The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 639: Alchemy Contest (Bottom)

After breathing out a dark breath, Qin Yi concentrated his energies and slowly pressed his left hand onto the ignition port, then led a hint of Xuan qi in his body to the palm of his left hand.


As Qin Yi brings that silk gas, slightly fluctuates, the white charcoal in the charcoal warehouse burns violently, emitting a small group of white dan fire.

After igniting the fire, Qin Yi once again elicited a sense of spirituality, covering the entire medicine, instantaneously, in the medicine warehouse, all the changes in the medicine were directly reflected in his mind.

“Hey, this Huaxia teenager, when he heard such news, he didn't burn directly? ”

Jane De on one side looked at Qin Yi with a slight surprise. There was some uneasiness in his heart. Such a calm person, this is the first time he has seen it.

But how did he know that Qin Yi and Yanmei's plan, if it hadn't been for their plans already, Qin Yi at this time would have only really burned down.

“Huh, Junior Warsaw, I'd like to see how big your strength is. ”

Gong Jiande smiled in disdain. He believed that Qin Yi, at this time, had long been in a mess. He had not burned. It was definitely a miracle. In this case, even the fairy could not produce high-quality Dan medicine.

He's going to win this Alchemy match!

Gong Jiande stopped ignoring Qin Yi and began to carefully refine Dan medicine.

“White Tiger Lotus, things are starting to change...”

“Hayako, things are starting to change...”

“White Jade began to change...”

“The dragon has begun to change...”

Qin Yi focused his attention and carefully observed all the changes in the medicine warehouse, and the corresponding control of the dan fire.

Seeing as he was completely unaffected by the news that poetry had begun to execute, His Majesty Daliang and the rest of us were all amazed.

“This is not what we expected before, what went wrong? Wasn't this Huaxia teenager's relationship with poetry as we thought it would be? ”

His Majesty Daliang, the eyebrows were tight and caught in contemplation. The Huaxia teenager did not burn down, and could even calm down the idle refining of Dan medicine.

It would be such a pleasure to have a burning party, but now...

He thinks that if it's described in three words, it's, "Shit!"

“Your Majesty, this Huaxia teenager, obviously someone who has seen the big scene, is able to stabilize himself, there is no burning situation, not surprisingly, but it is absolutely impossible for him not to be moved by the news that poetry has been executed, is to say, the elder minister determined that he, in fact, has long been in a mood like numbness, now he is only forcibly calming, it is absolutely impossible to produce high-quality Dan medicine. ”

An elderly man, like a plotter, saluted His Majesty Daliang.

“Mu Lao makes sense! ”

Other ministers of culture and martial arts, too, are united.

Sincerely, His Majesty Daliang nodded with a slight smile and let go of his heart.

In the center of the training field, Qin Yi has always focused on refining Dan Pharmaceuticals. Naturally, it is not as the plotter said, so calm down because he believes in the ability of Femme Yunnan.

This dragon gas health and hygiene dan, although Qin Yi has not been exposed before, can be easily managed with his alchemy technology, combined with the mysterious left hand.

The medicinal materials for the refining of dragon gas curing dan are all tender properties. In fact, they are refined and not too time-consuming. As long as the dan fire is controlled with extreme care, it can be done.

Twenty minutes later, in the drugstore, all the medicines were made into powder.

Qin Yi relieved slightly: “Now, as long as you keep the fire in a certain state, you can do it. ”

Ten minutes later, the powder of all colors made from those medicines finally condensed into a dandruff less than the size of an adult's thumb, lying quietly in the drugstore.

Finally, the refining is complete.

Qin Yi smiled faintly, twirling, his left hand on the ignition port, suddenly a smoke, and the dan fire in the charcoal warehouse was extinguished.

Qin Yi swept away from the public Jane De and found that he was still refining, gorgeous, quite focused.

“Dragon Gas Healthy Dan, I have refined it. ”

Qin Yi was not in a hurry to unravel the cover of the medicine, and took out the Dan medicine to identify the quality. Such a competition, the expert in the free field, finally made the Dan medicine for two people, to carry out the quality assessment.

- What? - What?

This Huaxia teenager, the speed of refining Dan medicine, is actually faster than the speed of Jane De!

His Majesty Daliang and the rest of us were all slightly stunned.

His refining speed is faster than that of Gong Jan De, so can you say that he refines Dan Pharmaceuticals more skillfully than Gong Jan De?

“Haha, as my husband expected, this Huaxia teenager has no mind at all, in this game, just a quick refinement, and it's over. ”

The former plotter said with a long smile.

Yeah, that makes sense! How could this Huaxia teenager be more proficient in refining Dandelion? Must be just hasty dealing with it.

