The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 657: Changing Attitudes

Superior Sacred Artifact, before that, Qin Yi saw it for the second time.

The first time I saw a fine sacred object was the Holy Spirit who had been hunting himself, an extremely elongated sword.

The White Shadow danced the ultimate super blue knife. In the middle of it, it quickly captured the absolute upper wind. The super-blooded beast's power was not at all his level.

Another superstar!

Qin Yi and Yanmei glanced at each other. In each other's eyes, the colors of strong shock fluctuated.


Qin Yi darkened the mysterious left hand, spying on the white shadow of the cultivation.

“Zongdao Nine Realms! ”

This kind of snooping almost made him fall to the ground.

Zongdao Nine, only one land away from Emperor Dao!

If such a presence is to kill itself, it will never be more than two moves!

If it is placed in the Holy See of Kyushu, even the Knife River King cannot be his opponent. Only the Holy See's Divine Guardian can defeat him!

Faced with such a super strong man, Qin Yi's heart cannot remain calm. There are some extremely terrible antiques in this ruined war path.

The battle ahead did not last long.

At some point.

The white shadow held the big blue battle knife in both hands, his hands split apart, huge blue swordsman, split the void, as if an astonishing blue lightning, from the sky, one split down, between that, was to divide the superbloodbeast, directly into two parts.

It's so raw!

Qin Yi and Yanmei, staring at each other.

Then, after the super-blooded beast split into two parts, a scene appeared that made them stare even more. Only two halves of the super-blooded beast appeared, dissipating violently, and between blinking eyes, it turned into a thin cloud of blood fog.

Indeed, a giant and unusual super-blood beast, after being killed, turned into only a small group of thin fog of blood.

The blood mist scattered and the filaments, like bloodstained ghosts, were wanting to leave.

The white shadow hurriedly rushed forward, and immediately, the pale mist of blood, wrapped it around its body, constantly haunted, then inhaled by a little bit into the white shadow.

“This is…”

This scenario, which allowed Qin Yi and Fei Fei, all slightly raised eyebrows and became perplexed.

So weird a scene they've never seen before.

A pale mist of blood, that white shadow, took half an hour to fully inhale.


White Shadow said satisfied and faintly, then slowly turned around and looked away at Qin Yi and Yanmei.

As White Shadow turned around, Qin Yi and Feiniang discovered that the other party was an extremely handsome young man, dressed in a white robe and unusual.

When the eyes of the white robe youth looked at them, both Qin Yi and Fei Fei Feng felt them. Those eyes were like two tangible swords that penetrated their hearts instantly.

“One was built only in the late five realms of the Path, and the other was built even lower only in the early two realms of the Path. If it was built so low, people dared to break into this ruined war path. The courage is commendable! ”

The young man in the white robe, holding the hefty blue battle knife, slowly walked towards Qin Yi and Yanmei, his steps, with a certain rhyme, every step, the space around him, is slightly twisted, all over his body, pounding intra-partal strength, even more in the invisible, creating a strong feeling of psychological oppression.

A strong man very close to the Imperial Path!

Seeing the young man in the white robe, he slowly walked towards himself. In the eyes of Qin Yi and Fei Mei, they all showed vigilance.

“Don't come near me! ”

Qin Yi had a cold drink.

The mighty of Zongdao Nine is definitely not playing around, he had just demonstrated his horrible power in the war against the super-blood beast.

The young man in the white robe smiled slightly, revealing his robe, his teeth as white as his body, and shook his head gently and said, “Do you think you can hold me off? It's impossible. Tell you two, this broken path of war is a hell of a world, and you two fix it this way, get in here, and there's only one way to end it, and that's death! There will never be a second scenario. ”

The young man in the white robe came to a position about 30 yuan from Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai, stood still, and then Xu slowly raised the hegemonic blue knife, pointing to Qin Yi: “At this distance, I cut out a knife, you two, you can never hide. Give me everything you've got worth, and I'll consider leaving you a corpse. Don't try to resist, because any resistance is futile. ”

In the talking room, in the eyes of the young man in the white robe, there has been a flurry of slaughter.

Looking at the white robe man in front, Qin Yi suddenly suspected that the top of the Kyushu Holy See, let himself accomplish this task, is to let himself die!

Old antiques, super-blooded animals here, just jump out of one, it's a lot better than you, it's not about letting yourself die, so what is it?


Qin Yi exhaled herself in secret, and tried to calm herself down. In the face of Taoist Nine Powerful People like White Robe Youth, Qin Yi had no second choice but to activate the Gun of All Evil.

However, the young white robe in front of him, when his eyes fell on the flaming lady beside Qin Yi, opened his mouth slightly stunned: “So brilliant...”

In an instant, the killing intent in his eyes disappeared and replaced it with a shock.

“What's so brilliant? ”

Qin Yi heard a misty water and asked in confusion. However, he noticed that the obliteration intent in the eyes of the young man in the white robe had disappeared, and he was relieved of his breath. Otherwise, he could only use the gun of all evil to fight against one.

The young man in the white robe smiled lightly and shook his head gently: “Nothing. ”

After a slight meal, the young man in the white robe put away the big blue knife and changed the subject. He said: "You two must have just entered this ruined martial arts for a short time. There can be no understanding of the situation here. So, how about the three of us, in this ruined martial arts, have a cooperation? ”

Things turned too fast. The young man in the white robe, who was going to kill both of them, turned around and offered to work with them again.

Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai were stunned there, and their brains didn't turn around. What the hell is going on?

“Tell us your name first? What do you have? And what happened to that superbloodbeast? ”

Femme Yan held Qin Yi's hand tightly, some timidly asked.