The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 645: I'll Bite You!

In that space, 30 iron men, none of them complete, had apparently become 30 pieces of scrap iron.

And the Huaxia teenager, who was supposed to have been bombarded with meat, was sitting idly on a scrap iron man.

When the PFI finally disappeared, the crowd appeared in front of them again, and the teenager stood up and stretched out a lazy waist: “I, Grass, waited so long, finally came out. ”

The teenager looked at the poetry, completely petrified, on a handsome face, and a warm-hearted smile appeared: “Poetry, see? I saved your life again. ”

The young girl looked at him silently and let tears surge on her cheek. She suddenly turned into a shadow and burst towards Qin Yi in front of her. The speed was unspeakable.

Without waiting for Qin Yi to return to God, a weak and boneless delicate body was pouring hard into his arms.

The young girl's delicate arm, like a white snake, died and protected his waist and limbs as if to merge herself into his body: “Who wants you to torture me for me? I'll bite you! ”


Qin Yi grinned and had not yet waited for him to come and say a word. The young girl had raised her toes and pressed those two full, soft lips against his lips.

Qin Yi's divine color, suddenly dazed, his eyes were wide open, and a thought appeared in his head: I grass, my first kiss, this is how this chick forcibly took it away.

However, he has to admit, it was a pleasure to have the first kiss forcibly taken away by a chick!

Feeling the young girl's cold and soft delicate lips, Qin Yi had a feeling of falling into the fog for a moment.

And the two huge ones in the girl's chest, crushed hard on the wonderful feel of her chest, made him feel refreshed, over her belly, a fire of evil, gently rising, a “artifact”, quite shamelessly stood up, angrily on the flat belly of poetry.

Feel the little belly, the hard “artifact” there, the poetry slightly flashed, revealed a confusion, quickly figured out what it was about her, that there was no bloody cheek, a flash of red.


The poetry was dark and self-indulgent: “This guy is really bad. ”

She was impatient. Her delicate arm like a white snake, but she was dying to haunt Qin Yi. She was reluctant to let go for a moment, leaving that shameless “artifact” to crush her belly.

At this time, she had a mixed heart, shyness, shock, surprise.

Not only has this guy not been executed, but he has also scrapped thirty Ironmen. As a result, the world dreamed, none of them thought of it.

Slowly move that soft, full lip away from Qin Yi's mouth, and look at Qin Yi with a slightly raised face of shame: “How did you do that? ”

“Have you forgotten? I am Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See, and it is not difficult for a Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See to abolish these 30 Ironmen. ”

Lifting a finger, she gently scratched the girl in her arms. That was a pretty good nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Qin Yi said so in his mouth, in fact, before he entered the Iron Man Front, he didn't think that he could actually abolish all 30 Iron Men.

Nevertheless, he had some confidence in holding on for an hour.

Poetry slightly leaned back on the perfect little face as if it were a sculpture. He looked at Qin Yi obsessively and remembered that he had fought wildly against 8,000 elites in spite of everything for himself. Later, instead of entering the Iron Man Front, he was subjected to torture. The young girl put her cheeks on the teenager's firm chest, her heart was full of emotion and sweetness.

And that “artifact”, which was always angry over her belly, made her legs a little soft, but she knew that from now on, regardless of the teenager in her arms, she would not hesitate to ask for anything from herself, which was to say yes.

Hearing the movement of the two, far away, His Majesty Liang and others, the mind had to be confused for a moment, all eyes open gently.


How did that happen?

The Huaxia teenager, safe and sound, covered with no scars at all, at this moment, he is closely embraced by poetry.

Behind them, thirty iron men, all laid on the ground, and none was unharmed.

Such a scenario makes His Majesty the Great Leung and others, all as if the Five Thunders were on top of each other, where they could not move.

At one time, this Huaxia teenager, not only was not bombed into a clay by 30 Ironmen, but 30 Ironmen, all of them were abolished!

How is that possible?

“Oh, my God, am I blind? Thirty frightening iron men, he actually got rid of them all. ”

“Hallucinations, this must be hallucinations! ”

“My grass, thirty iron men, I can't help but worship him! ”

“ …… ”

For a moment, there was noise, and they just felt that the scene in front of them was not real as if it were a dream.

They knew the Huaxia teenager was strong, but could not have dreamed of it. He had reached such a desperate state of mind!

