The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 614: The Truth

Also, the old man in the cloak was not invited, but it was not where they came from in Xia Fu. When the old man entered Xia Fu, he also had a group of quite good quality green spirit dan as a gift for the meeting.

Throughout the scene, at this moment, only Qin Yi, the wind still stood there in a light cloud, watching the scene with cold eyes. He directed the drama with his hands, watching all the movements around him.

His much more powerful sensation of power, from beginning to end, covered a range of about 1,800 yards, as soon as the super master in the dark appeared, he could feel it.

Until now, however, the superstar in the dark has still not appeared. However, Qin Yi's feeling of being stared at like a viper has grown stronger.

“The mysterious superstar, he's about to do it, right? This time, I must take a good look. Who are you? ”

Qin Yi secretly said to himself that his heart was full of anticipation.

“I declare once again that I, Crane Cloud, have been on Fairy Bamboo Peak these days, never left half a step, if you Xia Fu dare to ruin my reputation here again, don't blame me me for being rude! ”

On the podium, the crane cloud drinks coldly, the divine colour on his face, to the point of shade.

His voice fell, the poetry beside him, Nathanna's moving delicate body, suddenly, a fierce intra-partal strength, the half moon curved knife on his hand, also followed by a buzzing self-tremor, hidden and haunted a killing desire.

Seeing this scenario, Yanfu and Zhuge people have become more and more happy in their hearts. Now, their purpose has been achieved. After the adoption of today's events in Xia Fu, they will surely discredit the reputation. In the future, the sales volume of Dan medicine is only terribly undesirable.

At this time, when Xia Fu was really embarrassed and bitter, and confused at the same time, the old man in the cloak was clearly a crane, but now he, why deny it?

“Mr. Tsuruo, I don't understand why you are so, I don't think there will be a second person in Kyoto other than you, so capable, in a short time, to improve Frost and Cher's alchemy technology. ”

Xia Changqing sighed and said helplessly.


Ladies in Xia Fu, these days, Alchemy technology has been improving!

Everyone in the room was slightly stunned and looked a little strange.

In Kyoto, besides the famous cranes, are there people who possess superior alchemy?

“Master Xia, I warn you one last time, do not insult my master! ”

On the poem stage, wearing a white robe poetry, quite a showy john, a chill hum, on the beautiful little face, a smudge of killing, her patience, obviously reached the limit.

Xia Fu wronged her master so much again, she was afraid that she would attack Xia Fu's people!

Feel the slaughter on the poetic face, the people of Xia Fu, standing there staring at each other, the divine color became more bitter.

The one that came out of the poem, actually, they could feel it. This girl, who looked clean and unusual, was like a fairy, and had quite an extraordinary manipulation. Without a doubt, this poem was not only an apprentice of the old crane, but also a close guard of his.

Don't forget, she's from the Daliang royal family, a man from the royal family who came here with a crane, how could she be weak? Over the years, the famous crane elderly, able to remain safely in Xianzhu Peak, afraid of this poem, plays a key role.

“My grass, fight! I'm dying! ”

Someone blinded on the field, causing a big laugh.

“Ha ha, Sha Fu, this time, I'm afraid it's over! ”

“I really didn't expect this poem, it turns out to be so powerful. Once she does it, she will be able to slaughter the Summer Palace full of doors! ”

“ …… ”

Many have fallen to the rocks.

Hearing all around the discussion, the people of Xia Fu, all of them are pale, they are angry, ashamed and confused at the same time.

Xia Changqing exhaled for a long time: “Miss Poetry, the old man who came to our Xia Fu to point to Ningshuang and Ningxue to refine the Dan medicine is indeed a crane...”

He didn't finish his sentence, but he pulled his coat gently and stopped him from going on.

Xia Changqing looked back and found a rather handsome teenager's face, smiling slightly at him.

“Qin Yi, you are...”

Xia Changqing glanced slightly at the handsome teenager around her.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Qin Yi looked at all of this with cold eyes. This was only a slight smile. He said to Xia Changqing, who was around him: “Master Xia Fu, Master Xie Yun Alchemist is right, he did not enter the door of Xia Fu. ”


What's that supposed to mean?

Everyone in Xia Fu looked at Qin Yi with dismay.

They can't believe this teenager who's been living in their summer house all these days!

“You shameless bastard, at this time you still say that, I must give you eight large pieces! ”

Xianing Frost stared angrily at Qin Yi and shivered with anger. This kid ate his own tofu repeatedly. Forget it. At this time, he actually pushed Xia Fu out!

