The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 653: Killing Formation?

Caught in the eyes of both of them, that weird divine color, Qin Yi smiled herself, naturally know what their hearts at this time are fighting about.

He didn't move his mind and waved to the flaming lady: "Let's go check it out. ”


Femme Yan accidentally placed a bit of a beautiful head and finally found the entrance to the ruined battlefield. Her crystalline jade cheeks were also exciting and attractive.

Without delay, they burst towards the entrance of the wrecked war path.

In the blink of an eye, a few people are in front of the ruined battlefield.

Qin Yi's sense of inspiration spread out, covering the surrounding area, found that there were several places outside of those three already cracked space cracks, there was a slight surge of strange airflow, obviously there were also space cracks there, and, already, it was about to crack.

Qin Yi was overjoyed.

“Destroyed Warpath, here we come! ”

Choi Hui and Bai Li Hao, carefully avoiding the three space cracks, shouted excitedly and rushed to the entrance of the ruined battlefield.

“Wait a minute! ”

Behind him, Qin Yi suddenly shouted.


Choi Hui and Bailihao had to stop and turn around and stare at Qin Yi in confusion.

The flaming lady next to Qin Yi was equally puzzled to ask: “Qin Yi, what's wrong? ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi glanced at Choi Hui and Baili Hao and said softly: “I am actually a disciple of the miracle fairy. In the miracle fairy trail, I learned some knowledge of formation. Based on my knowledge of the method of confrontation, I can feel that there is a killing line here. If you break in by accident, you are afraid that you have not yet entered the ruined war path, you have been hanged by the existing killing line here. ”

Qin Yi's words, half true and half false, he was indeed a disciple of the miracle fairy trace, and he did have a certain understanding of the method of confrontation.

And there's a killing line here, which is naturally bullshit, just a conspiracy.

Of course, there's a law here, but it's not a killing line!

Hearing that there was a killing line here, Choi Hui and Bai Liho were both stunned and hurried back.

Qin Yi's divine color, extremely serious, the two of them, had to believe.

Still Choi Hui, speaking to Qin Yi, said: "Well, since you are the disciple of the miracle fairy trail, you have a certain understanding of the method of confrontation, naturally know how to eliminate this killing formation, right? ”

Qin Yi's cultivation, but in the late five realms of Zongdao, to kill him, one hand is enough, and he can't play any tricks!

What Qin Yi wanted was his words. Even when he lightened his head, he felt confident through his chest: “Sure. Formation, to be honest, is actually to make time and space stagger. Next, you will follow my arrangement, there will be a killing line at the entrance of this ruined war path, destroying it, so that we can enter safely. ”

Kill Choi Hui and Bai Li Hao, at this moment!

Qin Yi's heart is undoubtedly excited, even extremely excited, and his heart is silent: Chief Shi, thank you so much!

On the face of it, however, he seemed extremely serious and could not see the slightest breakdown.

Choi Hui and Bai Lihao's words to Qin Yi, there is no doubt about him. Although they are ancient antiques that have lived indefinitely, they have been cultivated to break through the Eight Realms of Zongdao, but they do not know anything about the method of formation.

“Okay, buddy, we're all up to you. ”

Hundred Miles said.

Ultimately, it was found that we had to rely on this little guy in front of us to safely enter the ruined path of war, and Bailiho's attitude became friendly and even his name changed.

“Yeah, buddy, what do you want us to do? Come on, haha, I can't wait to enter the ruined war path. ”

Choi Hui beside him also smiled happily: “Oops, little brother, I just found out that you are so handsome, this little girl next to you, is your lover, shush, it's a hundred miles to pick one... Oh no, it's a beautiful blank with a million miles to pick one, you two, it's a perfect match! ”

At this moment, Choi Hui actually clapped his own ass. Qin Yi smiled and sprayed. This Choi Hui, too, turned out to be a monkey invited comedy.

He forced himself to smile, and in his heart hey hey hey: Am I just handsome? No, besides being handsome, I am extremely insidious!

The flaming woman beside him heard Choi Hui's words, but on both sides of the cheeks appeared a petite red moisture, the corner of his eyes, and he secretly glanced at Qin Yi. In his heart, the oil bred a faint sweetness.

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi faintly smiled: “Before, we robbed you of your treasures, you really don't hate us at all? ”

“No hate! No hate!”