Qin Yi Xu Xu Huaizhong's poetry rhyme, walked slowly. Over that handsome face, from the beginning to the end, it was a smile.

Seeing the teenager come, the whole scene was quiet again, and all eyes were gathered on the teenager.

Qin Yi approached His Majesty Daliang slowly and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, I am so sorry that I have abandoned your Iron PFLP. ”

His Majesty Daliang glanced at the handsome teenager in front of him, his chest, a fierce rise and fall, and stunned for a while before saying: “Young, but with such tremendous fighting power, he actually abolished 30 Ironman, such a scene, making him lonely, he had to think of the four words in the legend. ”

The legendary four words?

Qin Yi's eyebrows couldn't help but look slightly confused: “Your Majesty, what are the four words that come to mind? ”

The rest of us, too, will look at His Majesty the Great Leung in confusion.

“Kyushu Holy See! ”

His Majesty Daliang's gaze grew sharp and looked at Qin Yi without moving. He said: "Young man, if you are not mistaken, you should come from the Holy See of Kyushu, right? Apart from the Kyushu Holy See, there are other places that you can't imagine matching your strengths. ”

His mouth slightly stunned Zhang, Qin Yi stood still there for a moment. His Majesty the Great Liang, indeed, was able to guess his identity.

“Back to Your Majesty, you were right. I am indeed a Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Qin Yi was frank and respectfully replied.

- What? - What?

The young Huaxia really came from the Holy See in Kyushu!

The Holy See of Kyushu, which is the capital of Kyushu, is the ultimate dream of practitioners. These four words, wherever you go, give you a feeling like a thunder.

“My grass, this teenager, is Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See! ”

The four words “Kyushu Holy See” existed only in legend after people broke their jaw, and now there is a young man from Kyushu Holy See standing alive.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

His Majesty Daliang suddenly laughed joyfully after his disgrace: "God is still so lonely that he made loneliness in his lifetime and saw Tingwei from Kyushu Holy See! ”

Qin Yi was once again stunned, and himself abolished all thirty Ironmen. However, His Majesty Daliang was not only angry, but rather happy.

“His Majesty the Great Leung, is it... a comedy from the monkey? ”

Looking at His Majesty Daliang, who laughed joyfully, Qin Yi had to raise such doubts in his heart.

“Back to the palace! ”

His Majesty Liang, in a great mood, waved his hand and turned to Qin Yi: “Huaxia Junior, when you return to the palace, you will soon enter the palace to see the lonely one. ”

Minister Wen Wu, clustered with His Majesty Daliang, went back to the palace in havoc.

Qin Yi, Poetry and Femme Yunnan were also caught up in the team.

Half an hour later, Qin Yi returned to his temporary residence.

“All the wind waves on this beam have finally subsided, and the other fire lotus is already in the bag. ”

Sitting on the bed, Qin Yi exhaled softly.

Once he gets another Fire Lotus, he intends to stop making any more stays, go north with Maiden, enter the extreme cold of Kyushu mainland, find the entrance to the ruined war path, enter it, and hunt for the “Heavenly Corpse” protection.

He doesn't have much time, and, now, nobody knows what more trouble and how much more time he's going to take on the next trip.

Especially inside the ruined battlefield, you know, the search for emperor blood quenching inside, it's all old antiques that live endless years, with extremely horrible repairs, no one knows what will happen after entering the inside.

For a while, he remembered Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xuanlan and others.

“Sister Yang, at this time, I am afraid that a search for another cut-off of the gold sword has been carried out. It has been so long since the Shenzhen family's intelligence agency should have interpreted the contents of the animal skin long ago. ”

Qin Yi spoke to himself.

“And Xuanlan, Shi Xuan and Qianqiao brothers, the intelligence group led, if successful, should have crossed the East Sea at this time, entered the Yulan mainland, and launched a search for that corner of the blood flag. As for dragon inflammation, he was himself the purest descendant of the ancient warrior dragon lineage, and with the help of the ancient warrior dragon family, there should be no problem in activating the warrior dragon lineage in half for two years. ”

However, for dragon inflammation, it is of ancient warrior dragon descent, the purest descendants, Qin Yi always felt that this matter would not be so simple.

After a short thought, Qin Yi dumped his head and threw away his confused thoughts. Then he left the mansion and walked straight to the palace.

Not yet.