Xia Changqing, Xia Ningxue, Xingmu and others, the divine color on their faces, also gradually became a little ugly, but they read about the girl in front of them, once saved their merchant team, never had a seizure.

Looking at the angry Xianing Frost, Qin Yi's handsome face was still smiling with a slight smile. He shook his head slightly and said: "Miss Er, this is a bad word, how can I eat the inside and out? Just stating one fact. Besides, I've put a lot of energy into you and Miss Big Miss over the past few days. If it wasn't for me, you and Miss Big Miss's alchemy technology, would these days progress be so fast? ”

As soon as the teenager said this, the people of Xia Fu suddenly stood there like five thunderbolts, unable to move, and blinked vigorously.

Since these days, the teenager has put a lot of energy into the two young ladies and sisters in the summer palace, so that they have made quite a welcome progress in alchemy technology!

In other words, the “crane old” dressed in a black cloak who often enters Xia Fu Pharmacy, is this the teenager pretending?

Qin Yi's voice was not very loud, but it was obvious that there was ambitious intra-partmental strength, so that everyone present, every word, could really hear.

So the squares that were originally noisy, between them, were like a huge cemetery, dead silence, a little noise, they didn't make a sound.

All of them, including Crane Cloud and Poetry, cast that incredible gaze on the juvenile's rather handsome face.

Who is this boy?

“What are you talking about, besides eating me... uh...”

Xianing cream suddenly awakened, quickly brake the words, did not say the two key words “tofu”, the crystalline jade cheeks are already red.

Qin Yi glanced hard, Xianing Frost angrily: “Have you been pointing me and my sister to refine Dan medicine these days? I'm not afraid to blow the cowhide off, I see you all over it, it's just two words - shameless! Other than that, I can't see anything else! ”

“Yeah, Qin Yi, don't talk nonsense at this time. ”

Xing Mu on one side also said that Xing Mu's impression of Qin Yi has always been quite good.

Qin Yi only smiled at Xingmu, and was kind, and then looked at Xianing Frost and Xianing Snow. Xu Xu Xu said: “Sister, Miss Er, did the old man of the cloak give you a copy of" Alchemy Heart "at first, so that you can quickly write it down and grasp it. Five days later, he will come back to test you? ”


This is all details. How could Qin Yi know?

Xianning Snow and Xianning Cream both blinked and blinked incredibly.

The rest of the people in Xia Fu, they looked at the three of them confused, something in the pharmacy, they didn't know.

With a faint smile, Qin Yi continued: “Have you been experimenting with a Dan medicine called ‘Green Lingdane' for these days? Just yesterday, Ning Xue tried a total of five green spiritual dans, one quality is two, the other four are one quality, while Ning Frost tried a total of four green spiritual dans, also tried out one quality is two, the others are one. Oh, by the way, Ningfrost showed up on the first trial of Green Lingdane, didn't he? ”

At this time, Xianning snow and Xianning cream, both pairs have been completely silly, they all stunned and slightly opened their tempting red moist mouths.

“Ning Xue, is Qin Yi right? ”

Xingmu on the side, tapped Xianing snow's sleeve off.

Xianing nodded snowly: “Not bad...”

- What? - What?

Xia Fu people, once again, all stuck around and looked at Qin Yi with horror.

The young man in front of him not only possesses incredible combat power, but is he also an alchemist?

Everyone on the field, their chins are a little shattered, and it feels weird that this is happening today. The one who has been pretending to be a crane old man and going to Xia Fu, pointing some alchemist to Xia Fu's people, is actually this teenager.

“Come on, teenager, why did you ruin my reputation by pretending to be my teacher's honor and entering Xia Fu and pointing out that people in Xia Fu refined Dan medicine? ”

A cold drink coming from the podium.

Qin Yi turned around and at a distant glance, he saw only the poetry on the podium. He had pointed the half-moon curved knife in his hand at himself, his cheeky face was as cold as frost.

And Heyun, Yantian, Zhuge Zhenzhen and others, the divine color on their faces, is also extremely bad.

“You're wrong. I'm not ruining your reputation. ”

Qin Yi shrugged her shoulders and smiled slightly. “I'm just helping Xia Fu. I'm a friend of Xia Fu. I saw Yan Fu and Zhuge Fu, and wanted to join forces to swallow Xia Fu's foundation. Can I stand idly by? Besides, the furry alchemy technology that your teacher respects, I really have a nose, I really don't understand, the old alchemy technology of cranes, so thin and ordinary, the personality is so arrogant and not close, how can you get such prestige in this Kyoto? ”