The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 656: Super Masters

At this moment, Qin Yi's rhythm changed dramatically in an instant. The whole person became silent and indifferent. His body was covered with a hint of ancient magic, like an ancient monster head, suddenly attached to him.


The distant flaming maid looked at the seemingly completely demonized teenager, the tempting red delicate lip, slightly mistakenly stretched out, a clear eyebrow, if thoughtful: “This is him besides the Vanguard, another card, really strong...”

The super-blooded beast in front, looking at the suddenly demonized teenager, did not launch an attack, but blinked his eyes like a dish, revealing confusion.

Qin Yi did not hesitate at all, his foot stamped suddenly on the ground, and directly stamped a crack out of the ground. With this stamping force, he exploded to the superbloodbeast, and his left hand took a hard shot.


Jong-woon's left hand, with a sharp whistling sound, was like a big demon head in that very distant fairy years, slapped out, smashed into endless space-time, photographed the current era of the Hongmeng.


The Heavenly Demon's left hand patted the Super Blood Beast upright, its huge and incredible body, it flew out dozens of lengths of open air, and fell to the ground with a blast, even the earth, was shaking violently.

Super Blood Beast lay on the ground, he didn't rush up immediately, seemed to have been slapped by Qin Yi this hard, a bit of a flare.

Qin Yi's attack could not have stopped. He went forward with the second burst. The Second Edition of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" was shot without hesitation. Another slap was taken on the massive body of a super-blooded beast.

The power of this clap was obviously much larger than that of the first clap, and so the super-blooded beast, once again flying nearly a hundred feet away, fell to the ground.

This kind of image, I really can't find a sense of harmony, a supermassive thing, was actually slapped by a small human, one hand at a time.


This time, the hairy super-blooded beast finally woke up, and there was an amazing whistle in his mouth, that wide wing, working hard, suddenly a wild wind.

Qin Yi stood in the wind, his blouse was hunting, he was almost unstable and was fanned out directly.

The next moment, Super Blood Beast, is like a huge cloud of blood, quickly covering towards Qin Yi, covering the day.

The teenager's eyes curled slightly and looked at the super-blooded beast, which burst into his chest, burning with tremendous warfare intentions.

“Ids_pjuh003_suo ”

He quickly approached, the left hand of the wide-ranging celestial demon, silk magic haunted, as if a giant face of a haunted ghost from hell, making the soul of a man, can't help but tremble chestnut.


The demon hand from the Immortal Years, once again slapped hard on Super Blood Beast, Super Blood Beast flew out again.

Qin Yi's eyes were indifferent and his chest was full of war. He did not hesitate at all. He stepped out after him and rushed to the super-blood beast in the crossing at great speed. Type 4 of "The Seven Types of Celestial Demons" was harshly filmed and slapped on the body of the super-blood beast.

So the super-blooded beast is flying fast, and it's almost up again.

Such a battle scene, far away from the flaming woman, could not be calm in her heart, she stood quietly there, those extremely cultivated eyes, at this time no longer had a slight flair, replaced by a shock.

“This young man obviously practiced a premier martial arts school, and he practiced the four styles...”

Feminine mutters to herself.

However, her voice fell, and the whole person, suddenly, stayed still: “No, more than four, it was five...”

“Ids_pjsd004_type_7_5 ”

The words spoken in Qin Yi's mouth were as if the ice had sealed 10,000 vectors of ice. The air in his body burst into flames and moved towards the flying super-blood beast. In the meantime, it was catching up.


The trembling Left Hand of the Celestial Demon, with a raging wind, slapped hard at the Super Blood Beast, the slapping process seemed extremely slow, in fact, to the limit.


Heavenly Demon's left hand slapped hard on Super Blood Beast, that unparalleled power, directly shot Super Blood Beast's unusually huge body, shot hundreds of lengths, then dropped a blast and smashed a small mountain bag there, all directly into a bottle.

The whole world is... quiet!

Superbloodbeast, quietly lying there, motionless.

After the filming of Formula 5, Qin Yi's left hand returned to normal. The phenomenon of demonization also disappeared. He stood there quietly and exhaled lightly.

The Seven Types of Celestial Demons is his strongest martial arts, and if he can't get rid of this super-blooded beast, he has only two choices. Firstly, the speedy escape; secondly, the activation of the Gun of Evil.

