The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 623: Dan Cheng


The smile on the poetic face of disaster and happiness, suddenly rated, even directly shouted out, four pints of medicine, these four words, to her, are like a thunder!

Until then, four pints of medicine, she had only heard of it and had never seen it.

How is it possible that this shitty teenager actually made a four-pin pill?

How did he do that?

“What, is this a four-pin pill? ”

The flaming lady beside her was also stunned, and she glanced at Qin Yi with amazement: “Although I have never touched Dan Yao, I have also heard that only a large alchemist with excellent alchemy technology can occasionally refine four or two pints of Dan Yao. Qin Yi turned out to be a large alchemist, so amazing, huh! ”

Just a great alchemist?

My alchemy technology can be infinitely closer to a super alchemist.

Qin Yi smiled slightly and didn't say much. Just return the four pints to Soul Dan. Feel free to throw them to the amazing poetry rhyme: “Don't make a look like a ghost. Take this back to Soul Dan. With the quality of the four pints, you should be able to recover most of your internal injuries. ”

Poetry two fiber fingers, gently pinched four pints back to the soul Dan, the whole person is like a stone carving, sitting there motionless, heart difficult to calm.

Turns out, this kid's not lying. He's got some amazing alchemy.

Four pints of medicine, I'm afraid I haven't even seen my teacher Zun-He.


After a while, the poetry came back to God. Qin Yi glanced at the corner of his eyes. That gaze has become extremely complicated.

She cautiously pinched her soul back to Dan, like pinching a treasure and swallowing it in her belly in love.

As Soul Dan is taken, Soul Dan is in his body, releasing a little purple fog, this purple fog, is the medicine.

“What a pound of medicine, huh! ”

The poetry can't stop the joy, hurry up and sit on your legs and breathe quietly.

Her body, like a thirsty demon, absorbed that pound of purple medicine constantly.

With the absorption of medicine, for a moment, poetry feels much more comfortable. Four pints of medicine. Before that, she hadn't even heard of it. Now, she's taking it. She feels like she's dreaming at this moment.

“You don't have to thank me. It's just a four-pick soul jerk, that's all. I'll refine another one for you to take, and then your body will be completely recovered. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Ecstasy, it's just a relatively low level of Dan medicine. With his current alchemy technology, combined with the ingredients that Maiden Yan has collected here, the vintage is quite good. It's perfectly normal to refine four products of Ecstasy.

“Qin Yi, what a surprise. Turns out your alchemy technology is so brilliant. ”

A pair of beautiful eyes flashed, looking at Qin Yi with amazement.

“All I can say is, so-so. ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi smiled modestly.

Talking to Maiden Yan for a while, Qin Yi began to refine the second soul dan.

The ingredients collected by Femme Flame are sufficient to refine two Ecstasy.

Remove the medicine ding, Qin Yi began to refine the second soul dan. In the medicine warehouse, throw in the remaining medicine, and then put some white coal in the coal warehouse.

After completing these two processes, Qin Yi exhaled gently. After fixing his mind, he reached out his left hand, pressed the ignition port on the wall of medicine, slightly fluctuated Xuan Qi and ignited the fire.

Then elicit a sense of spirituality and cover the medicine.

The second echo dan, began refining, Qin Yi focused on the medicine warehouse, all the changes in the medicine, and at the same time controlled the dan fire accordingly.

The flaming lady beside her is watching quietly all the time, with her delicate, suffocating face full of admiration.

At some point.

Her beautiful eyes, gently, were slightly chilled and she looked at Qin Yi motionlessly.

Her sexy corner of mouth, slightly raised, with a shallow, unknown smile, made her whole person look, and the smell of extreme danger was hidden in the glamour.

After a while, the hidden chill in her eyes slowly disappeared.

This slight change of hers is focusing on Qin Yi, who wants to refine Dan medicine, without any detection.

Half an hour later, a freshly refined echo dan lies quietly in the drugstore.


Qin Yi exhaled gently and suddenly smoked his left hand from the ignition port. The white dan fire in the charcoal warehouse was extinguished.

“Refined? ”

The flaming lady beside her smiled and said with anticipation: "Look, what is the quality of this rehearsal Dan that you have refined? ”


Qin Yi gently smiled and gently lightened his head, then unveiled the cap of the medicine, white long fingers, penetrated the medicine warehouse, gently clamped the freshly refined soul dan, clamped between his fingers.