Everyone laughs and thinks the plotter's words are reasonable.

Everyone looked at the Huaxia teenager and thought he was handsome. He wrote two big words: defeat!

Qin Yi did not heed the words of the plotter, and the strange eyes cast on himself. He left the medicine on the table. Even spinning, suddenly fluttering, the body directly turned into a shadow, from the top of everyone's head, burst past, a few blinks, disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

This is…

Everyone was stunned.

“Haha, this Huaxia teenager can't hold his breath long ago, this is going to save poetry. ”

After the conspirator was stunned, he suddenly laughed.

“Saving poetry? Only at this time, she's afraid she's about to be slaughtered by the 30 Ironmen, isn't she? ”

Your Majesty, smile lightly.

The center of the practice field.

Not yet.

Dan Zhen De's medicine, also finished refining, he suddenly smoked his left hand, on the fire vent of the medicine wall, some old face with a confident slight smile.

Seeing the smile of Gong Jian De Lian, His Majesty Daliang and the rest of us are all happy, they know that Gong Jian De won this time, otherwise he would not be so confident.

With His Majesty Daliang, a moment later, an old man in a grey robe came down from the platform and walked towards the center of the training field.

Undoubtedly, this person is a quality expert at Dan Pharmaceutical.

The old man in the grey robe first came to the front of Gong Jiande, and after a slight salute to Gong Jiande, he did not say a word. He unveiled the cap of the medicine, stretched out two long fingers, and penetrated the pharmacy, gently clipped a pinch, a newly refined Dan medicine, which was caught between the two fingers.

The whole scene, for a moment, was completely quiet, a little noise, and it didn't make a sound.

The eyes of the crowd gathered between the two fingers of the appraiser, the color of the divine is nervous and exciting.

The appraiser was surrounded by a smile on his face from the beginning to the end. Obviously, he had absolute confidence in his alchemy technology.

Between the two fingers of the connoisseur, the dragon gas sanitary dan, the surface is quite smooth, the colour is also quite ancient, it looks like it has been placed for many years.

“Mr. Gong Jian, the alchemy technology is truly famous. ”

The appraiser's gaze, after sweeping on the Nadan medicine, was respectfully said: “This is a dragon gas health dan with a quality that is very close to four products. ”

- What? - What?

A Dragon Qi Hygiene Dan with a quality that is very close to four!

Everyone here, including His Majesty the Great Beam, was stunned, and there was an intense display of joy on their faces.

This Alchemy match, the Alchemist of Daliang, finally won, for them Daliang, moved back to one inning, two games, Daliang represents one win and one loss, it's kind of even.

“Haha, Gong Jan De, I really have you, lonely, no mistake about you. This time, you have a long face for our big beam. When you get this place cleaned up, don't reward you again! ”

His Majesty Daliang, laughing happily, the whole people's temper, paused, continued: “The Dan medicine refined by Huaxia teenager, to look alone, you don't have to identify it. Under the disturbing circumstances, it is also to refine the Dan medicine that has never been touched before. Even if his alchemy technology is even higher, lonely, he doesn't believe that the Dan medicine he refined, the quality reached very close to four products. ”

“Ho, Mr. Gong-jin, what a god! ”

Throughout the scene, there was a wave of cheers, and everyone in the room felt this moment, unbeatable and smooth.

Listening to the cheers around him, Gengjin De long exhaled, slowly closed his eyes, intoxicated in it, he earned countless glories in his life, and this time, he felt that all the glories before, together, had not been this time painful.

After being intoxicated for a while, he opened his eyes slowly and turned to His Majesty the Great Leung on the balcony. He said happily: "Your Majesty, since the Huaxia teenager has refined a Dan medicine, it would be good to identify the quality of his Dan medicine. ”

Listening to him, the appraiser, who had turned away, again had to pause and wait for His Majesty's instructions.

“Well, Gong Jiander is right, just identify the Huaxia teenager, the quality of the Dan medicine that was made, and walk through the procedure. In fact, I wonder if Huaxia Junior can make a scrap dan? ”

His Majesty Daliang laughed and waved quite casually.

Upon the instruction of His Majesty Daliang, the appraiser had to return to the medicine ring left behind by Qin Yi, unwrap the cap, stretch out his slender fingers again, penetrate the pharmacy, and return a dragon air to the soul dan, gently clamping out.

“Abandoned Dan! ”

“Must be abandoned Dan! ”

At the moment when the Alchemist clamped the Dan medicine out, around the practice field, a platoon of cries sounded like the sea, and the public Jane De even looked away, looking elsewhere, even lazy to see.