“This superbloodbeast, he killed him? ”

The distant flaming woman, her chest burst with tremendous waves, she felt that all this was just as unreal as a dream. How could a teenager who had been repaired only in the late fifth realm of the Patriarchate have killed such a superbloodbeast?

The answer is, of course, it's impossible!

Qin Yi's current cultivation is that only in the late five realms of Zongdao, even if the martial arts is stunning, the power exerted is relatively limited.

After Style 5, the super-blooded beast was just stunned, and there was still a certain distance to kill.

The superbloodbeast, just moments after lying on the ground, suddenly stood up. However, Qin Yi's Type 5, "Tenjin Type 7", although it did not kill it, obviously hurt it. Over the corner of his mouth, there was a little blood.

Unfortunately, however, once a vicious beast is injured, it will never escape, but will become more vicious.


Superbloodbeast whistles and swallows the mountain river.

Next moment.

It had wide wings, worked hard, fanned a gust of wind, the whole huge body, toward Qin Yi in front, slaughtered hard.

“Grass, this situation is so heartbreaking! ”

Looking at the super-blooded beast that burst quickly, Qin Yi shouted and spread the speed. The one rushed to the front of the flaming lady, grabbed her hand, and the two immediately turned into a very faint illusion, bursting forward.

He has already cultivated the ancient martial arts of "Praise for Father", a half-step success, and with a seed of water elements, speed has been infinitely followed by instantaneous shifts.

However, this speed, in front of the super-blood beast, is still worth mentioning, and the key is that it's too big, its wide wings flapping, and between that, it's able to plunder thousands of feet.


Qin Yi pulled Fei Fei, in this broken war path, turned into an extremely faint illusion, constant bursting, just unfortunately, there was no role at all. Behind him, the super-blood beast, still kept close to them, like a cloud of blood in a wind, quickly came towards them both, covered.

Qin Yi did not have to look back, just that powerful sensation of spirituality, can clearly sense that the super-blood beast is exploding towards them, the distance between each other, rapidly pulling closer.

Not yet.

The distance between them is already less than a hundred, Qin Yi and Feiniang, even heard its heavy breathing sound, soon, can catch up completely.

With the power of the super-blooded beast, once it catches on, the consequences will be unthinkable!

“It's not good to be a teacher! ”

Qin Yi shouted sadly. In the past, he always broke people's hearts. This time, he finally had a chance to feel the broken hearts.

He was surrounded by a flaming beauty, a faint face, and even his legs were soft.

“What do we do? Enable the Gun of Evil? But this is only a short time into the ruined war path. What if we meet more powerful enemies behind us? ”

Qin Yi's heart was burning fast, his handsome face was covered with bean-sized sweat beads.

Just when he played chess, the superbloodbeast behind him, drew them a lot closer, and now, between them, they were less than fifty feet apart, such a distance, the superbloodbeast just had to fight hard, enough!

“Grass, I can't care less. Let's kill this animal first! ”

In a thousand shots, Qin Yi was unusually decisive. When he was about to get a hint of Xuan Qi in his body, he quickly led it over his right arm, and wrapped the gun of all evil sealed there.

However, just as he was about to unseal the gun of all evil, a giant blue knife, he didn't know where it was, suddenly appeared, splitting the heavens and the earth, heading towards the super-blood beast behind them, smashing it.


A sharp instrument splits into the sound of muscle tissue.

Superbloodbeast screamed, huge body flew out and fell to the ground in a blast.


Qin Yi-chang spit out a sip, and settled in the shape of the explosion with Femme Flame. The soul was unsettled, and her face was a little pale.

The flaming woman next to her breathed heavily and patted the moving chest lightly: “It's horrible, it scares the baby! ”

A little fixation, Qin Yi and Fei Mei suddenly remembered, where did that bright, astonishing knife come from?

When they turned around, they both opened their mouths slightly stunned and saw a white shadow coming from somewhere long ago, at a moment when they were at war with the super-blooded beast.

The superbloodbeast, though strong and abnormal, was in front of the white shadow, but the festival was defeated and the wolf was overwhelmed.

The white shadow held a two-metre blue battle knife. It opened wide, fierce and abnormal. The man was fully compatible with the battle knife. Every time it was cut together, there was a tremendous intent to kill.

The blade head of the blue knife was struck into the shape of a tiger head. The shape was superior. At first glance, I knew it was a fine saint!