Xu Xu slowly took out Dan Yao, Qin Yi glanced, swept a glance, and Junyi's face suddenly showed a slight smile of satisfaction.

“Hmm? How many pints of dandruff is this? ”

The flaming maid beside her revealed her confusion by gently raising her brow.

Only this newly refined Ecstasy is found, and the surface is extremely smooth. It is also made up of two colors, purple and bismuth. Unlike the previous one, this Ecstasy reveals a faint light, like a pearl.

At this time, she has been sitting quietly discussing her legs, absorbing the poetry of Soul Dan's healing wounds, and has also absorbed that Soul Dan, absorbing a clean one, she slowly opened her eyes, the whole popularity has improved a lot, on the cheek, has a certain blood color, lips, also restored blood color.

“How do you feel? ”

Qin Yiwang turned to poetry and smiled slightly.

“Well, not bad, I feel like I'm recovering pretty much. Thank you!”

Poetry lightened a bit of a beautiful head, but divine color, but still a little cold. Between her and Qin Yi, there was so much resentment. For a moment, how could she let go?

However, when the poetic eye touched Qin Yi's hand, the freshly refined soul dan was slightly stunned, and a strange color appeared on his face: “Is this the freshly refined soul dan, how can it be like a pearl, invisible and glowing? ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “This is also a four-point soul-back Dan, but it is already infinitely close to five. ”


Infinitely close to five!

Poetry and Femme Femme were both directly stunned there, which was quite a tempting little red mouth, stunned open, as if the top of the five thunder could not move.

Four pints of Dan medicine have just been refined, which is quite shocking, but now the teenager has refined a soul dan that is infinitely close to five!

Five pints of Dan, that's the legendary Dan!

Only a super alchemist can produce such high quality Dan medicine.

In other words, this teenager's alchemy technology is infinitely close to a super alchemist!


After a while, poetry and flaming woman, this came from the extreme shock, back to God, the eyes of both, both of them loosely looking in front of the eyes, that handsome and suffocating teenager, in the eyes, irresistible flurry of worship.

Young, alchemist, has infinitely approached a super alchemist, this guy, is he a man or a god?

“After returning this to Soul Dan, your wounds should be all recovered. Then, come with us to Daliang Royal Family. You are from Daliang. Daliang should have family, right? Leaving Daliang for so long, it's time to go back and see your family. But along the way, you can stop trying to kill me, and with your current strength, there's still a certain difficulty in killing me. ”

Qin Yi spread out his hands and sent his soul Dan to the front of the poem.


The poetic rhyme was straight on the john nose, humming gently, the color of worship in the eyes, forced down, twisted his little face: “Who rarely uses your Dan medicine, my wounds are almost better, I don't need it at all, I just need to breathe a little more, and I can recover all. ”

Damn chick, she's so stubborn!

He opened his mouth slightly stunned and Qin Yi couldn't help but laugh. He spoke softly and helplessly: “Your current body is almost recovered. Okay, since you don't want it, forget it. ”


Poetic white hand, but a lightning probe, a hand that returned Qin Yi's hand to the soul Dan, held tight in his hand, as if it was a baby quickly into the bag.

After collecting the soul dan, she suddenly realized that her move was too urgent. The crystalline jade cheek had to be slightly red. Qin Yi glanced at it and said: “This soul dan, didn't you help me refine it? I said I don't need it anymore to heal my wounds, but I didn't say I don't want it. I'm collecting it now for a souvenir, okay? ”


Qin Yi stunned, his mouth stunned open again, some incredibly blinked.


The flaming woman beside her was her hands covering her mouth and laughing directly.

Her smile, her poetic cheeks, and her shame red seemed to pinch the water out.

Next, Poetry continued to sit and rest, and a day later, her injuries were completely restored.

Killing Qin Yi is obviously already impossible. Qin Yi showed super strong fighting power in the previous war with those five giant tooth tigers. Moreover, his divine color was quite relaxed at the time, and obviously he had not done all he could.

In this regard, it is deeply aware that, although his current cultivation has already broken through the six realms of the Patriarchate, and is one of the six main iron guards of the Royal Family of Daliang, there is still a considerable gap compared to him.

If you want to kill him by force, there is only one way to go: you will die a terrible death!

This fact, which is cruel, but poetic, has to be accepted.

After listening to Qin Yi's advice, she did not return to Kyoto, but decided to accompany Qin Yi and Yan Meiyi, go back to the Daliang royal family to see her family in Daliang.