The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 647: I'm Not Saying

His eyes touched the poetic teardrops, Qin Yi's heart moved, and a warm smile appeared on his face: “Rest assured, between us, we have experienced so much. From the beginning of the meeting, until I accepted the torture of PFI for you, this piece of pile has been engraved in my heart, just to forget, it is impossible to forget. ”

With tears in his poetic eyes, his face gently shook a smile like a summer flower: “Thank you, Qin Yi! ”

“In fact, the most I can't forget is that you kissed me yesterday and that time in the stone hole, I helped you heal your wounds...”

Qin Yi smiled.

In the end, his voice fell, and the poem shouted delicately. He hurriedly extended a fiber jade finger and pressed it against Qin Yi's mouth: “Don't say it! ”

Remembering that time in the stone cave, Qin Yi helped herself heal the wounds, on the poetic cheek, the shame was so red that she could almost strangle the water out.

Qin Yi stunned. He snapped his finger away and grinned. “Okay, I won't say it, I just want to. ”

“Don't even think about it.” Poetry is impatient.

“Didn't you tell me not to forget you? No, how can I not forget you?” Qin Yi smiled happily.


Poetry lingered, and the teenager in front of him was a fighter jet among the bad guys.

Even though the girl is shy, in her heart, an unknown sweetness emerges. She will see her dying ass twisted and turn her back in shame: “Whatever you want, think about it! ”

An extinct girl with a fairy temperament, in front of herself, but behaved so shamelessly, Qin Yi's heart gently rose to comfort.

However, the poetry rhyme turned around slowly, and the divine color had returned to normal. The normal color said: “Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, is it true that you ran into her on the road by accident? ”

Qin Yi Meiyu nodded in confusion. “Yes, is there a problem? ”

“In the North Wilderness, the Yan tribe, yes, it does exist, the size of that tribe is not very large, and, poetically, the Yan tribe chiefs are old, and within these years, new chiefs will indeed be elected. ”

The poetic gaze slowly deepened: “Everything, seemingly, is so impeccable, there is no shatter, but there is no shatter, often the biggest shatter. ”

“Poetry, what are you trying to say? ”

Qin Yi's mind became more and more confused.

The poetry was silent for a moment before Xu Xu said: “Femme Yan is not simple, at least her cultivation is not just the point she is presently showing. ”


Qin Yi couldn't help but stand still: “Maiden Yan only fixed it in the early days of Zongdao II. This was under her defenselessness. I spyed out with a sense of spirituality. Could it also be wrong? ”

“Perhaps… I was mistaken. ”

The poetry was clear and shallow and the eyebrows slightly shrugged, slightly contemplating, and he raised his head and said to Qin Yi: “In short, you should be careful with the femininity. All right, I'm leaving. When you and Meizu leave, I won't give it away. I'm afraid I'll follow you into the cold, no matter what. ”

Yan Bi, Poetry Nathanna's moving delicate body, the whole person directly in front of Qin Yi's eyes, disappeared.

Watch out for Mei Mei!

Qin Yi stayed where he was, and his heart was confused to the extreme.

The Yan clan does exist, and over the years, the Yan clan did elect a new clan chief, which means that Yan Mei went on a ruined march to find her brother, Yan Fu, to bring him out and run for the clan chief.

And Maiden Yan's cultivation, when she met her just now, she did not move the divine color of spiritual perception spying out, spiritual perception spying, has never made a mistake.

“There's nothing wrong with all of this, but how can poetry make you watch out for the pussy? ”

Qin Yi frowned bitterly.

Qin Yi was very clear, poetic, absolutely a brilliant woman. Since she would say such words to herself, there must be a reason. Perhaps, she noticed something or, in other words, she ignored something.

“What did I neglect about Mei Mei? ”

Qin Yi met Fei Mai himself. Now, the details of all contacts have been carefully scrutinized, but no problems have been found.

“So, there's only one possibility, poetry is jealous, she makes me watch out for the pussy, it's a side of her jealousy. ”

Ultimately, Qin Yi concluded that she had to smile: “Women are naturally eating food, and their favorite thing to eat is vinegar! ”

Next, Qin Yi came to Yanmei's temporary residence and carefully measured herself. He did not find any problems, so he further confirmed his conclusion: Poetry, in eating the same things that all women in the world like to eat - vinegar!

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately entered the palace with Feiniang Yan and bid farewell to His Majesty Daliang and Minister Wen Wu. In the palace, Qin Yi did not see the poetry again.