Both Choi Hui and Bai Liho quickly shook their heads like wave drums. Choi Hui Hao smiled: “Some Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi and Dan Yao, and a training book, nothing. After entering the ruined war path, we will definitely gain more than that, don't you think, little brother? ”

They said they didn't hate it, but in their hearts, they were harshly thinking: as soon as you two little guys enter the ruined war path, you'll be two corpses, and then everything on you will be baby... hum!

“That's natural. ”

Qin Yi gently nodded his head, and then frowned slightly: “Let me think about how to break this killing line in front of me. ”

Hearing him say this, Choi Hui and Baili Hao looked at each other and quickly closed their mouths. If they stopped talking, they would be afraid to make a little noise, which would disrupt Qin Yi's thinking.

Qin Yi is naturally impossible, thinking about what way to destroy the killing line, because there is no killing line here, in a very distant past, those immortal emperors who refined the war path, why arrange a killing line here for no reason? It's not like they got their brains stuck in the door!

Qin Yi is waiting!

He waits for the slight surge of strange airflows to form space fractures. Because of his senses of power, he is far more powerful than ordinary people. With the surge of strange airflows, a slight crisis will arise in his heart.

Qin Yi stood quietly there, constantly frowning and meditating.

After a while, Choi Hui finally got impatient and asked carefully: "Little brother, have you thought of a way to break this killing line? ”

Hundred Miles around him, in his eyes, also revealed anxiety.

“Don't bother me. ”

Qin Yi said coldly.

Choi Hui and Bai Lihao shouted, never dared to make any more noise. Weirdly, they stood there, but in their hearts, they were anxious, broke the war path, right in front of them, but could not enter, how could they not be anxious?

But no matter how anxious they are, they have to be patient. Wait!

It's been a while.

The feeling of crisis in Qin Yi's heart finally became unusually strong. He knew that space cracks were about to appear in those places where strange air currents floated.

This is the time!

“I got it!” Qin Yi suddenly said excitedly.

This time, he wasn't faking it, he was really excited because he knew that Choi Hui and Bai Li Hao were going to be warped in their own conspiracy.

“Really? That's great! ”

Choi Hui and Baili Hao heard that the two faces suddenly emerged with a strong delight. Choi Hui rubbed his hand with excitement: "Little brother, tell me, what can we do to break this killing line? ”

In fact, the flaming woman next to Qin Yi, from the beginning to the end, knew that Qin Yi was not trying to break any killing line, but was setting up a killing station!

Knowing that Choi Hui and Bai Liho will enter the ruined martial arts, immediately after entering the ruined martial arts, they will not be allowed to enter the ruined martial arts with Qin Yi's talent. Instead, they will set up a killing bureau to kill them both before entering the ruined martial arts.

However, for a while, I wonder, what kind of killing did Qin Yi set up?

Qin Yi began to set up a simple but hopeless killing...

“This kill line, after endless years, has actually been very weak, its support point, there are four of us here, and now we stand one support point each, and I yell one, two, three, and then we work together, and naturally we can break this kill line easily. ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu said that the divine color was unusually stable and unbelievable.

“Yes, I also heard a little bit about the formation method, which is usually supported by a support point, so long as its support point is destroyed, then the whole formation method, naturally, is also broken. ”

Bai Lihou seemed to remember something and said in silence.

Listen to him, Choi Hui is even more convinced of Qin Yi's words.

“There's a support point there, Choi Hui, and you're standing there now. ”

Qin Yi pointed his finger somewhere and said to Choi Hui.


Choi Hui immediately walked over excitedly, stood still, for a moment, he was all over his body, which was to surge an extremely ambitious intra-partmental strength, ready to wait for Qin Yi's order, which was to force, which would exist here in the support point destruction.

Looking at him like this, Qin Yi almost smiled again, because the truth is: there is a butt support point there, but it is about five feet behind him, there is an unusual airflow, slowly floating.

“Bailey Ho, you stand there. ”

Qin Yi pointed to another place.


Bai Lihao had no doubt about him. He quickly rushed to the position designated by Qin Yi. He stood still, like Choi Hui, all over his body and down. In an instant, a pound of intra-partal strength surged, ready to strike with all his strength.

Of course, he stood in the same position as Choi Hui, about five feet behind him, slightly fluctuating an unusual airflow.

“Ma'am, you stand there. ”

Qin Yi designates the location where Maiden Yan will stand.

In her heart, although quite confused, she did not hesitate to stand in a position designated by Qin Yi.

Yanmei, that is her companion who walked all the way, Qin Yi naturally cannot let her die, so she is safe, behind the position, nothing.