”

Xia Chang smiled happily and took a slight pause. He continued: "Qin Yi, you should take a carriage with Ning Xue, Frost and Xing Mu. The four of you should be able to talk and sit together. The atmosphere will be better. ”

“Master Xia, forget it, I'm more used to walking and riding in such a luxurious carriage, I'll feel uncomfortable. ”

Qin Yi hurriedly and respectfully said, the conversation room, the corner of his eyes, yet another obscure glance at that face, suddenly appeared a strange smile Xianing cream.

Are you kidding me, riding in a carriage with this chick?


Xianing frost's face, heavy, pretty good john, chilling, twisted his dead ass, lifted his legs to the carriage.

Everyone in the palace was stunned and opened their mouths.

The team of the summer palace passed through the bustling Kyoto and headed towards the center square.

Qin Yi, on the other hand, was mixed among the elite descendants of Xia Fu, joking and joking with them, his personality would be cheerful and delightful, but very quickly, he was in a fight with everyone.

But all the way through, he could clearly feel somewhere with a pair of eyes like a snake, staring at himself without moving.

“Hidden somewhere all the time, the mysterious superstar who always had the opportunity to do it to me, will soon do it to me. ”

Qin Yi smiled herself. In her heart, she was slightly nervous. Of course, more, was anticipation.

Just kill this dark super expert, then he can safely reach Daliang's royal family all the way, then find a way to get a fire lotus, then go to the northernmost pole of Kyushu mainland, enter the ruined war path, chase the remains of the vagina door "Heavenly Corpse” protection.

The team walked for half an hour, and suddenly a noise appeared.

Qin Yiding glanced and saw only a short distance ahead. A huge square with enough capacity to accommodate tens of thousands of people appeared. At this moment, the square was already full of people, and the noise was remarkable.

In the center of the square, there is a wooden platform with several luxurious leopard leather chairs.

Obviously, this wooden platform is for Heyun Alchemist, for speaking purposes, stands on top of it, has excellent sight, can look around the audience, and the sound of its speech, the people around it, can all hear clearly.

Xia Fu's team came to the corner of the square, and after placing the carriage, everyone entered the center of the square.

And Qin Yi, naturally, is among these people.

With the arrival of the people of Xia Fu, a riot immediately appeared in the square, and the road was filled with envious eyes and threw at them.

Since these days, Heyun Alchemist has become an Alchemist in Xia Fu, and the refining of Dan medicine for Xia Fu has been in this Kyoto, all over the street alley.

Feel the surrounding area, that thrown an enviable look, all the people of Xia Fu, their faces are a little arrogant, feel that at this moment, as the people of Xia Fu, it is quite a scenery.

Yen Tian and Zhuge Zhen et al., far away, can see the people of Xia Fu, but they are all a little snotty.

Today, it will be a nightmare in Natsumi!

In a moment, wait for Mr. Tsuruo, to uncover the ugly face of Xia Fu, the majesty of Xia Fu is also swept away in Kyoto, the foundation of Xia Fu, will be defeated, the land, supplies and everything, will be swallowed and Zhuge Fu, full of plunder and division!

“The people of this summer house, very interesting, obviously invited a fake ‘crane cloud alchemist’ to refine the medicine for them, authentic Mr. Crane's speech, they still have the courage to come and listen. ”

Zhuge Zhengzhen, short and fat, looked far away at the people of Xia Fu and smiled.

Yantian next to him shrugged his shoulders and said, "Lord Zhuge, what can they do now? Wouldn't that be more indicative of ghosts in their hearts? I'm just curious, it's this time of year, they look like they're really enjoying the surroundings, and that's throwing an enviable look at them, as if the 'Mr. Crane’ they invited was true. ”

“Ha ha, Lord Yan, what an interesting thing to say. ”

Zhuge Zheng smiled twice and said: “Can you even say that? Naturally, it's disguised. Tsk, now, I can't wait to see, when the real Mr. Crane, unravel their ugly faces, their faces. ”

“Hey, to be honest, I'm kind of impatient right now. ”

Yan Tian rubbed his hands with excitement and said with a smile: “The time is almost up. Since everyone can't wait, let's invite Mr. Tsuruo to appear and begin the speech. ”

He pulled out the crowd and came to an old man whose eyebrows and beard were white, but his body was straight, his eyes were full of gods, and Horan was the famous crane cloud.

Next to him stands a young girl in a white robe, who looks like a fairy, the apprentice poetry of the crane cloud.

Seeing the beautiful delicate body of Poetry Nachana, there is a hidden power in the pagoda, allowing those around them, once close to their disciples, to be pushed away by an unknown force.

And just that, you can see the poetry, it's pretty weak.

“Mr. Tsuruo, the time is almost up, please come to the stage and start your old speech. ”

Yantian arrived about two meters from the crane cloud, respectfully said.

Two meters, he can get close to the limit of the crane cloud, it is impossible to get closer to a point.

Crane Cloud didn't say much, when he nodded, “Well, it's time to get my own name right and restore my own glory. ”

Immediately, the Heyun master, accompanied by senior members of the Yan and Zhuge provinces, climbed onto the wooden platform in the center of the square and sat on those gorgeous leopard leather chairs.

Heyun sat in the middle, beside him, Ting Ting Yu stood poetically, on a beautiful face, a muddle, while Yan Fu and Zhuge Fu's high-ranking people sat on both sides.

“Wow, this is what the famous Crane Cloud Alchemist looks like! ”

“Today, it is a privilege to finally see the true face of this tall man, and, next, to hear his speech, it is like a dream. ”

“ …… ”

With the appearance of the crane cloud, the whole square burst into a noise like a wave.

Xianning Snow and Xianning Frost are particularly excited, the two cheeks, red, constantly waving their little hands at the crane cloud on that podium: “Hip, teacher, teacher, we are here, do you see us? ”

Hearing the shouting of both of them, Qin Yi stunned and opened his mouth. He couldn't help laughing. If they knew later, the ‘teacher honor’ in their mouth, in fact, they had never stepped into the door of Xia Fu from the beginning to the end, pointing out that they had refined Dan medicine, it was someone else, I really don't know how they would react.

“You two, don't need to be so excited, I think this Mr. Tsuruo is also very common, I wonder how he can gain such a high prestige in Kyoto? Anyway, I didn't see anything special about him. ”

He pulled the clothes of the two young girls separately, and Qin Yi said slightly disdainfully.

Xianing Frost's little face immediately appeared a slight anger and stared harshly at Qin Yi: “Shameless boy, although you are a benefactor of our Xia Fu, you are not allowed to insult Mr. Tsuruo, Mr. Tsuruo's creation in the field of alchemy, how can it be your martial arts, you can reach it, except for a artifact... ah! ”