Although the poetry has long explained that it will not send itself, Qin Yi's heart still has a slight feeling of loss.

Leaving the palace, Qin Yi and Yanmei walked towards the north gate of Tanyang City.

Typically, some bustling pools do not allow practitioners to fly in the air, as doing so is extremely confusing.

Out of the north gate of Tuanyang City, Qin Yi and Feiniang both burst out of their bodies, suddenly fluctuating, unfolding their velocity martial arts, toward the front, exploding.

North of the Kyushu mainland, collectively known as the North Desert, the Great Leung Nation naturally belongs to one degree of the North Desert.

The North Desert is called the North Desert because it is quite desolate here. Large countries are extremely rare. They are basically just some tribes, and the size of tribes is usually not very large. If you can reach the size of a county city in one degree, you can count it as a supertribe.

Daliang, the northernmost degree of the Kyushu mainland, out of the beam, is a vast wasteland, it has to enter the wilderness world before the kingdom can emerge.

The northern wilderness is uncharted and rare. However, with the constant proximity to the Arctic, the appearance of floodplain beasts has become more and more massive, and the fighting power has become more and more frightening.

Of course, the climate, also gradually cooled down, Qin Yi and Yanmei were rolling out the speed, a day later, beneath them, there had been snow accumulation, and the cold wind whizzed in their ears.

However, by this time, the fire lotus they had previously subdued had played a role, and no matter how cold the wind ravaged the earth, they had never felt the slightest chill, or even felt themselves, in a spring breeze, quite comfortable.

Another two days ahead of speed.

Around, it is already an ice and snow, because of the previous use of Fire Lotus, Qin Yi and Feiniang, although they can not feel the slightest cold, they know that the temperature here is already unimaginably low, the cultivator of the five realms of the road, walking here, only in a moment, will die, the cultivator of the range of the five realms of the road to the eight realms of the road, is also extremely difficult to persist throughout.

Only practitioners above the Eight Realms of Patriarchy, in this very cold place, will not be in danger of their lives.

Of course, it is only under normal circumstances that there is no danger to life, and once there are exceptional circumstances, it is equally deadly.

In addition to the terrible cold, there are other perils in the Arctic in Kyushu, such as the wind blade, which is one of them.

Wind blades, which are flowing air, are frozen and form ice blocks.

Because it's too cold here, those ice blocks are unusually hard and extremely thin, as if they were knife blades, but they're huge, and some of them are dozens of feet wide.

The speed of the hurricane, combined with the sharpness of a blade, and its considerable weight, is very likely to be directly divided into two parts once it has been struck, even by the masters of the five realms of the road.

Especially scary is that these blades are transparent and extremely difficult to detect when chopped.

It is perfectly fair to say that a huge blade of wind, the horror of which will never descend upon a combined attack of three wild beasts.

Fortunately, dozens of width wind blades are not common. They are usually a few and a dozen width wind blades. Due to their low weight, the chopping power of these wind blades is not that scary.


A blade of wind struck me face to face. When I saw that I was about to split on Femme Flame, Qin Yifang suddenly realized that he was surprised. He hurried to pull Femme Flame behind him and hit her hard back.

“Knock! ”

Qin Yi's fist, like iron and steel cast, the wind blade suddenly broke apart the moment it touched his fist.

“What a terrible wind blade! ”

“This is hell," said Maiden Flaming. ”

The wind blade that was just smashed by Qin Yi's first punch has a width of more than 10 lengths. It will be severely damaged even if it is not instantly killed if it is struck by the current Tao Er border repair by Maiden Yan.

“It's okay, I'm here. ”

Qin Yi revealed a comforting warm smile to her, but the wind blade just now suddenly chopped him off, and he was also shocked by the cold sweat. If he slowed down slightly, Femme Femme would most likely have become a corpse by now.


Qin Yi did not dare to be slightly careless. He urged his left hand to spread out his senses of spirituality, covering a range of about 1,800 yuan.

Only unfortunately, because the wind blade is transparent, even if Qin Yi elicits the sensation of spiritual power, it is extremely difficult to discover, judging only by the fluctuations of the airflow.

“Actually, there's something worse here than a wind blade. ”

Femme Yan finally came back to her mind. Her face was still a little pale, she said.

“There's something worse than a wind blade. What is that? ”

Qin Yi asked the frown, slightly.

“Qin Yi, have you seen that? ”

Femme flames her shallowy jade fingers, pointing forward.